There’s this website called Reddit. At that website is a special section where people who have done interesting things let people ask them questions, and the interesting person eventually responds. It’s a great way to kill an hour at work. Or two. Or eight. Anyway, right now someone claiming to be a cameraman from Top Shot is taking questions from the peanut gallery, although the person claiming to be a cameraman hasn’t provided any proof yet and another person claiming to be a cameraman on the show has cried foul on some of the statements. Even if it is fake, it’s an entertaining read.

Click here to be transported to the Q&A session.


  1. Based on what I know of the business from working as a grip/PA/photographer, I’m gonna have to give this interview three out of four stars. He gets some details right (Maggie still has the dog, and had it with her last year for the Superstition Mountain 3 Gun), but the bit about Colby having creative control is pushing things. I’ve had to deal with some primadonnas: Reggie Jackson is a major league jerk, Magic Johnson is one of the nicest people I’ve met, (as is Stockard Channing), and there’s a certain former CNN anchor who was married to a conservative talk show host who easily equalled anything this camera guy says Colby did, but there’s a certain level of nastiness and vindictiveness that spoils it for me. Yes, people in show biz can be jerks/jerkettes, but very few of them can dictate a shot like this guy says Colby can do on the set of Top Shot.


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