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Basically guys, all the outrage over this trial is because the left is terrified of losing another tool in their toolbox. They love lawless mobs terrorizing you and wrecking your stuff. They love having you too scared of the system to stand up to their dirtbags.

So that’s why they are lying their asses off and shedding fake tears for pedophile scum. The jury’s decision didn’t just say Rittenhouse was not guilty, but by extension, it says their useful idiot rioters were guilty, which damages the narrative. And anytime the truth goes against the narrative, the truth gets a bullet to the back of the neck.

The problem the left ran into this time in the court of public opinion was that all of the actual facts of the case were out there for anyone to see. (I really recommend Rekieta Law, who had phenomenal and entertaining coverage with lawyers watching the live stream. I was glued to it for much of the trial). So with the independent media doing the job that regular media won’t, it’s tougher for dishonest fucks like this to spread their lies.

But gullible people still listen to the media and the blue check marks, which was why they were heartbroken on Friday. If you actually believed the narrative nonsense, this case seems like a travesty.

Sorry, leftist punditry. You tried to put your fingers on the scale again, but you failed.

Cope and seethe, you dishonest fucks.

— Larry Correia in Fisking One of the Many Dumb Hot Takes on the Rittenhouse Case


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    • With the clear justified use of deadly force the case against KR was over before it began.

      On the other hand…To proceed with such a farce the sneaky prosecutor applied to KR what came out of “law books” from the era of Jim Crow where if you did not fit the the democRat Party mold you were expendable…just like today.

      Go back in time to where the level of charges against KR were on the level with…Why I do declare that little n-word thinking he can shoot 3 of our finest white citizens. Why you’d think by now that little n-word would know how to sit still and take a proper beating…A rope will surely show him the justice he so rightfully deserves.

      • as clearly suggested by Dirtbag Binger.
        He COULD havejust sat there and taken it……….. (riiiiigggghhhtttt. nd his Hee Roes COULD have just walked the other ay with their skateboards, knives, and Glocks. But they did not, did they? Too bad so sad All three were outclassd outshot outmneouvered outgunned by a “punk” seventeen year old not even using his own rifle, nd which he had fired only one time before that night.

        Just consider… at those odds hw long can the “cream of the crop” embedded in Antifa/BLM hold out against an entrenched group of Kyles…… it would be Iwo Jima in reverse. And prolly only take maybe ten minutes.

        I find it both amusing and gratifying to observe that for the mos tpart Kenosha LE and government dweebs are singing a tune that sounds a bit different this time aorund. They’ve ckshully arRESTed some rioters, some pounders, foiuled their access to the stashed pallets of paving stones, and generally played by a whole different set of ROE. Guess the town did not want to get showed up again by a small handful of Kyles. Maybe doing their assigned jobs in the first place would hve precluded the whole debacle they got, eh?

    • Suffering the consequences for one’s actions has always been a natural trait in God’s green earth. Anything else is to disobey the natural laws of the universe. There’s a lot of catching up to do just to approach breaking even.

      God help us all…Kyle did the only sensible thing he could have if he wished to remain alive.

      • The three stooges could have beaten Kyle senseless and left him broken and crippled for LIFE and not a word would have been said, much less a show-rial resulting. Instead there was a change of plans thanks to to the handy little invention of Mr Eugene Stoner- Toccata and Fugue in AR-15…

  1. The Left is upset because they weren’t able to pull their Soros-funded strings in this particular court. But then, as some of you may also suspect, it seems as though the prosecutor may have fumbled the case by design. It was perhaps the most obviously absurd presentation of charges against a defendant I’ve ever seen, and made worse because it was such a high profile case. Not only should charges have never been brought against Rittenhouse in the first place due to the preponderance of evidence showing his innocence, but every step of the way it was bungled.

    This case against Rittenhouse was never about justice. It was purely about the woke agenda. I’m very pleased that the young man was fully exonerated.

    • “The process is the punishment”.

      What will Rittenhouse’s legal bills come to? What 18-year-old has that kind of money? Keep in mind that his fundraisers got kicked off platforms.

      • ^ This ^ !!!!!!

        Any prosecutor with half a brain had to know that he/she was highly unlikely to get a guilty verdict.

        And that was more-or-less irrelevant because the months-long process was a GIGANTIC punishment in-and-of-itself.

        A lot of good people will be much more reluctant going forward to replicate Mr. Rittenhouse’s actions to protect property/society. And that will provide aid and comfort to the enemies of our nation who seek to loot, burn, and destroy. THAT was the point of attempting to prosecute Mr. Rittenhouse.

        • I disagree. Everyone in my circle who has opined on the verdict has expressed the opposite sentiment; that the right of self defense has been supported and the Left (Antifa, BLM, et al) should think twice when considering rioting and destruction to person & property.

          Of course, this case also underscores the importance of video evidence whenever possible, as it has become an unfortunate modern requirement in today’s world.

        • “an unfortunate modern requirement”

          guilty until proven innocent. standard boolshevik legal practice.

        • rant7, the word you’re looking for isn’t “boolshevik,” it’s totalitarian. (Do you think your beloved fascists were any better in that department?)

        • boolshevik is exactly accurate and intended. saying it’s “totalitarians” is like saying disease is caused by germs – true, but not actionable.

          look at antifa. look at blm. look at their supporters. look at alinski. look at any of them. there are no nazi’s (not in the sense you would mean it), there are no racists (not in the sense you would mean it), but they are ALL boolshevik or supported by them.

          remember, “naazi” is short for nationalist. and that’s what they fear – your nation. because that’s the only real threat to THEIR nation.

        • rant7, you made a great landing at the wrong airport.

          Nazi is an abbreviation of NAtional soZIalistische deutsche arbeiter partei, the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. The only place where it means “nationalist” is among fascists and communists (i.e., the American left, which is an unholy blend of both).

          A nationalist is simply someone who believes that a strong nation is a good thing: a patriot. In the USA, nationalists are conservatives, libertarians, and independents, not Nazis (as you’d like us to be and the left falsely calls us) or your “boolsheviks.”

          To use your analogy correctly, totalitarianism is the disease. Fascism and communism are the virulent germs that cause it. And to keep the body politic from dying of disease, we don’t join the microbes; we kill them.

        • rant7:

          I think you’re living a bit to much in the past. There was a time when “nazi” and “bolshevik” were too distinguishable and very opposed ideologies. But that was 80+ years ago. Things change, and over time nazi and bolshevik have become welded into a single, very nasty totalitarian world view. It’s kind of pointless to make the distinction anymore.

        • “It’s kind of pointless to make the distinction anymore”

          is that why people like Debbie W., and many articles about the dangers of “fascism”, and everyone who talks about “totalitarianism”, always say “naazi” and never say “boolshevik/communist”? THEY don’t think the distinction is pointless. THEY think it’s exceedingly important. THEY do their best to control the narrative about it, to steer the narrative away from boolshevism/communism and against naazi’s specifically and solely. ever wonder why?

          “A nationalist is simply someone who believes that a strong nation is a good thing: a patriot”

          true. and that is why boolsheviks hate all nationalists – because strong nations impede the functioning of their own nation. they pose as “international”, but they’re not. they hate “naazis”, because THEY are “naazis”.

        • Rant 7 you are mistaken. In bolshie courts there are no “Proven Innocent” verdicts. The trial and sentencing is pre-determined and behind closed doors. What passes for a public “trial” is merely the affirmation of guilt and punishment to terrorise the masses.

      • “Keep in mind that his fundraisers got kicked off platforms.:

        It’s my understanding that his gofundme was reinstated upon his acquittal.

        • Even if true, they suspended it in the first place – while leaving in place the GoFundMe accounts of rioters. Go figure. Nah, nothing hinky going on, there. And they ONLY reinstated it after they got their noses rubbed (by the jury) in their lies.

        • “Even if true,…”

          “GoFundMe To Allow Rittenhouse Fundraisers After Acquittal”

          ““If someone is acquitted of those charges, as Rittenhouse was today, a fundraiser started subsequently for their legal defense and other expenses would not violate this policy. A fundraiser to pay lawyers, cover legal expenses, or to help with ongoing living expenses for a person acquitted of those charges could remain active as long as we determine it is not in violation of any of our other terms and, for example, the purpose is clearly stated and the correct beneficiary is added to the fundraiser,” GoFundMe said.”

        • Geoff,

          I believe I did say, “Even if true . . . “. Never said it wasn’t true, just not willing to go to that garbage site to confirm or deny.

          My point stands. They terminated Kyle’s account, but left those for Leftists rioter/”acitivists” open. And they terminated it when he NEEDED the money, and restored it after he’d already won his case. GoFundMe sucks greasy puppy dog testicles.

      • not too late to fire them up again on different platforms.

        Can’t remember who poasted the MNn2$ for his bail, but that will be returned to its rightful owner. Perhaps some part of that will come his way.
        I also believe some legal action, both civil and criminal is in order because of the obscenely unjust charade Binger put us all throuhgh.

        • Tionico: Sorry, the DC Supremes ruled a few years ago that officials performing their official duties no matter how egregiously are immune from civil liability except in very narrowly defined, almost non-existent cases. Binger and his boss can walk free as they were performing their official duties, no matter how ineptly and how much in violation of long-standing court rules in EVERY state. The DC Supremes ruled long ago that prosecuting attorney may not inquire into a defendant’s refusal to have a heart to heart with the poleze.
          It’s called violating the defendant’s right against self-incrimination. The Miranda Rule is the follow through of that long-standing prohibition.

          Charging everything the prosecuting office can dig up is an old slime ball tactic. Throw enough fecal matter against the wall and something is bound to stick. Charging a curfew violation, an infraction with at most a fine or public service in a first degree murder case with two counts of first degree murder and one count of aggravated assault with injury — give me a break. What would the judge do on sentencing, sentence him to two life terms plus a $25 fine?

          And then the old prosecutor’s infamous trick, violating the rule to present evident before trial to the defense. “Oh, golly gee, Judge, our bad. We overlooked the highly doctored video tape that we spent nearly a hundred grand on. We forgot that we sent the original, hard to see anything video to the defense and forgot to send this new super-enhanced, special high res film to the defense. Our bad.” The judge instead of eating out the DA should have fined him $1,000 contempt of court fine and referred it to the Wisconsin disciplinary board for their action and given an instruction to the jury that the film was presented in violation of long standing court rules and it was within their power to disregard it if they so chose.

          Instead the judge bowed to long standing judicial lack of intestinal fortitude and allowed the video in as evidence. I suspect it actually helped the defense as the jury apparently wanted to view it during deliberations. It was also my understanding that the DDA failed to establish a legal basis for the doctored video. One just doesn’t just offer up any garage into evidence. It is necessary to lay a legal foundation for the accuracy and materiality of the proffered evidence to the satisfaction of the rules of evidence in the judge’s mind. He admitted to the jury that he wasn’t sure of the accuracy of the video and the question that it might present a distortion of the view. In light of that statement, he should have excluded it from evidence. Perhaps he was providing grounds for a quick reversal with prejudice from an appellate court.

    • “It was perhaps the most obviously absurd presentation of charges against a defendant I’ve ever seen”

      to the left it was profoundly logical and reasonable …

      “This case against Rittenhouse was never about justice. It was purely about the woke agenda”

      … because for them “the woke agenda” is justice. only evil people can oppose it.

  2. The most disgusting response to the Kyle Rittenhouse afair comes from cowardly NRA non-support and non-response. I wanted to give them second chance after their money scandals but now i am through with them.

    • Black Rifle Coffee Company also stepped in a pile over this case. I was a strong supporter of BRCC until Evan pulled his “distancing” crap over a BRCC shirt in a photo of Kyle.

      • no biggie.. I don’t think their coffee is anything to write home about. I’ve tried it a few times….. not worth the pckaging that holds it.

    • …and notice too ‘007’ that LaPierre is still ‘at the helm’. 🙁

      -Dam, and I just renewed too -for the good of the 2A and those steadfast in its defense.
      Of COURSE I always regularly fund Judicial Watch, G.O.A., Hillsdale College, the CSPOA, sometimes N.A.G.R. and others. Everyone that cares, should.

    • Just for your edification, the NRA has NEVER participated in ANY criminal cases. I fail to see what your point is.

  3. The real questions all you standing army lovers should be asking is why the standing army was not doing its job in Kenosha. It’s pretty sad when a 17 year old kid has to keep law and order instead of the standing army err… “Police”. But I’m sure the irony of both having a standing army errr… “Police” and having leftist mobs still burn whole cities down is lost on most of you. Chris in particular, but keep voting for Republicans, they will set you free.

    • As I have been saying. Government workers, called the police, kill the innocent and the guilty all the time. They will kill to protect government property. But they will arrest you if you kill to protect your property.
      Now support disarming the police like I do. Don’t be a hypocrite Mr. Libertarian.

      I’m glad the government executes convicted murders.

      1. “Smith was convicted of robbing 22-year-old Sharma Ruth Johnson, forcing her into the trunk of her own stolen car and fatally shooting her in 1991. Investigators say Smith then set the car on fire with Johnson’s body inside.”

      2. “A man who pleaded guilty to killing his estranged wife and sexually assaulting her young daughter as her mother lay dying was put to death Wednesday evening, becoming the first inmate executed in Mississippi in nine years.”

        • As police officers, they are privileged members of a de facto standing army. They enforce the central government’s edicts using weapons we aren’t allowed to touch, and they get lifetime exemption from many of the restrictions that are placed on our Second Amendment rights.

          It’s long past time we disarmed them. Not disband, but disarm.

          And by that, I mean they should have exactly the same access to weapons and face the exact same legal jeopardy we do if we defend life and property.

        • While on duty the police should be disarmed as part of a requirement for employment. As any citizen while not a their place of work, they can carry as they please.

          If they vote to defund the police, they a can also vote to disarm the police. Their sidearms are supplied by the government.

          The Government Giveth, and the Government Taketh Away.

      • and your point is……???…..

        SO what. These are heinous individual criimes of the sort we’ve had amongst us for milennia. The recent rioting “events” pushed by organised private militias (for such they are, and well funded at that) burning major sections of cities down, killing, looting, wanton destruction of anything they can find….. and the local coppers standing back and “observing”…… NOT their job description. What was it, somewhere near two years of every night the BML/Antifa in Portland Oregon were given “permissio” (rathe rthan the live rounds they needed and deserved, accuratley placed from rooftops overlooking their “theatre of operations”…….. until local LE step up and begin DOING the jobs they were hired to DO, not talk about or think about, nothing wil change. Seems Kenosha are singing a slightly different tune this go-round. Let’s see how long they stay that course…..

    • “The real questions all you standing army lovers should be asking is why the standing army was not doing its job in Kenosha.”

      an outstanding and to-the-point question. I will tell you – because they were ordered not to.

      now a question for you. who pushed for this order to be given? not the one who actually gave the order – they’re a puppet – but the source, the motivation, the voice in the background that directed it to be so.


      in every generation.

      • That is also something that nearly everyone doesn’t want to talk about. The democrat party controls Wisconsin. They ordered all law enforcement to stand down.
        There is nothing wrong with being a vigilante.

        “a member of a self-appointed group of citizens who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because the legal agencies are thought to be inadequate.”

        Or when all law enforcement is just ordered to do nothing.

        • “There is nothing wrong with being a vigilante”

          when they are acting as a well-regulated militia, no, there’s not. police are better, but if the police are stood down then the militia must step up.

      • and ”the source, the motivation, the voice in the background that directed it to be so.” EXACTLY! ‘the source’, is precisely WHO “We the People” should be going after -with pitchforks, tar, feathers and hemp rope if necessary. But until that day arrives, nothing of substance, will change much

    • Republicans don’t run the cities where this stuff happens.
      Republicans don’t do much.
      Democrats will definitely put you in chains.

    • “but keep voting for Republicans”

      I agree that most Republicans suck. At least they (mostly) respect our country and they believe in law and order. I didn’t see many Republicans promoting the BLM-Antifa wave of destruction last year. Loser Romney marched with the Marxists, but that was about it. The Democrats gleefully begged for the destruction. Kamala bailed them out of jail. Democrats don’t even want to punish the criminals unless they’re perceived to be on the other side of the political aisle.

    • Now show me a Libertarian or Democrat who said this???

      “You’re bringing up a situation that probably shouldn’t be discussed too much right now. We could let a little time go by. It’s OK if you feel that’s an appropriate question even though we’re in the heart of South Korea. I will certainly answer your question. If you did what you’re suggesting, there would have been no difference three days ago, and you might not have had that very brave person who happened to have a gun or a rifle in his truck go out and shoot him, and hit him and neutralize him. I can only say this: If he didn’t have a gun, instead of having 26 dead, you would have had hundreds more dead. So that’s the way I feel about it. Not going to help.”

      “Donald Trump literally just made the ‘good guy with a gun’ argument”

    • The “Standing Army” of the United States isnt allowed to conduct military operations against American civilians except under provisions of the Insurrection Act and an Executive Order signed by barack obama in 2016. It is arguably unConstitutional for US armed forces to do so barring extreme circumstances and special orders from the president- as during the late southern rebellion. It would be the job of state national guard to put down riots and civil insurrections. The courts have generally stayed away from rulings on the can of worms this issue raises…

  4. I was the footage the night it happened and called it self defense even before he was charged.
    This case should have never happened, and the DA knew it so he sent an incompetent ADA to try the case.
    That ADA then ignored multiple warnings about blatant disregard for the accused civil rights.

    So here is the real question.
    Say Kyle sues CNN for defamation. Certainly the list of people that could be sued is a long one.
    Does exercising an unalienable right make you a temporary public figure?
    That was the whole case defense presented regarding the Covington kids.
    Kyle did not ask to be placed in the public eye, and even if he was, even today post trial media outlets are still pushing lies. Lies that are refuted by direct testimony.

    • “Does exercising an unalienable right make you a temporary public figure?”

      There are 2 things here –

      1 – The accusations against him of ‘racism’ and ‘white supremacy’ came *before* most knew his name.

      2 – Here’s what will help him the most when suing – He was a *minor* when the accusations were made. That apparently will be quite helpful when it’s time to file…

      • I know. But please consider that you too would be a bloviating cockbag if, like Geoff, you were pain pill addicted mind corpse who had never known the pleasures of a woman.

        • “I know…”

          No, you don’t, and that’s what’s so fucking *HILARIOUS*!

          I *really* must piss you off!

          Do you not realize your impotent flailing only make me laugh at you all the harder?

          I ORDER YOU to keep humiliating yourself!

          😉 😉 😉

  5. I was reading comments from Tamir Rice’s mother. Tamir was the young boy killed by Cleveland police in 2014 after somebody called in saying he had a gun — which turned out to be nothing but a toy.

    Mommy Rice breaks down what she sees wrong with the Rittenhouse case … detailing everything from him being there with a semi-automatic weapon, to being able to shoot two people in the streets … and still avoid all consequences.

    Well well mommy Rice, for one, it was LEGAL for KR to be there armed and two, he was DEFENDING HIMSELF from dirt bags who were assaulting him. There is NO parallel between the killing of your son and the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse. NONE.

    • “it was LEGAL for KR to be there armed”

      Well, not really. The AR 15 he had in his possession was a product of an illegal conspiracy that he engaged in with another individual, committing the federal felony of making a strawman purchase and falsifying a 4473.

      By possessing a firearm, he was engaging in a continuing felony. In many states, when an individual is engaged in a felony in which another person dies for whatever reason, that individual is charged with murder.

      This often happens with gang drive-by shootings, even though there is but one shooter in the car, everyone including driver and every passenger is charged with murder.

      From some perspective, both Kyle and his sister’s boyfriend who engaged in the strawman purchase, should be charged with felony murder.

      Of course, please feel free to engage in whatever personal attacks satisfy your ego, I expect such responses.

      But for extra points, actually show where my analysis is incorrect as opposed to just questioning my intelligence or sexuality.

      • so what you’re saying it was illegal for him to defend himself, or to oppose the destruction of the community in any way.

        we can play that game too.

        • @ Rant
          What he’s saying is that there was a felony committed by him obtaining the weapon. Then he goes in to say “IN MANY STATES” although not necessarily in Wisconsin. In other words he’s reaching for something out of his grasp. If there was a charge that Wisconsin could have charged him with, THEY WOULD HAVE!

          To put it politely, I have no ego to inflate, I’m only pointing out facts.
          Personally I don’t give a fat flying bat sh– what others think. Everybody and their drunk sister has an opinion, although most are idiots. He was found NOT GUILTY by a jury after three days of deliberation. In addition, I watched the trial live, so as I previously pointed out, I don’t give a flying bat sh– what others think.

        • “I don’t give a flying bat sh– what others think”

          I understand. but what people think is a precursor to what they do, so you might want to pay attention.

      • You want me to show you where your analysis is incorrect?

        Here’s where: The illegal weapon argument was dismissed in court. The judge whose job it is to interpret and apply that law decided that there was nothing to prosecute.

        Then there’s the fact that Kyle Rittenhouse did NOT commit a crime when he shot those three people — thus the verdict of not guilty in his trial.

        Those two facts mean that your “analysis” is flat wrong. Hell, it’s not even analysis; wouldn’t even qualify as speculation. It’s that stupid.

        I remember when the Kenosha riots and Rittenhouse’s actions were being reported the night they happened, and the day after, right here on TTAG. You were in the comments, too — your entire contribution then, as now, being to say “where’s the evidence?” Never mind that it was already right there in the comments. And those same livestreams were used in the trial, btw.

        Everybody here, except you apparently, already knew the truth of the matter because we SAW it.

        You could’ve seen it too. It was all laid out in front of you for free — no need to search all you had to do was look at what was already there on the screen — but you just closed your eyes, plugged your ears, and chanted “lalala, can’t hear you.”

        And then you have the unmitigated fucking gall to come in here and talk about your “analysis” and dare somebody to prove you wrong? Jesus H. Christ, man…I can’t even…

        • “so what you’re saying it was illegal for him to defend himself, or to oppose the destruction of the community in any way.“

          No, that is not what I’m saying. I’m pointing out that he, by his own admission, engaged in a federal felony before, during and after the incident at Kenosha.

          “The illegal weapon argument was dismissed in court“

          So a Wisconsin state judge dismissed a federal felony charge?

          Wow, I somehow missed that one.

          As far as I know, the feds have not charged Kyle with any crimes but I do believe his co-conspirator in the strawman purchase has been charged with the felony.

        • “Everybody here, except you apparently, already knew the truth of the matter because we SAW it.“

          Really? So what evidence did you see during the livestreams of the illegal strawman purchase and possession of a firearm, a felony under both federal and Wisconsin state law?

          Perhaps you are right, you can clearly see 17-year-old Kyle possessing and using an illegally obtained weapon so there’s that.

          And really, you shouldn’t get your panties all in a wad and use such profanity in a simple discussion, you’re acting like a bunch of old biddies.

          Free your mind, and your ass will follow.

        • Key fact: It was legal for Rittenhouse to possess that firearm at that time, in that place. That’s what the court determined.

          So basically, having been egregiously wrong about every other aspect of this case, you’re hoping the feds will swoop in and convict Rittenhouse on a gun-control technicality. Par for the course.

      • Miner49er has decided that he’s all about law and order. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that someone from the other team that was supposed to burn at the stake was freed.

      • No “straw purchase” involved. The weapon was not in Kyle’s possession or ownership, it was kept at a residence in Wisconsin and not with Mr Rittenhouse or at his residence.

      • You know of course that a federal offense could not be charged in the state criminal action, so felony murder rule did not apply as there was no state law version of the alleged (and uncharged) straw sale violation.

        • @ Mark N
          He’s a blow-hard hoping someone here isn’t actually literate or intelligent enough to comprehend and apply the laws.

        • Mark, thanks for your reply which amazingly answered the content but without any sort of personal attack, bravo!

          Unfortunately, you are wrong.

          “Section 941.2905 – Straw purchasing of firearms
          (1) Whoever intentionally furnishes, purchases, or possesses a firearm for a person, knowing that the person is prohibited from possessing a firearm under s. 941.29(1m), is guilty of a Class G felony.”

        • It is interesting that the state ADA did not charge Kyle with this clear felony violation, one can only speculate as to the reason.

          Perhaps the DA understood the political consequences of having a successful prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse and instructed the ADA not to file the confessed felony.

        • Ingrid, thanks for your researched reply.

          So you believe it is legal under Wisconsin state law for a Wisconsin resident to buy a firearm for a resident of Illinois?

          That is an interesting perspective that I don’t believe I share.

        • Perspective, schmerspective. It’s not about belief or perspective.

          Can you prove (not believe, but prove) that it was illegal?

          I and others pointed out that there was no felony activity on Rittenhouse’s part, invalidating your first “analysis.” You brought up the straw purchase thing and started quoting statutes. We then showed you that you were wrong as to the text of the law, and you moved the goalposts and started talking about “perspective.”

          The perspective here is that you are utterly incapable of admitting that you might be wrong. Everyone on your political team is automatically Good, Right, and True, and everything they do is therefore good. Everyone on the other team is automatically Bad and Wrong, and everything they do is therefore bad and wrong, simply because they did it.

      • “Inherently dangerous” crimes may vary by state.

        How about you actually read the link you posted. None of it would apply to KR.
        Pretty lame attempt.

        BTW, I did legal research for a lawyer resulting in a gun rights restoration in Washington State, likely the only one that has happened of that type.
        I know what the f—- I’m reading.

        • “I know what the f—- I’m reading.“

          So you don’t think illegally purchasing a lethal weapon for a person who is legally prohibited from owning one is a “Inherently dangerous” act? Even though this prohibited person later used the very same weapon to kill 2 humans and wound another?

          Interesting perspective.

      • Could being the key word. This only applies if there was felony murder. THERE WAS NO FELONY MURDER. The trial explicitly ruled that it was self-defense.

        • The only question is:

          Did someone die during the commission of a felony?

          Kyle was committing a continuing felony by owning the illegal product of a strawman purchase conspiracy.

          During the time period in which he possessed the illegally obtained weapon, he used that weapon to kill two people.

          A good example would be drunk driving laws, the driver could indeed accidentally run over a child and kill them while committing a felony DUI, it’s not murder but he would be charged under the felony murder statute.

        • “The only question is: Did someone die during the commission of a felony?”

          That’s exactly what I said, but you’re ignoring the answer: In this case, there was no felony. Bold text, so maybe you won’t miss it this time.

          No, wait, there was. Three felonies, in fact, and the people who committed them all got shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in self-defense.

          Are you by some chance arguing that Gaige “Lefty” Grossekreutz should be accused of felony murder-by-association? If so, you might have a case.

        • “In this case, there was no felony.“

          Yes, Kyle that very day had received an illegally transferred firearm from his felony co-conspirator and was at the time of the killing in unlawful possession of the fruits of his criminal conspiracy.

          The strawman purchase of firearms is a felony under both federal and Wisconsin state laws. And when Kyle’s future ex brother-in-law falsely swore at the time of purchase he violated federal and Wisconsin state law and then illegally transferred the firearm to a resident of another state.

          Come on, you guys can’t believe any of that is legal, can you?
          Well, you all did fall for the New York City con man…

        • ” Kyle that very day had received an illegally transferred firearm ”

          Presumption of innocence. There is no felony until Kyle is indicted, tried and convicted of receiving the firearm. That hasn’t happened yet, so no felony. You’re declarations to the contrary are totally empty.

        • miner forty niner, you’ve been reading the lamestreampress again. I told yu to STOP IT.

          Kyle never had that rifle “transferred” to him. Wisconsin is NOT Wathington/Oregon, etc, where my simply handing yuo my rifle so yuo can hold it and look through the scope in my living room IS< as defined in laws of those insane states, a "transfer".

          Federal law prescribes that a "transfer" is a lawful change of OWNERSHIP< not possession. The guy who bouthtthat rifle never geve sold or transferred it to Kyle. It remained his the entire time since its purchase. In fact, as Kyle proceeded from his home to the car lot/shop where the events of the evening too place, he had to go visit the owner of the gun who then opened the gun safe, removed it, and handed it to Kyle, but did not TRNSFER it because it was to be returnedwhen he was done standing watch. Tha t man still owns th rifle. Kyle does not. The guy who purchased it purchased it for himself, for his own use. He is the one who get the rifle returned to him once the court is all done with it.

          Try to keep up.. I know there are lots of moving parts, but they CAN me kept straight. Else you are a shill, a troll, looking to stir the pot. Hah!! Too many around here can read, and think. Yu might tru them both yourself for change.

        • Tionico, you’re just full of shit, sadly.

          “The guy who purchased it purchased it for himself, for his own use”

          Kyle has already admitted that he took his Covid stimulus money, gave it to his sister’s boyfriend, in order for him to buy an AR 15 that he agreed would be kept in his fathers safe until Kyle wanted to use it.

          Both Kyle and his sisters boyfriend are guilty of both the federal felony and the Wisconsin felony of engaging in a strawman purchase of a lethal firearm.

          The gun was Kyle’s, purchased by his sister’s boyfriend with Kyle’s money.

          Because they were both engaged in a continuing felony of purchase and possession of the illegally obtained weapon, they are guilty of felony murder because humans died as a result of this felony transaction.

          I know it’s tough, but you really should try to keep up with the actual facts of the case, it would make you feel so much more at ease.

        • Kyle Rittenhouse was not a “prohibited person” and the weapon was kept in the possession of a relative at the relatives home, NOT by or with Kyle.

      • Nah, the real intent of the felony-murder rule, as it would apply in this case, would be that the criminal who survived (albeit with a gimpy arm) the attack he and the other two initiated against Rittenhouse, could be charged with the deaths of the other two criminals who didn’t survive the attack they all initiated together against Rittenhouse. He could be charged in many jurisdictions with two counts of murder because of the felony attack they all initiated together against Rittenhouse, that resulted in the deaths of two of the three attackers. That’s how the felony-murder rule works.

        • Yes, you are indeed correct, if they could prove a connection with the missing bicep sadsack he could be charged with felony murder.

          In any case, he should be charged for attempted arson, assault with a deadly weapon (pointing the Glock) and felon in possession at the very least.

          And they should investigate how he obtained the weapon, perhaps it also was a strawman purchase, how ironic that would be…

      • Miner,
        You should have volunteered your services to the prosecution. With your expertise, I’m sure you guys would have nailed him with something. It’s driving you nuts isn’t it?

      • So you’re for all the rioters being convicted for murder? They were committing felonies and a death occurred in the course of those felonies…

        • HEY! Not a bad idea! Of course it would clog the Wisc courts beyond capacity and they would have to set up special camps in the North Woods to incarcerate any convicteds…

    • @MLee

      With due respect to Ms. Rice’s comments (that you reported), in re: “and still avoid all consequences.” Rittenhouse did NOT avoid all consequences: He was arrested, tried in a lawful court, and acquitted by a jury of his peers. That arrest and trial were consequences…just because a trial does not turn out how YOU want it to does not invalidate that proceeding.

    • nd before he was running from his attackers with that rifle, he had been helping to guard a bueinsss that had been attacked and siffered extensive costly damage the night before. He started ut on private peorpety, never intending to leave it until time to go home. He was FRICED off the property by the dirtbag who wanted to steal his rifle and most ilkley turn it on Kyle and kill him with the gun he brought.

  6. The case validates ownership, possession, wearing of an AR15 and/or other firearms for self-defense and in public if necessary, to include using hi-capacity mags. All of this invalidates the complaints to the contrary by the communist lunatic left. Also invalidated is the argument for not locking down mental patients and repeat criminal offenders. The subversive and regressive left took a major hit with this and it will stick for a long time.

    • I agree that it validates the RTKBA and self-defense. However, that pendulum can swing back the other way. What concerns me is some kid decides he’s just like Kyle, but has less self-restraint and poorer judgement and gets into a situation that results in the shooting of some “peaceful protesters”. It takes just one incident to give the media the ability to wipe away any gains made from this case.

      • I would not call these “gains” really. Its more like “validation” of what already exists, and what already exists is a problem for the left. Its not like there a big score board someplace, its not about winning even, its about validating the right to confirm its a real thing.

        Its not like gun self-defense did not already exist but suddenly it does now because of Rittenhouse. We know gun self defense exists and so does the left – to the tune of thousands of times a day nation wide it becomes necessary for someone to use a gun as the last resort after all other means have failed to defend them self in some public space or defend their home or family or sometimes someone else.

        What the left is really angry about with Rittenhouser is that their narrative that gun defense is a myth and not needed while suppressing and twisting the facts, has been exposed as a lie.

      • “What concerns me is some kid decides he’s just like Kyle”

        what concerns me is that we have half a generation taught to equate their lack of self-restraint, their jealous rage, their envious destruction, and their irrational hatred with righteous justice and legitimate morality, and that they are supported by literally trillions of dollars in welfare, bailouts, and legal support by unaccountable but powerful people who hide in the background.

  7. In my opinion, the real issue in the Rittenhouse case was which would prevail, rule of law or mob rule. The Kenosha County District Attorney’s office argued for mob rule. Thanks to a strict judge and a clear minded jury, the DA failed. Still, it’s frightening that he tried.

    I’ve heard statements from the families of the three (probably antifa) thugs who got shot. To paraphrase Yoda, “Denial is strong in them.” They completely ignore that their relatives were violent criminals engaged in rioting, arson and vandalism. When someone (Rittenhouse) thwarted them, by peacefully cleaning up their messes, they attacked him. When they got shot, they were committing aggravated assault and battery if not murder. These are crimes against which deadly force is an authorized defense.

    • “which would prevail, rule of law or mob rule”

      you’re missing thepoint. for the left, this is tribal warfare, with the goal being the genociding of not just any opponent but of anyone not under their direct and personal and absolute control. for them, this not about law or mobs, this is about them personally. their goal is “I am, and there is none beside me.”

      • Selfishness is at the very core of a “progressive” They know no other way of being. It has always been so for them, since the womb. Such is the life of a god-less ‘socialist’ then, -who for all intents and purposes is a Marxist useful idiot. With no love for anyone but themselves and their own kind

  8. Yesterday we had an article about a man who left his home to protect his property and that it wasn’t the best idea. Rittenhouse left his state to defend property he had no stake in. How smart was that? Think he’d do the same thing again? It was self defense. No doubt. I’m glad he was acquitted. But still, what he did was an exercise in poor judgement. That’s what 17 year old boys do. Exercise poor judgement.

    • “How smart was that?”

      such a self-centered question (suitable for the isolate right). the real question is how moral and civic was it? it was very moral and very civic.

    • Some people are saying the Rittenhouse “left his state” as if he traveled to another planet or something. Kenosha is about 20 miles from Rittenhouse’s home in Antioch, IL.

      Now if he had gone from Antioch, IL, to Chicago, IL, that would be a much longer trip.

      Yes, I believe that in retrospect, Kyle wouldn’t go to Kenosha again. But rather than fret about Rittenhouse traveling across state lines as if that was a violation of the Mann Act, I’d rather complain about the douchebag criminals he shot being in Kenosha with nothing but evil on their minds.

    • To say that he was protecting things he had no stake in is wrong. He worked in the area, his father lived in the area, he had connections to the community. We should learn from him, not belittle his efforts, our world would be a better place if we all looked out for places we had connections to rather than saying “it’s not my responsibility”.

      • Exactly.

        He had plenty of ties to that community. But even if he had traveled a thousand miles to be there, he STILL had a legitimate stake in that conflict. We all have a stake in defending civilization against barbarians.

        What Kyle Rittenhouse did wasn’t prudent, and he has paid a high price for it…but heroes are not made by Falstaffian discretion. What he did was necessary, and it was right.

        We need more like him. A lot more.

        • I remember when it was gun voters to crossed state lines into Colorado. To help in getting enough signatures to recall three anti-civil rights democrat lawmakers.

          The Left is angry that Libertarians and Conservative are crossing state lines to help others. But it’s the Left who cross state lines to then go and destroy private property.

    • He lived in Illinois, true, but his house was only fifteen minutes away from the car lot he melped to protect. Frther, he was ASKED by that car lot’s owner to join in the security team. WHY is this so often forgotten? That place had been severely vandalised the night before, they attemted to burn down the building. Insurance dies NOT cover olss due to “riot or civil commotioin”. Read your own homeowners and car policies. The guy had taken a hard hit the night before, and did not want to take another the next night. Kyle and half a dozen others stepped up to help.

      As to crossing state lines.. have yuo ever studied the home towns of so many of the ntifa rioters, comparing them to the places they are dectroying? These rotters travel allover the country to be at the next “scene> NONE of the three who got shot were from Wisconsin OR illinois. Fully half ot the detined rioters (yes a tiny fraction of those destroying) in Portland Oregon are FROM Portland. Nope they come from all over the nation. So WHY doso many make such an issue of Kyle “tranelling interstate”? Of OCURSE he did. His Father lives, there his friend whose rifle he borroed lives there, he works there. or did. Im certain they’f e fired him over this. There is NO LAW agasint moving from one state to anyther for any lawful purpose. Standing watch on private property at the requeist of the owner is NOT a crime.

    • And they are worried they could be the next looters and arsonists shot dead by a law abiding citizen. Seriously, they are celebrating a person convicted of raping multiple kids many times! But they want you fired for using the wrong pronoun.

  9. The Democrats lost big in the latest election in Virginia when their “Parents Should Have No Say in How Their Children Are Educated” platform plank didn’t go over the way they thought it would. I now see they’re putting the finishing touches on their new “Just Take the Beating” plank, let’s see how that works out for them.

    • “I now see they’re putting the finishing touches on their new “Just Take the Beating” plank, let’s see how that works out for them.”

      That’s gonna blow up *big-time* in their faces.

      By their logic, a woman should just accept being raped as a part of dating… 😉

      • You know nothing of logic, Geoff. All the booze, coupled with your admitted drug abuse, fried your already meager brain. Sit this one out for your own good.

        • Hi, nameless troll! Are you still here, s***ting on the floor and posting your insane drivel??? Mom can’t affor her monthly for the cable TV feed to your basement, so you can jagoff off to Rachel Madcow???

          How about you go try to get a job, Onan?

      • or deiving their car whiel female, or eevn just walking down the street. But per ADA Binger, she shuold just let the perp have his way with her. That’s what he said Kyle should have done.. Just take the beating. Or the bullet in the head Mr GK had i store for him
        Kyle simply said NOPE. Not this time.

    • ” The Democrats lost big in the latest election in Virginia ”

      Not to mention just squeaking by in New Jersey, which should have been a big gimmee for the DemoRats. More interestingly, they (well, the Progressives, anyway) just got their assess handed to them in local elections in Seattle, with more damage likely on the way in December. The tide seems to be turning.

  10. The left is upset that Kyle Rittenhouse and the rest of the armed libertarians were there to protect private property. That is the real reason why they are angry. Because the left does not believe you have a right to use deadly force if necessary to protect private property. And while there were armed libertarians there to protect private property with Kyle Rittenhouse. Most libertarians do not believe in using deadly force to protect private property.

    And if it wasn’t for a Christian financial organization that helped raise money to pay for the lawyers he would not of had those lawyers. Because big tech companies shut down all efforts to raise money to pay for his lawyers or pay for his bail.

    Because libertarians support large multibillion dollar private corporations that will prevent you from raising money to defend yourself in court.

    Am I wrong? Because libertarians supported big tech when they were shutting down gun channels. When financial companies refused to process paperwork for gun ranges and other gun businesses.

    • “to protect private property”

      …from the violent, unhinged, corporate sponsored leftists. They can’t allow people to learn about that. That’s why Kyle has to be the bad guy.

  11. They’re also freaking out over the gun narrative. Not just any gun, but the scary AR-15. It was used to defend someone, not to commit mass murder.

      • Nah, Chris, screw that s*** – I want a SAW, and an M4, and an MP5.

        If the gummint has it, I should have it. Period.

    • With all the pink, rainbow, unicorn, Hello Kitty, and My Little Pony AR builds you would think they wouldn’t be so scary anymore.
      How would the prosecutor have looked holding up one of those versions in court?

  12. I read a comment awhile ago and the commentator stated the real bad riots stopped after the Kenosha incident… Basically the widespread destruction of property along with the looting… There were so many riots I kinda lost track but it rings true. Once the shitheads realized they might get killed or maimed they might have said the Soros money wasn’t worth it… I’m in Chicago so mass thefts and carjackings happen all the time, mainly because of our worthless mayor and States Attorney, but no property destruction… Hmmm…..

  13. Articles like this miss the point.

    They’re not going to “cope and seeth”. They’re going to lie, gaslight and push the envelope.

    They’ll get what’s coming to them. Unfortunately, so will the rest of us.

  14. Already tired of seeing the articles like:

    “After KR verdict we now have a murderer going free on our streets”

    “KR verdict makes murder legal”

    “KR verdict allows vigilantes to run free from punishment”

    “Jerry Nadler says its a shame people cannot use their first amendment rights for fear of someone gunning them down in cold blood”

    “Now that the KR verdict is over how can KR be punished for being a murderer”


    Court finds him not guilty, so how can he be punished??

    Sounds a lot like the morons who said Trump was impeached so thats like being fired so he got fired from president.

    We need more Kyles.

  15. I’m not a Lawyer, but I think pursing the alleged “Strawman” crime is pretty weak sauce, because KR didn’t have possession of the so called straw buy until the night of the incident. I don’t believe it meets all the criteria of a Straw purchase as:
    (1) was not a prohibited purchaser, ie a Felon
    (2) The purchase, storage, use of the weapon and intended transfer of the weapon was/is legal under both Illinois and Wisconsin law.
    (3) The Judge rightly dismissed all of the weapons charges the DA’s office made as none of those charges reasonably applied.

    I could be wrong, and no doubt the Demented One no doubt is pressuring the ATF to investigate potential charges.
    We’ll just have to wait and see.


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