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Felipe Ávila Díaz (courtesy

“A Rurales commander who gave an interview to the press saying Michoacán was better off with autodefensas, has been killed,” reports. Background: for decades, Mexican drug thugs and their government co-conspirators have perpetuated a reign of terror over the country’s rural population. Despite the fact that Mexico has a de facto ban on civilian firearms, citizen militia groups known as autodefensas sprang up, gathering arms and ammunition where they could. They mounted an effective campaign against the cartel criminals, removed corrupt government officials and booted out police. They even sealed towns from government troops. The Mexican government wasn’t having it . . .

To stop the let’s-face-it revolution, Mexico’s central government revived the nineteenth century concept of the Fuerza Rurales, or Rural Police Corps. The government offered the autodefensas a dealturn in your weapons and join the government-sponsored Fuerza Rurales. We’ll give you guns, ammo, training and leadership to counter corrupt cops and cartel killers. You can imagine how well that’s going. If not, here’s the story of the murder of the the commander of Coalcomán Rural Township’s Fuerza Rurales, Felipe Ávila Díaz [above].

A Rurales commander who gave an interview to the press saying Michoacán was better off with autodefensas, has been killed.

Yesterday the commander of Coalcomán Rural Township, Felipe Ávila Díaz died. He had been shot last Friday morning and then transferred to Civil Hospital of Morelia. He succumbed to internal injuries caused by multiple gunshot wounds.

On 17 October, the police arrived at a sawmill located one kilometer Coalcomán, where he was taken after being abducted by armed men in a van. He was discovered where kidnappers discarded, what they must have thought was a dead body, near the sawmill.

Although he was shot repeatedly, only one wound, that in the abdominal area, proved to be the fatal injury.

Díaz Ávila candidly spoke out against the Fuerza Rurales on September 27th ;

“We were more effective and better as autodefensas, than Fuerza Rurales.”

Díaz,once a leader in the autodefensas movement of Michoacán, became the Coalcomán commander of the federally created, Fuerza Rural, hoping that working with the government would create a stronger security for the state.

The commander said they are now constrained of any movement or operation that as autodefensas, they previously implemented in the Sierras. Now, he said, they have to notify the government and await approval to move, more often than not the requests go unanswered. He said the conditions they are left to work in are deplorable.

As autodefensas, their operations were very successful because they knew the treacherous mountain landscape, and their reconnaissance were of a surprise with few being aware of the pending operation.

“When we were autodefensas operatives, we were implementing the element of surprise”

Diaz, went on to say that the government quickly abandon them. The same complaint heard throughout Michoacán with respect to the government backed Rurales program.

Like others who have spoken of lack of support, Díaz said, the government only appeared to take photo ops, depicting the issuing of weapons and uniforms and vehicles, then vanished. He said they were given only 2 vehicles, few weapons, no funds, no gas, and were never trained by SSP as Alfredo Castillo touted would be done.

He reported that both the vehicles the government had provided to the city had been taken by organized crime.

Some rurales have openly returned to the autodefensas movement, which never was completely disbanded. In fact, the coastal AD, once led by Dr. Mireles, has never disbanded and have been openly operating all along.

Reasonable people can only conclude that the installation of the Fuerza Rural, was in fact an operation with an objective not to secure Michoacán, but rather to disrupt the autodefensa movement.

Michoacán social media users are expressing their anger, which is being directed at one person, EPN appointed Commissioner Alfredo Castillo, writing phrases such as “Biggest criminal of Michoacán, AFREDO CASTILLO”, “ and “No. 1 enemies to Michoacán Alfredo Castillo and Enrique Peña Nieto”, leaving no doubt who some hold responsible for the murder and heighten violence.

The autodefensas’ fight for security in Mexico continues. Meanwhile, the U.S. government continues to provide tens of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money and thousands of fully-automatic rifles to support the deeply corrupt, tyrannical Mexican police and military. Go figure.

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  1. This is sadly our everyday situation. We are outgunned and outnumbered by the criminal scum. I cannot get out safely from home, because even being a college student is no longer safe, as proven by the kidnapping and murder of 43 rural school students. And what can we do about it? Nothing, if you act in self defense you are likely to end up in jail, and if you carry a weapon and police arrest you they torture you into admitting that you are a criminal. Is this where you americans want to go? Then keep voting democrat, Obama has already paved the way.

    • I think the quote is “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable” from JFK, I sorely feel for those south of the border. No one, man, woman, child, American, South African or Mexican, deserves to live in that way.I worked closely with a family from Jalisco and many non native American citizens from south of the border who told me of the common place horrors they grew up with.

      I have little hope in countries so rife with corruption that anything short of drastic measures and literal revolution will actually cause things to change. When the status quo is to abuse the people, you can guarantee nothing good will come of interaction of the people with their government.

    • And now you know why Americans don’t want the Mexicans here. They come here for freedom and they vote it away by their Democratic vote. Mexicans don’t get it and they never will. Until it’s to late!!!

      • You don’t understand how this game works either. Elections can’t be won with 1% of the vote. Different groups of rich people want to buy govt favors and they do so with campaign money, which buys ads designed to fool the 99%. Political strtegies are designed to produce votes, period! The GOP doesn’t care about you any more than the Dems, who pander to everyone except white men (that’s just the way it is). The GOP is all in favor of guns, but the average guy can’t afford bullets. They all just want your vote and if the GOP thought they could get more votes by going anti ( or if their backers demanded it) they would drop gun rights like dirty underwear. I think that the working-class POTGs who put their full faith and trust in the GOP are the ones who don’t have it figuered out.

      • Unfortunately, those flooding into our country across the southern border don’t seem to realize they are being used to bring this country down by agenda. They are seen by the PTB as human collateral, good for cheap labor and bankrupting the American people into submission. If that happens, it won’t just be the citizens of the US who lose, they may find themselves no better off than they were at home. It’s asymmetrical warfare and they’re the pawns being used to accomplish it.

        • First of all my condolence and sympathy to the family of A. Rurales.

          Not “those flooding into our country across the southern border bring this country down” but rather
          a) the lack of compassion and solidarity shown vis-à-vis these people and their fellow citizens in Mexico;
          b) the number of drug buyers and drug consumers in the U.S.A.;
          c) selling weapons to the wrong people in Mexico and politically supporting these people; and
          d) voting for the wrong politicians.
          All of a) to d) influence the situaction in Mexico.

          • While all your points are correct, there’s a deeper agenda here, headed by the UN to dissolve our borders, create social upheaval, and destroy the economy of the US. It’s following the same tactics that were used in Europe following the formation of the EU.

            Those seeking a better life in the US are being used as pawns in a globalist agenda to implement the plan for a North American Union. If they are truly seeking an opportunity for a better life and freedom, they may not be getting it. Our government doesn’t care about these people except as a source of cheap labor, just as they don’t care about the citizens of the US.

            The North American Union and UN Agenda 21 are no longer “conspiracy theories” no matter how much some would like us to believe that. Maybe you’ll believe it coming from the UN Head for Migration, Peter Sutherland. Peter is also the head of Goldman Sachs Internationl, a member of CFR and Bilderberg (three organizations that have no one’s best interests at heart, but their own), and all around globalist. Pay close attention to what he says. This is all by design and has been in the works for decades. The Migration Policy Institute in Washington refers to them as “human collateral”.


            When our border is open, as it is now, don’t kid yourself into thinking all those crossing it are looking for a better life. Many are cartel and gang members, criminals, human traffickers, terrorists, and other unsavory types from over 20 foreign countries.

            …”“those flooding into our country across the southern border bring this country down”
            That is not what I said, so please don’t construe my meaning. What I said is they are being USED to bring the country down. There is a vast difference.

            Being for closed borders doesn’t mean you are anti-immigration, but it’s nice to know who is coming in, and for what purpose. While the president of Mexico might claim we are all one big family, he certainly doesn’t have that attitude regarding those who want to relocate in his country. There are strict guidelines to follow….such as being able to support yourself when you get there, a certain knowledge of the Spanish language, not being able to vote in Mexico’s elections, and no display of any flag except Mexico’s. Why should people expect differently in the US? The American taxpayer is now being told they must support anyone who manages to get here. What do they expect us to do it with?

            The problem is our government and Mexico’s are equally corrupt, and both are involved with the cartels and the drug trade. Neither one cares about the “collateral damage”. To them it’s the price of doing business that feeds the greed.

      • Use your head a moment rather than blind bigotry. I have no doubt there are a large number of conservative minded Mexicans emigrating to the US. Like the Cubans in FL. But how many can vote REP in good faith when their stance has been undeniably anti Mexican for so long? Could you vote for a party that panders openly to people who honestly would rather see you and your children dead than in this country?

        • I am neither a republican, nor a democrat, but I know plenty of both, and your statement is a repetition of a Liberal lie.

          Just because someone is against an open border and feel people should emigrate legally, does not mean they want to see those who have entered illegally, dead. That’s a ridiculous notion, designed to cause more division in the parties and among the population. Not wanting to support millions of people who have entered our country illegally, especially at a time when many citizens are struggling to put food on the table, and wanting someone dead, is vastly different.

          No one ever mentions the unfairness to those who have done everything right to come here legally, or those who have been waiting up to 5 years to bring in a spouse or child (who will not be eligible for any social programs) while others break the law and are rewarded for doing so.

          I am totally against entitlements for those entering our country illegally, but certainly don’t want to see anyone mistreated, nor would I ever turn anyone in. The thing I am most against is the fact that these people, as well as US citizens, are being used to promote a globalist agenda at the expense of our country and it’s sovereignty.

  2. Sounds like it is time to go to guerrilla warfare in Mexico to get rid of the drug dealers and corrupt politicians and police. Hate to see it go that way but it appears there is little choice now. Perhaps they would like to succeed to the U.S. create a new State and exercise their 2nd amendment rights?

  3. It is a shame to loose him. In Mexico a man of truth and honor is a dead man. Maybe that’s true most anywhere in the world today. Rest in peace amigo.

  4. If the Mexican people were to stand up en masse to save their country, inevitably the U.S would once again intervene like it did in Veracruz when the revolution was going in the right direction, why? Because of the goddamn Monroe doctrine, why was the countries oil industry privatized when it’s income was useful for the government? The U.S that’s why, if you guys wonder why Latin american countries are messed up, educate yourselves in its fiddleling of other countries affairs, tKe a crash course in neo-colonialism am I saying it’s the U.S fault? No not entirely but it’s a huge perpetrator in the misery of Latin countries.after you learn a few concepts many things make sense.

  5. ” . . .Because of the goddamn Monroe doctrine, why was the countries oil industry privatized when it’s income was useful for the government? . . .”

    So much to say . . . The Monroe doctrine functioned to keep aggressive colonial powers from establishing spheres of influence in the Americas. Like it or not the United States of America created the modern world, nurtured its successful economic systems, and sundered its villains (most of ’em anyway). Mexico’s nationalization of it’s oil holdings rejected the very economic system—market-capitalism—that would have enriched even it’s most humble citizens. Instead, state control of this resource and other markets once again demonstrated that central control of a nation’s economy is a prescription for corruption, poverty, and national decline. The Mexican state squandered it’s oil resources and impoverished it’s people. Only now with increased privatization of the its economy can Mexico hope to create a strong enough middle-class with the economic and educational skills to banish bad government and the drug cartels. The autodefensas are a clear example of this change.

    • Aggressive colonial powers…….like the US? I love my country, but cannot be blind to the terrible atrocities that have been a direct result of the US meddling on behalf of big corporations.

      Look what came of our interference in Guatemala. In 1994 the CIA staged a coup d’etat which over threw the elected government, President Jacobo Arbenz, who was trying to initiate reforms which would have hurt the United Fruit Company and other big corporations exploiting the people and resources of the country. This led to a series of Military dictators, who, on behalf of the ruling elite, slaughtered or “disappeared” 200,000 people, 83% of them indigenous Mayan, and displaced at least 1,000,000 more. The atrocities of a civil war which raged for over 35 was horrific in it’s brutality against the poor, indigenous people.

      American people have sat silently, blindly, and ignorantly, as our government sends it’s young men off to fight for the “freedom” of people all over the world. Our government has put special interests above humanity all across the globe, and it’s time the people of this country faced facts. You have been duped…..wake the hell up!

      • ” . . .President Jacobo Arbenz, who was trying to initiate reforms which would have hurt the United Fruit Company and other big corporations exploiting the people and resources of the country. . .”

        Or politicians like Arbenz, feeling threatened by the private-sector growth and influence of companies like United Fruit, decided to protect their personal interests by promoting political “reforms” that undermined private property and increased the centralizing power of the state. As F. A Hayek opined that is always “The Road To Serfdom”.

        • Right…..that’s why the Mayan fared so well and United Fruit, among others, floundered so badly when he was displaced.

  6. Yes the Mexican government is corrupt, elitist (and racist – Mexico has a caste system) and may well have been complicit in killing this man. But let’s not forget the role the “drug war” plays in all this. The cartels exist because drugs are a big-money business that operates outside the law, and thus needs and can afford its own security apparatus. Make drugs legal and regulated, like alchohol, and this all goes away.

  7. Hey Felipe Avila Diaz was my uncle and i wanted to add that he was killed by a young man who was offered an excavator and 30,000 pesos to kill him then the man who called the hit on Felipe lent Felipe his truck and told him to check something out in the mountains which led him to the area where he was killed… The young man that was hired did it for the same reason all the cartels do… Laziness.
    They do it for easy money because they are to damn lazy to work like real men.

    • It looks like freedom and liberty lost a good and brave man. I’m sorry for your loss. I have always loved Mexico and, like your uncle, I’m confident that change can come.

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