This is What Happens When You Disarm the Populace and Rely on the Police


This piece, republished from, illustrates what happens when a disarmed populace faces organized crime: the police take bribes or take a powder. Or both. We’ve seen in it in Chicago. Here it is in Chihuaha. Those who do not learn from history— oh wait. This was three days ago. And how are things in Chicago these days violent crime-wise?

Chihuahua.  8-19-2012. The Guadalupe y Calvo municipality was left without public safety personnel after members of organized crime organizations threatened to kill them early yesterday morning, report confidential sources. In the afternoon, a group of Ministerial Police traveled to the town to carry out patrol duties, although they are expected to arrive early this morning . . .

“We’re very scared, there’s no police and we’re at the mercy of sicarios (killers) because the few Judicial policemen don’t want to come out, they’re scared, too, and of course they’re afraid, because just a few days ago they killed their police chief in Baborigame,” says a resident. He stated that for some time the municipality has been in a state of fear because sicarios from Sinaloa are coming in through Morelos or through Dolores.

“The Army doesn’t do anything here, you see armed people everywhere, they know there are a lot of sicarios from Sinaloa but they don’t arrest them; they (the Army) have the means with which to do this, but it looks like they don’t want to, so, who else is going to (arrest) them?” said the complainant.

“We need help, we need for the authorities to be aware that the residents of Guadalupe y Calvo are in danger. Last night, at the seat of the municipality (seat of municipal government), we were left without police, they all left, about 40 police officers, including the commander and the director. They all turned in their weapons and left because the sicarios threatened them and now there’s nobody left to protect the residents.

“The police offices are closed, so it the mayor’s office. We need somebody to protect us because we are honest, hard working people and we’re afraid we’ll be murdered for no reason. They shoot people to death almost every day and nobody does anything,” he adds.

Yesterday afternoon, State Attorney General staff confirmed the (police) disbandment in Guadalupe y Calvo. For this reason, a group of ministerial police officers was organized to be transferred to the mountain community to help the residents while the problem of lack of municipal police is resolved.


  1. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    Please tell me where to send my VHS copy of “The Magnificent Seven”?

    1. avatar Thomas Paine says:

      what’s a VHS? sounds tactical.

      1. avatar BLAMMO says:

        [Gut-busting guffaw]

        Even funnier: It stood for Very High Speed. (We need smileys.)

  2. avatar JoshinGA says:

    Send MikeB# over there. He will instruct them on how to properly lock their doors to avoid being murdered.

    1. avatar Phantomo says:

      Good one!

    2. avatar Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

      They got nothing to worry about, guns are illegal in Mexico. Not like anyone would break the law…

      1. avatar Buuurr says:

        What law?

      2. avatar Low Budget Dave says:

        In all fairness, if the Army and the police are scared to go there, I don’t know if it is going to make much difference to arm the bookkeepers and barbers.

        1. avatar jwm says:

          even the bookkeepers and barbers deserve the right to try and defend themselves, especially if the army and police won’t go there.

    3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      And he can tell them how they will be safe once Mexico passes strict gun control laws. Scratch that: Mexico already has strict gun control laws.

      Er, he can tell them how they will safe when everyone has cell phones and can call the local police when the criminals show up. Scratch that: the local police deserted the citizens.

      Well he can tell them how they will be safe once Mexico stops the flow of guns from the U.S. to the criminal organizations. Scratch that: those organizations get lots of guns from the Mexican military and other sources.

      So he can tell them how they will be safe once Mexico stops their military troops from deserting with their weapons. Scratch that: multi-billion dollar criminal organizations can buy their own machine shops and make their own guns.

      Boy, there must be something MikeB# can tell them that will make them safe, right?!?!?

      1. avatar Wade says:

        +1000 He would deny the situation in Mexico being anything like America, because should we ban guns, our government would NEVER let that happen, right?

      2. avatar VA Pete says:

        No, he will tell them they will only be safe when the US bans guns. After all, it’s the NRA, gun show loopholes, irresponsible gun-nuts, and unregulated gun dealers on our side of the border that create the iron river, right? /sarc

    4. avatar anonymous says:

      “Send MikeB# over there. He will instruct them on how to properly lock their doors to avoid being murdered.”

      Or we could send the writers and readers of this blog over there, to tell them that guns will solve their problems.

      1. avatar Roll says:

        “Or we could send the writers and readers of this blog over there, to tell them that guns will solve their problems.”

        Pretty sure most of us would do a lot better than mikenumbers, I at least own firearms and can defend myself when necessary.

        You gonna talk them into killing themselves?

      2. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

        I can’t recall anyone asserting that “guns solve problems” on this site. Care to link?

        1. avatar Roll says:

          Shhhh…dont tell him(anonymous) : guns are just tools and people solve problems…it will blow his mind…

    5. avatar Mikeb302000 says:

      No, I won’t do that, but I will point out how misleading Robert’s post is. The populace is not disarmed. There are guns in almost every home despite the laws. The civilians are outgunned by the criminals and the cops are corrupt, but that has nothing to do with the gun control laws.

      1. avatar Robert Farago says:

        WHAT? You’re going to need to provide some kind of citation for that assertion.

        1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          Ditto. I’ve read exactly nothing to back up what Mike is saying. My understanding has always been that beyond .22 hunting rifles firearms are very hard to come by for the average Jose.

      2. avatar Grasnny Grunch says:

        Oh sure…and thats why so many civilians are NOT being murdered by hombres who have guns.

      3. avatar Ben says:

        *citation needed

      4. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

        Gosh-oh-golly, Michael. That sounds almost like tacit agreement that gun control laws don’t work. We all knew you had it in you. Good job.

      5. avatar Jake says:

        Mike I think you forgot to start typing… your post is blank.

      6. avatar JustAJ says:

        “There are guns in almost every home despite the laws. ”

        But I thought you said more gun laws would reduce the number of guns in people’s hands? The Mexican people have been banned from owning guns for a loooooong time, but now you say that they have guns anyway? Color me confused, cause it sure sounds like tacit agreement on your part that disarmament is pointless.

  3. avatar Aubrey Graham says:

    Dear residents Guadalupe y Calvo,

    In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court
    for a crime they didn’t commit.

    They promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade
    to the Los Angeles underground.

    Today, still wanted by the government,
    they survive as soldiers of fortune.

    If you have a problem,
    if no one else can help,
    and if you can find them,
    maybe you can hire the A-Team.

    p.s. We can provide references if needed and we also offer financing at very competitive interest rates.

    1. avatar Avid Reader says:

      Do suppose their aim has improved?

      1. Hopefully! Those minis they were using had the really thin barrels. Those heated up fast and sent bullets everywhere! 😉

        Newer mini-14s have heavier barrels. Should help stay on target better.

    2. avatar Roll says:

      lol I have my money on the magnificent 7 as someone posted above

  4. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    “… while the problem of lack of municipal police is resolved.”

    That is only part of the problem. The residents need to be able to defend themselves as well. And they need firearms to defend themselves from criminals who have firearms and routinely execute other people for the purpose of simply intimidating the public.

    That said, it is extremely difficult for a single armed person — whether a citizen or a police officer — to defend themselves from an anonymous organization who is intent on killing them. The criminal organization has the advantage of anonymity, surprise, numbers (of attackers), and probably even firepower.

    I believe the only workable solution is a militia mentality. Nearly all of the citizens have to be armed and they have to operate together. They should always go about town in groups as well. And they have to accept the fact that a few more people will die before they can drive out the criminal organizations. Sadly, they are in the middle of a guerrilla war and there is no easy answer.

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      I agree with you. It’s a sad piece of reality that the gun grabbers cannot accept. Perhaps if the villagers all open – carried AK 47’s the cartels would leave them alone. If they didn’t, at least the villagers would have a better option than begging for mercy.

      1. avatar matt says:

        Oh the irony. If you saw someone carrying a AK47, as a California LEO would you grab their gun?

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      I forgot to mention one other requirement for the Mexican people: they need the will to fight. All the firearms and militia organization/discipline is useless if the people lack the will to fight.

  5. avatar Viper26 says:

    Maybe instead of sending guns over the border to drug cartels and criminals…….like Holder and Obama did, maybe we should send guns over the border to everyday citizens of Mexico………..and watch the crime south of border disappear.

  6. avatar jwm says:

    mikeybnumbers is a hater, of self and land of birth. he would like nothing better than to see america go the way of mexico. then he could smugly agree with his euro trash friends that america was a failure. we had jane fonda in the old days, now we have mikeybnumbers.

  7. avatar Silver says:

    People seem to forget that police (and government officials) are just people, no better or worse than anyone else. Well…ok, police work does attract bullies and authoritative personalities, and politics does attract the power-hungry, but in general, they’re normal people.

    So I have to wonder…if people wouldn’t trust their lives, the lives of their loved ones, and their personal security to any other random person, why would they trust the police or government with it? It’s not like a mechanic where you put the trust of your car in the hands of someone trained to fix that car. The mechanic is doing it for money. If someone paid him a million dollars to trash your car, he’d do it in a blink. Likewise, why would you expect that cops and politicians wouldn’t look the other way in their jobs if a better offer came along? People are people.

    If you trust anyone except yourself with your safety, and if you relegate responsibility for your loved ones’ lives to anyone else, you’re a fool. People are people, no matter what costume they wear or title they bestow upon themselves.

    1. avatar Michael B. says:


  8. avatar إبليس says:

    Novel idea: Americans are to blame for gun violence in Mexico? Seal the border to stop the iron flow! Flip the rhetoric!

    1. avatar jwm says:

      but if we seal the border who’ll vote for the demo— oh yeah, win for us and win for mexico.

      1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

        Sweet!! And you two are going to pick our fruits and vegetables, mow our lawns and do all the work Americans won’t do for the menial pay Mexicans will accept, right?

        1. avatar Moonshine7102 says:

          So, for the sake of cheap labor we must ignore our own immigration laws?

        2. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          No, we must create immigration laws that aren’t ridiculous and unrealistic. History teaches us that prohibition will fail, and all human prohibition does is turn otherwise law abiding people into criminals and force them underground. They can’t assimilate, and can’t pay taxes and they can’t freely travel home and back, which is what they used to do before we enacted insane barriers. And make no mistake – we need cheap labor. That’s free market 101 stuff.

          While I’m not making any assumptions about anyone here specifically, I do love hearing people talk about the logical fallacy of gun laws only to turn around and say the same broken rules will work for drugs and immigrants.

        3. avatar jwm says:

          i do believe that immigration needs reforming. i also believe it’s being left in the state it’s in to gain support for the democrats. as for cheap labor that would be well and good if the savings were being passed on to the consumer instead of being used as a bigger profit margins for the corperations that own most of the farms nowadays.

        4. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          I understand the bias for Republicans on this site, but in general I find them to be just as idiotic as Democrats – they both seem to have a grasp on about 20-25% of the issues, but neither of them seem to understand immigration.

          If you want true reform, we need to start simply giving work visas to anyone that wants them. You could charge them the $500 they’d be paying the coyotes to smuggle them across the border, or you simply give them tax cards. Do this in conjunction with background checks and 95% of the otherwise illegal immigrants would happily line up, and they’d also be able to travel freely back and forth. The remaining 5% would be easy to weed out at that point, and the population of illegals hiding would suddenly be able to assimilate, learn English and become part of the American dream.

        5. avatar Sanchanim says:

          Actually the republicans want immigration reform not cart blanch back door amnesty.
          I do get your point though. Also one issue is for Mexican nationals who wish to come to the US they need a passport. The ability to get one legally in Mexico is nuts. You have to bribe your way to get one.
          Then there is the processing time which is way longer than it needs to be. So yes I agree as do many on both sides of the isle that reform needs to happen.

      2. avatar matt says:

        what a offensive comment you racist!

  9. avatar Dexter says:

    If they only had microstamping on those evil guns they could track the killers down! Oh wait…

    “State Attorney’s General’s Office spokesman Carlos Gonzalez says the unidentified gunmen took the spent shell casings away with them after shooting the family.”

  10. avatar GS650G says:

    These poor people are just that, poor. They don’t contribute much to the government so they are ignored. The sad fact is the government doesn’t care about any of these small villages, they have other concerns more critical in their view. Disarming them was the final straw, although it’s not likely rearming them would do much good since the bad guys have such a foothold already.

    Quite the problem in Mexico, eventually the US will be drawn into that conflict directly once the government falls to the gangs.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      “… eventually the US will be drawn into that conflict directly once the government falls to the gangs.”

      Didn’t that already happen?

  11. avatar BlinkyPete says:

    Howzabout this – end gun prohibition there and pot prohibition here. All of a sudden the good guys in Mexico are armed, and the cartels are at least 70% poorer. It would cure a lot of the violence at the border too; then we’d only have to find something else for neocons to whine about.

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Nope, no way. Think of how many politicians and police would lose their jobs if it actually worked! Can’t be done.

  12. avatar Ralph says:

    Attention, Guadalupe shoppers. Cleanup on Calle Tres.

    Oh, wait. This wasn’t the weekly photo caption contest. My bad.

    1. avatar BlinkyPete says:


    2. avatar Sanchanim says:

      LOL Ralph!!!

  13. avatar Aharon says:

    Some Mexicans blame the US for everything. Several years ago, El Nino/Nina waves caused an oil rig to collapse. The Americans were blamed for causing global warming and climate change which led to the bad weather and waves that destroyed the rig. I’m all for sealing and militarizing the border, and cracking down in real terms on all illegal aliens from all backgrounds (to include Europe, Africa, and Asia). Mass amnesty for all illegals will lead to a new wave of politicians being elected and possibly fully open borders. If you think we have problems now then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

      Hey man, it works so well for Japan why don’t we try it? I mean, sure, they haven’t had economic growth since the early 1990’s and they’ll likely be little more than a source of nostalgia in 50 years, but I say let’s go for it!

    2. avatar macgearailt says:

      Seemingly, we’ve been blamed for all of Mexico’s misfortunes since 1848. That’s a lot of misfortune.Go figure.

      1. avatar Aharon says:

        It’s easier to blame others for failure than accept responsibility.

  14. avatar Sanchanim says:

    As sad as this sounds we could do the following:
    Declare the cartels a clear and present danger to the US.
    Send our military in to clean up the mess. Let the nationals know that we are here to liberate them from the cartels.
    I bet they would be standing in the streets waving American flags!
    There government is corrupt because the cartels have them by the throat. If we produce an all out war to eradicate the cartels, their fields and processing plants, it might not kill them entirely but it would give the government a chance to get back on it’s feet. It would save thousands of lives, and give the Mexican people hope to get their cities and towns turned around.
    My guess would be the Mexican government would get out of the way, and the people would support the move.

    1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

      It worked so well in Iraq and Afganistan, and we’ve got all this extra money lying around… hell, why not?!?

    2. avatar matt says:

      your plan is unrealistically optimistic of the outcome of military intervention.

  15. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Off the top of my head, I could name close to a dozen countries that the above story and photo could have come from. Sad state of affairs when the bad guys can overpower the local government. Even sadder because it took many years to get to this point, and there is no 5 minute, or 5 day, or 5 month solution. These people will have to suffer thru this for years, even if a viable, working plan were put in place this afternoon.

  16. avatar MilVetAndconcernedCivy says:

    ok simple solution find zorro, seeing as according to legend he can wipe out 20+ men with a saber then hand him a full auto M60e and many cases of ammo and let him go to work lol criminal be wiped out in no time and it is done by a supposed legend lol

    1. avatar macgearailt says:

      Get some.

  17. avatar ExNuke says:

    The cartels ARE the real government of Mexico, the pretend government in Mexico City are just as corrupt and the real cause of their problems. Disarming the peasants to protect their lofty positions and power with laws like the Brady Bunch would force on the the American people just made it easy for the thugs. The only way out for the Mexican people is for them to solve their own problem and that war is going to result in a level of bloodshed that puts their current problems to shame. When they get their act together and arm up there are a lot more honest everyday people than there are thugs. Instead of arming the crooks the US should be trying to arm the people.

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