The Three Best GLOCK 43 Holsters for Concealed Carry
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The Three Best GLOCK 43 Holsters for Concealed Carry

If you read our pocket dump posts, you’ve seen a lot of people carry GLOCK 43 pistols. Their small size, slim single stack profile, and light weight make them an excellent choice for the concealed carrier who wants to stay on the down low while carrying a pistol that packs 9×19.

We’re frequently asked for concealed carry holster recommendations for the G43. I’ve been carrying the GLOCK 43 for years now and have tried a passel of IWB holsters, OWB holsters, and even the occasional pocket holster (the G43’s a little on the large side for that).

So after a lot of trial and a little bit of error here are my three favorite USA made concealed carry holsters for toting your GLOCK 43 on a daily basis.

The Three Best GLOCK 43 Holsters for Concealed Carry

DeSantis Mini Slide OWB Leather Holster

There’s nothing like the classic feel and hip-hugging goodness of a leather outside the waistband everyday carry holster. It looks good, conforms to you and your pistol over time, and won’t mar your gun.

The DeSantis Mini Slide OWB leather holster is made of premium saddle leather with double seams and a highly detailed, molded fit. That makes this exposed muzzle, firm-fitting, two belt slot slide holster a great choice for your GLOCK 43. It also has an adjustable-tension screw to keep your G43 securely in place until you need it.

The Three Best GLOCK 43 Holsters for Concealed Carry

Bravo Concealment BCA OWB Kydex Gun Holster

For those of you concealed carriers who favor the sure retention, solid feel and easy re-holstering of an outside the waistband Kydex holster, Bravo Concealment BCA OWB Kydex Gun Holster for the GLOCK 43 is an ideal choice. The BCA features nicely-finished Kydex and a 10 degree forward cant that can be further adjusted by adjusting the belt loop positions.

The BCA is designed to fit snugly with an extended shirt guard while keeping your pistol just off your body for a fast, sure, draw when you need your G43. Another great feature of the BCA is that you can convert it to an IWB holster by switching the belt loops for optional IWB belt clips.

The Three Best GLOCK 43 Holsters for Concealed Carry


If you want the maximum concealment of a dedicated inside the waistband Kydex holster, TAC PRO’s Kydex IWB rig is excellent. It’s precision-molded and finished for a perfect fit with firm retention.

The raised shirt guard on this Kydex holster keeps your shirt away from your pistol ensuring it won’t snag on the draw. This holster has a solid nylon belt clip that’s adjustable for a neutral or forward cant. The TAC Pro also features adjustable retention via two rubber gasketed screws. The TAC PRO IWB holster also features and open muzzle end if you carry with an extended barrel.

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    • I don’t recommend buying one of those twist-to-release n82 models until you try it with your gun. This is the only holster I have ever returned for a refund because I could not get it to reliably release my LC9 with the ‘twist’ motion. Compact guns with short grips do not work as well in this design, perhaps due to reduced leverage.

  1. Picking what are essentially three random holsters out of a vast field of similar competitors and labeling them “best” doesn’t seem particularly honest.

    • I have a couple of drawers full of holsters, most of them for the G43. I chose the ones that I think are the best, depending on how you like to carry and the material you want. These are the three best in my opinion. Period.

      • Then maybe the headline should read “Dan’s three favorite Glock 43 holsters.”

        Most of them for the G43? How long have you been carrying? G43 is one of the newest single-stack 9’s on the market.

        I, too, have a drawerful of holsters. Most of them not for the G43, acquired over a couple decades of use.

        • TTAG accepts articles from readers. If you have difference experiences or preferences, share the wealth and submit an article.

  2. I have a DeSantis Mini Slide for my Glock 26, and I love it. It holds the gun high and tight. I agree, there’s just something about the way leather conforms to you.

    A bonus is that my Glock 19 fits as well, since the holster has an exposed muzzle.

  3. I would add the Pro Defender by Raw Dog Tactical. It’s a leather/Kydex hybrid made in Texas. Super comfortable, l sometimes forget I have it on. Have one for my Glock 19 as well.

    • Leather/Kydex IWB hybrids require you to un-holster if you want to remove the gun. The single clip rigs let you remove on insert the whole thing, so no ADs. For a small pistol a single clip is all you need. I like my Foxx Trapp as it is less bulky than that BCS thing and tuckable too.

    • I’ve seen the Rosen but haven’t used one. It’s well made, but I can’t imagine that it does anything the Galco doesn’t.

  4. Crossbreed IWB or OWB holsters – have used them for years and am very happy with them. Excellent selection for just about any handgun, great quality, and they make variations to accomodate just about any accessory one chooses to hang on a pistol. The price doesn’t break my budget.

    But to each his/her own. My choice may not be your choice, but all holster choices are good as long as they do what we want them to do and are good quality.

      • Joel, I have a Crossbreed OWB for my SA .45 ACP XDS with a Crimson Trace laser-guard. I usually carry OWB in cool/cold weather when I wear a jacket as a cover-up. I live in highly-liberal northern VA, so I don’t do open carry, although it is legal. I usually wear the holster at 4 o’clock. I find that as long as my belt is cinched-up adequately, the holster holds the pistol tightly to my waist with no protrusion. The pistol is easy to draw if I need it. Most of the time the pistol rides very easy and I sometimes forget it’s there.

  5. Of the three choices Dan gave us, the leather one is superior because you can most likely cram a Smith & Wesson Shield into it and have more ammo capacity for less money.

  6. I carry a g43, stealth gear holsters have so far proven to be the best at retention, comfort and concealability… I’ve pretty much stopped buying holsters after theirs and will buy them in the future for some of my other guns.

  7. I too like the DeSamtis but chose the thumbreak model. I like a little extra protection for an OWB.

    Haven’t found an IWB that I really like yet so I might give your huckleberry a try.

    For those posting about Dan’s favorites ….. of course these are his picks! …. he wrote the damned article.

    If you read anything about “the best” and take it as ultimate pick, then you define gullible.

    Nice article Dan.

  8. Why are two of the 3 best concealed carry holsters for something as small as a G43 OWB? I can’t imagine that many people carry it OWB it’s so thin and easy to carry IWB which conceals with pretty much anything you wear.

    My personal favorites are the sticky holster and the vedder light tuck.

    • I’ve never been able to make it more than three days in a row carrying IWB. It throws my back out of line for some reason. My TCP bothers me after a few days and myLC9 hurts after just a few hours. Interestingly enough, I carried a beretta 92 for a couple days before it started bothering me.

      (I do have an IWB Kydex holster for my NAA black widow that I can wear with my mountain bike shorts that doesn’t hurt my back.)

      OWB is a completely different story.

        • I’ve tried 1 o’clock-5:30 with varying levels of success. If it’s comfy, it prints. (4:30ish) but my back still hurts after a few days. Appendix doesn’t hurt my back, but it’s terribly uncomfortable for me.

          I think the root cause is my belt rides low on my hips because of how I’m built. If I hike up my belt to my waist, everything conceals better and is more comfortable, but 5 min of walking around and my belt will be low on the hips again.

          95% of the time I pocket carry a little gun. If I’m out late on a weekend, traveling, or in large crowds I strap a second gun to my belt.

    • My G43 (edc) rides in a custom suede-lined (I know, overkill but I’m happy) DeSantis black Mini-Scabbard OWB and also carry a Glock polymer single mag holder on my left side. I tried IWB but not comfortable—and am only ~5 lbs overweight. I say whatever works for you, whether pistol manufacturer, holster type/brand, etc. For example, I like the holster’s suede lining. Protects finish better (I know, the G43 only a “tool”), and I think suede helps retention at the expense maybe of an easier draw.

  9. Comp-Tac C-T.A.C. is the best IWB holster. ihave one for my G43
    And one for my G17, 19, 26, 22, 23, and 27. With the Glock you can rotate as dress and thdreat modes change without a hick up — all with the same holster.

  10. makes some really good holster.
    I don’t have a G43. But I just purchased a PPS M2 and I am very happy with them

  11. The Bravo concealment looks to be virtually identical to the Raven Concealment Phantom, which I think Raven discontinued.

  12. I have not tried any of Dan’s three. Of what I have tried, the Desantis Intruder @~4:00 works the best. Comfortable to carry, easy to reholster. I did increase the retention a little.


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