The Kali Key GEN2-A1 Easily Converts Your Semi-Auto AR-15 to a Bolt Action Rifle

Kali Key GEN2-A1

Every day we see a new headline: “Lawful AR ownership is under attack.” More and more states and municipalities are forcing the registration or removal of “assault weapons” owned by law-abiding citizens.

Laws that don’t outright ban ARs require feature modifications that make the rifles challenging to use safely. Both the House and Senate have now presented bills to ban most semi-automatic rifles nation-wide. As the election nears, the situation is poised to worsen.

A product called the Kali Key has set out to protect the AR. The logic behind the Kali Key is simple: if your AR can’t be defined as an “assault weapon,” then you don’t have to worry about laws against “assault weapons.”

Kali Key GEN2-A1

Born in California where the Assault Weapons Control Act bans pistol grips, forward vertical grips, flash hiders, and collapsible/folding stocks, etc., the Kali Key allows you to keep your rifle legally, with every feature you want, without having to worry about future laws directed at semi-automatic rifles. The Kali Key is a true drop-in-solution, making it as easy to install as it is to use.

If you live in Free America, it is an exciting option for those who want to hunt with their AR. The lack of reciprocating mass also improves LRP and makes your suppressed rifle quieter. Building an AR version of the Vietnam War “hush puppy” pistol would be pretty slick.

How does it work? The Kali Key sits in place of the gas key on any mil-spec AR-15 BCG. It diverts all gasses outside of the ejection port (not in your face), preventing the semi-automatic cycling of your rifle.

Kali Key GEN2-A1

It installs with the same ease as replacing a BCG and charging handle. All you do is drop it into your rifle – without any modifications to the gas system or requiring any milling or other such modifications – and you have a straight-pull bolt-action. Why? A bolt-action is not an “assault weapon.”

The newly introduced GEN2-A1 Kali Key has improved specs and introduces a first-of-its-kind gas blowback capture system initially designed by Kali Key for suppressed rifles. This system prevents blowback to the shooter and soot collection on optics when shooting suppressed. It represents an added improvement for those who don’t own suppressors as well. Shooting suppressed is, for the first time on the AR platform, frustration-free.

Kali Key GEN2-A1

Though there’s more to the Kali Key by comparison, at $97.95, the stand-alone Kali Key costs about as much as a Radian or Geissele charging handle. It offers the same high-end build quality and will work with any mil-spec BCG.

However, if you don’t want to mess with the staking on your factory BCG, Kali Key sells a bundle where a high-quality, black nitride BCG with MPI bolt is included at near cost. At less than $200 for the Kali Key andBCG, the bundle is a compelling option.

Since it’s inception, Kali Key has been using its sales to support the 2A organizations that brought the challenge to California’s “assault weapon” ban now being litigated in Federal District Court in San Diego. It’s telling of where Kali Key’s priorities are when they are using sales to support grassroots organizations fighting for our rights and who, with every victory, put Kali Key closer to going out of business.

Nobody likes the idea of a compliance product, but the Kali Key is easy and cost-effective. Add that to the fact that Kali Key is using sales to help claw back our 2A rights, and it may just be a win-win.

Kali Key GEN2-A1


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