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I’ve been reading up on that New York shooting and have seen the claim repeated (in many different publications but almost word-for-word) that the drum magazine gave the shooter “40 EXTRA bullets,” as the Daily Mail put it, in addition to “the usual 10” rounds the gun supposedly holds. The magazine will “hold an additional 40 rounds to the gun’s ten,” the Daily Mail says elsewhere.

As usual, gun issues are being covered by people who do not know how an ordinary pistol works.

The Associated Press reports that the weapon was a “.45-caliber Glock pistol with a high-capacity drum magazine capable of holding up to 40 extra rounds,” which “had been stolen in Baltimore in 2017.”

Except for the part about the gun being stolen in Baltimore, none of this is true.

The weapon wasn’t a .45-caliber Glock pistol; it was a Glock model 45, which is a 9mm pistol. There are .45-caliber Glocks, but this isn’t one of them. Audi used to make a car called the Audi 5000, but that didn’t mean it had 5,000 horsepower. It was just a model designation. …

What we have, apparently, is a pretty common handgun, a 9mm Glock, with a 50-round magazine, which is not something you see every day but is not all that unusual, either. That 50-round magazine was illegal for a civilian to possess in New York. It’s also illegal to steal guns and shoot cops.

The John Wick hardware may be eye-catching, but what New York’s killers actually have in common is that about 90 percent of them have prior criminal records. Their taste in armaments varies, but their résumés have remarkable similarities.

— Kevin D. Williamson in Ignorance of the Press

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  1. I remember reading article that said the gun was a .40 caliber. If “journalists” get this stuff wrong, what else are they getting wrong?

    • To begin with they are not “journalists” in the common definition. They are paid propagandists writing the articles according to the prescribed formulas laid down by their commissars.

      • I don’t know, Pops. I think Michael has a point. I mean, anyone who believes any media organ today is neutral is either naive or just plain stupid.

      • And, you are full of bovine fecal matter. There are few genuine journalists left in this world. As Crognale states, the idiots that fail to pass for journalists today publish whatever they are told to publish. Their billionaire masters want gun control, so ‘journalists’ write stories about evil guns.

        Julian Assange is the journalist that all your left wing propaganda artists wish they could be.

    • I have in-depth knowledge in very few fields. I catch “journalists” continually making elementary errors when they report on those fields. That makes me question their competence and credibility in fields where I’m not so knowledgeable. In my opinion, their errors result less from malice than from ignorance, laziness and pressure to get the story published quickly rather than accurately.

    • They get everything wrong. Anytime a story appears virtually anywhere on a subject that I happen to be well informed about, ie: my profession, they invariably report 180 degrees opposite of the truth. .
      I have come to the conclusion they do no better on subjects I am not as well informed about. My current practice is unless there is irrefutable evidence to the contrary the truth is the exact opposite of what is being reported.

        • Southern Don’t you think it is time to bud out of our business? Your an Aussie and you guys can’t even own guns. LOL

          Clearly what you know about US law is miniscule. I’ll venture a guess you know less about firearms.

        • Really? What do I have in my GUN SAFE?

          I may not have the stuff you can have, state laws permitting, but we are not completely disarmed.

          I’ve been posting on this forum for about 9 years. How long have you been posting?

        • Cross,

          I’d be seriously interested in more detail on a comment you made previously, something to the effect that “There are more guns in Aus. now than there were when the ban passed” (I’m sure I’m butchering what you actually said, but I can’t find the quote).

          That would be interesting information. Hope all you freedom-loving Aussies come out OK on all the f***nuttery going on down there. Love your country; hate your government. If OZ ever comes back to reality, and I get a chance to visit, I’ll shout a round at your favorite pub. Aussies are fun to drink with!

        • LoD, I’ll see what I can find and get back to you. At work at the moment.

          There could be something in the SSAA’s press releases at

          In general, more gun owners owning more guns than since 1996.

        • Souithern, You have a gun safe? ROFLMAO. Australia has confiscated firearms. Are you telling me you are holding out?

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

          WEB 3, Australians can, and do, own firearms today. Rifles. They banned some, but not all.

          And how many in New York are currently “holding out” with their now-illegal AR-pattern rifles today?

          Answer, a *lot*…

        • LoD, here you go, a list of links about Australia having more guns than before Port Arthur:

          In 2015, there were more private firearms in Australia than there were before the Port Arthur massacre, when 1 million firearms were destroyed.

          The number of guns per gun-owner in Australia has increased dramatically, from 2.1 guns per gun owner in 1997 to 3.9 guns per owner at present. Alarmingly, the number of firearms reported in Australia in 2017 (3.6 million) is now higher than pre-Port Arthur levels, prior to the 1996 National Firearms Agreement (3.2 million firearms). Note this article was commissioned by Gun Control Australia, so there is an inherent bias.


          There was a drop in gun owners in the years after Port Arthur but there has been an increase in gun owners as the new process became the new normal. So I’ll stand corrected on there being more gun owners. But they do own more guns per person.

          A view from a pro-gun source. Lots of articles in there.

          Walter, FYI, I have more than 10 firearms, but not quite 20. I compete most weekends and my son has joined me a few months ago. He is enjoying the competition because we have a different distance and course every weekend. I know some people who have more than 50 firearms.

          What is the source of your information because I think they are greatly misinformed?

        • Southern Cross,

          THANKS! I’ll be using these in my next go-around with that idiot, dacian. I owe you that round, next time I’m in OZ.

          Be well, and as Joe Stillwell famously said, “Illegitimi non carborundum”.

    • The standard area of journalist competence typically begins with – “maths is hard”. Followed by “What easy major is there that centers on beer, women, and party time most of the semester.”

      • 20+ years ago as undergrads, my brother and I were both peer tutors at university writing help centers in different states — he at a large public university, I at a small liberal arts college.

        We weren’t just grammar advisors. We also had to help people put their ideas together in a logical, coherent way. Students from all programs and walks of life came in for help. Writing and rhetorical argument aren’t always easy, and putting both together is far more difficult than some people would have you believe.

        We always made sure to ask what the client’s major was. And whenever we encountered someone who was not serially incompetent and too stupid to remedy it, the answer was almost always either communication (the umbrella degree for journalism) or education (usually elementary ed).

        I’m 100% certain the situation hasn’t improved since then.

    • WAPO has a quote on it’s masthead “democracy dies in darkness.”

      A far more accurate quote would be “journalism dies in the media.”

  2. Like it matters.
    They lie. Morons believe. Morons outnumber the non morons.
    Welcome to journalism, politics, sales, dating, religion, the internet, cocktail parties, more doctor visits than you’d like to know, vehicle mechanics, and every other aspect of life.

  3. The part about it being a Glock 45 is also incorrect. They did report that, but it was actually a Glock 17. The model 45 is the most recent model and was not on the market in 2017 when the pistol was stolen.

  4. They are NOT journalists.

    They are mind numbed robots parating what the associated press gives them. There is no desire at all for the truth or for what exactly happened. They all basically say the same things because it’s what the AP says and for no other reason. It doesn’t matter if it’s about guns or anyone with gravitas. If the AP says Biden is president, well….Biden is president.

      • “Trump humper”? Did you flunk out of the same high school as dacian the stupid and our nameless, brainless troll??

        If you do not believe that there is an actual problem with the ignorance of the mainstream press in ALL of their reporting, but particularly their reporting on firearms, you would be part of the problem. If you think they are doing a good job, your an ignoramus yourself, who know nothing about firearms. If you are aware of their ignorance and misreporting, and are OK with it, you are an liar, a bad-faith actor, and probably also a partisan idiot, like dacian the stupid.

        But, at the end of the day, I really don’t care which. Feel free to post more idiotic commentary, it will be at least a distraction from dacian’s raving lunacy.

        • Naw, the nameless, brainless troll NEVER posts a comment that is anything other than a witless and gratuitous attempt at an insult, in a drive-by post. Even at that, he is more articulate than dacian the illiterate.

          dacian, on the other hand, often attempts to engage in substantive debate, but is (i) illiterate, ungrammatical, and generally raving meaninglessly, and (ii) ALWAYS wrong. I can see the nameless troll posting the same drivel as dacian, but at least it would be more grammatical.

          Two different nitwits, each with their own cross to bear in actually being part of the real world. If I had to bet, they are both early to mid 20s, living in their respective moms’ basements.

      • So how’s it feel to always be that guy in the room no one wants to be seen with? But I guess you’re used to that by now.

    • A robot at least would have the ability to process data and reject something that “does not compute”. What passes for journalists are more like a room full of parrots mindlessly repeating the same thing. At least a parrot knows what the newspaper is best used for.

    • Folks, if you haven’t clued in to this yet, there are essentially no reporters left. I mean actually get off their butts and go interview people, and do actual research reporters.

      The internet killed the advertising revenue and the newspaper sales, thus no money to pay actual reporters.

      What you have now is barely literate clods, lying on their couches, watching twatter on their phones, and writing “stories” based on the outrage of the minute. Recognize that “trends” and “outrage” on twatter could be from as few as three other basement-dwelling troglodytes. Twatter isn’t real– but it’s the source of a huge percentage of what passes for “news” these days.

      Now you know.

    • I think think this site runs on WordPress which is created and maintained by a fairly wokish bunch. Thus the need to deliberately off-spell certain words or use punctuation in place of some letters. The moderators could undo the screw up by the software except they have a life outside of TTAG…easier to just repost with modification.

  5. One thing nobody mentioned and I might be mistaken, but the photo of the Glock on the ground after the cop outside ended the fight shows (I think) that the pistol jammed. I’ve heard of issues with some of the after market magazines…then again, hard to tell what ammo he was using and if that might have caused the jam. Photo here:

    • None of the Magpul 30 rounders I have get through a full mag without jamming but I have yet to see any issue with any aluminum or stainless USGI mags. At the same time though, I have a Beretta 17 rounder that jams too. The problems with a PK380 I used to have might have been bad magazines. I’m doubting it though. The only desire I have for a drum though is for Tommy gun nastalgia.

      Some things work better than others. Ya just have to get in there and see.

  6. The News Media people are not “gun people” but the main point of their article was 100% correct and that was that the pistol had a high capacity drum magazine. What caliber it was is irrelevant as the cops who faced a barrage of bullets were killed by them.

    And harping on keeping criminals in jail is like locking the door after the horse escaped. in reality these criminals get their guns from stolen guns and second hand gun sales which is why Universal Back Ground Checks and Safe Storage Laws are so necessary in a civilized country of which Capitalvania is not. In Capitalvania life is considered cheap and expendable and the Far Right will not be inconvenienced to go through a back ground check when selling their weapons to a stranger or storing their guns at home in a safe to make smash and grab robberies less easy for the criminals, not to mention the 1,300 children’s lives it would save every year but hey, life is considered cheap and expendable in Capitalvania by the Far Right.

    • I think the other point the News Media was making was why should a person be permitted to even own a 40 round magazine. It certainly made it easier for the criminal to kill two cops that day.

      • pray tell WHO do these media wonks think theyare, telling ME what capacity ammunitoin feeding device I can own or use? Further, a skilled handgunner could have killed the same two individuals with a “small capacity” mag of only ten runds just as easily as this dimwit did with forty. In fact, his gun jammed before the mag was empty. YOU don’t tel ME what I need. DOyou dictate what kind of vehicle I can drive? What sort of coat I can own and wear?What I will coook for my supper?

        Git yer nose outta mu shorts, that’s MY bidniss. Mind yer own, if you can. but mose who want to mind business of otehrs do so because they CANNOT mind their own well.

      • dacian, the Dunerhead Why shouldn’t a person be allowed to have a 40 round drum mag? I guess you don’t understand about the 2nd Amendment and “shall not be infringed”.

        • Walter,

          I’m sure you’ve noticed, but ” . . . you don’t understand . . . ” encapsulates the whole of dacian’s worldview. He’s a moron, who has deluded himself into a belief that he is an “educated” person. He understands nothing, he pretends to intellect and education, and possesses neither, and he’s a raving lunatic most of the time. But he’s always around for us to play “whack-a-mole” with, so there’s that.

        • Lamp, dacian the Dunderhead is WORSE than you think. He is an avowed Marxist. He has an inferiority complex and thinks that being a “part” of this group that he can enhance his standing in the world. He is not for anyone but himself. He claims to be trying to enhance other people. But in that rhetoric he wants to make himself out to be a “leader” of the “revolution”. In fact he is as Anti-American as you can be. His thrust against guns is an attempt on his and his anti-gun radical Marxists to be able to gain and maintain control. Control is what this is all about.

      • The Va. Tech shooter killed 33 people and injured 23 using multiple 10 round magazines and no one stopped him. The premise from the anti-gunners is that limiting someone to 10 rounds will make him stop and reload giving someone a chance to stop him while he reloads. They don’t realize that with practice, someone can reload in less than a second.

      • “I think the other point the News Media was making was why should a person be permitted to even own a 40 round magazine.”

        For the same reason as a government employee and government contractor.

    • who are these law abiding gun owners selling they guns without a background check to suspected criminals? if they have any reason to know the person is a crook then what makes you think they are going to follow the background check requirement should it pass? if they honestly don’t know the person is a crook maybe we can fix that by letting people order background checks on potential buyers in a private party transfer. no need to mandate this through a dealer.

      • selling to a known or suspected criminal is not abiding the law. Law abiding gun owners don’t sell to known or suspected criminals.

        • Sorry Prndll.

          I have been going to gun shows since 1962 and the low life scum bags I have often run into there would slit their own mothers throat to make a nickel and they could not care less who they sell their weapons too and ditto for private sales as flee markets and bars as well. I can buy any weapon I want in less than 10 minutes at many of the bars I once frequented, no questioned asked, because blind greed rules the gun trade and always has.

        • @Dacian
          I’m not questioning the existence of such things. I’m also not questioning your age. But it does sound to me like your going to the wrong gun shows.

        • So lil d is somewhere +/- 80years old??? Trolling on the internet for Soros bucks. I call BS. I est 26 never had a date, living in mommy’s basement and playing online games most of the day.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead So what if you have been going to gun shows since 1962. You still have not learned which end of the gun the bullet comes out. And you don’t even know the firing sequence of a cartridge.

      • to fppf

        quote—————by letting people order background checks on potential buyers in a private party transfer. no need to mandate this through a dealer.————quote

        Except that blind greed rules and the average person would not do this. As a matter of fact he can do this today and none do.

        • There is no reason for a law abiding gun owner to take it upon themselves to do a background check when a potential buyer is a known or suspected criminal. There would not be a sale to require it in the first place.

          If that criminals steels it from the law abiding gun owner then it still is not a sale to require it.

        • Sorry again Prndll

          But let us face reality. Most people “do not know” the person they sell their guns too and blind greed rules the gun market.

          Again I mention the two Chicago studies that proved the average gun used in a crime “was not stolen” but had passed through many hands and was on average 13 years old before the criminal or lunatic was able to purchase it with no background check.

        • please tell us about this private background check service, availble NOT through FFL’s and the FBI. Ive been stumping for such a system for years, but BATF and their goonsquads demand all sales involve a BGC.. because THEY want to build a naiotnwide universal gun riegistry so they know who has what, and where what is.

          I know dozens, probably hundreds, of gun oaners, and NOT ONE would ever sell to snyone of less than upright character, and certianly NEVER to anyone wiht a criminal history. I’d rather toss the gun into the scrapmetal bin than see it go to the hands of a criminal.

          Bilind greed does NOT rule we who bide by the law. Check your meds. your mind is getting dangerously inventive, and unstable.

        • @Dacian
          “Most people “do not know” the person they sell their guns too and blind greed rules the gun market.”

          Your making ridiculous assumptions based on things you don’t know.

        • dacian the Dunderhead I’m more than sure you know all about “greed” and control over people. You have exerted both all of your too long life.

      • fppf And just how do you know who is a “suspected criminal”? Do they have a certain height, weight, hair or eye color?

        • If you think there is a questionable aspect about the buyer….go through an FFL. This is best when its someone you don’t already know about.

        • Walter: here are a few tricks: ask to see their DL–those with recent DUI won’t have one; ask to see their jeremy CCW–those prove someone passed a background check relatively recently; sell to people you personally know or who know someone you trust who can vouch for them. If none of those are enough–and they may not be–transfer through a dealer or advocate to get the laws changed so everyday folks can voluntarily grant other people access to their criminal history information to make private party transfers safer.

        • fppf ROFLMAOBT! You canNOT get to see their driving record. You also can’t ask someone for his driver’s license. You clearly don’t know what you don’t know. If I am selling a rifle, (not in NYS of course), I do not have to do a NICS check or have one done. Just because someone does not have a drivers license, does not mean he is a “criminal.” Not to mention even though DWI is considered more serious no a days it does not preclude you from owning or buying a firearm.

          Good try though.

          Personally I have never sold any of my firearms.

    • dacian the stupid strikes again. You are so gun-ignorant it’s pathetic, dacian the demented. Large drum mags (oversize mags of any sort) eff up the balance on any gun, are awkward to use, and tend to jam easily) – only buffoons like you, or a career criminal like the perp in this case, would bother. A competent pistolero (again, excludes you) can do a combat reload in under two seconds. With a Glock 19 (ubiquitous) and STANDARD Glock 19 mags, that’s 34 rounds, you gormless nitwit. Anyone who needs more than 17 rounds to kill two people is either a lousy-ass shot, or a cop (oops, I repeated myself).

      HOW MANY of those 40 rounds did the perp fire?? You don’t know, do you?? I’ve been looking at the news, and haven’t seen ANY report on the number of shots the perp fired. If it was less than 17? Your entire witless rant was also pointless, in addition to being witless.

      This would all be easier if you’d abandon your pretense at knowledge and education, since you obviously have neither.

      The cable awaits. You are too stupid to insult.

      • to The Lamp that went out in his head.

        In your usual ignorance you reject reality and past history. Paddock of Los Vegas had several high capacity assault rifles with bump stocks that effectively turned the guns into machine guns and from 400 plus yards away murdered 62 people and crippled over 400. He could never have done this that fast or killed that many in so short a time without these “weapons of war”.

        The Band that night that were all armed with pistols said they never believed in gun control until they were totally helpless, even though armed, when a barrage of bullets rained down on them from a maniac with a high capacity full auto assault rifle. Now they said they were “believers” and advocated more gun control. When you are on the receiving end of a barrage of bullets reminiscent of being on a WWI battle field you suddenly “see the light”.

        But in your own demented warped mind, Lamp that went out in his head, “Losses can never be too high”.

        • to Prndll

          Lets not start playing ridiculous far right games of semantics. The results were exactly the same if Paddock had been using a semi-auto rifle converted to a machine gun via a bump stock or if he had used a real full auto rifle. The results were identical i.e. mass of innocent people gunned down in only seconds.

        • @Dacian

          If anyone is playing games its you.

          The fact that the results would have been the same does not in any way mean you have to lie about this. Your saying things that are not true.

        • Every time I think you have reached “peak stupid”, you find some way to exceed your prior levels of demented idiocy.

          You immediately pivot from “high-capacity magazines” (a non-existent concept) to your favorite boogieman under the bed, Steven Paddock.

          Deal with my first point – large capacity magazines (depending on the caliber, anywhere from over 20 to over 40, for shotguns, anything over 10) are less reliable, more prone to jamming, ruin the balance of the gun (making it harder to shoot), awkward to maneuver in a tactical situation, and generally not used by people who know what the hell they are doing (which excludes you, of course).

          Next, I am unaware of any evidence that Paddock used “assault rifles”, all evidence I have seen is that he used multiple AR pattern rifles (NOT an “assault weapon” you bloody twit, it’s a semi-auto, NOT select fire, which is the definition of an assault rifle or assault carbine – but you’re too ignorant to know that). Now, at least one of his AR pattern rifles was fitted with a bump stock. Like super-large magazines, no one who knows anything about guns either thinks (a) that a bump stock “makes a rifle into a machine gun”, it doesn’t, or anything close, or (2) that it enhances either use, function, or accuracy of a rifle. Bump stocks also promote jamming, they are NOT “the equivalent of a machine gun”, and you are lucky to hit the broad side of a barn with one. Paddock was apparently doing “spray and pray” (at which, admittedly, he was effective in this instance), and got away with it. It’s the kind of nitwit use of a firearm I would expect from you . . . perhaps that’s why you are so obsessed with him??

          Finally, if have never seen any evidence that Paddock was using anything otherr than 30 round AR mags (STANDARD mags for the AR platform, you giant dolt). SO, the Paddock story, whatever relevance it may have to a discussion of bump stocks, is COMPLETELY irrelevant to a discussion of “high-capacity” magazines (which, for an AR, would exclude a 30 round mag – that’s been standard for the AR since it was introduced, Mr. “Gun Expert”).

          So, dacian the stupid, EXACTLY how many rounds did the perp fire from that “40 round Glock”??? Was it more than17, or not?? Did the magazine have ANY bearing on the outcome? You don’t know, but you confidently claimed the magazine “made it easier” for him to shoot two cops. In other words, you lied your ass off, AGAIN.

          So if, SOMEWHERE in your two pages of demented ranting, you thought you had an actual point??? Try stating it in actual English.

          Go visit the cable. You are too stupid to insult.

        • Oh, dacian the dimwit, the use of CORRECT, TECHNICAL gun terminology is “ridiculous far right games of semantics”??? This, from the idiot who styles himself an “expert” on firearms???

          That’s freakin’ embarrassing, even for you, dacian the stupid. The ACTUAL terms that POTG use are generally long-standing, often historical, in origin, usually have some reference to the actual action of the firearm in question, and are generally understood by anyone who knows f***all about firearms – which apparently excludes you.

          Yes, dacian the stupid, there is a GIANT difference between a standard civilian AR pattern rifle, a military M-4 or M-16, and an AR pattern rifle with a bump stock. Anyone who was not a complete ignoramus about guns would know that.

          Thanks for self-identifying. You remain too stupid to insult. Go visit the cable, you and the nameless, brainless troll have not been attending to your micturition duties.

        • to The Lamp that went out in his head

          quote—————-Yes, dacian the stupid, there is a GIANT difference between a standard civilian AR pattern rifle, a military M-4 or M-16, and an AR pattern rifle with a bump stock. —————quote

          Really Lamp that went out in his head are you really that stupid or just plain demented. I think both.

          Now big mouth Moron try and lie your way out of these facts

          No difference between a semi-auto with a bump stock compared to a full auto rifle, both using high capacity magazines. Both spit out a mass of firepower in seconds. Both are available with magazines holding as much as 100 rounds as the nut case used in the Dayton, Ohio massacre or the Paddock converted rifles that he used on full auto fire to kill 58 people and cripple over 400 in seconds.

          Again try and lie your way out of the truth of that statement.

          quote————Finally, if have never seen any evidence that Paddock was using anything otherr than 30 round AR mags (STANDARD mags for the AR platform, you giant dolt)————quote

          And finally you Dotard read this.

          The deadliest example occurred in Las Vegas two years ago when a gunman possessed a dozen 100-round magazines that helped him squeeze off 10 rounds per second onto a crowd of concert-goers from his hotel room, killing 58 people.

          Yes more of your demented ranting as 30 round mags are considered high capacity military magazines designed only for mass killing. The AR can be used with 5 round magazines or demented nut cases like you can buy 100 round drum magazines as did Paddock in Los Vegas and the other nut case in Dayton,
          Ohio did.

          Once again try and lie your way out of this one except to say you do not believe any of the accredited news reports. Well just like Covid the News Media tells the truth about the dangers of either which you of course claim does not exist.

          You never bother to research anything before screaming your insane ranting’s from the nearest roof top.

        • @Dacian
          “No difference between a semi-auto with a bump stock compared to a full auto rifle…”

          There are all kinds of differences. One notable difference is cost. Another is NFA.

          Paddock had the money to acquire and use an assault rifle but that is not what he used. He also did not use a shotgun or a revolver.

          One he used and the other he didn’t.

        • “””No difference between a semi-auto with a bump stock compared to a full auto rifle, “””

          Man the level of STUPID in that one sentence is amazing!

          dacian posting that kiddy is like saying your mom’s car because you put a NOS bottle on it is now a top fuel dragster that can win NHRA runs!

        • dacian the stupid,

          Well, I suppose I owe you props for being willing to “double down on stupid”, even when you are completely full of shit (but that would be most of the time, for you).

          “No difference between a semi-auto with a bump stock compared to a full auto rifle…”

          First of all, that is some next-level stupid, even by your standards. Couple of points of reference – a “full auto rifle” and an “assault rifle” (or, more commonly, these days, an “assault carbine” – but that’s beyond your knowledge, isn’t it) are NOTHING alike. In addition to the whole “automatic” thing, rifles fire full-power cartridges, while assault weapons file medium-weight cartridge, like the infamous 5.56 poodleshooter. TRUE assault weapons are also lighter, smaller, easier to maneuver, etc.

          Now, a MACHINE GUN, you idiot, CAN be (in lighter calibers, like 5.56 or 7.65 NATO) shot offhand (by a large guy), but is designed to be fired from a bipod, tripod, or stand.

          A machine gun, OR a select-fire assault rifle, is DESIGNED to fire full auto, a semi-auto is not. It can be fired full auto, if you get a giggle switch, but a bump stock is NOT the same thing, and that you think it is . . . simply pathetic. Particularly since you like to CLAIM to be knowledgeable about firearms. A bump stock fires lots of rounds, really fast. REALLY??? What a revelation!! You dolt, IF the gun doesn’t jam (which they tend to do), the very ACTION of the bump stock completely f***s your accuracy. For “spray and pray”, it kinda, sorta works – until it jams. For any kind of aimed firing, it’s a disaster.

          Now, in contrast, you complete nitwit, a competent shooter (again, excludes you) can dump a 30 round mag in 5 seconds or less (AIMED fire), do a combat reload in another 1-2, and dump another mag in another 5 or less (c.f., Jerry Miculek, you idiot). Whole process is 10-12 seconds to fire 60 AIMED rounds. If you were half the “gun expert” you’ve claimed to be, you would understand that 60 AIMED rounds in 12 seconds s***s all over 90 or 120 “spray and pray” rounds in the same period of time. But, again, you’re too ignorant of guns, effectiveness, lethality, etc. for that to even register on that empty space above your neck you call a brain.

          You remain too stupid to insult, and you continue to neglect your duty to go micturate up a cable. Get on it, slacker.

        • Oh, and dacian, the reporting of the Las Vegas Sun was not noted for its accuracy about the shooting. 100 round magazines exist for an AR platform; I know no one who uses them – they jam like a mofo, and they are awkward to shoot. It is certainly possible Paddock used 100 round mags, the simple fact that he was able to get off that many shots argues against it, you dolt – with that many shots, from a hundred round mag, AND using a bump stock?? Yeah, no effin’ way did he get off that many rounds without a jam. I keep tellin’ ya, nitwit, combat reload and 30 round mags are the way to go . . . as you would know, IF you knew half as much about guns as you pretend to.

          dacian, as Ron White says, “Ya can’t fix stupid”. Ignorance can be cured (you should get an ACTUAL education), but stupid lasts forever. Go visit the cable. You are too stupid to insult.

        • Dacian — What gun control would have stopped him? He passed background checks to purchase the rifles legally. He was up there shooting into the crowd for 9 to 11 mins from more than 20 different rifles and had plenty of time for magazine changes. You could argue magazine size limits would slow him but maybe not because he brought 20 rifles and had plenty of time to reload if he wanted or needed to. You could argue the bump stock helped him fire more rounds into the crowd and that is true, however only 6 of the 20 rifles had bump stocks and it’s unclear whether he used them all. Bigger picture, this guy was a maniac so even if bump stocks were illegal it’s not clear he would have followed such laws anyway.

    • How exactly will universal background checks stop stolen guns! Or someone reporting them stolen after they are sold? Just another law aimed at the law abiding and giving criminals a free pass.

      • I did not say that Universal Background checks would prevent theft but I recommended safe storage laws for that problem of stolen guns. No law is perfect but most gun robberies are quicky smash and grab robberies and that is why safe storage laws were adopted worldwide plus the fact that they prevent child accidental shootings.

        • Oh, dacian, because no one ever has anything stolen out of a safe, and gun safes are not AUTOMATIC priorities for thieves breaking into a house? Most “gun safes” are simply easy locations for the thief to gather everything he wants in one place.

          And guns in a gun safe are VERY accessible and useful in an emergency, amirite? Boy, I didn’t think it was possible, but you continue to get dumber. Maybe I have to revise my estimate – I thought you were a twenty something wannabe, pretending to knowledge (you certainly have none). Perhaps you are in your COMPLETE dotage, and simply stupid dacian is now going to become SENILE and stupid dacian – just like your beloved half-wit, senile President.

          Gonna stop saying you are too stupid to insult . . . you may be too senile to insult. And it’s not nice to make fun of the elderly and handicapped.

        • What you said is still actually online for all to see. What is the point in lying about it? Here is your actual quote:

          “And harping on keeping criminals in jail is like locking the door after the horse escaped. in reality these criminals get their guns from stolen guns and second hand gun sales which is why Universal Back Ground Checks and Safe Storage Laws are so necessary ”

          Now in light of the above which is a direct quote of what you said, please explain how Universal background checks will prevent guns from being stolen or prevent second-hand gun sales. BTW storage laws, which would only prevent a small number of accidental shootings will also have no affect on either.

          Lastly, saying that keeping criminals in jail is like locking the barn door after the horse got away has to be one of the stupidest comments you have made so far, and that is quite a high bar even for you. In actuality, it is more like locking the door while the horse is still inside. Letting criminals out and depending on Universal background checks and safe storage is locking the door after the criminals got away.
          Jeez, do you even bother to read what you write?

        • NYConservative,

          I salute your willingness to dive into the sewer that is any discussion with dacian. I abuse him because I despise him, and I have a mean streak about Leftist/fascists, but it is not possible to engage in either a civil, or a rational, discourse with this idiot.

          But he’s a fun pinata to knock the s*** out of, so feel free to bang away at his empty head. Just don’t expect him to respond rationally to a rational argument.

          But, again, I salute you for making the effort.

    • I don’t know about most people’s lives but I think it’s safe to say that yours is generally considered to be cheap and expendable.

      • But, but . . . what would we do for a tackling dummy?? If dacian the stupid shuffled off this mortal coil, we’d be left with the nameless, brainless troll and MinorIQ . . . oh, OK, and enuf and rant7, but they rarely come around. We’d be limited to rational discussions of guns and public policy . . . OK, I accept your terms!

        dacian, nameless, brainless, MinorIQ? Please feel free to f*** off.

    • dacian the Dunderhead. No kidding. But when you don’t know about a subject don’t you think (LOL) you should check your information? But then again, you never do, do you?

      I’m still waiting for you to tell us all you know about the firing sequence of a cartridge.

    • What a shock that a member of the anti-rights crowd thinks facts don’t matter. Fake, but accurate, amarite?

  7. I’m frequently entertained by mainstream media reporting about anything associated with firearms. Their *journalists* seem to be proud of their ignorance of anything related to *evil g!ns*. As if such knowledge will immediately send them across the River Styx. This particular incident, and the G17 pictured with the drum magazine, reminded me of a comment attributed to Col. Jeff Cooper about high capacity semiautomatic pistols. He asked the pistol’s owner how many times he planned to miss his target.

    • How many times do I plan to miss? None. Nobody ever plans to miss. I practice to minimize the misses, and I carry a “high capacity” modern semiauto because I plan to not run out of bullets.

      Which reminds me: none of these news reports have specified how many shots were fired. I’d bet money that the extended capacity of that drum magazine never came into play.

  8. How exactly will universal background checks stop stolen guns! Or someone reporting them stolen after they are sold? Just another law aimed at the law abiding and giving criminals a free pass.

  9. We see the media today not bothering to get the facts or the truth but attempting to get something out as quickly as possible. They may, come back with an updated article or story, but usually just run with whatever was dumped out by the wire services and again, not bothering to do their diligence and find the facts of the matter.

    And again we see a couple of the commenters here on TTAG ranting about back ground checks and magazine size. As well as the dreaded bump stocks. All I can comment on is personal experience with magazines. Few of the drum or other aftermarket high capacity magazines have ever worked reliably for me. Long ago I had a Thompson Sub gun. The factory drum worked well, but the after market drum I bought was junk. As have been every drum for other firearms I’ve tried them with. There are reasons why the military does not use such. Their heavy, clumsy and have a tendency to cause feed failures.
    Next up is the issue of back ground checks. Can anyone point out how this would actually prevent a criminal from purchasing a firearm? Recently saw a program that followed up on firearms being manufactured in the Philippines, in an underground/illegal shop. Those firearms were given bogus markings and serial numbers, shipped into the US along with legitimate tools and other items, sold on the black market, and used by criminals to commit murders of other gangs, sold and finally ended up in Detroit where it was found by police during a search of a suspect’s home. Since the markings were false, no serial number trace could be used, but the ballistics and markings on the spent casings and fired bullets traced back to several crimes across the country. According to the program, the pistol sold on the street in California for $800 passed through several hands with each sale reduced in price because the pistol had multiple bodies attributed to it, with the final street sale for $200 in Detroit. Any way those sales would have gone through an FFL for the back ground check? Since such checks are not available for us none licensed folks, we can’t run a the NICS check of someone’s criminal history. And, myself, like most folks, am not going to pay for some hinkey service or internet company to do so.
    Bump Stocks. Another piece of crap novelty device that tends to cause failures to feed or jamming of the firearm. If anyone wants to increase rate of fire with a semi auto firearm I suggest they move their trigger finger a little faster. Even a bolt action rifle can lay down an impressive rate of fire with a little practice. the British Army used what was referred to as the mad minute. Where an infantry soldier was trained to fire 100 rounds from their Lee-Enfield rifles in under 1 minute. From what I’ve read they could be taught to do so in just a few hours. The tactic was used in Africa, India, and the trenches in France. Usually against massed infantry attacks.

    • oldman,

      All true, and relevant, but you might as well give up trying a rational, fact-based approach to dealing with any gun-grabber, PARTICULARLY our special idiots here on TTAG.

      And then there is the whole thing about more people being killed every year by blunt objects than ALL rifles, of ALL descriptions, put together. But that requires an actual, rational, cost-benefit analysis.

      Keep trying, though. Darwin says eventually we’ll win.

  10. They sur dont teach reedin,righten,and rithmatic in journalism scool no more! They can’t even spell correctly with spell check. That alone makes me skip over many “news stories”.

  11. The ignorance is astounding. There’s a video of the media showing the damage an AR15 can do and the guy is shooting a 12 ga. shotgun. Or, .12 gauge, if you’re the media.
    .9 mm bullets
    Joe Biden’s AR14
    The AR15 shoots a high powered round.
    The list goes on and on.

    My favorite was an anti-gunner being interviewed back in the 1990’s. He said that since 1954, the number of children killed by guns had doubled every year. When it was pointed out to him that he was lying because that would mean 10’s of millions of kids being killed every year by 1990 ish, he said, “I’m lying for justice.”

    • mgd,

      “I’m lying for justice” at least has the benefit of honesty. Would that Shannon Watts would be that honest. Even the Leftists only think or reporters as tools (they certainly don’t respect their “intellect”, c.f. the Obama White House).

      Because “reporters” are reliably Leftist, they are all on board for the Leftist lies about firearms, and are only too happy to jump on the propaganda bandwagon. They feel no need to do any actual research, or understand their subject, because they are pursuing a “higher truth”.

      Trying to correct the Leftist narrative with facts is futile; they aren’t concerned about facts.

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