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Steve Izzet

Good news for one unidentified Toronto police officer. She’s received clearance from Toronto police chief Bill Blair to carry her service gun off duty. It seems her former supervisor, Steve Izzet (above) has (allegedly) sexually harassed and stalked her. During questioning by Izzet’s lawyer, the aggrieved cop admitted there have been times when she carried her gun – without authorization, apparently – after Izzet creeped her out by showing her he could locate her home using Google. But now she can protect herself legally. Also, “the local police force where she lives was notified to immediately contact Toronto police if a 911 call came from her house.” Even in Canada, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. But this is a cop we’re talking about. One with special privileges. All you other Canadians? Drop dead.

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  1. The Canadian government must think their LEOs have split personalities. While on duty they can strut around with their weapon but once they take off the uniform they become a threat to public safety like any other citizen.

    (Note to our Canadian friends: My mother is from Saskatchewan’s Qu’Appelle Valley.)

  2. Are things really different here? A few weeks ago I was visiting Las Vegas and came across fifty-or-so noncoms having lunch at a buffet. These are the same folks who are defending us, and yet they were unarmed. In time of war. When they are target numero uno for terrorists. There was not a sidearm in sight. So, we trust our men and women in uniform to carry arms in, say, the Green Zone (which is relatively secure), but not in LV which is unsecure. And the only people armed in the hotel were civilians with CCWs, but not the soldiers. Does that makes sense, or have we completely lost our marbles?

    • Well, the latter. This is why it took a cop to stop the Ft. Hood massacre. Can’t have those GI Joes and Janes walking around with Berettas on their hips, can we? No, not even on base. Might scare someone.

    • I did not know that, Ralph. I also can’t think of anything more pointless then training (dollars!) someone to protect the country and then not have them be able to do so whilst in it.

  3. Need to protect yourself from a stalker in Canada? Here’s your bilingual answer, straight from from Ottowa:

    “Canadian Citizens: Eat Shit. Citoyens du Canada: manger de la merde.”

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