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The article is titled, ‘Town hall meeting reveals fierce opposition to gun control.’ It describes a meeting at which 400 locals came to a meeting to discuss “gun violence” only to have the majority of the crowd loudly announce their opposition to the imposition of additional gun control laws. Oops.

Was the meeting in Kalispell, Montana? Sioux Falls, South Dakota? Amarillo, Texas? No. The meeting the article describes took place in deep blue Middletown, Delaware.

The event, organized as an attempt to bridge the divide between opponents and supporters of gun restrictions, featured four Delaware politicians: Two Republican senators, one Democratic senator and the Department of Justice’s top prosecutor who is now running for attorney general.

All four were on stage before hundreds of people in the theater at Middletown High School, just two days after hundreds rallied in support of the Second Amendment in front of the state capitol.

The moderator was forced to restore order minutes after the event began. The two Democratic speakers were booed and interrupted numerous times while the Republican participants were greeted much more warmly.

The hundreds of gun right supporters were in no mood to be fed the usual load of verbal bovine byproduct before being told that it’s time for more common sense gun control measures.

Several members of the audience began laughing openly after Kathy Jennings, a Democrat running for attorney general, said the state has made a special effort to prosecute gun crimes, a claim Republicans find hard to believe.

Like Florida and Vermont, Delaware is considering a bump fire stock ban, magazine capacity limits, a ban on gun sales to those under 21.

Speakers did their best to control the crowd, but tensions ran high for some participants, especially when a ban on “assault-style weapons” was debated.

While the raucous support for gun rights is certainly refreshing — and was no doubt terribly inconvenient for the four comfy pols not used to hearing much dissent from the unwashed hoi polloi — the reality of the situation in Delaware is likely to disappoint RKBA supporters.

The aptly named Blue Hen State is as blue as can be, with Democrats controlling the governor’s office as well as the legislature.

Over the next two-and-a-half months, the General Assembly is set to debate legislation that would ban so-called bump stocks, prevent 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds from buying rifles, make it illegal to sell assault weapons, prohibit the sale of magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds, create procedures for taking guns from individuals with severe mental illnesses and prevent anyone on the federal terrorist watchlist from obtaining a gun.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on the age bill Thursday and could send it to Gov. John Carney for his signature. The House could do the same to the bump stock measure this week.

In other words, don’t get your hopes up, Delawareans.

While both Democrats on the panel argued the pending measures make sense as ways to protect public safety, Republicans agreed some are useful but others go too far and may not even reduce crime.

Slope, meet grease.

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  1. Good.

    It’s about time we started using the same ‘disruptive’ tactics as a the Leftists.

    Goose – Gander…

    • How short memory is. The Republicans invented the tactics the Leftists are using. That’s what the Tea Party was all about. The Leftists are just copying what worked incredibly well for the Tea Party.

      • I had to shake my head and reread your comment. The Tea Party was incredibly polite and enthusiastic about their cause, getting permits where necessary, being nice to the police and often leaving the area cleaner than when they arrived. They did not scream, break windows, threaten people taking photos or demand that others lose their rights.

        Disruptive was definitely not a word I’d associate with the Tea Party. I could only wish the left used similar tactics.

        • “The Tea Party was incredibly polite and enthusiastic about their cause”
          That’s because the Tea Party was not made up of Communist’s.

      • Rules for Radicals, the leftist bible, was published in 1971, long before the Tea Party started in 2009 unless you are referring to the 1773 Tea Party in which I would point out a little event in the same era called the French Revolution. So I think ‘TexTed’ is a bot of one sort or another with no memory.

        • The French Revolution began (sort of) on July 14, 1789. We were first and ***very*** different in motive and aims.

      • Republicans invented with the Tea Party the tactics Saul Alinsky wrote about in the 70’s? I think not. I have never heard even once of a Tea Party group being disruptive. I do recall more than one story about them leaving a site cleaner than when they found it, though.

        Ok, both points are already covered, but i’m posting anyway.

  2. “…Republicans agreed some are useful but others go too far and may not even reduce crime.”

    Hey jagoffs, what about the constitution; or do they think their virtue signaling will help them win reelection? There’s no point in voting repuke anymore, they’re all a bunch of commie gun grabbing elitists.

  3. If an 18 year old can Cary a weapon in to a war zone , I think they have a right to Cary a sporting rifle , pistol , responsibly , without being treated like they are a criminal. Period !!

    • It all depends on what the libtards want. They think it’s cool, for instance, for 16 year-olds to vote in local and national elections because they want the votes. RKBA folks, not so much.

      • At 16, they are still in school where their socialist teachers will tell them how to vote. If they want the age to purchase a firearm to be 21 then voting age should be included in the same bill. Make it all 18 or 21.

  4. Right on! We need more push back against the bigots who support gun control. Call them out as bigots. Laugh at them loudly. Do not be intimidated.

    • When I was 16 I took my oath of enlistment into the USMC, by 19 I was a Corporal. I was out of the marines after 4 years and still wasn’t old enough to drink. I could have been a Marine Corps veteran and still not old enough to buy a Ruger 10/22

  5. One truth: Pro 2nd amendment people have long memories and care deeply about one thing. The anti gun crowd shares their short attention spans with LGBTQ rights, prison reform, DACA, free college tuition for all, turning our military into the sissy brigade, and countless other liberal passions.

    That’s why we will always win in the end, and our congressman fear us. STAY STRONG! We can outlast these opponents

  6. How is a “town hall” meeting “derailed” by constituents expressing their opinions and preferences.

    “Surprisingly, In Blue-Hen Delaware, a Scheduled Ruble in the Mumble was Derailed when The Designated Bad Guys declined to play their appointed role, despite Parkland-like efforts to get the crowd All Wee-Wee’s Up before cameras rolled.”

    Maybe they should have retained Sheriff Lyin to orchestrate the show trial. He seems to be good at that.

  7. The Democrats just had a lesson about democracy. I think the next Town Halls will be more organized to prevent such events reoccurring.

    Time for all politicians to realize, you are elected to govern. Not chosen to rule.

  8. Politicians only understand one thing — power. With Soros and Bloombag, their money is their power. They buy and sell politicians like cheap trinkets.

    We need to be disruptive to assert our power. Take a page from the #BLM book and start messing things up — but without all that arson and smash, grab and run stuff. We’re not criminals, but we are pissed off and we won’t be safe until the politicians soil their Depends at the very mention of us.

  9. Don’t add useless legislation. Keep the scum off the streets and force the liberal judges to impose automatic sentencing for violent crimes, along with an automatic addition of 50% (or any percentage for that matter) for a violent crime conducted with a firearm. Hate crimes add time to a sentence, why not gun crimes. No cutting deals with the DA. The judge can’t show mercy to a beautiful, convicted woman. Just black and white. You did this and are found guilty, then you get that sentence and 50% while using a loaded or unloaded gun during the crime. No bias of any type. Repeat violent offenders = additional 100% of the total sentence, doubling the time, and no time for good behavior. Cuts out the crap you see in these liberal states with out of control DAs and judges and their weak-ass sentencing, and the parole boards who wouldn’t want the prisoners they let out be their neighbors but let them out anyways. I’d much rather pay for institutions with my taxes to house the criminals, than watch those same punk criminals kill people for a few hundred bucks or a few ‘rocks’ or kill a bystander as colateral damage firing at gang rivals.

    • repeat serious violent offenders = death penalty… that way your taxes are not paying for further incarceration of offenders who will re-offend once released.

      early release of prisoner who re-offends = all parole officers involved in the decision to release early doing the same time in jail + never to be allowed to work anywhere in the justice system or govt again. might just put a dampener on the leftists desires for “prisoners rights”.

      in saying this i also see that there is a need for recompense when someone is incarcerated for a crime they did not commit and evidence later comes up that shows they were innocent. this is even more the case when it is found that investigators fabricated evidence in which case the investigators should be doing hard time.

      you only want honest and scrupulously law abiding people with a love of liberty in any area of law enforcement and justice or even in politics.

  10. “Republicans agreed some are useful but others go too far and may not even reduce crime….”
    And here lies the problem. We need politicians on our side that DON’T agree at ALL. NOT ONE MORE INCH, PERIOD. If you Don’t care for bump stocks, fine…but NO ONE should be as willing to give them up as MOST of the so called “Pro 2A” crowd has been. Its a slippery slope we are allowing them to go down.

  11. If you want to keep your rights you will have to get just as aggressive as the Left does.

    • Chris T sadly i think it is at the point we will have to become as vicious as the rabid dog though with a lot more control

  12. Delaware is kinda an odd duck in that it is one of those places where something CLOSE to a ‘blue dog democrat’ can still exist. They aren’t the nanny state that their neighbors to the north (NJ) and southwest (MD) are.

    • That’s the truth right there! It’s “blue” because of the left over blue dogs from the hey days of Chrysler and Du Pont. Those jobs left but not all the blue dogs. Geographically only the north – New Castle county – is really blue and even then it’s mostly the city of Killmington sorry I mean Wilmington.

      We are ready to fight this, believe me we are.

  13. If one were to engage in a ‘debate’ in some matter relative to ‘Fire-Arms’ and legislation with an official, authority or say, ‘representative’ within or seeking some office in government — one would not be unwise to begin by citing the pertinent law as written in the State Constitution.
    Art. I, § 20 Right to keep and bear arms.
    “A person has the right to keep and bear arms for the defense of self, family, home and State, and for hunting and recreational use.”
    In the circumstance of proposed legislation, the obvious questions would include but certainly not be limited to:
    “Would any part of the legislation as proposed be, in way, even remotely regarded as a violation of any part of the spirit, intent and meaning of the law as written?”
    If so, then the legislation would be devoid of any constitutional authority and beyond the scope of those few and expressly or otherwise limited powers granted to persons within and acting on behalf of government.
    Simple. Really.

  14. If Delaware is so blue, why has it taken them so long to pass gun control? You’d think things like a magazine ban, assault weapons ban, etc…would have been passed years ago. Banning gun sales to people on the Terrorist Watch List would be a blatant 5th Amendment violation as well.

  15. Its a done deal. The meeting was a farce but the people were to dumb to realize they do not live in a democracy and that their totally worthless paper Constitutional is worth less than the toilet paper they wipe their asses with.

    With even Republicans there to cheer on the anti-gun Democrats they were not fooling anyone. Republicans read polls too and realize that 64 per cent of the American people no longer own guns and see nothing wrong with throwing their 2nd Amendment Rights right down the toilet. They think they will be safer and as far as school massacres are concerned they are right on this one. History has shown that both Britain and Australia ended mass shootings and school shootings simply by melting down most of the guns.

    Since it is too hard to push through complete confiscations and bans at the Federal level one by one the States are trashing the 2nd Amendment because last summer with Neal Gorsuck leading the anti gun pack of Justices they gave their blessings for the States to ban anything and everything and that is exactly what is happening. And with Vermont’s Republican Governor gone “full postal” on all gun owners rights the fate of all gun owners nationwide is sealed. California is gleefully about to confiscate and melt down all the semi-auto rifles and is slowly choking off the ammo supply as well with new outrageous and illegal laws restricting ammo and making it more and more unaffordable..

    The Supreme court because of Public Opinion has decided to trash the Second Amendment by simply ignoring it, Republicans at the State level in order to keep their jobs are Trashing it and the end of an era of gun ownership is now at an end.

    It was fun while it lasted but all good things finally come to and end.

    • no cisko Kid, it has not stopped mass shootings. you are full of shit. what has happened is here in australia they upped the metrics by which they define a mass shooting and there are several that have occured since using the old metrics. there have also been several other mass MURDER events using other means, in fact i think that is close to 10 now. quite simply butt wipe you are full of shit

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