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Despite legal challenges taking place against similar legislation across the country including a strong possibility of a Supreme Court review looming, two Denver Democrats on Tuesday introduced a bill that would ban the purchase, sale and transfer of a large number of semi-auto firearms. The move is merely a reheated plate of gun control that failed to get approved in the state last year. House Bill 1292 aims to restrict the same firearms the failed measure did.

What’s on the menu:

  • This bill proposes a ban on the sale, transfer, and importation of certain semi-automatic rifles and pistols within Colorado. Existing owners, however, would be allowed to keep their firearms under lock and key.
  • The definition of “assault weapon” is a hot topic, encompassing rifles and pistols because of their mostly cosmetic features such as detachable magazines, pistol grips, or folding stocks.
  • Law enforcement and military personnel would get a free pass in how it relates to their official duties.

Will it pass the taste test?

  • The bill’s path to approval is murky. While Democrats control both chambers, some within their ranks wisely and correctly have a history of indigestion when it comes to gun restrictions. Committee approval and floor votes remain a toss-up.
  • Governor Polis hasn’t exactly endorsed the ban, adding a layer of uncertainty to the legislative recipe. Will he veto or swallow it whole?
  • Opponents, mainly Republicans and gun rights groups, will raise a ruckus, arguing the ban is both ineffective and unconstitutional. Legal challenges like those taking place in Illinois, Maryland and other states are inevitable and a potential Supreme Court ruling should it arrive, could leave the measure dead on arrival before it ever receives a vote.

A Second Helping:

House Bill 1292 is just a bad reheat of the first bill that failed, but with each national tragedy, Democrats strive to use the emotions of those events to build public momentum for their cause. The real tragedy is that by focusing on guns, the true issues that cause people to act violently toward each other go largely unexamined, untreated and underfunded, and by extension, unsolved. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out, especially in light of the broader national conversation on the topic, especially if the Supreme Court does indeed get involved. After all, most of these laws are simply thumbing their nose at the Court’s Bruen decision in the eyes of many within the gun community. We’ll see…

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    • Exactly like murderers, rapists, kidnappers, perverts, tyrants and child molesters want their victims to be defenseless the democRat Party wants you to be defenseless and without the ability to protect you and yours…Gun Control democRats have a serious mental disorder.

      I do have to hand it to history whitewashing democRats who took the mear Sight of a Noose and turned it into a sign that will ignite mob level disdain for racism, etc. All of that happened while zipped lipped history illiterate gun owners sat silent as mr. noose’s sidekick Gun Control skated on by.

    • All in good time. These crimes against humanity are all a matter of public record with the perpetrators proudly signing their name to these Bills, Rulings, Warrants, and Prosecutions. The trials should be quick and the appeals process even quicker. Then it will be right off to the magic swingset with them. There will be a reckoning eventually.

    • d,

      I am absolutely convinced that no state or federal prosecutor will ever indict/prosecute any politician or bureaucrat for proposing, passing, and/or enforcing any firearm law/s. And even if a prosecutor did indict/prosecute a politician or bureaucrat, the courts would toss out the prosecution.

      That is the very, very sad reality.

      Our only non-violent recourse is to vote-out politicians and sue to block enforcement in the courts.

      • no, we could quit supporting cities. stop sending them food, stop building their homes and repairing their cars. we did this to ourselves for money. people care more about an 85 inch TV than the future they leave their children

    • Does anyone have the guts to hold these anti-civil rights h0 m0 sexu@l politicians accountable???
      Since they knowly and enthusiastically voted for them in the first place.

      Or are they too afraid to be called intolerant???
      And are more comfortable just sitting by, and having their civil rights, peacefully taken away.

  1. This all begs the question: what value is a supreme court decision if states can just ignore it?

    Are we going to see lawmakers charged with any sort of crime? Or is there really nothing to stop them from just deliberately floating unconstitutional laws and just refreshing them with new ones every time they get shot down in court?

    They have unlimited money and 0 accountability.

    • Accountability happens at the ballot box. If they are re-elected, even if by hook or by crook, then their positions are validated.

      • That’s probably the most depressing part. You could put Satan on a ballot, and as long as your media spend was good enough, you’d probably get him into office.

    • Hopefully faster injunctions with more established case law/precedent, along with more people exercising their rights during stays and subsequent mass non-compliance.

      • I’m afraid non-compliance is the only practical solution, as it seems like bills in blue states move a lot faster than courts do.

        And if non-compliance is the only solution, doesn’t that mean that rule of law has already completely failed?

        Pretty distressing stuff for America’s future.

    • There will eventually be a reckoning. It will be massive and there will be a great wailing and gnashing of the teeth of the wicked who thought their deeds would never catch up with them. But these crimes are all a matter of public record linking each individual traitor to their crimes. Once we take our Nation back from the criminals it will be pretty easy to prove that the guilty Infringed on our human rights and put the very security of our free state in jeopardy.

    • “Are we going to see lawmakers charged with any sort of crime?”


      “Or is there really nothing to stop them from just deliberately floating unconstitutional laws and just refreshing them with new ones every time they get shot down in court? ”


  2. “Will he veto or swallow it whole?”

    That’s quite the way to put it, give the side Mr. Polis butters his bread.

  3. they are just wasting their time because it is not going to fly with the Bruin decision, it will just get struck down like all the rest I don’t know why they waste their time doing this nonsense.

    • Samson,

      Even if the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately strikes down these proposed laws in Colorado, the politicians who passed them still win.

      They “win” in three ways. First, they get to tell everyone how they “did something” and signaled their “virtue” loud and clear. Second, their laws denigrate and punish their political enemies while the laws are active for the several years that they take to wind their way through the courts. Third, their political enemies have to pay dearly (huge fees for legal representation) which is just as good as a huge fine.

      Politicians will do this sort of thing forever unless they have to pay a huge and very painful personal penalty. Sadly, we could very well be at the point where losing the next election isn’t painful enough.

      • “Politicians will do this sort of thing forever…”

        Indeed. People appear to do those things they believe reward themselves.

  4. It would be easier if the luddites just went for what they really want, rifled barrels and cartridge ammunition.

  5. There should be consequences for politicians who propose, support and vote for bills and regulations that are later found to be unconstitutional. They should be severe enough that politicians always try to land on the safe side with some margin to spare. Supporting, sponsoring, or voting for unconstitutional laws should involve a criminal penalty.

      • “What kind of idiot has location turn on their pocket spy device?”

        Folks traveling about who want to know where the nearest specialty restaurants are at, for one…

      • OK, here’s a clue…. contrary to what has been thought. it does not really matter if you have ‘location’ stuff turned on in your phone or not.

        Basically; If you use that phone with any cell carrier to send or receive a text or send or receive a phone call they still know where you are because all phones need to be able to ‘talk to’ a cell tower for that to happen and its not just one but rather multiple towers and the nearest one is chosen automatically. But although it chooses the closest for you ‘communication’ those others that were pinged combined with that closest have all triangulated your position.

        So you think “Hmmm, I’ll not use a cell carriers and just use wi-fi.” – its the same thing, guess from where the root wi-fi ‘signal’ originates.

        When you use that phone on just wi-fi or not, every time it transmits or receives it sends a unique code that is associated with that device and that device only (no, not an IP address). It has to or otherwise it would not be accepted as a valid device on the ‘network’ (either cell or wi-fi only) and you would have zero communication ability with it.

        All cell phones sold in the U.S. market – even if those phones do not have a cell service provider and are not used, are still able to dial 911. If that phone is on OR off, it does not matter, that phone will randomly attempt to connect to ‘cell tower’ (does not matter if you turned off 911 ability on the phone or not) and that attempt will be traceable.

        Now something a lot of people do not know …. People think if they turn their cell phone off then their location can not be found. Well, that’s not true. As long as you have a battery in your cell phone with at least 1% charge, if you turn your cell phone off, randomly while its turned off it will attempt to communicate with a cell tower even if you do not have a cell service provider. This is because all cell phones sold in the U.S. market (yes, even the supposedly secure ones) even with no cell service provider, and still able to dial 911. There will not be any visible indication this is happening and the phone will still appear to be turned off. Yes, even with your phone turned off you are still ‘trackable’.

        Ya see this thing on movies about taking the sim card out to keep from being tracked – that’s a myth. Even without a sim card all cell phones sold in the U.S. market (yes, even the supposedly secure ones) – even if those phones do not have a cell service provider and are not used, are still able to dial 911. So once again….because of that 911 capability, If that phone is on OR off, it does not matter, that phone will randomly attempt to connect to ‘cell tower’ (does not matter if you turned off 911 ability on the phone or not) and that attempt will be traceable and make you trackable.

        There is in reality no such thing as a ‘secure’ cell phone as is touted by some people trying to sell such to consumers, or a hack or a trick or a software or a setting for a cell phone that can keep your location from being tracked. Its just a matter of how who ever is tracking you accesses the data or if the have the ability to access the data.

        • .40 — how about so-called “burner” cell phones? Pay for it with cash, buy from someone on the street who has stolen a bunch. It can still be tracked but it’s not registered to anyone.

          Seems to work on TV crime shows.

        • That guy, works for a bit until the patterns/habits/usage has enough data to match your profile so multiple burners thrown out after usage would be a start. Mind you this is assuming fingerprint data cannot be collected from the screen and stored/transmitted in the background.

  6. As always, gotta ban the “weapons or war” “designed to kill as many people as quickly as possible”, BUT an exception for law enforcement…

    • The mass shooting at the KC Super Bowl Celebration by two members of a minority group (guess which one) after the city spent a quarter million dollars on security for said event?

      “Mayor Quinton Lucas said at a press conference Monday that at least 600 KCPD officers will be stationed along the parade route.

      “Officers from surrounding law enforcement agencies will also work the parade, Platt said, both in uniform and in plain clothes. Emergency Medical Services will also be present at the celebration.

      “Back in April, the Board of Police Commissioners, which governs the KCPD, said overtime costs for police officers working the parade cost $200,400.”

    • Here, I’ll sum up what we know so far… three ” detainees ” in custody, no pictures of them or the weapons used posted so far, nor any descriptions of either. As we speak, brooms are coming out and rugs are being raised.
      Who in their right mind would join in with a couple hundred thousand others in beautiful KC MO ?

      • Doing the job that US media won’t — of course the UK Daily Mail is a leftist rag but at least they cover news stories.

        Today’s headlines:

        “WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION” — KC cops retrieve an assault rifle from ‘gunman’ who was tackled by hero dad after shooting at Super Bowl parade killed one and left 21 others injured – including NINE kids – as officials claim event was NOT targeted

        “United States of gun violence: Kansas City Chiefs parade rampage that left one dead and 21 wounded is the 49th mass shooting this year that has already seen 81 people killed in US”

        “Biden says Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting should ‘shock us, shame us into acting’ and urges Congress to enact gun laws after mom-of-two killed and 21 injured in latest attack”

        All are on the gateway page of the website this morning:

    • I ‘mentioned it’. For some reason it did not post, didn’t go into moderation, just didn’t post. But the post from “You don’t say?” appeared before I realized it didn’t post so I didn’t bother to try again.

      Not sure why it didn’t post, happens randomly to me from time to time.

  7. That’s a perfect photo and statue!! Living in harmony with nature (LOL) the former locals, before civilization, used to drive huge herds of bison over cliffs, just to get the meat and hides of only a few.

      • “I didn’t give permission…To any Tyranny. Why do I…Deserve it?”

        We all deserve it. Keying off Franklin, we had a Republic, and a constitution to protect American values. We were warned about keeping the Republic.

        If “we” (POTG, 2A defenders, strong Constitutionalists, could not, cannot, persuade enough people to also honor and preserve the Constitutional protections we were given, then, we failed, and by failing, we deserve the consequences; the tyranny we allow.
        (howz that for a run-on sentence and collection of commas?)

  8. Stop voting based on skin color or what sex position you think a candidate likes. And try researching the policy they support.
    Or keep voting for your favorite h0m0 sexual soci@ list pr0 gressive.

    Maybe colorado needs to split apart like Oregon or Washington State??

    • “We need to elect Libertarians!”

      Ross Perot
      Jesse Ventura
      Donald Trump

      were name-brand 3rd party presidential candidates. The latter two actually got elected. But…..lacking any coattails (down ballot support) they both lost re-election. Unless Libertarians can acquire big donors, build deep connections in the state political majorities, field successful grass roots campaigns, the only hope of Libertarians is to be spoilers who hand elections to the real power wielders (Perot gathered about 20% of the vote, electing Clinton by splitting Republicrat votes).

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