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Fairfax, Va. – The executive director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action, Chris W. Cox, released the following statement on Tuesday regarding President Barack Obama’s Executive Gun Control Order:

Once again, President Obama has chosen to engage in political rhetoric, instead of offering meaningful solutions to our nation’s pressing problems.  Today’s event also represents an ongoing attempt to distract attention away from his lack of a coherent strategy to keep the American people safe from terrorist attacks . . .

The American people do not need more emotional, condescending lectures that are completely devoid of facts. The men and women of the National Rifle Association take a back seat to no one when it comes to keeping our communities safe.  But the fact is that President Obama’s proposals would not have prevented any of the horrific events he mentioned.  The timing of this announcement, in the eighth and final year of his presidency, demonstrates not only political exploitation but a fundamental lack of seriousness.

The proposed executive actions are ripe for abuse by the Obama Administration, which has made no secret of its contempt for the Second Amendment.  The NRA will continue to fight to protect the fundamental, individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms as guaranteed under our Constitution.  We will not allow law-abiding gun owners to be harassed or intimidated for engaging in lawful, constitutionally-protected activity – nor will we allow them to become scapegoats for President Obama’s failed policies.

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    • ^^^ This. The line has been drawn. Time to pick a side.
      If you’re not actively defending your rights, then you are actively complicit in their erosion.

      • More like it’s time to vote, and NEVER miss an election. No more excuses about a candidate not being 100% of what you want. Unless you’re running for office, no candidate will ever be 100% of what you want. BHO won in 2012 because a bunch of people choose to sit on the sidelines because they didn’t something about the candidate running against BHO.

        We punish these people at the ballot box. We do it at local elections, we do it at state elections, and we do it at national elections. Gun control has to be toxic to a candidate It has to unseat career politicians and crush the aspirations of up and coming wannabe politicians. We can’t do that unless we’re all voting all the time. We failed to mobilized in 2012 and elections have consequences.

        • Yeah… THAT will fix it.

          Vote harder.

          If you own a firearm or if you just believe in personal liberty, you need to be donating to the NRA.

        • So, 88% of registered voters are irregular and they miss voting in elections. Unless you think there is some shadow body that picks election winners, elections are won by the candidates who get the most votes. If you’re someone who sits home and makes excuses why you couldn’t find 10 minutes to get to a polling site that’s open for 12-14 hours – you are part of the problem.

        • And don’t forget to remind like-minded family and friends to vote. Applying a little peer pressure when it comes to voting is never a bad thing.

        • So, who should I have voted for in 2012? The war mongering, big government loving, socialized medicine promoting, gun ban signing candidate who hated working class whites or Obama? Obama was probably the better choice since the Republicans in the Congress would have rolled over and offered themselves like cats in heat to any thing McCain or Romney wanted, including gun bans.

    • Just upgraded to a life membership. My one friend, a first time gun owner as of last month, just joined up. He still hasn’t received his welcome package, which leads me to believe the NRA might be swamped with new recruits.

    • Just upped my membership from 5 year to Life Member. I took advantage of the discount and 5 year payment plan. Thank you NRA. Now to join the GOA as well.

    • Yep. +1000. I joined the NRA after Sandy Hook. Prior to that I was pretty ambivalent about joining much of anything, to tell the truth. In addition, while I was admittedly inattentive to gun-rights issues, I also thought of the NRA as being made up of Fudds. That changed when Wayne LaPierre upended the entire gun-control push with his “good guy with a gun” comment. It takes talent and skill to do what he did and that’s something the NRA has excelled at for a longer time than many of us have been alive. Without it I have no doubt that we would now be a gun-controlled nation. Think about that for a moment. . . If you believe in gun-rights and aren’t a member, this is the time to join.

    • Renewed my NRA membership and joined GOA and made a donation.
      United gun owners are far stronger than Obama. He has done enough to destroy this once great country.

    • Now we have to push back against this. We push congress to push him.

      I can’t believe they let this mentally ill tyrant give the whole legislative branch the middle finger.

      • THIS
        I called all my representatives today and, although I think very highly of most if them, I told their receptionists to pass along that ‘we don’t need to send any OK state reps to DC, if they’re just going to let the president do it all on his (dictatorship [cough]) own.
        Further, all our rights recited in the Bill of Rights are protections FROM government, and thereby protected solely by an armed citizenry of sovereign individuals AND, that all our rights recited in the Bill of Rights will outlive even the idea of America.

    • Renewed my membership tonight.
      I was never very religious about keeping it up to date, but events like this are a good reminder why we need the NRA and other advocates.

  1. We have only one pressing problem. People who claim they are attempting to solve pressing problems. No one can protect you on the individual level. It should be a capital crime to claim otherwise. Obama is an NRA fundraiser, the NRA likes when Obama says stupid sh_t and they get to respond.

    • Works like a charm every time and honestly I think we owe the President and his never ending stream of polemics and bullshit a hearty round of applause and a thank you. He’s done more to expand the shooting sports than possibly anyone in the country, except maybe for Larry Potterfield. If I didn’t think I’d get in trouble I’d send the pres a cartridge with his name and “thanks from a grateful #2a empowered nation, we couldn’t have done it without you” engraved on it.

  2. Judas Priest, NRA.

    Obama’s speech said that he would both enforce existing gun laws and expand mental health funding. This is exactly what you said needed to be done.

    I swear, if Obama came to your house and mowed your lawn you’d still complain about it.

      • ^^ This!

        Yeah, he proposed a couple things to make the NCIS system a little more robust, some of which should have happened on their own with-out presidential involvement, so kudos there for doing one small thing what you’re suppose to have already been doing. Now if only you’d do the big things you are suppose to be doing.

        Instead he throws more paper work at folks that already do a lot of NFA paper work and proposes to call a bunch of hobbyist dealers with an unenforcible and vacuous dealer definition.

      • Uh huh. The drop in productions over 5 years is all Obama’s fault, not the $2billion in funding that congress cut from the DOJ’s budget.

    • I’m more interested in just what the NRA has in mind to stop Executive Orders.


      I’ll give it this much, Obama ain’t the only one that loves to posture. And get political.

      • Maybe you ought to wait until someone gets busted on the basis of one and see. Or at least wait to see if any actual “order” that can be litigated is published. But so far, there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot to do anything “about”. Unless you want to reinstate CLEO NFA signoffs.

        • Maybe you want to see if, in the absence of bread, cake is the recommended fare, before buying a ticket for the seat in the square?

    • If you had previously told him that your lawn needed mowing, and he had told you you were wrong, and then 4 years later proceeded to mowed your lawn claiming he had to do it because of your inaction, you’d complain too.

    • Troll much? Funding for mental health is fine. Creating an incestuous love triangle between physician mental health tattle-tailing, social security manipulation and federal overreach while allowing the ATF carteblanche as to what they get to consider “a business” is not.

      • We don’t trust doctors enough to not wear gloves.
        We don’t trust Oholebama to not free criminals and terrorists, aid and comfort our enemies, turn his back on innocents and cozy up to POS muslims, while trying to put his foot on the necks of US citizens [The Manchurian Candidate would be an upgrade (cough)].


    • Uh.. did you miss the part about requiring fingerprints and photographs of everyone on gun trusts for every NFA item purchase?

      That means, if you want to buy a silencer, you now have to pay $50 per person (or whatever the going rate is at your local DMV/police department), plus now the eFile system is obsolete for non-SOT’s, so even Form 1’s will have to be done on paper.

      Especially in the case of the latter, this increases the amount of paperwork and overall effort a hundredfold, not to mention increasing the cost and drastically increasing approval times.

      Obama just completely shit all over the NFA industry, an industry which is responsible for zero crime. Owners of registered items are orders of magnitude less likely to commit crime.

      The last murder committed with a registered silencer was in 1965. Repeat that last sentence until you realize how laughably wrong you are.

    • The NRA as a organization has never bullied me into buying more guns; however, I have friends who are card carrying members of the NRA bully me over not having enough guns. 🙂

  3. Best statement I’ve heard so far: cut to the real issue (distraction/deflection), didn’t go overboard by specifically mischaracterizing what was actually done (the way the R presidential candidates apparently are doing), did recognize the potential for abuse (which was there before, but still, good to let Zero know someone is watching). I say, well done.

  4. The NRA could have supported background checks for all gun sales/purchases which is mainly for private sellers since licensed dealers already do background checks. Such a simple compromise, well, not so simple in the eyes of the NRA who wants you to think the government is out to take your guns. The NRA helps gun manufacturers make millions just as they do with your money on your fear, paranoia. Our rights unlike the rights of other countries guarantee us the right to keep and bear arms, America would be in a civil war if ever our government tried to take our guns.

    • The leftists are out to take our guns. And they try their best to do that when they control a government (See California and New York).

      • +1 on this, California is the template for incremental elimination of 2nd Amendment rights, and with the election looming, depending on where the dice fall, it could be coming to a state near you, or your own.

        Vote out the antis, before they get ya.

        (not being sarcastic, if it sounds like it, I’m just loopy still from Obaaaamuh alligator crying for innocents lost because he and his ilk have removed our rights to personal safety)

    • I urge you to Google fu Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s 60 Minutes interview some years ago when asked about “coming for your guns”,

      To paraphrase her reply,
      “If I had the votes to tell Mr and Mrs America to turn them all in I would have supported it wholeheartedly”.

      Look, too many articles to cite of talking heads, pundits, the Durbins Schumers, O Malley’s, Cuomo’s etc et al. They do want our guns and are not going to stop. Sen Barbara Boxer D-Ca said these things take time. A bump becomes a nudge, a nudge becomes a shove. But they really want Australia and/or European disarmed citizenry.

      Don’t be fooled.

    • “Such a simple compromise . . .”

      There is no compromising with progressive authoritarians. We are not fooled.

    • I guess you probably think the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is a good thing too!
      Your views about how the NRA should have supported ( maybe given into) background checks
      on private sales shows, you must be drinking the same “KOOL AID” as others that want to systematically erode our 2A rights.
      It’s not fear and paranoia, it is the simple fact that every (give a bit) is one sided.
      If one starts out ( at any given discussion) with what at that moment is 100 percent,
      then Quote/ unquote meets in the middle– one side has LOST 50 percent. And so on and so on, until everything is GONE! That’s not fear and paranoia, just reality…

    • Apparently the Trolls have found the TTAG website. Is there nowhere left to avoid the paid Alinskyites?

    • Sorry but comprising is what has brought about all the bullshit we deal with now. No more comprising period. Start rolling back all the infringement they have already passed. Name another constitutionally protected right that requires a permit to excercise, requires a background check, requires certain types of taxes be paid, and on and on. Name one! Screw compromise.

    • They don’t need to try and take all of them, just some of them, and the federal government doesn’t need to try it, just open access to the registry to those states and local governments that would like to use it to ban certain guns, like they are trying to do right now with the Terror Watch List. And we know for a fact that state and local governments will do this kind of thing as it’s been done in America.

    • The question was raised:

      Can NRA gift memberships bought by us for Michael Bloomberg as a demonstration of our support for (and contribution to) the NRA, and a message to Bloomy that we don’t like his views about our rights, be cancelled by Bloomy and any refund given to him?

      I’d like to hear it from someone on this site — with citation — if anyone knows.

    • Never mind. It was easier to find than I imagined.

      “Contributions, gifts or membership dues made or paid to the National Rifle Association of America are not refundable or transferable and are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.”

      I’m going to buy Bloomy a gift membership.

      • Hmmmmm, Maybe a collection should be started to get lifetime gift memberships for Bloomberg, Gates, Schumers ( Chuck and Amy), the Cuomo clan, Hillary, Obama and ?????????
        Maybe Even APPLESEED Scholarships (or endowments) could be set up in their names……….

    • I like that idea…

      I wonder if I can do it in such a way that he gets all the mailings, not me

      • have it sent to the “Office” that way others from the mail room on up will see and hear about it……
        ( gotta make sure to choose hard copy edition, NOT electronic magazine)!!!

  5. donated to the NRA again and will continue to send them what ever I can

    It’s not as if my elected representatives and moronic Senators are going to represent me

  6. The NRA is the only gun rights group EVER mentioned by the corrupt press/left pols. Most of the firearms used in crimes in places like Chiraq come from either stolen guns or STRAW buyers-clean bangers, gal pals, mom,uncle homie or sis without a record. Weep about THAT Bury Soetoro. Ya’ know the ability to cry on camera is a good skill if you wanna’ pursue an acting gig after next January Bury…re-upping my NRA thing.

  7. The NRA statement was fine with me. I agree. I am still at a loss about private gun sales with the new Executive order. Sooo….if I use the Internet or some other media avenue to sell one of my guns, does that make me a professional dealer in need of a FFL?

  8. Well, this does take the Middle East off the front pages for a few days. Even though the EO do very little if anything that isn’t already done or in process, it does serve, as I read in an op ed on Fox, to further undermine Congressional authority.

  9. Bought 300 shares of RGR last week and sold today and bagged About $1700 in my sepira… Also picked up my GP100 Match Champion today at my lgs at my LGS for $730, via Davidsons… Not only is “the one” the best gun salesman ever, I got him to pay for my gun, plus lots of ammo… what an intransigent pig head this guy is.

  10. from my cold dead hands………. this is the one truth we can ALL agree on. I will never, repeat NEVER turn in / give up my firearms. If I have to sling one and march to washington on foot so be it.

  11. The president’s speech was littered with lies:

    1) The reason ours is the only country having a problem with mass shootings right now is not due to guns because the guns have been available for decades. The mass shootings are very recent

    2) Yes, you can’t yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater. And we don’t tape your mouth shut when you go into said theater either. So his analogy with guns falls apart. Shooting people in theaters (or anywhere unless in self-defense) is illegal too, but we should not be disarming people.

    3) Yes, this is in fact a slippery-slope to confiscation. HE may not have that in mind, but a future administration/government could, and we have precedent for confiscation happening from registries.

    4) Joe Manchin’s “A” Grade from the NRA is meaningless. He is no friend of the Second Amendment. This is a man who talked about people having the right to hunt in regards to the Second Amendment and that magazine capacity should be limited because he only loads three rounds into the rifle when hunting.

    5) The attacker in China with the knife had no intention of killing anyone. He just was cutting of ears. That is why his attack didn’t kill anyone. It wasn’t that he tried to kill people and failed. There are other knife attacks that have killed multiple people.

    6) The Congress cut the funding to the CDC on researching gun violence because the CDC got caught red-handed engaging in lying to promote gun control

    7) In addition, gun violence is not a public health issue, not matter what the public health and gun control people try to claim. Problems with cars, food, toys, etc…those are public health issues. Gun violence has nothing to do with problems with guns. It is a criminology issue. Criminologists are the real experts on the issue. Saying that gun violence is a public health issue would be like saying illegal street racing is a public health issue.

    8) Research into guns in society by criminologists has constantly been occurring.

    9) People on the Terrorist Watch List should not be denied their gun rights as that is a complete violation of due process. That is a very arbitrary list with no specific way to go about getting taken off of it. Ted Kennedy was put on it along with numerous other lesser-known, but wrong, people put onto it.

  12. Is Obama’s latest ass-wiping with the Constitution enough to start a riot? What are the people to do? I heard that guy was the worlds greatest guns salesman in the history of Earth…………… This guys idea of “Change” makes me sick………………….. This presidency is an oligarchy. And with that comes great consequence. We the people have reaped exactly what we sewed when we let OUR Government own us. And they do. Every Fucking inch.

  13. Donate to the NRA. Join or extend your membership during the CNN Special “Town Hall on Gun Control” with Obama and Anderson Cooper to air Thursday, January 7 at 8 PM Eastern and repeat several times that night. Do not tune-in to CNN for any of those showings to drive their viewer share as low as possible and deny their advertiser’s message to as many viewers as possible. Send a message that will hurt and humiliate while helping the NRA.

  14. I renewed Memberships to: NRA, GOA and SAF. I plan to throw another $10 at each tonight.

    The line is crossed, the actions are about hating on firearms. Only law-abiding citizens are impaired. No criminal misuse, no cause of why people do wrong is addressed. Attacks on the Constitution must not be allowed to pass.

  15. Vote.
    Find someone with an open mind and bring them over to our side.
    Take a newbie shooting and make it fun for them (not humbling or embarrassing or painful).

  16. The NRA will continue to fight to protect the fundamental, individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms as guaranteed under our Constitution.” Lie. Look at NRA contract lobbyist for IL Donald Todd Vandermyde. In Dec. 2012 the U.S. Federal Appellate Court in Chicago overturned IL’s concealed weapons statute, which was on the books since 1963.

    With the best opportunity in FIFTY years and the Federal government behind them, Vandermyde and his clown sidekick Richard Pearson from ISRA did what they have always done, sell out their own members and lose. Vandermyde cut a deal with the anti-gun Chiefs of Police to put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties of 6 MONTHS or
    1 YEAR in Rep. Brandon Phelps HB183 “NRA backed” carry bill, not Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

    Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA-ILA pay rats like Vandermyde to set up armed citizens to be killed by police criminals like Jon Burge, and disarmed, abducted and raped by police impersonators like John Gacy. What a team we have in IL, the rat who put DTI in the racist hicks bill, and the buffoon with Bryl Cream in his hair who sold out Otis McDonald. Yee-haw! Go team NRA!

  17. #enrollblumberg
    Last night, I paid for a gift membership in the NRA for Michael Bloomberg. He will also receive ay his home, a year subscription to First Freedom magazine.

    • There are 4 million plus current members of the NRA WE need to do this for Sen. Dianne Frankenstein and as many other anti 2A people as possible that would really make news! Need a list of addresses of the prominent antis.

  18. All the Vicks Vapor Rub induced crying by El Presidente boils down to two simple things: he “acted” on more gun control to assuage his useful Democrat idiots, and Big Bro Govt will be hiring around 500 more overpaid tax junkie flunkies at the ATF and FBI to administer his edicts.

    Pandering and patronage. Thats all folks.

  19. This is an utterly flaccid (in more ways than one) attempt at making a footnote in history. I wish there was a stats list on how many of the mass shooters where NRA members. You damned well know that if any had been members that would have certainly made headlines. WE also KNOW that CRIMINALS and the CRIMINALLY INSANE DON’T AND WONT OBEY LAWS !!!!!!!!

  20. Hello Mr. Gun Guy,

    As a Veteran of the Military, gun owner, and advocate, I have a question I hope you can answer. Why does the ATF have a form, linked here with “alternatives” to FFL transfer of guns? Is this the REAL problem with today’s American Gun Control Issue? I mean, it reads as if you really don’t need the FFL if you don’t want to use them. If that’s the case, I’d bet it would be pretty easy to just erase that half of the page and make EVERYONE go through the FFL to transfer, gift, buy or sell a weapon today. No infringement on rights, everybody’s happy, right?

  21. Hey, maybe since the “gun show Loophole” is closed, since everyone buying a gun will have had a background check….
    CONSTITUTIONAL “concealed carry” for ALL….. NO MORE PERMIT NEEDED.

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