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“About 50 angry residents  gathered in front of the [Brownsville, NY] post office yesterday to protest the epidemic of late mail and parcels that never arrive,” reports. Whyzzat then? “Have you seen this neighborhood?” a “terrified” if entirely fictitious postal worker asked the Post’s reporter. “It’s on the news every day.” I’m thinking that’s not because Brownsville is a shoe-in for the 2013 NUSA’s Best Neighborhoods Award. Perhaps it’s a little something to do with violent crime. “The postal workers have a right to fear for their life,” said Quantanya White, 38, a home healthcare worker. “It doesn’t give them the right not to deliver the mail. Just because this place is bad, you’re not going to deliver the mail?” When places “go bad,” when citizens can’t control the streets through force of arms (including deterrence), civilization breaks down. I wonder what their internet service is like . . .

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    • That solves my dilemma. I was wondering to myself, “Are these folks actually writing and receiving letters?”

      No, no, of course not. They need their “benefits.” What was I thinking.

      • Can’t say I blame them. Why risk your life to deliver the dole to trash who would just as soon mug you while you hand it to them.

        • I say the USPS should buy the carriers soft body armor and make the deliveries. If the benefits don’t get through they might leave the neighborhood.

  1. Let me tell you what the cops do in that hood. If they get the night shift they will go out and grab someone riding a bike on a sidewalk and take them in. Then they spend the next couple of hours filling out paper work so they dont have to go back out there. Rinse and repeat. True story.

    • Same thing I do on the ambulance, and I don’t have the luxury of a gun to protect myself from those that I need to.

      Shoot, just last shift I was called to a kid with an asthma attack at 1am, house had a strong smell of marijuana, marijuana residue everywhere, and mom was higher than a kite.

  2. Brownsville has been a dump for a hundred years and probably will be for a hundred more. Before it was a black dump, it was a Jewish dump. Maybe twenty years from now it will be an extraterrestrial dump.

    Why? The answer is one housing project after another. Taking a bunch of poor, uneducated people and concentrating them in high rise slums is a recipe for disaster. Chicago had its Cabrini-Green. Brownville has ten just as bad if not worse.

    The only cure is to tear them all down.

    • Yep, you aint kidding!

      Per Wiki

      Brownsville, Brooklyn The total land area is 2.19 square miles.
      There are 18 NYCHA (housing projects) developments located in Brownsville. The neighborhood contains the highest concentration of housing projects in all of NYC.

      Zero percent whites, Only 29% high school graduates, and it elected Socialist and American Labor Party candidates to the state assembly in the past.

      As early as the 1910s, the area had acquired a reputation as a vicious slum and breeding ground for crime and has maintained a 17% or greater unemployment rate. It is home to the lowest school test scores and the highest truency rate.

      Given only that info, you know it is going to be a drug infested high crime area.

      Until you break the cycle of perpetual generational poverty, poor education and broken families, nothing can or ever will stop or deter crime in this 2 mile block of Bloomberg Heaven. Places like this regardless of the government that is in charge will and forever will be black holes of humanity.

    • They’ve torn those kind of places down before. It just makes it worse. The thugs go from being in one neighborhood to being all over the city.

    • “Why? The answer is one housing project after another. Taking a bunch of poor, uneducated people and concentrating them in high rise slums is a recipe for disaster. Chicago had its Cabrini-Green. Brownville has ten just as bad if not worse.

      The only cure is to tear them all down.”

      That’s an absolute steaming load. Look at Chicago now: Section 8 and vouchers have turned huge swaths of South Chicago into hunting grounds where the prey are white folks so poor or stupid they haven’t left, or have to pass through. It is happening in my large SE city; whole suburbs are being invaded by the orcs- luckily, we’re not disarmed here yet so often one the invading orcs will take a cylinder full of lead from a brave housewife, for instance.

      Blaming buildings and location for stratospheric violent crime and murder rates is as stupid as blaming a gun for going off and killing a robbery victim. This site always advocates blaming the people responsible. A quick look at the Uniform Crime Report (and do make it quick, as the Holder/Obama Justice dept is trying to disappear the data) reveals some quite telling information about the demographic responsible for most violent crime and most murders by firearm. It’s past time to stop weeping over the self-created circumstances of this cohort and start enacting real consequences for thei actions.

      • Orcs…………………………..

        I used to use “goblins” a la Gunsite, but I feel orcs is a more apt term………..

      • Hey, Blunderbread, I said putting all the poor and uneducated in one place is stupid. I didn’t blame the place.

        Here’s a hint: reading is fundamental.

      • WB, I’m shocked that you fault the Chicago solution, so thoughtfully crafted by Pritzker, Jarrett, Obama, et al: Tear down those high-rise slums, some named after Jarrett’s grandfather, Robert Taylor. Build low-rise housing for the former tenants farther south, even south of the city limits. Use the newly-available land for expensive offices and condos. When they do it, they call it progress. When we did in my city, the same people called it racism: What it’s called depends on who gets the money.

      • orcs? look, you might as well just say “black people,” because it’s not like you’re fooling anyone.

        • You ever tangled with these sorts of hardened criminals (who are by no means all black – not even close)? I think “orcs” is an accurate moral and physical description.

        • I think it’s neat that you know what goes on inside his head. While you might be right, and I hate throwing the race card, maybe you’re just showing your bias. Because when I read his “orcs” comment, I didn’t think of black people, at least not specifically. I thought of my last apartment, where I lived for 6.5 years, and the group of people that moved in over that time and turned it, by the time I left, into something drastically different and worse than what it was when I moved in. Those people were not black. Well, some were. But others were hispanic, and caucasian, and there was even one group that lived on the floor above me that I’m pretty sure were running drugs out of their apartment, and they were from somewhere in eastern Europe.

          But then, there were also the taxi drivers, LOTS of them, all of them Haitian. These Haitians were black, by the way. We had tons of them, and they, BLACK PEOPLE OMG!, were some of the best neighbors in the complex.

          So while you may have read “black people” when you read orcs, don’t assume that’s what other people read, or what the author intended.

        • From Wikipedia, numbnut$:

          An orc or ork (/ˈɔrk/) is one of a race of mythical humanoid creatures, generally described as brutish, aggressive and repulsive. Orc facial features tend toward the grotesque (generally a mixture of the ape-like and pig-like), and their skin typically varies from black to grey to green. The orc has its origins in the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien. As such orcs are to elves as evil is to good, represented as enemies of light, and all that is holy, acceptable, pure and true.

        • Matt, I know that your mind didn’t think it was a racial slur, but I’ve seen people use the phrase goblins as a way of trying to be sneaky and refer to blacks or other races. Looks like this wonderbread idiot is trying to use orcs for the same thing.

  3. When gov’t becomes overwhelmed and disfunctional it cannot protect citizens in areas over run by gangsters, druggies and other opportunists. This is what you get: a lotta citizens at the mercy of armed bad guys and no help from the authorities. Look at Chicago, DC, etc!

    Bloomberg, DiFi and all other gun grabbers version of utopia for the inner cities. But when it spreads into the burbs, then what plans are they going to come up with from behind their secured gates. Martial law?

    • More likely, both the cities and the suburbs and everywhere else will become like Britain, where the average citizen has no recourse whatsoever against violent attacks and invasions – and, in fact, citizens are arrested merely for defending themselves with scissors and knives (or sometimes with the weapons brandished by the attackers).

      See, for example, this charming story:

        • Yes – and that’s what will happen here if the gun grabbers get their way.

          After all, the gun grabbers are the same people who were advocating lenient sentences for violent criminals in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, until finally mandatory sentencing was put in place because so many vicious felons were engaging in repeated crime instead of being taken off the streets.

          The gun grabbers believe in leniency for violent criminals but punishment for law-abiding gun owners (or anyone who exercises his right of self-defense, no matter the weapon used).

        • “What we need is open prisons, European menus…”

          – Limousine liberal in “Everybody Says I Love You” by Woody Allen

        • Many moons ago I read an article on BBC about a town in England where the the residents were getting robbed blind on a regular basis by thieves breaking into their homes or barns.

          The residents started putting up chicken wire and shit like that to try and stop them until the local police told them to take it down because the thieves might get hurt and they’d be liable for purposely putting it up.


        • That story is the embodiment of just how awful the crime situation is in Britain – where the police are on the side of the criminals!

          And yes, you are right – the scumbags would move on, but not before every one of the lawful citizens was sent to jail for a long time.

      • In all fairness, neither the British people nor British law spare a tear for burglars and robbers.

        While it is most unfortunate that they are a disarmed populace, fighting back is in no way illegal.

        In case of serious injury or death to an intruder, they will take the successful defender into custody to prevent flight just in case there appears to be entrapment.

        Viz: A jealous husband sneaks in the back, kills his wife’s boyfriend and claims the dispatched was a robber. That’s illegal, as infidelity is a purely civil matter and she’d a right to invite him in.

        Once the circumstances are verified as intrusion, a magistrate will invariably rule that reasonable force was used.

        It seemes bass-ackwards, but it does work. It’d work better with every household armed, but it does work.

        • Then explain all the reports we’ve seen in the Mail where homeowners have been charged with using “unreasonable” force to deter burglars, and face penalties greater than those imposed on the would-be intruders?

        • Yeah, sorry, it doesn’t seem ass backwards, it is ass backwards. Even if the force is deemed reasonable, for whatever period of time they’re in custody while a magistrate determines that they were right in defending their life, they’re still in custody. Their dog is going hungry, their boss is wondering where the hell they are (or simply firing them for no-showing, if they have a low level job where they’re easily replaced), along with any number of other things.

          I like our way better. So the police have to chase a little if they decide there’s evidence that there was wrongdoing. That’s how the game is played, and it’s far preferable to a bunch of innocent people sitting in jail simply so it’s convenient for the police to find them if they decide that their use of force wasn’t justifiable.

          I like our way better.

        • Exactly, and there’s reputational damage because of the press reports.

          Not to mention that there is a large deterrent effect for those who want to defend themselves. If faced with the choice of defending yourself or just being a victim, you will have to consider the risk of going to prison. Many will choose not to act.

      • isn’t this one of the incidents that prompted England to tighten their castle doctrine – making it easier for homeowners to assert self defense?

  4. “It doesn’t give them the right not to deliver the mail. Just because this place is bad, you’re not going to deliver the mail?”

    Everybody wanna talk about rights, but ain’t nobody wanna talk about gun rights. Somebody please read her the Bill of Rights. Government services and assistance, as far as I know, are not included.

    • Yes, it does. Unless being shot at and held up is in the job description, they are show stoppers.

      Noone was drafted into the Pony Express; it was all-volunteer, and they knew the score.

      If Bloomie wants to “pony up” for armed guards, body armor and armored vehicles, then maybe.

      • Russ, can you imagine the conniption our fellow TTAG’ers would have if a picture of a tooled up mail delivery team in this hood with body armor, mraps and ar’s made it into the press?

  5. “It doesn’t give them the right not to deliver the mail. Just because this place is bad, you’re not going to deliver the mail?”

    Yeah I think it’s something like ‘Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…’ but there’s nothing in there about bad neighborhoods!

    BTW, random mailman-related story for y’all:

    When I lived in San Francisco there were 21 stairs up from the sidewalk to my front door. One of the postal workers refused to go up them. Even though I worked from home, I would find “sorry we missed you” slips in the slot down at street level if there was a package to be delivered while this one dude was working. One day I saw him come by and went down to get the mail to find out that he didn’t deliver my package again. So I actually drove down the block and found him around the corner and asked him about it. He said, “regulations state that we can’t climb more than 13 stairs to deliver mail. If I broke these regulations and I fell and hurt myself then what? Who would I sue?” <<< word for word. If he trips and falls, his immediate concern is "who would I sue?"

    So…. the next time it happened I took the slip and, the next day (since you must wait for the following day to pick up your package if you "miss" it), I drove to the post office and told the district manager that I keep missing packages despite being home. That the mailman is obviously just refusing to go up my stairs, and I was wondering if there's some sort of rule where X number of stairs is too many but Y number is just fine. He said, nope, there's no regulation at all that says postal carriers cannot go up more than a certain number of stairs. Cool… so the guy was just lazy.

    I think the creed should be changed to “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night, but bad neighborhoods or more than 13 stairs are deal breakers.”

    • I’m a mail carrier . I’ve heard the same line here-I’d bet the manager was lying to you. If I get bitten by a dog,it’s my fault automatically .If I slip on icey steps,It’s my fault since we are told not to deliver if there is ANY snow or ice on steps . Pretty stupid after we got 40 inches of snow in a blizzard this year . I always tell people,don’t complain to the local postmaster,write your congressman.Postal management is only concernedwith one thing,making the numbers so they get their 5 figure bonuses-excuse me “Pay for Performance Payments”.

  6. People get the society they deserve.

    Perhaps this will be the first of many lessons for some that government can’t be trusted and can cease giving you things any time it wants.

    • In a nation with open domestic migration, cities and towns don’t get the government they deserve. They get the government wanted by the rabble that just moved in. Lucky denizens of the EU are starting to get the same privilege. I recommend Jacob Riis’ “How the Other Half Lives” for summer beach reading.

      • Or Camp of the Saints.

        No, to answer a question above, I don’t follow Ralph. Based on some recent comments and questions, I surmise he’s the Duke Wayne and all other commenters are supposed to be Gabby Hayes. My reply to his insulting comment above are being valiantly blocked, so I assume Ralph is also a mighty Moderator here as well. Figures. I agree with your take on Obama’s role in the destruction and profiteering in Chicago neighborhoods, Ropingdown.

        • Ralph isn’t a moderator, just a contributor. If your reply is being blocked (as in, simply not showing up after you hit Post), you’re not being edited, you’re just being spam filtered. If they delete or edit your comments, you usually get an email telling you so. If you think you’ve been spam filtered, it could be because of a word you used, or simply because the spam filter was feeling frisky. You may get un-filtered eventually, but there’s a lot to go through, so it might get missed. You might try emailing [email protected] to let them know. Tell them which thread it was in, and your username and/or email address.

      • As the old cliche goes, evil only prevails when good men do nothing. Good men allowed the country to get this way through inaction. Too many people have been fooled into thinking we live in a democracy, not a Constitutional republic. Our responsibilities do not end at the ballot box.

  7. No Shotgun News for youse. Sorry, at some point the responsibility lies with the community it’s self, and the government who’s mandate is public safety.

  8. Am I woefully naïve, or is moving out not an option to the residents of these Obama-voting $hitholes?

  9. Neither snow nor rain nor hail shall deter the messenger, but a hail of bullets is a whole different kettle of fish.

  10. Maybe Taurus would make a shotshell-firing revolver just for them. They could call it… The Deliverer.

    I’m open to suggestions for the name…

  11. Thanks for the hint. Move to South Chicago or Anacostia or Bankhead Highway, and see how smart you think you are then.

    “The only cure is to tear them all down.”

    So your prescription for a cure is to tear down the buildings. Hence, you blame the place- since you specifically named Cabrini-Green. QED.

    This is the typical response of the Obama-infatuated liberal. Scatter the problem population among the peaceful working class and middle class, and let them either move (and be blamed for “white flight”) or stay and suffer. Obama was a major player in this resettlement of “his people” in Chicago, as part of his dual agenda of war on the white middle class and career aspirations:

    Billions have been spent to improve these “poor, uneducated” people. Some of the very few positive results of this effort have been discredited due to outright fraud, as the education scandal in Atlanta has proven. But now we have the solution: tear down a few buildings, disperse these peaceable “uneducated” types among the suburbs and neighborhoods that sought to escape them, and sit back rubbing hands awaiting all those brand new Magically Baked Citizens. Oh, and make sure Obama succeeds in guilting the former escapees into giving up their only means of self defense.

    It’s a brilliant plan. For suicidal idiots.

  12. Fact: the USPS will not deliver mail to a residence that has a known vicious dog on the property that has shown aggressive behavior. If a mail carrier feels threatened by a dog, he/she is authoried to stop delivering at that address and the homeowner will be notified that any mail addressed to that location will have to picked up at the local post office.


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