The Truth About Florida’s Proposed Semi-Automatic ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban

Courtesy Ban Assault Weapons Now

We’ve covered Florida gun control group Ban Assault Weapons NOW! and their proposed ballot initiative that would ban “assault wepons.” But let’s take a closer look at what the proposal would actually do if it becomes law.

If approved by voters in 2020, it would outlaw most semi-automatic rifles, transforming Florida from a state with still somewhat fair-minded gun laws to the kind of draconian Second Amendment hellscape that Gavin Newsom or Andrew Cuomo would approve of.

First, let’s look at the broad definition of an “assault weapon” under this ballot initiative.

a) Assault Weapons – For purposes of this subsection, any semiautomatic rifle or shotgun capable of holding more than ten (10) rounds of ammunition at once, either in a fixed or detachable magazine, or any other ammunition-feeding device. This subsection does not apply to handguns.

b) Semiautomatic – For purposes of this subsection, any weapon which fires a single projectile or a number of ball shots through a rifled or smooth bore for each single function of the trigger without further manual action required.

So pretty much any semi-automatic rifle or shotgun that can take more than 10 rounds of ammunition would be banned.

Now let’s look at what they determine a magazine to be.

c) Ammunition-feeding device – For purposes of this subsection, any magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device for a firearm.

Basically, it’s your typical magazine ban. Anything that holds more than 10 rounds would be verboten. So how do sections A, B, and C come together?

A Ruger 10/22 or Marlin Model 60 would be banned. Why? Because the Marlin comes from the factory with a 15-round magazine tube and the Ruger can accept magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

So the BAWN proposal doesn’t just target AR-15s and AK-47s and other scary black rifles. If this were to pass in 2020 and you possess a Marlin Model 60, you’d be facing a third degree felony charge in Florida. It would outlaw two of America’s most popular rimfire rifles purchased for young shooters, plinking, and fun.

Additionally, the definition of “ammunition feeding device” is left purposefully vague by including the wording “or similar device for a firearm.” That leaves lots of potential loopholes that would snag unsuspecting gun owners. 

That’s not all. A Ruger PC9 Carbine, for example, will accept GLOCK 17 magazines. So because the PC9 can take magazines over 10 rounds, it would be prohibited, too. 

Courtesy – A. Valdes for TTAG

Since the wording is so vague, some bright-eyed bushy-tailed Assistant State Attorney might even look at regular pistols magazines that can be used in the PC9 and say that since they’re similar, they’re banned too. That’s not clear, but I wouldn’t want to be the test case for that.

The only faint bright side I can see in this proposal is that law enforcement officers doesn’t get an exemption. The government is exempted, but not individual officers.

Some of you reading this know that I’m in law enforcement and you might be asking yourself why I’m happy about that. I’ll tell you why. If the average cop has to deal with the ramifications of their own privately-owned mags and firearms being banned, it means they won’t support it. When the 1994 Clinton AWB passed, a number of law enforcement officials didn’t care because they had a carve-out and written just for them.

You might ask, if this passes, can it be repealed? Or could the Republican-controlled legislature or Republican governor do anything. Sadly, no. Repeal could only be accomplished by amending the state constitution. And even if they could, the Republican Senate president and House Speaker are no friends of gun rights.

So hold on to your hats and buckle up. If BAWN and AFGSN can get the required signatures to put this on the 2020 ballot, it could very well pass in 2020. If that happens, Florida will become the South’s version of New York.


  1. avatar NORDNEG says:

    I thought Florida was a red state, guess not.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Yes, it was. Operative term, “was”.

    2. avatar Marcus says:

      Uhhhh these nut jobs are in every state for one and Florida has been a swing state only recently being more red so whats your point?

    3. avatar Jay in Florida says:

      Not even close anymore. Too many Northeasterners trying to make Florida the same shithole they made NY. And unfortunately succeding at it.

    4. avatar Don says:

      Florida is full of yankees that fled NY, CT and NJ and vote just like they did up north.

      1. avatar Lookout Post says:

        Who sold the land to the developers that allowed these New Yorkers to move to Florida ?

    5. avatar Chip in Florida says:

      It depends on where you are in the State.

      “The State,” meaning the landmass that is this end of the world is Red. Apple pie eating, American flag waving, standing for the Pledge or National Anthem and even taking your hat off during the same kind of Red. Like those fly-over states that have all the deplorables in them.

      The Tri-County area that is South Florida, however, is the blue-est of Blues. Broward County (Yes, that one) is the Bluest of them all. Our politicians line up to see who can out left whom.

      The other major metros in the State are shades of purple.

    6. avatar Gadsden says:

      The fight in Florida cannot be lost, because Georgia will be next. Then it’ll be your state.

    7. avatar FloridaLibertarian says:

      It kind of was a red state.
      But just like Georgia, Texas, North Carolina and maybe others, it may change and is starting to.
      We have been a swing state for a while, Obama won us by less then a percent in 2012, and in the 2018 elections, we won the governance and senate seat by 1-2% as well, and those races were against fairly hard leftists. (the gubernatorial race especially, it was basically trump vs bernie sanders)
      So republicans have an established 2% lean or so in the elections here, against radical democrats.
      The Douglas Highschool shooting made many republicans support gun control efforts, and many of them weren’t really supporters of it anyway. (my state sen jeff brandes supported the gun control bill that passed, state senator tom lee did not support the bill. and governor [now senator] rick scott supported it as well). In a swing state many republicans felt they needed to endorse the bill to win re election, and they were kind of right, many of them wouldn’t have been re elected if they actively opposed the bill. They appeased some democrats by doing this, but alienated many traditional republican voters.

      So Florida has a tiny republican majority, and of those republicans many are just supporters of big government that are socially conservative, not supporters and defenders of limited government and our constitution. So this doesn’t surprise me, i just hope it doesn’t pass. But with democrats supporting more radical agendas and candidates, an republicans who don’t care about gun rights, idk.

      (the gun control bill i referrd to was the one passed shortly after the douglas stoneman shooting, here is the link: )

  2. avatar m. says:

    reality = whatever a goober-ment dhimmi-rat can pull out of its a**

  3. avatar L-T says:

    Living in Florida, I’m not surprised this is being proposed. The author is correct, individual LEO’s will most likely not support this. Some of the elected Sheriffs and unelected Chiefs probably will. Unfortunately, the determining votes will probably be in South Florida, which has a lot of legal gun owners that vote for anti-2A politicians.

    1. I doubt any sherrif, Constitutionally elected would support this. Well…….. maybe a few, like the coward of broward county, and a couple of others. But then they had no business of taking the OATH to begin with. Most sherrifs, P.D. chiefs, and state police chiefs and superintendents, across the country have, and are starting to revolt against a myriad of anti gun proposals coming down the pike.

      1. avatar Luis Valdes says:

        The Florida Sheriff’s Association is anti 2nd Amendment, publicly speaks against pro gun legislation, and pretty much dislikes the idea of Floridians owning firearms.

        Don’t expect the majority of Sheriffs to defend the 2nd Amendment.

        1. avatar Jay says:

          My local FFL/SOT in Tallahassee is a Sheriff. He’s a solid guy I’m sure the majority of them are pro-2A.

        2. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          Luis, I’m an honorary lifetime member of the Florida Sheriff’s Association. Got the plaque and everything. Never heard them utter an anti 2A statement. If you can show me one I’ll renounce my membership tomorrow.

  4. avatar enuf says:

    Clearly, the Ruger PC9 needs 100 round drums.

    Especially if it comes out in .45ACP

  5. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    The truth is it would be found to be UnConstitutional,it is in any of the 50 states that currently have or would enact such a infringement.

    1. avatar Baldwin says:

      While it would be unconstitutional, I seriously doubt it would be “…found…” to be unconstitutional. Refer to the extremely difficult to understand SHALL NOT part of the Second Amendment. Judging by our current state of laws and regulations, “shall not” doesn’t mean what you would normally expect it to mean.

    2. avatar CZJay says:

      The Heller opinions of the great ones says it’s fine to have infringements on the 2nd Amendment.

      1. avatar GS650G says:

        One paragraph in 157 pages states reasonable restrictions are ok. That nullifies most of the decision and gave us these localized bans.
        Scalia meant well but had faith in locals doing the right thing. They dont.

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Scalia meant well but had faith in locals doing the right thing. They dont.”

          Maybe it wasn’t Scalia, at all. Maybe it was necessary to insert a weasel clause in order to get five votes.

        2. avatar Matt says:

          It also explicitly states you cannot ban entire classes of firearms so yea.

  6. avatar WARFAB says:

    All the commies from New Yorkistan are fleeing the weather (according to Cuomo) and heading to Florida where they’ll vote for the same idiotic policies that drove them out of New York.

    I hate my state and feel like I should apologize to constitutionally minded Floridians.

    1. avatar Marcus says:

      Well they could go to CA and feel more oppressed and at home there too.

      1. avatar Phil Wilson says:

        They won’t move to CA, though, due to outrageous housing prices and excessive taxes. Leftists see the policies they support as essential guidelines by which other people (besides themselves) should be required to live.

    2. avatar NYFLtranspant says:


    3. avatar Wiregrass says:

      I feel ;your pain. This is my home state and I’m watching it deteriorate from a far from the infiltration of god damn worthless NY scum. Hell I’m in Pennsylvania and I’m more free of their influence here than in Florida.

      1. avatar Brad says:

        Sadly, I believe you to be correct.

    4. avatar RA-15 says:

      WARFAB , I live the N.Y. nightmare daily. Upstate is not NYC. I am conservative , vote as such , and support my 2nd amendment rights , do not judge people. Judge the commie left demtards that want to infringe on our rights. You can’t possibly believe every person in N.Y. is the same. I support GOA , SAF , FPC and any org that supports my rights. I lived in Florida for 3 years. That was 25 years ago. The sunshine state is becoming just like N.Y. & it stinks equally. Pro second Amendment for the rest of my life iregardless of where I reside.

    5. avatar Vito says:

      A friend of mine calls this “Cut and Run” He saw it happen in NC. Used to be the Bible Belt. No more.

  7. avatar Bob999 says:

    And the security detail that surround the Global-Socialists peddling these laws will be allowed to carry whatever firearm they want as they force us to lick their boots at gun point. Yep, this is what we have to look forward to as these authoritarian minded elitists take over. This is always what happens when socialism conquers a free society, for their ideology can only be implemented on an unarmed society. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is actually happening in America.

    1. avatar GluteusMaximus says:

      It certainly is. Too many seem to be blind to this.

      1. avatar CZJay says:

        Willful ignorance is bliss.

      2. avatar CZ Rider says:

        Shut up the game’s on. Go sportsball! Pass me a beer.

  8. avatar Marcus says:

    This will require 60% voter approval to pass as a constitutional amendment assuming it even gets on the ballot. Along with that being a hard pill to swallow in the Gunshine state whose to say such laws wont become unconstitutional by SCOTUS like what happened in CA where a state amendment to ban gay marriage was passed by the voters before being soon overturned by the Court soon after for all states.

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      It’s has almost been a century since major gun control passed in America. No judge has decided to strike it down. The government has to reason to take its power away from itself. No god nor person will stop them.

      1. avatar Iraqvet2003 says:

        Unfortunately history must repeat itself. Another revolution will happen eventually or free people will willingly become slaves to tyrants. Will it be anytime soon? Don’t know but I hope not. I don’t want my child to have to live through that. Honestly I think most will end up on their knees with their mouths shut and their hands out. Looking to big government to save them and give them all their wants and needs.

    2. avatar Geoff "Bring the EDIT button back, will ya, TTAG?" PR says:

      “This will require 60% voter approval to pass as a constitutional amendment assuming it even gets on the ballot.”

      It will be on the ballot. The combined resources of the anti-gun Leftists will make that happen.

      As for passing, I wouldn’t want to count on it not passing. It took a couple of tries before ‘medical marijuana’ ended up passing, and pass it did.

      My fear is this passing, and most POTG not complying with the registration, and waiting for SCOTUS to strike it down, some time in the future…

  9. avatar L says:

    More of this direct democracy crap. This state loves circumventing the republic. I have a very bad feeling that this is going to pass in 2020. When it does you bet your ass I’ll be in the protests and rallies even if I have to drive 4 hours up to Tallahassee in the middle of a fuckin’ weekday.

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      Wait… You are going to protest your loss? What a sore loser. You didn’t show up, therefore you forfeited. That’s how the game works. A bunch of white, well off, middle age woman beat that ass.

      1. avatar Rv6driver says:


        Do you talk all this shit in real life or just anonymously on the forums? So what’s your contribution to the “cause”? Banter on TTAG?

        If you got all the answers why don’t you become a contributor and post under your real name. 🤣

      2. avatar L says:

        I do show up.

  10. avatar cgray says:

    Nothing short of a U.S. Supreme Court decision on “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines is going to stop all of this. Most Americans happily support pointless bans just so they can virtue signal.

  11. avatar Rand says:

    Easy to get enough signatures if the state allows payment to signature gatherers. Just imagine, how hard the Utes today will work for a buck or buck/50 for each signature they collect. It happens in Washington state all the time when a billionaire wants a new law he just buys it.

  12. avatar TommyG says:

    If I were a Florida resident I would start a ballot initiative to do the opposite. i.e. add a state amendment expressly prohibiting restrictions are currently owned firearms. One thing I noticed is you have to get over 700k signatures in order to get a initiative on the ballot. My bet is BAWN will have to do alot of fibbing to people in order to secure that many signatures.

    1. avatar W says:

      There needs to be a law that penalizes politicians for writing, voting for, and enacting legislation which is unconstitutional. If you do that, then you should be removed from office, fined, and jailed.

      That’s the ballot initiative every state needs.

      1. avatar Geoff "Bring the EDIT button back, will ya, TTAG?" PR says:

        “There needs to be a law that penalizes politicians for writing, voting for, and enacting legislation which is unconstitutional.”

        Florida has that, concerning firearm laws. The ballot initiative isn’t a law. It amends the state constitution…

  13. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Noncompliance. That’s my answer. Besides I don’t exactly feel underarmed with my M-1 rifle. Semi-auto. Eight rounds. Or my 03-A3. Or my Marlin 336. But I will not register, or surrender a damn thing.

    1. avatar 300BlackoutFan says:

      Rhetorical question: Once you choose non-compliance (aka Irish Democracy) WRT a felony gun charge, is there a line that you wouldn’t cross? For example, making your own machine gun?

      1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        Question is not rhetorical at all. Yeah, I’ll be a felon. Said that the other day. Never be arres or convicted since I’ll never be found in possession of a prohibited item. Ain’t that a bitch since I was a L.E.O. most of my adult life? Build a “machine gun?” No. Shot more, and different, full auto weapons than I can remember. Overrated and no mystique.

        1. avatar 300BlackoutFan says:

          You’re willing to have Irish Democracy for “assault weapons”, but not so far as MG. In my book, that makes you an Elmer Fudd, not a Gadsden Flag “Don’t Tread on Me” – you’re simply selfish and conceited.

        2. avatar CZ Rider says:

          It means he’s waiting to admit defeat until he dies and his next of kin turn it in for him. In the meantime it’ll be a hidden dust magnet.

        3. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          300BlackoutFan and CZ Rider. You misunderstand. Full-auto? You want them? Legal, illegal? I don’t care, up to you. Have at it. They just hold no fascination for me. Unless you’re in an infantry unit and have a belt fed support weapon, there’s not much real use for one. Although, I liked the BREN better than any medium belt fed I ever fired. Dust magnet? Hardly. I just said I would never be caught with a prohibited device. There’s a difference. And my son is no more likely to surrender one of my weapons than I am. After my divorce guys that I worked with told me they were scared shitless my ex would make unfounded allegations and they would have to try to seize my firearms. They knew what that would mean.

        4. avatar Iraqvet2003 says:

          The real use is in the purpose of the 2A. Equally armed to the government that would seek to enslave you. We the free are so far out numbered and gunned it’s not funny, it’s actually quite scary.

        5. avatar 300BlackoutFan says:

          @Iraqvet2003 – the Revolutionaries were outgunned as well. The Vietcon were outgunned as well. What is more telling and scary is whether a Government of Free Will’d Men would turn those weapons on their own citizens. If yes, then you no longer have a Constitutional Republic – you have Tyranny.

          @GadsdenFlag – the reason it’s a rhetorical question is that there is a saying that unjust laws need not be followed by law abiding citizens. As (I presume former) LEO, you had carve-outs which made you a better class of farm animal. As LEO, you wouldn’t let a citizen determine which laws they could and could not obey, although you had discretion on whether to arrest or not [thus, you determined which laws were just]. I feel that the Hughes Amendment is an unjust law, however, I don’t ignore it. It’s a question of morals; you answered not as a morality question but rather as it directly applies to you and your preferences, which virtually no one ultimately cares one iota about. If FLA passes an assault weapons ban as a FLA Constitutional Amendment, and you disobey it, you might as well go the full monty….

      2. avatar Iraqvet2003 says:

        Agreed but I honestly think the rich power hungry would turn the weapons of the government on the free people of this country if for no other reason than more money and power. Yes we are heading towards tyranny at a much more rapid pace.

        1. avatar Defens says:

          Those rich, power hungry elites are going to look really comical driving combines, slaughtering their own cattle, and trying to figure out how to run the coal and hydro power plants. None of the stuff consumed in the big blue city is actually produced there.

      3. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

        For someone who doesn’t care one iota what I think or do you sure are spending a lot of time on it. Carve outs? No, sorry. Unless you want to count carrying concealed without a permit, but I had go through almost a year’s worth of training for the privilege of doing that. A little more than the 4-8 hours a citizen CCW usually goes through. Not that I think they should even have to do that. No, even though I was dual sworn as a Deputy U. S. Marshall I had to leave my pistola in the car when I entered the federal court house. No carve outs. That’s another of those urban myths for the guys whose tin foil hats squeeze their tiny little brains too tight.

        1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

          300BlackoutFan, not only are you beginning to bore me, but fucking with this px just cost me a nice 10 pt. And rifle closes Sunday. Although, I do have seven days of primitive weapons after. One more thing, unless you’re shooting subsonic in a suppressed weapon 300 Blackout sucks!

    2. avatar Jay in Florida says:

      No one will give up anything. I know I won’t. And haven’t yet.

      1. avatar CZJay says:

        That’s okay. We will just take it. Then you can tell your friends you didn’t give us anything without lying.

  14. avatar Fingers04501 says:

    I may have missed this in the article, but is there any word on grandfathering for current owners of firearms that would be banned?

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      Fuck your “grandfathering” BS.

    2. avatar Geoff "Bring the EDIT button back, will ya, TTAG?" PR says:

      “…is there any word on grandfathering for current owners of firearms that would be banned?”


      If it passes, you have one year to register it…

  15. avatar Sam I Am says:

    The “capacity” thing is the key to a complete ban.

    Does the weapon (of any type) provide for a detachable magazine? Yes.
    Are any detachable magazines for use in the weapon capable of holding ammunition? Yes
    Can any detachable magazines for the weapon hold more than five rounds? Yes

    Weapon is an assault weapon.

    A really cool provision would be that any firearm capable of holding five rounds or more are banned. This would include all revolvers, and most bolt action rifles.

    Watch the words, do not anticipate that your understanding of the words matches the intent of the legislation. There is a subtle but dangerous difference between banning high capacity magazines, and banning firearms/magazines “capable” of holding “more than”.

    1. avatar Geoff "Bring the EDIT button back, will ya, TTAG?" PR says:

      “A really cool provision would be that any firearm capable of holding five rounds or more are banned. This would include all revolvers, and most bolt action rifles.”

      Firearms designed to be held with one hand, like pistols and revolvers, are exempt.

      So, an AR pistol may be necessary for me…

  16. avatar Iraqvet2003 says:

    Verboten, really? Must have a PhD in English.

    1. avatar Sam I Am says:

      “Verboten, really? Must have a PhD in English.”

      Hysterical !

      “Verboten” is a Germantic word.

      1. avatar Iraqvet2003 says:

        What isn’t hysterical is that makes its use even worse. Verboten to prohibited. Yep, no trying to show off here. Maybe I should move to Germany. They do speak German there right?

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “Maybe I should move to Germany.”

          Nah, you’re good here. Just got a big laugh out of the juxtaposition of PhD in English and “Verboten”.

          Moving to Germany won’t help much. They truly hate it when non-Germans try to use their language (same in France…where French Canadians are not considered really French, and Canadian French is considered an abomination).

        2. avatar Miner49er says:

          Verboten equals forbidden.


        3. avatar Sam I Am says:



  17. avatar Chris says:

    We need to fight this tooth and nail!!!

  18. avatar former water walker says:

    Trump said we’d all be WINNING…😩😋😢

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      Don’t worry wages went up a few percentage points like they always do and deductions were removed to simplify the tax code. Corporations pay less now and they figure it’s the best time to cut costs. Tariffs have pushed some companies away from China to other countries. Trump even wants to flood America with almost 80 million legal immigrants instead of illegal immigrants or refugees and get more women to fill all those job openings. Everything is working as planned. Reagan eat your heart out.

  19. avatar Sam I Am says:

    “The government is exempted, but not individual officers.”

    “Officers” are agents of the government. It would not be difficult to render the term “government” to include all employees, either. Nor is it difficult to defend the notion that since LEOs in Florida are “on duty” 24/7 and expected to provide their own weapon for duty when “off duty”. Thus, there is a potential hidden backdoor carve-out.

  20. avatar Sam I Am says:

    Can Florida amend their constitution via “ballot measure”? If not, the “ban” under discussion is mere legislation, which can be repealed without amending the state constitution.

    If the Florida constitution can be amended by “ballot measure” (requiring no ratification by the legislature, and signature by the governor), it can be challenged in court, notwithstanding the political frauds in the state house.

    1. avatar Ty King says:

      The ban in question is a ballot initiative (that would amend the state Constitution). Here in FL that requires 60% of voters to approve.

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        Thanks for the info.

        I can understand ballot initiatives for legislation, but to amend the state constitution? Wow.

        Democracy in action; majority rules the day.

        1. avatar CZJay says:

          You should go look at big city state’s constitutions to see what shit they put into it. They have nothing to do with liberty, rather the opposite. That is why the U.S. constitution is so important, but even people who support the U.S. constitution believe it only applies to the federal government.

        2. avatar Geoff "Bring the EDIT button back, will ya, TTAG?" PR says:

          “I can understand ballot initiatives for legislation, but to amend the state constitution? Wow.”

          Worse, since it amends the state constitution, it make the Florida law expressly prohibiting gun registration invalid.

          They thought this one through…

        3. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “They thought this one through…”

          “They” are more cunning than they want you to believe.

          Never ascribe to stupidity that which is more easily explained by malice.

  21. avatar JD says:

    Since when do people get to vote to ban a constitutionally protected right? Let’s say I had a group of people who wanted to get a ballot initiative saying anyone could pay for and receive people to work their fields or businesses from the state prison. No need to pay them, they are criminals and don’t get a say in what they are told to do. In other words state sanctioned slavery. I get 60% of the people to agree with me and it passes. How many seconds before something like that is overturned?
    I’m getting real tired hearing we live in a democracy and the popular vote rules. The bill of rights spells out what powers the government has and gun control is expressly forbidden. It’s not up for a vote or debate. It’s forbidden. If you can’t handle that then change the law by repealing the second amendment. Until you do that sit down and shut up.

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      Ballot initiatives give the average citizen the power to change anything without their government. They do it all the time in California. Want to ban plastic bags? Put it on the ballot through the will of the people and others will vote for it because it sounds good. No consequences for the elected because it was your fault not theirs.

      We live in a country where the law does not matter anymore. Due process, free speech, keeping and bearing arms, freedom of association, comedy, religion, etc, is not acceptable these days. The will of the majority and the government is all that matters.

      Get in line, boy! Because we said so. Get…

  22. avatar Wiregrass says:

    If this does go through and passes, we can only hope it will wake Florida Man up and bring on widespread disobedience, civil or otherwise.

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      If they can’t show up to an activist event because they got work, they won’t show up looking for a fight they can’t win.

      People have to stop being delusional. No one is coming to help you. Superhero movies are works of fiction. Jesus won’t return to save your liberties in America. It’s just you and your rifle.

      1. avatar Rv6driver says:


        How are you ever gonna fight the Gun Confiscation Door Kickers with the hypertension and ulcers your developing while posting on low traffic gun forums? 😂

        1. avatar CZJay says:

          I am not stressed out. I have been aware of all the issues in this country since I was a kid. I learned to live with the BS. You may interpret or project my comments as stress, you are wrong.

        2. avatar Iraqvet2003 says:


    2. avatar Sian says:

      When they banned bump-stocks, 2 were turned in state-wide.

  23. avatar Iraqvet2003 says:

    Antigun laws are popping up everywhere. Other states are following the lead of California and New York. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if states are doing this because they have been expecting the federal government to and they haven’t. The best advice I can give is take Thomas Jeffersons letter to William Smith in 1787 to heart where he says the Tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots, it is its natural manure. The way I see it most pro 2A gun owners will tell anyone that the 2A was and is to protect against government itself. If drastic gun control does happen there’s really only two options, live on your knees or die on your feet fighting. Sure you can hole up and hide like a coward but for how long until you are made into a criminal? I’m not a criminal or a threat to anyone unless they are a threat to me and no one is taking anything from me without cause. If they try then I hope the ones that made the laws are the first ones thought the door when they try to take them.

  24. avatar CZJay says:

    It’s very easy to fool the public or actually get them on board simply by using an emotional and intelligent sounding marketing campaign funded by corporations or rich people. This is why direct democracy is not preferred if you want liberty and justice for all. America is becoming a democracy as the years go on, which means less liberty follows.

    This is where the NRA would step in and spend millions to counter the propaganda (that will get this tyranny passed if unopposed). I doubt the NRA will spend LaPierre’s salary defending Florida.

    This is what happens when NRA members and 2A supporters ignore the problems and laugh at Californians and New Yorkers for decades as the anti gun/liberty side raises its army in-front of everyone without proper resistance.

    1. avatar Iraqvet2003 says:

      Agreed! Start slow in one or two places and let what you are doing get a strong foothold. Pretty soon it becomes more and more accepted. Next is just to keep pushing your agenda on people until it starts to spread. In this case the agenda uses fear to gain support from people that either can’t or are too afraid to protect themselves. Only problem is these people have a false sense of security from the people pushing the agenda. Pretty soon the people that know better are the minority in the fight and it becomes a losing battle.

  25. avatar Slingblade says:

    Moved back to Alabama last June, partly due to the political tide (especially the anti gun “Republicans”). The same stuff will happen in Bama due to the urbanite electorate in Birmingham and Mobile. Maybe I’ll be too old to care about prison by then. Florida is the new Colorado.

  26. avatar Nanashi says:

    Marion Hammer will support it like she did the bump stock ban, then she’ll talk about how proud she is of her accomplishments in the Florida legislature.

  27. avatar TaPum says:

    I read the Petition and, if it stays the way it is, it grandfathers currently owned “assault weapons”. It gives the owners 1 year to register them with FDLE. It specifically says that the owner has to provide a sworn statement that the weapons were in his possession prior to the effective date and then provide make, model and serial number. It says the info will be used by State law enforcement but shall remain confidential. Mag limit is 10 rounds. Any rifle/shotgun that will accept more than 10 will be subject to this opprobrium. Biggest problem I have with this, besides its blatant unconstitutionality, is that there is no mention of transferability of registered guns. I am assuming it will NOT be legal to sell them only to possess before the date; perhaps one will be able to sell them to buyers residing in the remaining FREE STATES. What is happening to the formerly Great State of Florida is regrettable as the Gunshine State is going the way of California on gun rights with shocking rapidity. I expect the sponsors to be able to easily gather the required 700,000 signatures and the initiative to pass in November 2020.

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      If they work hard, tomorrow will be a great day for them.

    2. avatar Phil Wilson says:

      “It gives the owners 1 year to register them with FDLE.”

      Which means: We’re not taking them now, but we are noting who has them so we can take them later. But I wouldn’t expect a greater rate of compliance in Florida than previously seen in NY, CT, CA, etc.

  28. avatar J says:

    The proposal is similar to what the proposed Illinois bill SB107 does. SB107 is a semi auto firearms, parts, and accessories ban. Several other states have similar bills being proposed right now.

  29. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    Anyone can go back and lookup the comments of those who said on TTAG, “just give them the Bump Stock”. “Give it up”. “Its no good anyway.” “It uses too much ammo.”
    So they got the Bump Stock. Now they want ALL semi auto long guns.

    The truth is most gun owners don’t want to make a sound argument for machine gun ownership by the general public. Because they are afraid to be seen as crazy. They have no self confidence in their belief about private civilian gun ownership. In fact they are just weak men. And weak women.

    Machine guns are rarely used. They have sat in police armories for decades now. They do get lubed now and then. But the police still have them. Now President Obama made sure they got new modern select fire M-16s. And the federal civilian departments have them as well. Every Office of the Inspector General has machine guns. And there are many IG offices in the federal government.

    Do state level IG offices have machine guns? Or any firearms? Sounds like a good research project.

    “The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Office of Inspector General, located in Washington, DC, pursuant to the authority of FAR Part 13, has a requirement for the commerical acquisition of submachine guns, .40 Cal. S&W, ambidextrous safety, semi-automatic or 2 shot burts trigger group, Tritium night sights for front and rear, rails for attachment of flashlight (front under fore grip) and scope (top rear), stock-collapsilbe or folding, magazine – 30 rd”

    All of these civilian departments have machine guns and or select fire weapons. Such as the Department of Education.

  30. avatar joefoam says:

    Might as well empty out your gun safe if this one passes. You’ll be left with your bolt action single shot rifle and shotguns

    1. avatar Phil Wilson says:

      “You’ll be left with your bolt action single shot rifle and shotguns”

      For now.

  31. avatar David Walters says:

    Never happen in Texas where I live.

    1. avatar Luis Valdes says:

      I wouldn’t bet on that Mr. Walters. Texas just needs that demographics shift and qith migration patterns from folks fleeing California, New York, Mexico, and Illinois and you’ll have the same issues.

      Look at Austin, Houston, and Dallas. Three major cities in Texas and all fairly Authoritarian in natute with their elected officials.

      Florida once thought its problems were focused and contained in the urban areas. Well, people in urban areas vote. Trees in rural low population areas don’t.

      1. avatar Sam I Am says:

        “Texas just needs that demographics shift wity migration patterns from folks fleeing California, New York, Mexico, and Illinois and you’ll have the same issues.”

        Is it just coinkydink that all the Texas counties bordering Mexico are blue?

        BTW, San Antonio should be in your list of leftist Texas cities.

        1. avatar UPS Driver says:

          Fort Worth is leftist. Mayor Betsy Price is as conservative as John McCain and the city council is the same.
          The general population in FW is trending left.

        2. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “The general population in FW is trending left.”

          Holding all the centers of population, looks like Dimwitocrats will take the state totally blue in 2020.

  32. avatar tdiinva says:

    It has to get 60% of the vote to pass. That’s a hard standard to meet.

    Instead of merely campaigning against it why not get an amendment on the ballot requiring the Police to protect every citizen of Florida. Most people are not aware that the police have no duty to protect. A lot of potential potential voters might not see a ban on semiautomatic rifles as “common sense” one they find out that they are on their own.

  33. avatar GS650G says:

    The US is electing it’s own overlords empowered to dictate to them. Hope whatever benefits flow from that deal end up being worth it.

    1. avatar Sam I Am says:

      “The US is electing it’s own overlords empowered to dictate to them. Hope whatever benefits flow from that deal end up being worth it.”

      Why would anyone “hope” that voting for dictatorship would have any benefits to the voters? Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to wish such voters slowly, painfully die from the poison they demanded?

      1. avatar GS650G says:

        The socialist death panels will see to it they die untreated.

  34. avatar JAS says:

    Ballot initiatives for Constitutional Amendments are now the favorite tool of the socialists, they are winning big using them and we are too stupid to even question the practice. Ballot Initiatives must be BANNED.

    Ballot Initiatives circumvent and violate our Constitutionally mandated Representative form of government, which was made so expressly to avoid this kind of majority (and only of those who actually vote) bullying crap.

    1. avatar TaPum says:

      You are correct. These Constitutional Amendments are an example of the Tyranny of the Majority that the Founders tried to avoid at every turn; the Electoral College and indirect election of the President a typical example of the system they designed for this purpose. But they have been “discovered” by the Gun Control movement after years of fruitless attempts at bans/gun control through Congress. The reason I am a pessimist on this front for FL rests on the fact that these grassroots antigunners are now copiously financed by people like Bloomberg and can easily outspend the NRA and any of the other gun rights organizations. They are using traditional and social media to blanket with misleading propaganda a distracted and ignorant electorate and are successfully making the 2A irrelevant, almost as if it were not there. This has been their playbook since the Parkland massacre, a terrible tragedy, but certainly not worse than the Pulse one considering the number of victims. Basically nothing happened after the Pulse, everything is after Parkland. A serious discussion has to occur among the 2A/Gun community to understand what happened in 2018 to unleash this seemingly unstoppable tsunami where horrendous bills like FL 7026 were actually written AND passed by our former allies and alleged 2A supporters REpublican state representatives and Governor.

    2. avatar Sam I Am says:

      “Ballot Initiatives circumvent and violate our Constitutionally mandated Representative form of government, which was made so expressly to avoid this kind of majority (and only of those who actually vote) bullying crap.”

      Here we go, again.

      To understand the constitution, you must do the work of understanding the intent of the founders. Then if you want to jam the constitution framing a national government, you must then understand the implications, and how such coercion can (and will) manifest itself.

      The founders included the representative government clause to prohibit the national legislature from establishing a monarchy, a dictatorship, or a pure democracy AT THE NATIONAL LEVEL. At the founding, the States were free to do as they pleased, except as such action violated the delegated powers listed in the constitution. If the States wanted to do something contrary to the delegated powers, the amendment process was the tool. Nothing in the original national compact (constitution) required the states to conform their internal affairs to the national compact.

      Notwithstanding the inversion of federalism in 1868 (14th Amendment), the States were the Sovereigns who voluntarily provided certain powers to the central government. It was that government, acting as agent (not ruler) of the individual States, which was required to have representative form of governance. And it was THE PEOPLE of the States from whom power to govern, at all levels, issued. Power flowed down from the people to the government. Power did not flow “up”, as that would place the States (and “the people”) subordinate to the central government. Power cannot be delegated up, from subjects to their rulers. In broad terms, this is the “law of agency”. That is, no appointed has authority/power to act, unless the “principle”, the person delegating authority, has defined such authority. All this is the basis for “Power of Attorney”. The person receiving the Power of Attorney does not decide which powers will be exercised, but the person delegating authority/power.

      As to “representative form of government”, the configuration of the central government is not the mandated model. We are comfortable thinking of state governments as being a reflection of the central government (once again inverting the source of power in this nation). However, the configuration, and the mandate for a “representative form of government” are not synonymous. Nebraska, from the beginning of statehood has an executive, a court system, and a legislature that has only one branch (no House and Senate). So, we have to be careful in how we view the idea of “representative form of government”.

      But the main issue, ballot measures, we must return to the central proposition that all power to govern comes down from the people, not up to the government. The national compact mandates a “representative form of government”, but the people maintain all powers not specifically delegated up to the central government. The constitution does not specifically prohibit States from adding a democratic feature to their State constitutions. This lack of specific prohibition means States can establish a procedure that directly reflects the “will of the people”.

      What we have today, is an inversion of the national compact power sharing arrangement. By forcing the federal constitution onto the states (post 14th Amendment), the waters have been quite muddied. Even as late as 2017, a US Supreme Court Justice questioned why there was any doubt that the federal constitution applied to the states, in all respects. (not an insignificant question since the federal constitution, applied to the states, says, in effect, that all powers not specifically delegated to the state remains with the state, to delegate to itself. In short, the entirety of the national compact can’t be blithely pressed upon states).

      The upshot is, so long as states (small “s”, as today, the states are now subjects of the central government) retain a formal representative government, the federal constitution does not prohibit a process where the people can directly address their needs, when representatives refuse to do the bidding of the majority.

      Representative government poses the constant dilemma on representatives: reflect faithfully the majority opinion of the people who elected you; insert your own judgement, even if it opposes the vast majority of the people you represent. It is a vexing problem, even for some of the great minds of history.

  35. avatar RL says:

    Does the amendment as written ban possession? Or just transfer/sale?

    1. avatar TaPum says:

      The way it is written it contains enough details to make it look like “reasonable” gun control, for instance calling for a limit of 10 rounds in built in mags or detachable excludes from the ban milsurp semiautos like the M-1 Garand, the SVT-40, the SKS and many semiauto shotguns, like the recently popular Panzer Arms from Turkey, which come with a 5 round magazine and for which 10-rounders are available. It remains to be seen if that shotgun series would become part of the ban if somebody started selling a 15 rounder or, God forbid, a 25-round drum, like the SGM tactical one for the VEPR-12. So, no you can keep your banned semiautos but have to produce a sworn affidavit that you owned them before the date the Amendment goes into effect. Afterwards, besides the sworn statements (for which no details are provided), you have a year from the above date to register all your banned rifles/shotguns with FDLE. There is no information that I could find on transferability, not even to the next of kin. I guess this area was left in limbo on purpose, to see if they can pass this turd first and then steer the Rinos in the FL statehouse in the direction they want, probably a confiscation by FDLE and subsequent destruction after your demise. There is also another very interesting aspect to all of this. In the interest of looking “REASONABLE” they have excluded from the ban ALL semiauto handguns. So, what about A/R and AK pistols?? They appear to be in limbo according to this petition, but they ARE pistols, i.e. handguns, according to the NFA, that is why they have braces and not stocks, so they are probably ok for the moment.

  36. avatar Lance Manion says:

    “Since the wording is so vague, some bright-eyed bushy-tailed Assistant State Attorney might even look at regular pistols magazines that can be used in the PC9 and say that since they’re similar, they’re banned too.”

    I don’t read the amendment to ban any magazine or other feeding device…only rifles and shotguns capable of accepting feeding devices holding 11+ rounds. So the PC9 would be banned but not the magazines that fit it, similar or not. Not agreeing with any of this but the quoted paragraph is misleading I think.

  37. avatar Aaron says:

    New Englanders flee from the high taxes and control-freak policies of NJ, NY, MA, et.c and head to Florida…only to want to implement the same libtard policies in their new homes.

    Aided and abetted by the influx of socialist-leaning hurricane refugees from the 3rd-world-country-masquerading-as-an-American-territory known as Puerto Rico.

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