Align Tactical P320 Thumb Rest
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The SIG P320 is among the softer-shooting 9mm handguns, but that doesn’t mean muzzle flip isn’t an issue. If you’re looking for a way to better manage it, Texas-based Align Tactical makes a replacement takedown lever with an angled thumb ramp designed to provide a comfortable platform for your support hand thumb.

Align Tactical P320 Thumb Rest

Align Tactical also makes an aftermarket magazine release (image below) for the P320 thats designed to be easier on your finger than the the stock triangular button (see our earlier post here).

Installation of the thumb rest lever is a snap. It’s made in the US from S7 tool steel, so is tougher than the original P320 lever.

Align Tactical P320 Thumb Rest

It’s slightly canted forward and provides a solid, comfortable platform for your forward thumb. You digit falls naturally on it when using a proper thumbs-forward grip.

Align Tactical P320 Thumb Rest

Shooting both with and without the thumb rest, you notice the increased control and get back on target quicker for faster follow-up shots. Felt recoil is also reduced slightly.

Align Tactical P320 Thumb Rest
Courtesy Align Tactical

While there are a few stock holsters that will accomodate the thumb rest, most won’t. But Align Tactical has a handy list of makers of holsters that will work with the platform.

Here’s Align’s press release on the new takedown lever . . .

Align Tactical, LLC introduces their performance “THUMB REST” Takedown Lever that is compatible with all Sig Sauer P320 product models, to offer:

    • Improved recoil control
    • Consistent Index for the support hand grip
    • An additional contact point with the pistol
Align Tactical P320 Thumb Rest
Courtesy Align Tactical

The Align Tactical THUMB REST TAKEDOWN LEVER integrates an ergonomic ledge for the support hand’s thumb to firmly lock down against, serving as a brake against muzzle flip to provide the fastest follow-up sight picture. Increased surface contact with the pistol reduces support hand slippage while providing an index point for a consistent high thumbs-forward grip. Swaps in seconds to offer maximum control and speed in Sig Sauer® P320® (M17/M18)® pistols for a competitive edge.

Price = $55.00

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  1. “If you build a better mousetrap takedown lever…the world will beat a path to your door”

    I like seeing the innovation that smaller companies continually bring to the firearms market.

    More things that don’t suck…please.

  2. When will they put a beer saddle on them? Darned inconvenient to have to set my beer down every time I get ready to shoot.

    • Agree with all the above commentators. Too much sugar for a dime. I like a “slightly” enhanced safety and slide stop on my 1911s. On my SIG 220s and 226 factory is fine.

    • I dont know if Align will work with .45 acp but I tortured tested all summer doing ranch chores with my Sig P320 .45 with genuine Gas Pedal® TDL. It got filthy dirty, never missed a beat and sweetest shooting stock .45 ever.


  4. I considered this for a Ruger MarkIII several years ago. I’m kinda glad I never did that. It would just be a crutch for me now. Maybe it would have been different if I did competition shooting though.

  5. My ex was a leftie. Always complained about sisssors. Never about pistols. Not sure if there’s anything to make of that.

  6. By a happy coincidence I just bought a pair of .45 Colt thumb busters. One is lying in front of me now. I’m guessing I can push a man back out my front door with five .45 255 grain lead bullets. How you like all them fives? Where’s lead on the periodic tables? Might be another five in there. Been a while since I had chemistry.

    • If you get a six shooter like the ones used in the spaghetti westerns their good for twenty or thirty shots before you have to reload

      • Yeah, but I’ve been looking for one since 1960, ain’t found it yet. I know Roy Rogers had a couple, but I don’t want them, he always missed everything except the bad guy’s gun with them, no matter how many shots he fired.

  7. That may indeed be functional, however it totally defeats anti-snag technologies. Gun manufacturers are rounding off corners of handguns, pistols etc. making them less prone to hooking and snagging clothing, and that lever hanging off the side appears to be appallingly counterproductive. While functional, I envision limited practical use.

    • Armory Craft makes one that’s not such an impediment to anti-snag efforts & doesn’t defeat possible usage of every other holster you ever bought for a P320.

      AC’s is more a compact angled ledge style for practical carry use and also made of hardened billet tool steel, instead of geared towards competition like this one. I have both, AC is what I EDC.

  8. I don’t know about this bit, but their mag release button is nice. Lets you choke up a little more, and it’s easier to reach.

  9. It’s a race gun accessory for a range pistol, not a carry pistol. Reducing muzzle flip is an enhancement to getting sights back on target quicker for a second shot under a clock timer.

    And while the support thumb is on the “gas pedal” the grip thumb is forced above – using a high hold is considered a good thing for better next shot response. But – and there is always a but – the downside is crowding the slide with the grip hand and it can slow slide speeds and cause malfunctions.

    Malfunctions are not good when you are carrying on a 2 way range. Perfectly safe shooting paper tho. It’s just annoying with points off.

    There is a major divide between race gun parts and their use on a tactical self defense pistol, the average shooter who is rarely experienced in any combat training now reads the hype and buys the seller, off they go to the range and it’s all good. But they never try it out under combat conditions. These days those shooting competitions are so warped with excessive safety considerations that it can’t be discovered. Which leaves the owner walking into a firefight with a target gun ill suited to the real world rules.

    We’ve seen this before – muscle cars tricked out with all the drag race accessories that cant start in subfreezing weather or get you to work on slicks. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Understand the intended goal of a part and then consider if it really meets a specific need, and who adopts them.

    • It was and GoGun did it in racing since 1995, but Sig was one of first carry guns to make concept work for EDC

  10. A poor one dimensional imitation of successful 4-axis control Gas Pedal® TDL replacement. Yes Align will reduce flip but it encourages windage error. With real Gas Pedal® design, You will never have a malfunction due to thumb on slide as the Gas Pedal® design prevents that. As to not being practical, the Align version is not practical but the Gas Pedal® design is. It is designed for no snag carry; and is used by SWAT teams and PD departments

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