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You’d think that gun manufacturers would bring their A-game to the SHOT show range day. That they’d make sure that the guns that they hand to journalists, you know, work. Surprisingly often, they don’t. Not to name names, but there were more clicks coming from the Chiappa Firearms demo range than you’d hear in a roomful of TTAG bloggers. Thanks to a bad mag, an ATI GSG-9 [above] had more failures to feed than Somalia. Of course the manufacturer’s reps have to come up with some reason for a firearm’s failure other than “this gun sucks.” This is how they do it . . .

1. The gun’s not broken in/it’s had too many rounds through it – It’s a new gun. So new it’s not working properly (yet). And so popular that everyone’s shooting it, subjecting it to abnormal wear and tear. In other words, it sucks because it’s cool.

2. It’s a prototype – It’s a new gun. So new it’s not working properly (yet). In other words, it sucks now but it won’t suck later.

3. You’re doing something wrong – We could show you how to run this gun properly but there are a lot of people who want to shoot this gun standing right behind you thank you for coming don’t forget to pick up a press pack. In other words, you suck.

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  1. There are gun writers who suck, and there are gun writers who don’t suck. I am more inclined to give TTAG the benefit of the doubt than I am the manufacturers. Just my opinion; it’s worth what you paid for it.

  2. “Not to name names, but there were more clicks coming from the Chiappa Firearms demo range”

    Not to worry, we have an idea who it is that you didn’t name.

  3. If manufacturers can’t get their S**t together for a major media event, then why should they be trusted to do so for Joe Soap when he visits his local gun shop?

    I’m all for innovation & new product but if you’re touting it as ready for the marketplace it had better be. If it isn’t then make this plain before the first media type gets to pull the trigger.

  4. It’s not just big events like SHOT. When I buy a gun, why is it that the first thing I have to do is take it to a gunsmith to get the trigger fixed? Why can’t they make them right in the first place?

  5. Not to burst you’re bubble but I was in the Chiappa Firearms booth all day long at media day and the only “clicks” I remember were guns that had been fired to empty– I do not remember one SINGLE failure to fire or feed ALL DAY LONG!!–(I take that back, the Rhino would not fire any CCI alum case 40 cal ammo–however, we switched to CCI 40 cal brass and Hornady 40 cal and it ran like a top, is that the gun or ammo??)
    there were several “experts” who picked up the Rhino and indexed the empty chamber 11 o’clock expecting it to fire at 12 o’clock- of course we all know that the Rhino fires from the 6 o ‘clock bottom chamber–and some writers who were letting their thumbs rest on the slide of the new M9-22 Chiappa causing the slide to run very slow –
    Overall with the over 2000 people who were at Media day we had a great day firing over 8000 rounds and sharing in the joy of shooting new products with friends.
    In my opinion a great day to be outside shooting and sharing new products-
    Charles Brown
    MKS Supply LLC

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