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From Vortex . . .

Vortex Optics is launching the all-new Venom® 5-25×56 FFP, the first in a new series of optics aimed at giving shooters all the tools they need to get into the game at an affordable price without compromising optical quality, or giving up the features they need to be competitive.

The Venom® 5-25×56 FFP is a perfect example of what shooters should expect from the Venom® lineup, providing new shooters an entry-level price with next-level tools. There are some obvious features that showoff the Venom® 5-25×56 FFP’s long-range pedigree. There’s the 34mm tube, maximizing turret travel. There’s the RevStop™ Zero System, a fast, easy, rock-solid return to zero. And, an included throw lever means rapid, smooth magnification adjustments are a snap.

But take a look inside the Venom® 5-25×56 FFP and you start to see how this riflescope makes it easier for new shooters to learn, all while keeping them in the game. The First Focal Plane reticle ensures subtensions are accurate throughout the mag range, which shooters will love because the EBR-7C reticle makes it easy to measure and range targets in scope. The 5x zoom range takes shooters farther, letting them punch out to 1,000 yards and beyond.

Just because a shooter is new to the game doesn’t mean they should be limited by inferior optics, and the Venom® 5-25×56 FFP is a perfect example of how the Venom® line makes it easier to not just get started, but to have the tools shooters need to be competitive right away.

$699.99 – Venom® 5-25×56 FFP MOA Riflescope
$699.99 – Venom® 5-25×56 FFP MRAD Riflescope

For a list of specifications, frequently asked questions and high-resolution images, check out the Vortex New Products Portal. For more information, visit and be sure to follow Vortex Optics on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


About Vortex Optics: American owned, veteran-owned, Wisconsin-based Vortex Optics designs, engineers, produces, and distributes a complete line of premium sport optics, accessories, and apparel. Dedicated to providing unrivaled customer service and exceptional quality, Vortex® backs its products with the unconditional, transferrable, lifetime VIP Warranty. Built on over 30 years of experience in the optics industry, Vortex® has emerged as a leader in the optics market.


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  1. Where were scopes like this when I started getting into distance shooting. 1st non-hunting scope was a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×56 Mil/Mil. The $1800 price tag back then was a deal compared to the $3400 price tag on the Schmidt & Bender PM II 3-12×56 that I used at work.

    Back to this scope though, this on top of a Bergera B-14 or a Remington 700 SPS/PSS would likely be the most 99% of the people who try to get into distance shooting would ever need. Between Vortex and even Primary Arms, some really good scopes at affordable prices have come out. Sure might not be as durable as some of the legacy brands but again for 99% of people that’s fine.

    Now if only there was a thing such as affordable ammo these days.

    • The rest of the Venom line is made in the Philippines. Razor is Japan. Everything else is China.

      • Doesn’t Vortex like to brag they have a whole manufacturing facility here in the US? What do they actually do there, just assemble the parts they get from elsewhere?

  2. I have a few Vortex scopes and for the price point they are good scopes. I had one with the illuminated reticle but the interior glass cam dislodged on an AR-10 with 308. Sent it back to them and said if they could not fix it just send me a new one without the illuminated feature as I really didn’t need it. Total turn around was a little over 2 weeks. Great customer service and they do stand by their lifetime warranty.

    A friend of mine bent his when he dropped his rifle and they replaced it for free. So whether China, Mexico or wherever they make it, they do stand by their product.

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