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And we now have the third pistol in the last week that’s aimed directly at the market position of the SIG P365. First the Hellcat. Earlier today, the M&P M2.0 Subcompact. Now, Century Arms has announced the new Canik TP9 Elite Sub Compact.


It’s a 12+1 polymer striker fired carry gun that ships with a 12-round and 15 round magazine and has an MSRP of $429. Here’s Century’s press release . . .

DELRAY BEACH, Florida – (October 2, 2019) – Century Arms is proud to introduce the newest addition to the already impressive Canik line of handguns.  The TP9 Elite Sub Compact (SC) is a concealable, lightweight, reliable, double stacked, striker-fired polymer pistol. This pistol comes chambered in 9mm and features a 12 round standard capacity, while still being easily concealed at an impressive 1.45” width and 6.70” overall length.  This pistol capitalizes on all of the amazing features the Canik brand has become known for while adapting to the needs of the discreet firearms owner.


“The demand for a reliable, double stacked, concealable handgun, at a price point the blue-collar American could afford without sacrificing quality or comfort was a challenge the Canik team accepted head-on!  We are proud to say that the TP9 Elite SC is exactly that, a superior handgun,” said Adam Ruonala, Century Arms National Director of Marketing.  “This firearm was designed with the sole intent of being an everyday carry for everyone from the Law Enforcement officer as a back up, to the private citizen who wants the peace of mind in knowing the capacity and functionality of the pistol is top of the line.”

The 3.60” barrel is the optimal length designated by Canik’s trusted engineers to ensure top tier accuracy out of the 4.60” tall TP9 Elite SC.  The weight comes in at a minuscule 24.78 ounces which results in an effortless carry.  The nickel-coated internals results in the smooth functionality that the Canik line has become internationally known for.


The features of the TP9 Elite SC far exceed the basic subcompact details.  The firearm comes standard with a tungsten slide and black frame, micro dot optics ready slide mount allowing co-witness with iron sights, a loaded chamber indicator, ambidextrous slide release, reversible magazine release, white dot phosphorous front sight and black out rear sight for easy low light target acquisition.

The TP9 Elite SC offerings do not stop at the above-mentioned facts.  Every pistol also comes standard with a new subcompact holster that has the ability to mount either for an inside or outside the waistband carry.  Each pistol comes with a 12 and 15 round magazine. The new Canik designed 15 round magazine features a grip extension module that allows the shooter to operate this firearm as a compact, giving the operator a multi-purpose pistol tunable to an ever-changing day to day landscape. The TP9 Elite SC has an MSRP of $429 and is available now.

Canik has already begun the process of creating a large number of accessories and add-ons that will soon be available to the US market.  These additions will be available directly from Canik and will feature the same quality and dependability as the pistols themselves.

  • Interchangeable back strap in 2 sizes (small and large)
  • Blackout rear and phosphorous front white dot sight
  • Micro red-dot interface with co-witness feature
  • Striker status indicator
  • Ambidextrous slide stop
  • Loaded chamber indicator
  • Front slide serrations
  • Reversible magazine release
  • Integral accessory picatinny rail (MIL-STD-1913)
  • Tungsten Cerakote over nitride slide finish
  • Match grade nitride coated barrel
  • Small parts and internal components nitride or high-wear nickel-coated
  • The TP9 Elite SC comes with two magazines: one 12rd +optional finger rest base plate and one 15rd with extended baseplate. Also included are toolbox, user manual and a concealed carry holster with reversible clips for IWB and OWB use.


About Century Arms
Born over 50 years ago with its roots in the surplus business, Century Arms has an extensive history of providing unique and affordable products to the American Collector, Hunter, and Target Shooter. That tradition is carried on today, with a state of the art manufacturing facility located in the U.S.A, as the company continues to offer unique, innovative, and quality products to the U.S. Consumer and U.S. Government.

For additional information on Canik USA, visit us online at

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  1. How is a pistol with a width of 1.45 inches aimed at the P365 market? That makes not sense. Looks more like a competitor to double stack subcompact pistols. I am happy with my P30SK LEM for that purpose. IMO this is another meh pistol.

      • Getting crowded? It’s getting boring. Who cares anymore. I bought a Randall CC FT and a Glock 43 last Sunday. Then Chris posted. #8 4″ Old Style. Canceled the Glock. Bought the #8. Much more interesting. Randall #8 is intended as a gift for a friend. He takes me quail hunting a time or two you a season.koo. nu nu

      • I’m holding out for a concealable micro-micro (that fits in my change pocket) gun that when gripped with sweaty Adrenaline filled hands it expands into 4″ barrel w/30 rd mag.

    • Agreed – the width compared to the Sig 365 and the Springfield Armory kills this gun for guys like me that wear on the belt and cover it with a t-shirt. There is also a considerable weight difference for a concealed carry gun.

      Both the Sig and SA also come with night sights which a serious carrier will want.

      I cannot agree with the comparison.

      • No dude you’re completely wrong I have this pistol I also have a Glock 43 and a p320 compact, paired with the paddle holster it does not print any more than my 43x…you’re on here knocking something that you have not tried at all just because of the basic with but guess what it does not print any more at all. It matters about holster holster is what counts… Especially a holster with a claw that goes a long way

    • Yeah this seems to be a competitor to the Sig 320 sub compact, G26, HK VP9SK, PPQ SC, etc, the more traditional sub compact double stack that has existed for years, not the P365. As more jump in and try to “win” on one spec, like mag capacity, over width or weight, it will be harder to tell which ones are what.

      Still, someone may decide to give up the width and weight for the extra rounds, lower cost, or whatever.

    • Does the article claim it takes aim at the p365 market? Maybe I missed that. It’s a SC because it is smaller than the Canik compact, which is smaller than the std Canik, not because it is going after the p365 (which some find too small anyway). This size makes it far more enjoyable on range days; an important & often overlooked aspect for EDC. Imo it is near the perfect size, smaller than the G19 and a better grip size than the G26. I also think you are making far too much of the width at one small area, since it doesn’t carry like a wide gun. The real competition is the CZ P10 S, which is also a more substantial sc size.

        • Grow up. Own a Walther? An SKS? AK? Anything made by Taurus/Rossi? They all come from places with dubious human rights records.

      • Walther?!? It comes from the Federal Republic of Germany whose human rights record is on par with that of those US of A of yours, Tim. Sometimes a little bit better, sometimes a little bit worse… anyway, the one & only purpose of government everywhere is to infringe -RKBA specifically included, of course- on human rights. The only question is how much they do at any one time.

        • while the good ole u.s of a is far from perfect, it’s hard to consider germany in all its incarnations to be on par or better when it comes to human rights. while all “rights” are an illusion and subject to the whims of the governments prerogative at the given time in history, at least american rights like freedom of speech and right to bear arms are codified in law. as far as i know those “rights” are not expected in current germany as they are in america. at the same time i’m aware that only americans have and ultimately expect such “rights” and those are somewhat different than human rights.

          i do agree that the modern german republic doesn’t belong on the same side of the ledger as turkey, china, or russia. i guess my main point of contension is that germany has a better human rights record than the u.s.a. historically there is no contest. in the current day, i think those two rights i mentioned earlier give us an advantage that keeps or record ahead. at least for it’s own citizens.

          if you want to debated how the two countries militaries treat people of other nations that’s a little trickier. i still think the u.s military is one the best behaved dominating forces in history. i can name some bad moments but over all i think our militaries culture is one of respecting those we are occupying as much as they can.

  2. I only have two complaints about Canik semi-auto handguns:
    (1) They are really thick (1.45 inches as Grumpster noted above).
    (2) Their bore-axis is really high.

    Other than that, they seem to be fine firearms.

    • slide width is 1.2″. It is only 1/4″ from slide stop to slide stop and that gets hidden in the holster. I carry one and it is no bigger, realistically than my shield.

      • Well said Mike. You can’t just read off a single stat and know the feel of a gun and that is especially true of width in this case, with this gun. This one doesn’t carry as that misleading stat would have you believe.

  3. These guys are playing “Me Too!” with a 2 year old hot product. Meh. We just got three of the P365 SAS pistols in stock, and they are sweet. The ported slide and barrel, the FT Bullseye night sight, the flush controls, and same holster fitment as the standard P365. Winning.

  4. ******YES SUPPORT TERRORISM BUY A CANIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  5. Looks like a pretty cool pistol to me….
    Of course, a FUDD would have something negative to say about it….
    And who fkn cares where the money goes…. I would be buying from CENTURY ARMS, not sending money to Turkey…… TURKEY!

  6. I happen to like my full sized Canik TPS.
    Probably more then my PPQ-SC which this gun the TP9SC is about the same size.
    Its not small its certainly not micro sized like the Sig or the Springfield.
    Only problem as I see is. Sig is well Sig. Im 0 for 3 with them gunwise and their customer service. So even if they make the Holy Grail.
    Screw Sig.
    Springfield is well Springfield and hold a grudge if 1 wants to. I like the idea of the Hellfire and will take a look at it when it does come out.
    The CanikTP9SC not so much cause its a sub compact. Tons of them out there already and Ive tried 4 or 5 of them already. Walther, S&W, FN, and Sig. All plastic crap in my humble opinion. I like all metal guns sorry.

  7. You are better off buying a Canik over Smith and Wesson. The latter supports the Communist state of Massachusetts and Elizabeth Warren who are far more harmful to our 2A rights than some raghead in Turkey.

  8. Thing is way too heavy and way too thick for me to even consider it as a CCW.

    Many micro 9s are coming in at 1 inch slide length and well under 25 oz. Many .380s are 10oz and .7 or .8 in width.

    Unless you need capacity I just cant see the point of this pistol over so many other options… and if you think you’ll “need” capacity of 12+ rounds my suspicion is youd probably be better served with a full size pistol… and body armor

  9. Not interested. The 365XL is lighter, and thinner. It even fits the belt slide holster for the 365. On my hip as I am waiting on my daughter in the dental office. No huge lump on my side under an untucked polo shirt when I head back out into the 97 degree Atlanta heat.

  10. It’s kind of cool that they’re including a holster, of decent quality, hopefully. That alleviates the problem of waiting for someone to make a holster for a new pistol.

    • Yeah because the Kel Tec P11 didn’t exist 30 years before the G2C.

      Ever wonder what the 2 was in the G2C? It wasn’t even Taurus’s first crack at this genre. The true parent to this line of sc pistols is the Grendel P10.

  11. While l really like this TP9 Elite Sub compact the Sig P365 and Springfield hellcat are considerably smaller than the TP9 Elite sub compact but it is the size of a Walther PPQ subcompact or a VP9 sc right now you can purchase a Walther PPQ sc for 400 dollars for this gun to sell it will need to be well under the 429 suggested retail while l have a TP9sfx and a PPQ navy love them both this Canik TP9 elite sc needs to be under 350 dollars for it to take off no it will not replace my Sig P365 or P99c or SR9c for concealed carry l really like the TP9 elite sc but l really don’t need it my next gun will probably be a Taurus TX 22 if l can buy it out the door for around 220 -230 dollars

  12. Normally more is better- that’s why the P365 made a splash. It took a platform that looked more like a 6 or 8 round gun and stuffed 10+1 in there. But I’m not sure going with 12+1 as a next step will work as well- the 10+1 guns actually have some advantage in market share as they are legal in some large states that 12+1 are not. Those scary 2 rounds, right? In any case, because of that, going down from a 15 to a 12 may not be as useful for a manufacturer as going down to 10 as standard, particularly if you end up with a smaller gun in the end.

  13. I love all the mental midgets that have the “what’s the point?” and “what do we need another one for?” attitudes.
    Choices and options for the shooter are a beautiful thing…. and competition among the makers is equally great for us!

    ONLY in the USA, can we be have new choices and options pop up in the gun world on a weekly basis…. and this is DESPITE a constant, strong drive to control and/or even BAN these very tools.
    ONLY in the USA can you walk into a local store and have a tough time deciding which of these new guns to buy… and then walk out with it in most cases.
    Grow up and think about it.

  14. Just because it is called subcompact by Canik does not mean it competes with smaller firearms that are called subs. A manufacturer can call the size anything that it wants to call it. For example the Sig P320 is called compact, but it is the a little larger than the Glock 19, which is also called a compact. Forget the size that it is called and look at the spec measurements, then decide if you want it or not. To me the TP9 SC is actually a compact, and I will be getting one soon.

  15. I love the world. buy your momma a monkey. Just sayin. Ho moe dee. Something is n the wata. what iz ua lumpimann. origanomaly.

  16. The TP9 Elite sc is an excellent pistol! The grip is solid, the sighting plane is great, the trigger is very good has very good pointing abilities. The perceived muzzel jump is lessor than the S & W shield even with a 4″ barrel and the felt recoil is minimal. What’s not to like?
    Suggestion: Actually handle and shoot this gun before you make random and inaccurate conclusions.

  17. Bunch of Gun Snobs in here…Calling Turkish weapons junk…based on what?…sounds like a case of ignorance to me. I own 4 Turkish weapons SAR K2 45 ( A beast of a weapon) 2 Caniks (Tp9SA and Tp9SF Elite…Both High quality weapons with the best triggers on a polymer weapon…Period! and a Girsan Regard MC….fantastic Weapon as well….Turkey is a NATO Country that makes Great weapons…All other Commentary just shows your ignorance!!!

  18. So where can I find accessories for this tp9 elite sc I jist purchased? They are hard to find!

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