And the Award for Most Epic Beard at SHOT Show 2016 Goes To….


Magpul designers John Tullis and Taylor Welden. They were promoting Magpul’s new apparel line, including a full clothing and accessory line (belts, tactical/work gloves, etc. ). Well done, gentlemen. Well done.


  1. avatar jeff says:

    Magpul utilikilt?

    1. avatar Desert Ranger says:

      Magpul horned-helmets!

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    Should have cut that beard off and braided it into a rifle sling. Could sell it to Cabot for their upcoming rifle line.

    1. avatar LifeAbounds says:

      Weave a sling clip onto the end of a braid and use for AR pistol.
      Hide in beard. CCW

      THAT would be tactical.

  3. avatar TITAN308 says:

    As a fellow long beard owner, the guy on the left needs to learn to at least half ass grooming his beard. It looks terrible. Buy that man a boar thistle brush and barber comb.

  4. avatar john boch says:

    The only thing epic about those two is an epic grooming fail.

    1. avatar TITAN308 says:

      The guy on the right is OK, but the guy on left is killing me. Probably just my OCD kicking in.

      1. avatar TITAN308 says:

        This hipster hairstyle is a nice touch tho lol

  5. avatar BLAMMO says:


    1. avatar SkyMan77 says:

      ^ ^ ^ +1

    2. avatar Kris says:

      As a sporter of beard and father of daughter, I’d rather be impressed by the beards at a gun show. I bet the girls at those gun shows weren’t raised by armed fathers. How ironic.

  6. avatar dph says:

    I’ll bet you can find enough of yesterdays lunch in there to feed one of those starving kids in India I used to hear about.

  7. avatar Mack Bolan says:

    Ironically they probably manscape.

  8. avatar JR Pollock says:

    I can only imagine the hilarity that would ensue if they got too close to a lathe on the shop floor..

    1. avatar dph says:

      Almost any machine on the shop floor for that matter.

    2. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “I can only imagine the hilarity that would ensue if they got too close to a lathe on the shop floor..”

      Like this young woman?:

  9. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

    I don’t think epic means what you think it means.

  10. avatar Arrr says:

    Careful these guys are staring to look like Muslims to me.

  11. avatar Andy says:

    “I’ll bet you can find enough of yesterdays lunch in there”


    “Careful these guys are staring to look like Muslims to me.”


    Allah’s snack bar!

    Nice work peeps!

    1. avatar LifeAbounds says:

      *B I N G O*

      great post.

  12. avatar TroyBilt says:

    It takes anywhere between 2 – 6 years to grow a beard to your beards max.

    There are 3 stages of beard growth. Once you hit stage 3 your beard is at its final length.

    I have not trimmed mine in over 28 months now. Just once in my life I thought I should see how long I could grow it. My lady friend hates it.

  13. avatar Wade says:

    No thanks

  14. avatar Rambo Shopper says:

    Those guys probably know how to change a tire or three:

    Beards approved!

  15. avatar adverse says:

    Were those possums flying in formation, and just how fast were they going when they hit those guys in the face?

  16. avatar Lane Crouse says:

    I’m gonna have to say one of the the Nate’s from N82 Tactical is easily as close to that, and their product is not so watered down

  17. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    These two are promoting Magpul’s new apparel line? Sounds about right.
    ‘Cause every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.

  18. avatar Asdf says:

    When it gets that long, braid it and hang chicken bones from it.

  19. avatar RayfromBama says:

    Fear the beard. I’m not far behind, lot of white in mine though.

  20. avatar James69 says:

    They could not afford Duck Dynasty beards…..yet.

  21. avatar neiowa says:

    NEATO. 511 needs company selling gun wackers $5 Chicom teeshirts at a 500% markup. Is that capitalism or gouging?

  22. avatar GunTotinDem says:

    Its like talking to a shrubbery

  23. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Mine is only about 4 inches long and mostly white. I give these 2 guys two thumbs up for going for it. My wife hates when mine gets this long, but it’s COLD outside.

    1. avatar Matt in SC says:

      You’re talking about your beard I hope……

      Sorry, couldn’t help it 😀

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