Thirty-Three Firearms-Related Fatalities A Day? What About . . .

The above ad is an interpretative dance/rap/musical performance calling for civilian disarmament in the name of the 33 firearms-related homicides that occur in America each day. So . . . what about the 2,379 Americans who use a gun successfully to defend themselves and/or their family every day? What about the millions of Americans who are safe from criminal predation on a daily basis because bad guys know they may face resistance from armed civilians, or have been been permanently removed from society by armed civilians? What about the tens of millions of men, women and children who breathe the air of freedom each and every day because gun owners protect society from government tyranny? Click here for my idea of a dance celebrating #fight4yourlife


  1. avatar Montana Dan says:

    We like to call it the “Freedom 2 Step”

  2. avatar SD3 says:

    Jesus. Only 33?

    Where’s that sharp knife?

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      I thought Shannon said 38 the other day. See, the crime rate IS falling.

      And any band with a tuba can’t be all bad.

  3. avatar Mike Crognale says:

    The saga continues ever expanding as the government slaves and sycophants do the master’s bidding.

  4. avatar Dev says:

    The other stats you mentioned are meaningless because they DO NOT inspire fear and don’t fit the anti agenda.

  5. avatar FortWorthColtGuy says:

    Nothing changes the world like interpretive dance. In fact I am looking forward to “Eric Holder and Fast and Furious on Ice” this summer. I hear the ATF agents dance the crap out of gun running.

    On a serious note and a rebuttal to the woman in the ad, everyday Congress breaks its promise to enforce our borders, hold corrupt government officials to account, and spend more than they take in. Congress fails to act on important issues everyday, but the only one you care about is a Constitutionally protected right. What if I made an artsy dance video about Congress failing to act to stop voter fraud by passing “common sense” voter ID reform?

    1. avatar Grumpy F'er says:

      “In fact I am looking forward to “Eric Holder and Fast and Furious on Ice” this summer.”

      I was working on something snarky…but I can’t top that. :^D Nice.

    2. avatar Jus Bill says:

      They’re upset because the NEA spiked their grant this year. Sequester and all that…

    3. avatar Rich Grise says:

      “What if I made an artsy dance video”

      We’ll never know until you get up off your idle butt and do it!
      [ 😉 ]

  6. avatar Fionn MacCumhail says:

    “33 firearms related homicides”? No info on how many of those are justified police shootings?

    1. avatar Maineuh says:

      Or gang related, or suicide, or any breakdown at all, really. Numbers! Make them dance.

    2. avatar BlinkyPete says:

      That works out to 12k, so using numbers for all homicides that could be accurate, at least using 2009ish numbers.

  7. avatar Pashtun6 says:

    How about we just ban stupid people? Seriously, the fact that this music video even exists shows just how desperate the anti gun lobby is, our side keeps pointing out that guns are used in a more positive aspect more frequently. And yet, our fellow Americans across the aisle keep thier blinders up, it’s no different than denying that the human form has changed over the years, look at the average hight of a male from 200 years ago verses today.

  8. avatar Tom in Wisconsin says:

    Don’t we need a song to get rid of the cars? Children!!!!

  9. avatar Accur81 says:

    Those foolish gun control advocate allowed YouTube ratings and comments. The video is being lambasted. Go to YouTube and make a comment – while you still can. Mine’s there.

  10. avatar JaxD says:

    Is the band for hire? I’ve got people to annoy.

  11. avatar BlinkyPete says:

    We’ll fight violence with… DANCING!

    In their defense, that’s as good an idea as any other they’ve ever had.

  12. avatar A-Rod says:

    Kumbaya My Lord….Kumbaya. Kumbaya My Lord….Kumbaya. Kumbaya My Lord….Kumbaya. Oh Lord…Kumbaya.

  13. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    Notice how willing the anti-gunners are to have my people act as if in a minstral show. Shame.

    1. avatar A-Rod says:

      I am waiting on the passion play version.

  14. avatar B-Rod says:

    “Congress Broke a promise?” She must have meant that Congress failed to up hold their Oath of Office the protect and up hold the Constitution. I couldn’t wait this video after a minute.

    1. avatar C-Rod says:

      Hey, are we all still going bowling tonight?

      1. avatar A-Rod says:

        Can I come? I’ll buy the first round of beers.

  15. avatar 5.56_Homebrewer says:

    Fight for the 33rd degree Freemasons

    1. avatar endless nameless says:

      one wonders who thinks this kind of sh!t up..

  16. avatar Kurt Schuberg says:

    “Springtime/For Bloomberg/And Ev’rytown!”

    Zero Mostel would’ve had a field day.

  17. avatar former water walker says:

    LOL Kurt. I wish I’d thought of it. Maybe Bloomie as a Jewish-Nazi munchkin.

    1. avatar Kurt Schuberg says:

      Here ya go (sorry, Mel):

      MAIG was having trouble
      What a sad, sad story
      Needed a new leader to restore
      Its former glory
      Where, oh, where was she?
      Where could that woman be?
      We looked around and then we found
      The mother for you and me

      And now it’s…
      Springtime for Shannon and Ev’rytown
      Bloomberg is happy and gay!
      We’re marching with our bogus stats
      Look out, we’re here to take your gats!
      Springtime for Shannon and Ev’rytown
      Gun grabbin’s in fashion once more!
      Springtime for Shannon and Ev’rytown
      Watch out, patriots
      We’re going on tour!

  18. avatar Broken 3ight says:

    2,379 sounds a bit high, especially if they are counting some of those 33 as “victims” of a successful DGU.

    1. avatar JR says:

      How do you figure it seems high?

      2379 DGU’s per day x 365 days / year = 868,335 DGU’s per year

      This is consistent with lower end estimates even the grabbers will admit to for DGU’s.

  19. avatar Jim Barr says:

    And according to Wikipedia ( there were 93 automobile deaths per day.

    Seems guns are safer than cars.

  20. avatar Kevin J says:

    Does anyone else think 2,379 positive gun uses a day sound kinda high?

    1. avatar JR says:

      No. It’s simple math.

      2379 DGU’s per day x 365 days / year = 868,335 DGU’s per year

      This is consistent with lower end estimates even the grabbers will admit to for DGU’s.

      Other estimates are even higher…1-2 million per year (5479 per day for 2 million).

      1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

        Nope, the lower end estimates are 50-80k, and those are the numbers anti’s will generally admit to.

        1. avatar JR says:

          Not the ones that have any serious credibility at all. They usually run the mid six figures. I’m reasonably sure the lower numbers you are mentioning come from “pull it out your butt and hope someone believes it” land.

          There have even been grabbers that complain Lott’s numbers are too and the “real number” is closer to ONE MILLION per year. So,yeah; the quoted value per day is consistent with a LOT of claims and is not at all unbelievable.

        2. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          I’m not debating you on credibility or motive, I’m telling you that low end estimates start in the 50’s, and that those are the numbers the anti’s use.

          In regard to analysis, I’d agree that the low end of five figures is low, but the high end of estimates in the mid 1 to 2 millions is also ridiculous, with unrealistically small sample sizes and poor methodology. The best research seems to indicate an actual number of 3-800k.

        3. avatar JR says:

          I can claim only one person used a gun for DGU in 2013 and that does not make it true.

          Credibility in this kind of debate is everything. You don’t just get to make up numbers and I don’t give a rats backside what wikipedia has to say on ANY subject.

          But, let’s go to the wp page you linked. There is ONE researcher that claims 55,000-80,000 and every other study referenced is SIX OR SEVEN FIGURES.

          Let’s also note that the researching claiming that low-ball number is cited as published in 1997… 17 year old data that is inconsistent with what, 20 or 30 other studies done at that time and since then?

          Come on.

          Best guess at this time puts the annual number of DGU’s conservatively at around 1,000,000 plus or minus a few hundred thousand. If you don’t like that, tough. If you are just being pedantic because I ignored one outliar study from nearly twenty years ago, find another hobby; this one does not pay well.

        4. avatar Blinky Pete says:

          What numbers did I make up? If you don’t care about what Wikipedia has to say (nevermind why you don’t care) why did put so much into responding? Nevermind actually, I don’t care. If you had a point you’d have made it by now.

        5. avatar JR says:

          I did not mean you made numbers up, sorry. I meant that particular “you” as the rhetorical you. Maybe should have said, “One does not get to make numbers up” but some find that awkward.

          More generally, I was responding to your statement about credibility:

          “I’m not debating you on credibility or motive”

          I was saying that believing numbers just because someone claims them is pretty pointless in this discussion.

          I don’t care about wikipedia because it is a crap – Pure. Adulterated. Crap. – source of information.

          The reason for my response was simple. Other people will read this discussion and see our little disagreement regarding the low-ball estimates of DGU’s. I want those people to get good information that is verifiable in by CURRENT research on the topic.

          That one Northwestern University researcher in 1997 did a study that by far lies outside even the wings of the distributions of every other study done then and since is no basis on which to draw conclusions.

          I did not want misinformation go unchallenged on a topic that is very important to gun rights. So, don’t think of it as me responding to you personally.

  21. avatar JR says:

    As of right now, dislikes outnumber likes by over 2:1. I’m betting that’s not the response they were expecting.

  22. avatar Karen says:

    It doesn’t sound too high to me, Does that count the police killing all the pet dogs, whether they are at the correct address or not? I suggest the people stay armed & the police get unarmed!

  23. avatar Spartan88 says:

    Vast majority of the “33” take place a) in cities that b) liberals/Progs/Dems have run into the ground. Black on black quite frankly.

    To hide the unmitigated disaster their failed social engineering has yielded, in true Alinsky Fashion, freeze the target: the gun, not the user and the environment that spawned them, is to blame, leaving the Libs blameless.

  24. avatar Jus Bill says:

    Tell me again why they’re not still busking in the subway.

  25. avatar Kevin J says:

    Good point. I’d like to see the stats for murders committed with firearms not counting urban minorities. I’d guess the number would be pretty damn small. Is it racist if its true?

    1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by “urban minorities” – is that opposed to rural minorities? Regardless a third are committed by whites, another third by blacks and further third by other groups or assailants of unknown race. So it’s not true, and it (what you said) is racist.

      1. avatar JR says:

        Good grief, this has to be a joke. Urban minorities are members of a minority population that live in urban locations. And yes, those would be different from rural minorities since they, by definition, live in rural locations.

        Take a look at some crime statistics…real data, not fantasy…and see if you can discern any differences between rural and urban locations in regard to violent crime.

        And while you are there, take a look at crime stats by race/ethnicity.

        Here’s the link to get you started:

        1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          Duplicate comment

        2. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          Seriously, you’ve got to be the most priggish person I’ve encountered on these boards. If you’d literally scrolled down one comment rather than racing to prove me wrong you’d see that A) I’m right, and I’ve already cited the statistics you posted, and B) You are indeed defending a racist. All you end up doing is arguing against yourself.

  26. avatar Kevin J says:

    I mean fn BLAX!! And yea it’s different from rural minorities bc they kill each other in the cities, not Kansas. It is true. Stop trying to make excuses. I used to have liberal tendencies in that regard but got sick of their bs.

    1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

      Next time just say “I’m an idiot”. It will save me the trouble of responding and attempting to introduce data into a debate with someone who can’t write “blacks”.

  27. avatar Kevin J says:

    And Hispanics are apparently white according to many statistics so I don’t buy it.

    1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

      They’re white according to genetics, but the statistics I cited broke out “Hispanic whites” and “non-Hispanic whites” and I only included the latter group, so regardless, you’re wrong. And an idiot.

  28. avatar Raul Ybarra says:


    33 deaths from guns out of how many total deaths in a day?

    33 deaths from guns compared to how many abortions in a day?

    Of those 33, how many were crimes? How many accidental? How many self defense?

    1. avatar BlinkyPete says:


      6171 or so

      Who cares

      All, none, none

  29. avatar S.CROCK says:

    I want those 55 seconds of my life back. I couldn’t watch anymore of the video than that.

  30. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    reminds me – I need to clean my guns . . . .

  31. avatar Marcus says:

    That was so bad, I can’t even think of a way to accurately describe it that would not inevitably be replaced with “COMMENT MODERATED”.

  32. avatar Stuki says:

    What a bunch of expendable rabble! More like “interpretive dance for transferring ever more power to the scumbuckets who pay the guys who have been indoctrinating us on the taxpayers tab for the past century or so.”

  33. avatar Gamer says:

    Wow! This is a information changing update !! I’m so excited!!

    Thanks very much, Luke !

  34. avatar Tracie says:

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