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In the months after the court decision (in 2017), the police department began approving hundreds of permits. Before the decision, there were only 123 active licenses, and D.C. police denied 77 percent of applicants for failing to provide the required “good reason.”

D.C. police have since signed off on 4,808 permits, according to data the department provided March 5 to Council member Charles Allen (D-Ward 6), who chairs the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety. Permits expire after two years, and there are currently 4,147 active license-holders, according to the department’s records division.

Allen said he is concerned that the large number of people potentially carrying legal firearms in public puts D.C. police officers in a difficult position to distinguish between someone concealing a legal gun and someone hiding an illegal firearm.

“Does that put them at greater risk? I think it does,” Allen said of the officers. “It’s unnerving to the public, and it troubles me.”

D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham said Thursday that police officers on the street have not complained to him about encountering legal firearms.

– Ann E. Marimow in Thousands of people have obtained permits to carry loaded, concealed guns in public in D.C.

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    • Read the comment section –

      Most of the responses are pro-gun, and the few anti comments are getting bitch-slap replies…

    • Wait… you mean the cops are worried that responsible people are now legally armed? I don’t get it.

      • Nah, according to the article, the cops are fine with it. It’s the politicians that are worried. And this particular politico seems to think that the public has little difficulty spotting armed citizens and that they “worry” about it. Somehow I don’t think so.

        Let’s do a little comparison. D.C. has a population of 633,000, and about 4800 CCWs. I live in a county with less than 200,000 and more than 7000 CCWs. By this dipstick’s reasoning, I should be terrified to leave the house….but the number of unjustified homicides by CCW holders is…zero.

  1. Has there been a rash violent crimes involving those that legally carry? No? Simmer down now.

    Can the average, non-connected person get a carry permit NY city yet?

    • “Can the average, non-connected person get a carry permit NY city yet?”

      There’s a decent chance that answer may be *yes* in a few months… 🙂

      • If it is “Yes” I can’t wait for the reaction from the NYC hoplophobes. It will be awesome.

      • In your dreams. Even if Los Supremos come out with a Thomas-written, full-throated, uber-pro-2A opinion in NYSR&PA that openly criticized NYC’s ridiculous permit system, NYC will still throw up every conceivable roadblock.

        The only way I see NYC falling into line anytime soon would be if cert is eventually granted in the Hawaii open carry case, and the SCt adopts the Ninth Circuit’s panel opinion (i.e., state/locality has to allow open carry if it will not meaningfully permit concealed carry). Then NYC would be in the position Chicago found itself in post-MacDonald: either adopt a real “must issue” system, or else permitless carry becomes the law.

        However, given that the Ninth Circuit has stayed the en banc petition pending the opinion in NYSR&PA, and will likely drag its feet ruling on the case thereafter (out of fear that a cert petition would be granted), that’s likely to be quite a way out.

        • The left will ignore and pro 2nd decisions. Yet sanction one of their causes in the court and by golly you all better fall in line or else. Until violators are legally punished for violating civil rights they won’t even turn the ship.

        • …unfortunately, that perspective makes twisted sense…


          At least a full-throated Thomas opinion will put the fear of (whatever deity they worship) that “The times they be ‘a changing…”

  2. Well, considering that statistically, NATIONWIDE CHL holders are more law abiding than EVEN POLICE OFFICERS, my guess is that this Allen douchebag is on Bloomberg’s extensive payroll.

    • “Well, considering that statistically, NATIONWIDE CHL holders are more law abiding than EVEN POLICE OFFICERS,…”

      It’s a non-issue on several levels, including the main one you mentioned. I vaguely recall the statistic being something like 6 times as law-abiding as the public in general.

      The other is that, on capitol hill, mall area, ect., the vast majority of those buildings are Federal buildings where even DC permitted guns can’t go.

      What they need to do is force the Federal government to provide lockers at the entrances of those buildings so carriers have a place to stash their gat before entering those buildings…

  3. Democrat run cities, states, have created this problem. First you bad mouth police officers, coddle criminals, and support the revolving door on crime. Criminals have rapsheets a mile long. Legal gun owners these days have to protect themselves from Democrats propaganda and criminals

  4. You would think they could pull actual statistics on this to make their case if it actually was such a problem. Yet such statistics are absent…..

      • According to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in the Highland Park case (affirming an AR ban) mah feelz trumps your rights. (One of the cases that the Supremes, sadly and unfortunately, denied cert.)

  5. DC politicians (Dems all) think they must justify their existence by being “troubled”, worried, concerned or whatever so they can “do something” about it, thereby padding their resume for the next City Council election. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the DC City Council is the equivalent of a state’s legislature (even though DC is not a state, Congress has allowed it to have home rule), so these people really think they’re Grand Poobahs (although Congress has oversight and can shut them down anytime) and are continually seeking publicity for whatever problems they detect (or think they detect). That’s what this guy is doing – elevating a non-problem into an “item of concern” so he can be seen “doing something about it.” As the police chief said, this business with DC concealed carry permit holders is a non-problem. DC has a far larger problem with all the gang-bangers and thugs illegally carrying (and using) handguns in the Anacostia section of Southeast DC, and in some neighborhoods in Northeast. If the councilman wants to “do something” he should be out there looking to clear up that mess, and leave legal permit holders alone.

  6. ‘…puts D.C. police officers in a difficult position to distinguish between someone concealing a legal gun and someone hiding an illegal firearm.’

    Simple solution to that – constitutional carry. Then everyone is carrying legally. Problem solved.

    • Seems the police must have xray vision. I thought concealed meant out of sight, under cover, Not visible!
      Councilman Allen is attempting to repair something that is not broken.

  7. Whatcha wanna bet the council persons fear anyone having a fire extinguisher in their vehicle are potential arsonists as well?

  8. Wsrd 6 hack Charles Allen is about to have much more serious issues to deal with as the China Flu takes hold.

  9. I understand the concern, it would be much easier to treat everyone as a criminal.

    • Back in the good old days a white man could shoot any non white who was armed with anything that could be a weapon. It was a simpler time. You didn’t have to justify every shooting as not being racially motivated because it was racially motivated. Those were the rules.

      Now you got to say they were reaching, they didn’t follow orders, they had a gun or knife… Whatever excuse you could give the DA to allow them to use the laws to proclaim the murder a justified homicide.

      It’s so frustrating when BLM freaks out every time a non white person is shot. It makes the job so difficult. You have to second guess your will to kill because some black people might riot or hunt cops to get even.

      Why can’t today’s doughnut operators get a free pass to kill minorities like in the old days when America was great? Why do we allow organizations like Black Guns Matter to do the work the NRA willfully refuses to do? Why do we have to give out permits to non whites when the laws were created to keep non whites from exercising their rights? Why are we allowing this demographic shift?

      • Yep. I free heroic superior Asian countries like China life is perfect and everyone is prosperous and free.

        • Nope. China was infiltrated by European ideology, known as one world government, aka communism. Their culture was destroyed and the patriots expelled to places such as Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States. That European ideology was spread to Korea and Vietnam too, which split those countries’ people in two and destroyed them.

          Japan is an awesome place. Clean, high tech, safe… The millennials and zoomers think highly of them, even the white supremacists have positive feelings about their society, they can’t stop following the Japanese and consuming their culture.

          Ever wonder why there is so little Japanese leaving Japan and why not many of them live in the United States? Notice how many Asians in the U.S. are from countries were Europeans changed the Asian culture?

      • All gun control is racist.

        The video I posted was from D.C. The cops thought there was a black man with a gun. They thought oh happy day. Another black man they could throw in a cage for exercising his human rights in America. The white woman was so excited to catch herself a “slave” breaking the rules. The man said he has a CCW and his gun is legal. They took his gun from him. They ran his information and serial number. Once they realized he is a law abiding citizen, licensed to carry a scary black gun, they got upset. They then handed back his property (unloaded of course).

        The man that is complaining about permits being issued is a white Democrat male from Alabama. He is very upset the rules allow black people to carry guns to protect themselves. Why? Because he thinks he owns everyone and the police are the only ones that should be allowed to carry guns. He is just like his great grandfather.

        Politicians do not want less rules and more individual responsibility because communities will solve their own problems. Thereby reducing the size of government and their power over the people. Government workers will have to get real jobs and produce something instead of relying on socialism to pay the bills (like old Bernie).

        • “All gun control is racist.”

          Much of gun control began as racist long ago. Not true beginning about twenty years ago…now it’s simply about control over everyone.


        • @Haz,
          I agree that gun control has its roots in racism but now it’s more about “class control” where only the elite/privileged are deserving of and intelligent enough to own firearms.

    • How long has it been since you’ve been out of the basement?

    • Idf that legal gun owner stays hooked to his cheering section……he is going to be legal gun owner for long.

  10. “D.C. police denied 77 percent of applicants for failing to provide the required “good reason.””

    Wow, citizens must provide a “good reason” to exercise their RTBA?
    The sheeple who voted for these leaders are getting what they deserve.

      • Not in Hawaii somehow. It will be very interesting to see these policies challenged in court soon, especially if RBG gets replaced with a constitutionalist.

        • ” It will be very interesting to see these policies challenged in court soon, especially if RBG gets replaced with a constitutionalist.”

          The SCOTUS is currently deliberating a case involving transporting guns outside of New York City. The decision is due in a few months.

          There’s a solid chance the Court could decide that carry outside of the home is every much a right as the Heller decision ruled the 2A protects an individual right to ‘keep’ a gun.

          This decision could declare the ‘bear’ of ‘to keep and bear arms’ is a constitutional right, paving the way to national ‘shall issue’…

        • I’m not getting my hopes up, but it would be glorious to watch the left lose their minds over this.

        • @Geoff

          Carrying/bearing is different than transporting.

          Don’t be surprised when the court only rules government can’t limit transporting like they can carrying. Thus no ruling on the right to bear arms. They already said as long as you can carry either open or concealed in some manner restrictions are fine.

        • @Dude,

          “Not in Hawaii somehow.

          Hopefully soon. Hawaii v. Young is still pending SCOTUS’ decision in the NYSRPA case.

          Per the Ninth Circuit, as of Feb 26:

          Before: THOMAS, Chief Judge

          On February 14, 2019, this Court stayed en banc proceedings pending the issuance of an opinion by the United States Supreme Court in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc, v. City of New York and further order of this court. This stay applies to amicus briefing. The State of Hawaii’s motion for leave to file supplemental briefing is stayed until further order of the Court. The Court will address a briefing schedule after the issuance of the Supreme Court’s opinion.

      • Citizens need to begin requiring politicians provide “good reason” before they attempt “Life, Liberty, and Happiness” thru their political aspirations.

  11. Okay so what the more the merrier I still can’t figure out why anyone who was a good citizen shouldn’t have the right to carry a firearm I myself don’t care if every good guy or woman has a dozen or more. If these so-called political leaders are so afraid of citizens with firearms they don’t belong here

    • I think it was Gavin McInnes who said, “there a two kinds of people: those who want to be left alone, and those who won’t leave them alone”.
      This article is a dead ringer for that. The author has no interest in the fact that concealed carry holders are some of the least likely people to commit crime, it’s the fact that the plebs dare own something he’s designated “icky”, even though he knows better than them.
      But hey, lefties trying to appeal solely on emotion? What else is new?

  12. Every time there’s consternation on the part of gun controllers about the number of people actually jumping through the hoops they set up for keeping and bearing arms, it proves that those hoops were never about screening out bad guys, and always about discouraging the good guys from gun ownership.

  13. The same chit was forcast for ILLinois when CC was ordered. Guess what? No giant pools of blood caused by law abiding folks. Crime down(despite the idiocy reported -I still avoid Chiraq).Currently watching(NOW)a Nutnfancy video tititled “Ammo-geddon:Ammo flying off shelves!” Interesting stuff. Oh and Nutnfancy loves the new Taurus G3😏

  14. I feel fortunate I am a resident of Merrill, Oregon in Klamath County. This is the proverbial “State of Jefferson” which symbolically comprises the rural counties of Southern Oregon and Northern California. Thus we locals who reside in farming/ranching/mining/timber communities reject the socialist “LBJ/KGB” nanny state of these political elitists and traitors in Washington, D.C. and the metro/urban centers which are controlled by the corrupt *Democrat Political Machine! Again, the name of the game : deceitful crooked immoral treasonous and socialist!

    *Historically the most famous of course were the Daley Machine in Chicago, Illinois (Cook County), and Boss Tweed’s Tammany Hall in New York City. New Jersey “Jerski” is another depraved Democrat stronghold, along with San Francisco, Boston, Mass. and Baltimore, Maryland, among others. There was once even the Pendergast Machine in Kansas City, Missouri. In my region of America (we remain loyal free thinking autonomous Americans) it’s common to see two things in a farmer or ranchers’ pickup: a gun rack with a .22, rifle, or shotgun and a dog. Same for fur trappers.

  15. I have several friends who are cops. None of them are concerned about lawful carry of firearms by citizens.

  16. The answer is “no, the police will be a less risky, less difficult position now that the chance that someone they stop has a legal gun. That means the chance of a person being a law-abiding citizen is higher. Before, they knew for sure that if there was a gun, it was illegal and the person was a criminal, meaning dangerous, meaning more risk for the police officer.” Any questions?

  17. So said council members are thus opposed to Freedom and Liberty,sounds as if they are in need of replacement, badly.

  18. What “troubles” me, is that their are less than 5,000 permits in an area where tens of thousands of people should have them. Even the many whose political views differ from mine should be allowed to defend themselves.

  19. This mf’r Council member Charles Allen (D-Ward 6)all of sudden acts like he cares about police officers.. what a lying turd. .. he’s so full of crap..

  20. When government and its machinery fear the citizens they are supposed to serve then all is well. When the citizens fear their government then you have China, Russia, North Korea, etc., etc.

  21. In 30 years of Law Enforcement, I ALWAYS presumed that everyone was carrying, until I knew otherwise.

  22. It’s a secret so don’t tell anyone. D.C. is controlled by black voters and black politicians. They make sure the majority black residence are disarmed to make the white Liberals feel more comfortable.
    Interesting how it seems the white conservatives are the ones, always trying to arm the law abiding DC residence. And the white Liberals working to make sure only the criminals have guns.

  23. I am “troubled” that the Dems misuse the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the federal government, the state governments, the local governments, and the school boards to advance their agenda.

    But I’m not trying to abolish those, am I?

    Emotionalism and emotionally-based justifications are no substitute for a rule of law.

  24. ” “Does that put them at greater risk? I think it does,” Allen said of the officers. ”

    No, it doesn’t put them at greater risk. The level of risk remains completely unchanged.

    The people who will carry illegally are and were carrying illegally before the permit situation changed. So that risk doesn’t change — it was, is and will continue to be the same as it ever was.

    The people who went and got a permit so they could carry legally are not a threat, never were and never will be. It doesn’t matter if the number of permits is 40, 4000, or 40,000 — none of that affects the level of risk that the police are facing.

    So, basically, Mr. Allen seems to be an unthinking moron with his head firmly stuck in his ass.

  25. It’s almost like Councillor Allen there is unhappy their nonsense didn’t through enough of a wrench in people’s right to … er … what’s a good term? Oh, yeah: “… keep and bear arms.”

    It’s almost like the process “respecting the 2A”(*) was Kabuki, to make a ban by stealth when they can’t get a ban called a ban through.

    Naaah. Couldn’t be. (*)When they say “… respect the 2A” and similar, what they mean is they respet that they have to get around it on the sly, because what they really want wouldn’t fly if they admitted that up front.

  26. [T]he large number of people potentially carrying legal firearms in public puts D.C. police officers in a difficult position to distinguish between someone concealing a legal gun and someone hiding an illegal firearm.

    “Does that put them at greater risk? I think it does,” Allen said of the officers. “It’s unnerving to the public, and it troubles me.”

    Thereby proving the argument that “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” – which is exactly what the libs want. If you have a gun you’re an outlaw, which eliminates their obligation to determine if you’re actually a bad guy or not.

    Newsflash: It ain’t our duty to give up our rights just to make the cops’ jobs easier.

    That reasoning is ridiculous as well as being unconstitutional.

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