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I bet they are (2:04). Anyway, grasshopper, you must let the gun decide when it’s ready to fire. Apparently.

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  1. I used to play a game with grandpa. He called it “Pull My Finger,” and, boy, was I surprised every time. There was more of a ffffffffffft than a boom, but still, there was magic in that finger.

  2. It’s common to teach new shooters to gradually apply pressure to the trigger until it breaks because new shooters will *always* anticipate the recoil of the gun and jerk the trigger downwards, throwing their shots every which way but the target. They are also never aware that they are doing this. Once you teach them to gradually squeeze they will actually end up with holes on paper. THEN you can start teaching them how to clear a holster and shoot six steel targets in point five seconds while doing a double backflip and playing the violin.

    You can snark on it all you want, but whenever I’m introducing people to handgun shooting I tell them to do this and it always helps them to at least get shots in the bull.

  3. Off topic, but what is it with gun guys and the great, big analog wristwatches? They do sort of go with the shoot-me-first khaki outfits.

  4. Note to Bob: It’s Gunsite; not .govsite. Please STFU. (You owe me from our former exchange.) ;^)

  5. First off, its a firearm not a weapon. He explained trigger control pretty well I thought! Having said that, he talks through “trigger reset” but never actually explains what he is doing.

    I don’t know about putting everyone’s finger on trigger. It seems to me that watching a student press tells me everything I need to know. It I can’t talk them through it, I prefer using “ball and dummy” to show them how an improper trigger press looks when they think the gun is about to go off.

    What do you guys think?

    • I think a firearm is a weapon. I’m familiar with the argument that a firearm is not a weapon. Dumbest thing I ever heard.

      I think the method described in the video above is an old and effective way to teach surprise trigger break.

    • Yes, he holstered a cocked handgun. It’s a SIG. There is no external safety. He should have decocked prior to holstering. Yeah, it’s unloaded. But still . . . I’m surprised they let this one get out.

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