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“A Lebanese municipality police station went onto the streets in a Beirut neighborhood on Wednesday and shot dozens of stray dogs,” reports. “After the violence ended, police walked away, leaving the carnage of the murder for all to see.” Whether or not you believe in canine euthanization, you’ve got to wonder if it’s wise to go around shooting dogs in public. In Beirut. To be fair, the police were not insensitive to potential ricochet or return fire issues . . .

Burj Hammoud town municipality announces launching a campaign against stray dogs night and day,” a police pre-canine killing statement warned. “So we ask citizens not to panic when hearing gun shots and coordinate with the police officials to end this phenomena [stray dogs].”

Yes, well, that was more than two months ago. Better early than never, I suppose.

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  1. Dogs owe their existance to us, in a certain way, the canis lupus familiaris would have never existed if the homo-sapiens-sapiens would have never existed, but that doesnt mean in anytime or anyway that we can dispose of their lives at our will, wether we like it or not, its our responsability as the human race, but the solution will never be killing and certainly it never is killing violently. thinking that because street dogs kill people (could be, could be not true) doesnt mean that the way to deal with that issue is to go around shooting living beings in the street just because.
    the sick and dangerous ones will have to be sacrificed without an option, but the healthy friendly ones should get another chance beside a family who want to adopt them. Some of you might say that because it is poor country and a war zone, the value scale is altered but you constantly see homeless people walking around with a dog, and as difficoult to believe it would seem for us, those people and those dogs could get a more naturally pleasent life than most of our pets that are locked in most of the time.

  2. This is islamic bullcrap, and you excerpted the wrong part of the article:

    “Eyewitnesses said they saw mothers attempt to defend their puppies as police came into the area shooting. According to one report, police were targeting the puppies specifically.

    “One puppy we vaccinated and was very friendly went to hide behind his mom and the porter, but the policeman shouted at the porter and told him he does not move he will shoot him too,” said Khaled Hesham Halawa, an animal welfare advocate in Lebanon. “The puppy was killed in front of his mom.”

    Fislams hate dogs as much as pork and freedom. Allah fubar.

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