“The Season Three premiere begins with a shoot off between pairs of contestants using what many consider the most powerful hand gun in history,” history.com teases. “The first team challenge is a race where each team must carry a pole weighing over 200 pounds between eight foot tall firing platforms.” Uh, why? “The elimination challenge is inspired by the stagecoaches of the Old West . . . The two contestants competing to stay on the show have to master the extremely difficult skill of shooting while bouncing up and down in a stagecoach.” In or on? Meanwhile, Top Gun’s Tweet asks “What weapons are you hoping to see this season?” I reckon they should ask FPSRussia. [Click here for the contestant run down.]


  1. i need to see some ak’s but i’m not holding my breath as they are seen as “bad guy guns” to the uninformed, i really enjoyed the 22 challenges from this past season , i hope to see more of that, and less bow and arrow /tomahawks, big snooze fest.

  2. Taser guns. Each contestent has two guns, and the contestants are set loose in a dark room with out any means for cover. The one left standing, wins.


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