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IT guy S. E. Moore sends his “Today’s Daytime Carry” which includes everything including his pants.  Whew!  Glad he didn’t send his “Nighttime Carry!”

In many ways, his shorts are a lot like my 5.11 shorts worn in really hot weather.  Mr. Moore packs his tricked out M&P Shield 9mm (with Crimson Trace laser and True Precision barrel).

Curious why he replaced the factory barrel with the “True Precision” unit?  Is the factory barrel lacking sufficient accuracy?  Or is it the cool factor of the brass/gold accent on his Shield?

Kudos for the extra mag, carried in a “Snag Mag” pocket holster.  I know a few folks in my neck of the woods who swear by these.  Including a guy who carries on in his front jeans pocket.  And he has to take it out every time he wants to get whatever he’s got in that pocket.  Then again, he is/was a very beefy 350-pound professional wrestler, now mostly retired.  Yeah, at one time he said he had a 24-inch neck.  Or was it 26?  He was a big, big boy.

In the six or so years I’ve known him he’s slimmed down in part because docs said a 24 (26?) neck wasn’t real healthy.  Today, he’s only about 250 pounds.  Only.

Anyway, Mr. Moore has a lot of stuff in there, but no flashlight.  -1 for that.

He does have a blade, a Microtech Ultratech auto blade.

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  1. That’s not a good picture of the belt. It looks very similer to what I normally wear. A Better BDU belt.

    At one time I hit 320 lbs. I’m 240ish now. Still too fat but I get around better.

    • Keep working it JWM. I dropped 30 pounds in about 9 months when I was prepping for a mountain elk hunt. Just treadmill work. 15 degree angle, 3+ mph for an hour or more. I did not want that mountain to kick my ass a second time.
      Bonus. I feel better.

      • “Bonus. I feel better.”

        It can be so difficult impressing that on people, that you really will feel better after putting in the work…

        • When I was riding about 120 miles a week, if I was away from it more than 2 days, my legs would get a weird ‘crawling’ sensation in them that wouldn’t go away unless I knocked out some miles…

        • That crawling/tingling sensation is normal. It happens when muscle capillaries constrict or expand.

          If you’re working that hard and it shows up after two days off the bike then it’s probably constricting. Your body has decided that those muscles aren’t getting enough work to justify the expansion in your capillaries and they’re going back to “normal resting” size because your muscles just don’t need the glucose/aminos/other stuff/waste removal transport. Work is done and repairs are complete, time to shunt resources to where they’re needed more.

          If you get it right after working out it’s usually capillary expansion.

          I actually have that in my calfs as I write this because two days ago was leg day.

          For whatever reason some people think it’s a symptom of rhabdo, it’s not. Pissing brown/reddish along with being sore is usually the first/main signs of rhabdo and means you need to hit the ER because that shit can be fatal and does damage your kidneys. Fortunately it’s pretty easy to treat and is gone in a couple days.

    • Congrats on the hard work. Loosing weight can be a real bitch. As for a belt. I use a belt special made for me by an Amish harness maker 20+ years ago. Quality and craftsmanship are second to none. If you can find one in your area. It would be worth the effort to see if they would make one for you. This goes out to all POTG. Keep Your Powder Dry.

      • Kentucky and Ohio had a very active group of Amish craftsmen over 3 decades ago when I lived in that part of the country. I cannot recommend their work enough.

        Never thought to have a harness maker tool up a belt. I’ll check on it next time I’m visiting family.

    • The short version is: highway patrol attempts to impound car, man takes rifle from trunk and shoots officers, kills one.

  2. Speaking of hot weather, I learned my appenidix rig, if left in checked, lets sweat into the spare mag carrier. Haven’t taken the spare mag out in a month and recently found some rust the outside.

  3. Are the auto knives durable? I’ve thought about purchasing one, but I am rough on my carry items; especially my knife.

    • The only auto knives I’ve had were switch blades and pop out the fronts I don’t think they’re any good at all as a general purpose knife. I would say if your ruff on a blade an auto knife would not be the way to go.

    • Microtech OTFs are some the best general-purpose pocket knives out there. I wouldn’t want to be in a knife fight with one, but think of the other benefits:

      – The cool factor is off the charts
      – The button pressure doubles as a child (and weak adult) lockout
      – If the lock ever fails, it doesn’t take your fingers along with; (the original purpose of the early Solingen designs)

      As someone who’s tough on gear myself, I recommend tracking down a 2012/2013 production version of the (discontinued) stainless Element. Expect to pay $400-$500, but it’s practically indestructible. Just don’t post a pic of it on EDC, or you will get savaged for being a fancy pants on TTAG. 😂

      — Royce

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