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“Alexander Ross, a sophomore political science major, has been trying to get the student government at Kalamazoo College to engage in a conversation about campus carry for five weeks,” reports. When Ross finally got his three minutes in front of the council he protested the delay in a quiet voice. An unidentified member of the Student Commission ain’t got time for that. “Time’s up,” she interrupts, to begin a six-minute rant against Mr. Ross. Apparently, anyone talking to the commission dissing their protocol “coming from a white male privileged stance in life” is “disrespectful.” It’s gets worse . . .

I am aware of who you are what your ideals are and how you feel. I would never represent you. Because I couldn’t because you directly conflict my life. Period. For anyone on this commission to represent you would be to represent racism, sexism, homophobia . . .

There will be no resolutions written for your racism. It won’t happen. No one will support you. . . You’re continuing to be the Lone Ranger who from my perspective is threatened by black and brown people. So no I will not advocate for you to get a gun to shoot me because you feel scared in the middle of the night when you  see me in my black hoodie.

As far as we know, Mr. Ross has not expressed any racist, sexist or homophobic opinions. But he has argued for conservative values and the right for Americans to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms on campus.

And for that he’s been called a racist. I wonder if the un-named commissioner knows the origin of American gun control, as outlined by the Supreme Court in the Heller decision. Not that she’d want to discuss it . . .

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    • At the very least he should be censured for triggering her with his politically incorrect speech. /sarc

      • You kid, but Rian Brown actually did use “triggering” in a video interview that I’ve seen. Another of the three self-described “black” council members (Mele Mokolo) referred to Alexander Ross’s rather timid – yet brave – challenge to the fairness of the student council as containing “micro-aggressions”.

        What’s happening here is known as victim-playing:

        It’s a result of psychological illness on the part of these petty tyrants. They are clearly bullying Alexander Ross, justifying it to themselves by claiming that he has done this to them instead. They are gaining sympathy from bystanders who join them in the bullying or enable them otherwise.

        You might have caught that the Vice President, Rian Brown, even threatened her fellow councilmembers with a recall election if they showed any sign of support for Alexander Ross. This behavior is being ascribed to the left, but it’s no different than that employed by Hitler – who burned down the Reichstag in order to self-victimize against the Communists.

        This is just the behavior of any tyrant, whatever window dressing they use (nationalism, racism, religiosity, communism, leader worship). Call out your victim as the aggressor, and fool enough people who consider themselves to be good to come rushing to your aid.

        Alexander Ross has suffered from this lie that he threatened anybody at that meeting. His car and dorm room were searched by campus police. I believe he has the makings of a defamation lawsuits against the people who made these claims about him.

        There also needs to be a technological investigation into who had made the threats of violence on Google Docs. Unless the perpetrator used Tor or another way to successfully mask their identity, it shouldn’t be too hard to track down the origin. Whomever made the disturbing threats needs to be arrested, placed on trial and serve a prison sentence commiserate with the crime.

    • The lying accusations of SIXHIRB is all the Left has….but unfortunately the lies work when they are repeated like an incessant drumbeat by the leftist media and fed into soft minds at the universities.

      Sexist, Islamaphobic, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Intolerant, Racist, Bigoted

      I really want to throat punch the imbeciles whose only means of “debate” is to throw around SIXHIRB

      • Not so fast!

        The article said the threat was posted on a collective google doc. Whoever made that threat must be a EXPLETIVE DELETED, because commenting they basically gave up their identity.

        I seriously hope this was the work of the SJW on the council or one of her cronies, if it was Mr. Ross or one of his associates, shame on you for stooping so low.

        • The article said the threat was posted on a collective google doc. Whoever made that threat must be a EXPLETIVE DELETED, because commenting they basically gave up their identity.

          Read the article a bit more closely. It indicates that the Google Doc in question allows for anonymous editing.

          (Not that the edits can’t be traced by IP. There is no such thing as anonymity on the internet.)

  1. To the “unidentified member of the Student Commission:” I have a job for you teaching kindergarten at a local Kalamazoo grade school. I’m sure that it’s everything you could ever aspire to, and more.

    And Mr. Ross, please transfer to an actual college. If you’re going to wind up a hundred grand in debt, you might as well get an education.

  2. How about we include a state or country in there, somewhere, in every post? Kalamazoo freaking WHERE? Tanzania?

      • The best thing about Kazoo is Bell’s Brewery. Period.

        It’s also the home of Western Michigan University, one of the largest public universities nobody’s ever heard of. Kazoo college is where the rich kids go.

        • My sister did her undergrad studies there. She’s not rich, nor are my folks. She attended on a full academic scholarship, and graduated at the top of her class, she finished her master’s in Indiana(also on a full scholarship) She also owns a nice HK, and carries. Comparing WMU to KC is apples to oranges. Aside from the drivel spewed by this anti-freedom “representative”, it is a very highly regarded school.

    • one of my pet peeves of newspapers transitioning their old school media to that there newfangled internets.

      ” The Possumstomp Bugler, serving the greater areas of Possumstomp, Red Swamp and Cotton Screw counties for over 100 years!” … It would kill them to mention the state, right? Then I shake my head and think, who cares.

        • The prevailing zeitgeist and its factotums do not like, no they do not, the very concept of “states.” They wish and work hard for One Big State, worldwide, much like their radical wack job counterparts in the “religion of peace” want with their Greater Caliphate.

          So “geography” of states and nations per se is not so much difficult for them or a challenge, but an outmoded concept in need of extermination forthwith.

  3. Same old, same old. There are possibly thirty colleges left in North Murka now that are still good conservative schools which don’t support the rabid PC fanaticism. If your kid can’t or won’t go to one of them, then consider a combination of home studies via internet and exams, an occasional actual class at a local community or junior college, etc.; it can be done for probably $10,000-15,000 for a four-year BA or BS degree now.

    I was in two grad school programs and taught in those and two others over twenty years ago in the Murkan Northeast and the chit was pretty bad THEN; it is so much worse now.

    What that kid went through is not much different from what our P.O.W.’s went through in North Korean, Red Chinese and North Vietnamese prison camps; and rest assured, if his interrogators had had rifles with them, they would have cheerfully and righteously clubbed him to the floor and had him taken out for more beatings and maybe the firing squad.

    • “If you graduated with a liberal arts degree from a 4-year university you are dumber than when you started.”

      ….if you continued on and got a graduate degree, now you’re dumb AND dangerous.

      Dennis Prager

  4. What about all of the Liberals calling for “diversity and tolerance”? Oh, I get it — they are only calling for their version of “diversity and tolerance”.

  5. “And like I said, you cannot respond because your 3 minutes are up”

    I was waiting for a raspberry after that sarcastic comment.

  6. Yet another Social Justice Warrior screaming at a “privileged” white kid.

    Remember kids, if you’re white you’re a racist, and only white people are ever racist. Only men can be sexist, and feminism is the only right way to think. Men should be subject to women and should not be allowed an opinion because they’re too stupid to have one anyway.

    • The left’s treatment of white men pales in comparison to its treatment of black, brown, and female dissenters.

      • That’s exactly right; the Revolution eats its own.

        When the Revolutionary cadres actually take power, they immediately set about killing off their erstwhile comrades. It’s funny to watch.

    • You know I just honestly do not understand why women do not rule the world. They have the sex parts we as men are after and at some point in almost every man’s life, the little head takes over full control of the big head against everyone’s better judgement.

      I just don’t understand how women have not monopolized sex and turned it into power.

      RE the Video, all I can think is if I was in that guy’s shoes, all I would have to say is WTF does me being white or you black have to do with it?!?!?!? That would nicely turn the tables

  7. According to my wife, who ran the admissions office at a MI University, K-College is very selective. Basically if your father, grandfather, and great-grandfather did not go to K-College neither with you without adding a wing to their library. K-College is as much of a “good ole boys club” in academia as you can get so their leadership is, as to be expected, stereotypical to the extreme of academia. That also means everyone there, for the most part, is “privileged”.

    So how exactly is saying “we will never support you because you are a white male” not racist and sexist? Oh, because no one judges the judge. So there you go, education is equal but more equal for some, and don’t even think about having any rights, you don’t even dare control your own thoughts there.

  8. “racism”. it’s what liberals say when they din’t actually have a rational argument to make.

    • No, it’s what they say to prevent themselves from realizing they don’t’ have an argument. They truly believe that it is an argument.

    • “DATS RACISS!” is the SJW equivalent of kids’ ” Nuh uh! I know you are but what am I”

  9. In front of a non mouth-breathing audience her unintelligible rant would have been plenty of rope of her own doing. Unfortunately, I’m certain the audience weighed heavily to the mouth-breathing end of the sapien spectrum.

    It’s a terrible thing to stand in front of a group of retards and be judged/moderated by their king for simply not being one of them. A nightmare penned by Serling himself. Democracy in action.

  10. This get s even worse after googling it. Not only did one of the council start a twitter feed stating how “unsafe” Ross’s comments made her, another felt him looking at her was a racist threat…even though it wasn’t.

    The school then SEARCHED Ross’s room for “weapons” and asked if any student is feeling unsafe to “reach out” to a staff member.

    Oh, and Students are even demanding Ross be expelled for…. expressing his First Amendment Rights. We are dealing with a new level of crazy here folks…

  11. NY, CA, Ct, or MA, etc, doesn’t matter! I do not do business with and anti-gun group of voters!

    They can’t even protect who or what they love. Good for them! Darwin will eventually take care of the issue.

  12. This would be a good time for him to file a complaint on the college’s code of conduct. I’m pretty sure her diatribe is a violation. In fact, he’d better do it before she files against him. Contacting may not be a bad idea, either. Since this is getting publicity, you can count on either her or the university trying to escalate it.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if the threats coming out now are not from someone on the Left.

  13. How do the “members’ on the council get appointed? That might be a place to look for the root of this attitude.

  14. I save my Big Ten educational elitism comments like this only for the truly deserving:

    Who the EXPLETIVE DELETED cares what frickin’ Kalmazoo College thinks?

  15. These people should not breed, unless they get the urge to do so with a light socket…

  16. As that idiotic drivel dribbled from her lips I could literally hear the collective IQ of that “college” falling like water over the Niagara Falls.
    Her back must hurt from that tree sized chip on her shoulder.

  17. Kalamazoo College is a strange place. I went to WMU for 5 years which is like 2 blocks away from K college, and never once came across a K college student my entire time in that town.

  18. Disarmed here meaning more than simply not having a weapon at hand…. I think it also means mentally disarmed.

  19. Those pop social terms being thrown around without factual backup. Isn’t that considered slander?

    • The unidentified woman on the audio is the (former – she quit) vice president of the student commission. Her full name is Rian Brown.

      • Her pic is right here…

        Her Bio:

        Rian Brown is a Student Ambassador at the ACSJL. She is a first generation Junior and Religion Major at Kalamazoo College. Her hometown Cleveland, Ohio, ignited a flame in her to fight for freedom after experiencing and witnessing endless injustices, especially against black people. When Rian came to Kalamazoo College, she was disheartened by racial abuse and the lack of safety for students of color on campus. She used her hurt as fuel to fight to change the student of color experience on K College’s campus. She began working heavily with the ACSJL and joined the Student Commission. She has recently ended a Fellowship at Michigan United, a grassroots community organizing organization. Her work was integral to the organization beginning to adopt anti-racist identity and practices. After working closely with the ACSJL’s Visiting Fellow Patrisse Marie Cullors-Brignac, Rian joined the Black Lives Team in working to develop a Black Lives Matter Chapter in Kalamazoo.

        • Gee, that’s surprising; all the Student Fellows are not actually… well…fellows, are they? All women, and one beast.

          Good thing they shut up that over-privileged white male.

          I’m checking mine now…yup…still there. Oh well.

          Buncha wack jobs at that place, and as usual at colleges now, enabled, abetted and supported by the commie administrations, who now run scared of students.

  20. I’m sure that there are a lot of parents who would be very interested to know about this so-called student commission at good ‘ol Kalamazoo Kollege before they blow their life savings sending the kiddos there.

  21. This “womyn”‘s hate-speech and slander should get the school taken to court. There has to be some kind of legal option here, and this guy should have all his tuition refunded (at the very least) for this institutionalized racist BS.

  22. Personally….I would find a more friendly place to finish my education. These people are MOONBATS……Yes I’m being polite……….

    • Agreed. It should tell a.perspective employer something about a college grad if they get their degrees at these kinds of colleges.

  23. Go to a better school. What is a degree from Kalamazoo College worth anyway? BTW I thought everybody in the USA knew Kalamazoo was in Michigan…

  24. Pay no attention to idiots, carry anyway. CCW means just that the idiots will never know until such time as you have to defend them or yourself in a deadly force situation. I just read an interesting article written by a psychiatrist on the subject of transference. A individual that accuses others of wanting to shoot someone else for the slightest transgression is transferring their feelings on to someone else because they can not deal with the fact that they themselves would do that.

  25. And this shows People of the Gun need to get into the cultural fight as well. Immigration will bring more of these anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-heterosexual, anti-gun racists in to the country.

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