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“These spasms of violence are sadly characteristic of Chicago, or at least parts of it. And equally as routine as the weekend violence are the Monday press conferences at which Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson put on their angry (or sad) faces and denounce the perpetrators and talk about how the mayhem is ‘unacceptable.’ ‘What happened this weekend did not happen in every neighborhood in Chicago,’ said Emanuel, ‘but it is unacceptable [that] it happened in any neighborhood in Chicago.’

“A question for the mayor: If it really is unacceptable, why do you continue to accept it?” – Jack Dunphy in The Real Reasons for Chicago’s Deadly Crime Wave [via]

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  1. It won’t change anytime soon, as residents there will either re-elect Emanuel or a Democrat even further to the left to take his place.

      • The people who keep electing these morons are the same people who raised these scumbag gang bangers….stupid is as stupid does.

        • It is no who votes, it is he who COUNTS the votes that matters.

          With electronic voting, it is the perfect scam. No one can prove anything. No recounts. No proof of anything.

    • Yep.

      And those being shot are not in rahm’s neighborhood or friends with him and his family. rahm doesn’t care poor black and hispanic neighborhoods are a war zone because he doesn’t live there and doesn’t give a damn for the people there.

    • I would say “Vote 6.5 Creedmore for Mayor of Chicago in November,” but I’m going to vote 6.5 Creedmore for Governor of California…. If the Federal Election Commitee finds out 6.5 Creedmore is running for office in two different staes, it would throw the election and 6.5 Creedmoore won’t be able to hold office… *sigh* oh well…. I guess I’ll just have to be a regime lackey when 6.5 Creedmoore declares itself World Dictator For Life.

    • Yup, got it in one. The political machine in Chicago ensures it, it’s built to prevent consequences to those in power.

    • Sadly, the body count would increase and life continues. Politicians don’t want change as this is their tool to get ‘more’.

      • Maybe it wouldn’t be so pointless if they were armed and protesting where the crimes were occurring for a few weeks, continuously.

  2. Maybe if they got rid of catch and release for gun crimes…instead of probation give out harsh sentences for ALL gun crimes
    oh wait…they asked for that and it was rejected as being to harsh on young black men…so not PC…
    hmmm…go figure…

    • I live and work in Chicago and was more than a little surprised to recently see ads put up all over city advising that repeat firearms offenders will be prosecuted and serve prison time. Now, let’s see if it is more than an ad campaign and the state attorney’s office will follow through — and the elected judges will allow them to.

      • They are closing the prisions. Faced with overcrowding criminal get big reductions in their sentences and early release. Most gun charges get dropped in plea bargains. If every gun charge was prosecuted the resulting jury trials would clog the court system.
        Besides, there are an estimated 150,000 gang members and drug sales total in the millions. That’s a sizable voter block and a pot of money, do you think politictions ignore this?

      • Even if they do follow up with it, running an ad campaign communicating that criminals will be prosecuted is just a dumbass waste of money. Just do it.

    • They got a lot of young black men just turning their lives around, and hell, they’re only shooting young black men, mostly, anyhow.

  3. Well, apparently the violence is acceptable to the residents, given they collectively have the power to change city government, but haven’t.

    • You are absolutely right!! That city has been a cesspool of liars, hypocrites, thieves and murderers for DECADES and no one there has ever bothered to make the changes necessary to clean it up. Democrats have ALWAYS run the city, just like in Detroit, and look what happened there. I am sick of the politicians in Chicago always looking for someone else to blame for their problems…they created the mess, let them clean it up!! Where is the personal responsibility of these politicians? It would be a good start to get rid of Mike Madigan (Springfield), Emanuel and the entire city council in Chicago. They are inept at the best of times, and criminal all of the time!!

      • The “blame someone else” philosophy isn’t limited to the Democrats destroying Chicago. Democrats across America have embraced it with equal fervor. Whatever is wrong, it can always be placed at the feet of someone else. Even their Messiah, Obama, was notorious for the “if only” deflection from the horrible failures of progressivism. Really it’s cultural – none of them can accept responsibility for their own actions. Is it any wonder then that they are anti-gun? How can you accept responsibility for your own safety if everything is someone else’s responsibility or fault?

  4. Parents who think that laws will keep their kids off drugs vote to make drugs ‘illegaler’ in Illinois.

    This increases their prices.
    This makes it a lucrative enterprise for drug dealers: inflated prices and tax free!

    These same kids use mom and dad’s money to buy drugs at inflated prices.
    Drug wholesalers and dealers dispense addictive money to their ‘communities’.
    Drug communities learn to vote and pay.
    Aldermen mysteriously get money under the table.
    Judges mysteriously let offenders off repeatedly in the inner city.

    Kids die from drug overdoses because its not a health issue and calling an ambulance can get friends and dealers in trouble. So, Illinois Parents keep voting for illegaler illegaler illeagler.
    This allows Cops to SWAT dealers and take home cash and goodies, and get military equipment because it is now so illegal that parts of the Constitution are optional.

    The Drug ‘war’ is more like a ‘police’ action rather than total war.
    The whole thing is like an economic/political/sociological hurricane.
    Residents from elsewhere look on the whole thing like a tragic, mysterious meteorology event.
    Oh, and guns. There’s a ton of money, lots of risk, no corporate rules, and turf wars and lots of money. Guns! Make those illegaler. Military arms for the police!!! WAR!!

    • Yep. Just like cancer, “There’s no money in the cure.” You only get to hit people up for [compulsory] donations if there’s a “battle” to be fought.

  5. Actually the political costs fall on the shoulders of gun owners across the state as the politicians of Chicago always scapegoat their lack of responsibility by directing their pet news media to blame “the proliferation of guns in the city”. It’s easier to usurp the civil rights of the lawful across the state than to arrest your voter base who created the problem.

    • They want these high body counts to blame guns and to promote more restriction on the second amendment.

  6. You cannot have First World civilization with a Third World population. Notice these shootings only happen in selected neighborhoods. But then the progressives in both parties call you “racist” if you just happen to notice.

  7. It’s not that there’s no political consequence for the rampant violence. It’s that sending police into high crime areas to patrol and actually keeping gang members locked up carries a larger political cost than simply doing nothing and letting people die.

    • The bait trailer/truck made me steal, the gun made me shoot, the fork made me fat, white privilege made me…

  8. They’ll be calling for martial law before long. And the shootings will continue, they’ll just stop reporting them.

  9. Gee oh learned ones who the eff do those poor black’s vote for?!? Willy Wilson who hands out $100 “willy” nilly at area churches? Garry “streetlight” McCarthy who hates gun rights? Someone MORE inept than the Tiny Dancer©? I propose they put a bounty on those who kill or shoot anyone. Deputize thousands. Everyone knows who does the crime…Chiraq is spending the money anyways.

  10. Chicago is like Baltimore and Philly in that they have certain core businesses that keep the city afloat and provide a reason to do business there. On the back end they have large numbers of democrats who are reminded Republicans are evil and mean them harm so don’t vote for them. Honestly I don’t know why any R wastes money in campaigning there.

    Detroit is an example of a democrat city that lost it’s mojo. when manufacturing abandoned Wayne County the collapse was complete and brutal. Unless there is a similar effect in Chicago it will just go on.

    Detroit was turned around somewhat by electing a new mayor and state intervention in it’s affairs. Chicago won’t allow the intervention and the state government is just as corrupt.

    If the violence spills out into the lily white neighborhoods of million dollar homes then they might get serious. As long as blacks are killing other blacks it’s tolerated it seems

    • It already HAS spilled over…shootings in the GoldCoast,carjacking,robbery and rape in Bucktown and many expressway shootings. Literally NO “safe space”.

    • The state government is corrupt because it is heavily loaded up with representation from the city. Chicago politics drives the entire state based upon population. Sadly.

  11. Let Chicago “Purge”. Cut off all routes of access in and out of the city, pull out all police in the city, and let the problem correct itself. After a month, go in, mop up the mess, and start over.

  12. I read a report that in the wake of this deadly weekend, the police have made ZERO arrests. In baseball terminology, they are batting .0000000.

    The criminals are thinking ,”wont donthe crime, why not do the crime.”

  13. The people in Chicago that keep re-electing RE don’t actually care how many people die in the sections where all the carnage happens as long as it does not spread to THEIR sections of the City. They are more despicable than Rahm Emmanuel. That’s the ugly truth about Chicago. All other hypotheses are just empty speculation.

  14. All we’ve seen are the numbers injured and/or dead from being shot. How many non accidental injuries and deaths occurred from other violence?

  15. The solution to the problems as presented are really very simple.
    Remove those violence-prone, ‘troubled youth’ from the Man-made environment of the city.
    Transport them to an established farm, ranch or some combination thereof for six months.
    Give them one simple rule to live by.
    Strictly enforced.
    No exceptions.
    “You don’t work, you don’t eat.”

  16. Why exactly does TTAG or any site/publication waste its time posting/discussing Chicago, IL –and other regions with similar criminal-violence issues?

    When the people\voters who live there –repeatedly continue to accept this criminal-behavior– each election year/term, one after another, aren’t motivated enough to do anything more than what they have done; why should anyone else waste time caring or doing anything about it?

    Help those who help themselves.

    The Chicago, IL resident voters and non-voters who are truly fed-up can:

    1) Vote-in new legislators
    2) Pack and move.
    3) Move without packing

  17. Personally, I think that there really is only one problem in Chicago… and it’s the citizens of Chicago themselves. Or perhaps put better a very violent and vocal minority of that city’s citizens that just don’t have any respect for the people around them.

    I’ll drop a link here to a hour long stream with a guy by the name of Tim Pool. He’s left leaning journalist that does a lot of news analysis on YouTube. Good enough guy, even if I don’t really agree with some of his own bias’. The video I’m going to link here was from an interview he did with an activist out of Chicago. And… well there’s nothing positiveness I can say about this person at all. Within the first 20 minutes or so of this video she goes through multiple levels of mental gymnastics to deflect the blame away from gang culture in ‘Chiraq’ before she comes to the conclusion that the ‘NRA needs to invest in our communities’ as a response to fixing the problems she was a part of causing.

    • Why should the NRA or anyone else have to expend $ and time trying to fix your immorality? Wipe your own a** first.

      • Yeah, no kidding. As the person in question said in the interview she had an illegal gun she was carrying around as part of that gang culture, she still things that the NRA and all gun owners by proxy have a responsibility to give her and her community free stuff anyway.

        • What I hear:
          “We are bad, bad people. We kill and rob each other with reckless abandon and when police tries to stop us, we riot and block highways to spread the pain even wider. We suck. Now give us your money!”

      • Once again this is all Indiana’s and the NRA’s fault. Yes, we need to invest in Chicongo because of white guilt and privilege That way all the beautiful Chicongoans will get to sleep, snooze, and screw to get rested up for the big shoot outs in the wee hours of the morning.

  18. Chicago falls into the abyss and no politician has the guts to declare he/she doesn’t care black folk murdering each other isn’t the city’s problem. If fact he’s going to restrict lawful citizens from protecting themselves so do your best as the cull continues.

  19. Chitcago is a Commiecrat utopia what are they complaining about,they have gun control,what they lack is criminal control.

  20. Time for a little truth here. At least mine.
    No matter what all have said here. Not many who doesn’t live in Chicago cares about this. The media might a bit. Makes for the same story line week after week to see the totals. Like keeping up with baseball averages.
    We might care a little if an innocent kid or person gets killed by a stray shot. Maybe a little.
    As long as gang bangers are killing each other.
    Nothing will change there no matter who runs the place.
    There is no money in it.

    • There is money in it. The violence is spilling out into the “nicer” areas of chiraq, and into the suburbs. People are leaving, getting out of crook county or out of Illinois entirely. And they are taking their tax dollars with them. Soon the only people left will be the ones too poor to leave.

  21. The Democrats who run Chicago, black, white, Jewish, Catholic, homosexual, whatever, they just like the way things are. If they really wanted to change things thet would. But they’re not. They have the power they’re in charge and they like it that way.

    Until they start to vote republican, things will never changed. And things will not change if they vote Libertarian either.

    • Happy and Dumb in Chicongo. Yes, all seem pleased with the results as they keep voting Demoncrapic.

  22. last republican mayor of chicago: 1931

    rahm emmanuels legacy: 20,000 shot 5,000 killed in chicago on his watch

    worse than afghanistan

  23. Prostitutors would have to quit dropping & reducing charges, ghettopotamus judges would have to start assigning genuine jail time for their homies, get rid of affordable bail and electronic bracelets. Not going to happen.

  24. Not a question for the mayor.
    It’s a question for the voters. They had Daley. Now they’ve elected Emanuel twice, both times with 55+ percent of the vote. Do they care about his performance? If they don’t. then should the expect the rest of us to?

    • After Daley, didn’t we get Daley 2 (for around 50 years together) before Rahm? I wonder if any votes are actually counted?

  25. It wasn’t that long ago that the mayor of this same city lost his re-election bid because the streets weren’t plowed quickly enough after a winter storm. Seems like the bar has been lowered quite a bit there.

    • 39 years ago, but yes, you are correct. That was the most visible reason, but there were other reasons that ended up with Byrne in and Bilandic out.

  26. Emanuel and the corrupt Chicago political machine are the epitome of a progressive liberal democrat thugocracy.

  27. Chicago and Baltimore are the poster children for the failures of gun control laws and Liberal politics in general. Fortunately, most of the ‘victims’ are thugs killed by other thugs, although sadly, there are always some innocents who get caught in the crossfire or who become victims of robberies.

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