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Magpul designers John Tullis and Taylor Welden. They were promoting Magpul’s new apparel line, including a full clothing and accessory line (belts, tactical/work gloves, etc. ). Well done, gentlemen. Well done.

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  1. Should have cut that beard off and braided it into a rifle sling. Could sell it to Cabot for their upcoming rifle line.

    • ‘Naw…
      Weave a sling clip onto the end of a braid and use for AR pistol.
      Hide in beard. CCW

      THAT would be tactical.

  2. As a fellow long beard owner, the guy on the left needs to learn to at least half ass grooming his beard. It looks terrible. Buy that man a boar thistle brush and barber comb.

  3. I’ll bet you can find enough of yesterdays lunch in there to feed one of those starving kids in India I used to hear about.

  4. “I’ll bet you can find enough of yesterdays lunch in there”


    “Careful these guys are staring to look like Muslims to me.”


    Allah’s snack bar!

    Nice work peeps!

  5. It takes anywhere between 2 – 6 years to grow a beard to your beards max.

    There are 3 stages of beard growth. Once you hit stage 3 your beard is at its final length.

    I have not trimmed mine in over 28 months now. Just once in my life I thought I should see how long I could grow it. My lady friend hates it.

  6. I’m gonna have to say one of the the Nate’s from N82 Tactical is easily as close to that, and their product is not so watered down

  7. These two are promoting Magpul’s new apparel line? Sounds about right.
    ‘Cause every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.

  8. Mine is only about 4 inches long and mostly white. I give these 2 guys two thumbs up for going for it. My wife hates when mine gets this long, but it’s COLD outside.


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