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Defensive gun uses outnumber annual firearms-related deaths by a factor of anywhere from to 15 to 80 times. That means Americans use guns to prevent burglaries, robberies, assaults, rapes, and murders far more often than people die in incidents involving guns.

And yet gun control advocates work tirelessly to restrict gun rights and reduce the number and effectiveness of firearms in civilian hands. How many more assaults, rapes, robberies, and murders are they willing to tolerate every year to achieve their utopian goal of a “gun-free” society?

When the Virginia State Crime Commission and the House Judiciary Committee held hearings earlier this fall regarding firearm policies, it was striking how little many gun control advocates and policymakers know about basic facts related to guns and gun violence.

It also was clear how devastating many of their policy proposals would be for law-abiding Americans who choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

These legislators and advocates, like most of us, genuinely want to create safer communities and protect innocent people from violence. But the reality is the overwhelming majority of lawful gun owners never will be a threat to themselves or others, nor would imposing substantial barriers to lawful gun ownership make anyone safer.

Not only do Americans use their firearms for lawful purposes far more often than they use them to commit crimes, but studies routinely show that a very small number of repeat criminal offenders are responsible for the majority of gun-related crimes, even though they’re already prohibited from possessing firearms.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded in 2013 that “almost all major studies” on defensive gun uses have found that Americans defend themselves with their firearms between 500,000 and 3 million times each year. This makes lawful gun owners an important factor in overall public safety.

– Amy Swearer in These Gun Owners Were Able to Confront Criminals in September

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    • It’s not ignorance but FEAR. Most anti-gun / gun control oriented people see the news and TV fiction and are AFRAID of being a victim and their solution is to remove the danger of ALL FIREARMS. For most of them, defensive use of firearms but an “untrained civilian” is the issue. Take these people to a range, BE SAFE and demonstrate safety not bravado.

      • TRUE — but … No Body is using COMMON SENSE on this issue— Who are the ones that commit crimes? criminals — they have illegal firearms — If OUR STATE GOVERNORS — OR GOVERNMENT removes all of OUR FIREARMS —-QUESS WHO ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT WILL HAVE FIREARMS ??????????? Duhh the CRIMINALS — So now the government and your state governors have just given THE CRIMINALS free reign over the AMERICAN CITIZENS!! OH — heres an idea — maybe the leftist / liberals have an AGENDA to do just that !????? People please use common sense —- criminals will NEVER GIVE UP THEIR WEAPONS!! And remember WHY AMERICA WAS BORN ! Read OUR HISTORY BOOKS … It Is A AMERICAN HERITAGE TO BE A FIREARM OWNER and a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT ……..

      • Fear of being a victim? Perhaps for some. I’m guessing that for most law makers their goals are not what they state, so data on violence or the effects of their proposed policies on violence are simply irrelevant to them.

        The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution (i.e., more power for leftists).

  1. “These legislators and advocates, like most of us, genuinely want to create safer communities and protect innocent people from violence.”

    No, most of them are simply wanting to take away rights, and increase the power of the government. They will tell any lie to advance that cause.

    • “These legislators and advocates, like most of us, genuinely want to create safer communities and protect innocent people from violence.”, “It’s for the children” “If it saves only one life” are all food/soylent green for the Ignorant Tards that they consider their constituents.

    • Exactly…. They are a bunch of racists trying to disarm people in rural areas…. That’s ALL this is about…. They know rural areas are the LAST stronghold of TRUE AMERICANS!!!!

    • Rusty,


      Taking it further: I know this will sound like tin-foil hat speech, but the attack on the 2A cannot be viewed in isolation from the attacks on the 1A, attacks on parental rights, attacks on Judeo-Christian values, attacks on property rights, left-wing usurpation of the educational system, and the steady erosion of medical freedom.

      The vigorous efforts to shatter the family and to make everyone dependent upon the state are coordinated, well-funded, and aligned with similar efforts on a global scale (sic China).

      Although, on this blog, we are primarily concerned with guns and the 2A, we need to maintain our awareness that we are one front in a war to preserve the principles and practices upon which this country was founded.

      • I have to agree. And if Warren is elected with a Democratic majority, all the above will be legislated as quickly as possible. And on top of these a middle class tax increase which mysteriously will not materially affect the super rich patrons of the Democratic Party. To effect the statist takeover of everything, the middle class must be destroyed economically, and not coincidentally they are the vast majority of gun owners.

    • Yep, anyone who starts out as an ignorant but sincere gun control advocate believing that armed law abiding citizens are a threat will quickly learn their error in thinking. Otherwise they’re not sincere if they continue in willful ignorance.

    • ^^^ This. Or, at the very best, they hope to stay in office by appearing to do something without actually having to face the real roots of problems, thereby admiting unpleasant facts and having to make hard choices. That’s the most charitable interpretation of their motives. It gets darker from there.

  2. If the Left could only think and reason with the thing the creator put between their two ears,for that express purpose.
    However they only operate on emotion,void of any thought,thus are Leftards .

  3. Some liberal on another forum made the comment that guns kill people.
    So I asked the dumb sob if he was laying in the street with a bullet hole in his belly, and the police asked who shot him, what would his answer be? Would it be, a 357 shot me?
    Or would it be, some guy with a red shirt and blue jeans?
    The answer i got was the sound of crickets.
    So..being the smart ass that i am, I took it a step further: I asked if the gun goes to trial or the guy wearing the red shirt red blue jeans? Still crickets.
    Then when convicted does the gun do the time or the guy in the red shirt?
    He answered that I had no idea what I was talking about and Trump was going to be impeached.
    I laughed at him. and asked WHY would trump be impeached? Was he with the guy in the red shirt?
    LOL- His head blew up.

    • Typical liberal response when they get flustered. What um you’re RACIST! NO wait SEXIST! And TRUMP!! Impeach!!! Russia! No wait I mean Ukraine!!! Yeah that’s it!!!

      • You’re welcome. Just be sure to wear eye and ear protection (shrapnel & decibels from exploding heads). 🙂

  4. In NO other situation would such ignorance be tolerated, much less celebrated as it is with guns.
    How long do you think the opinions of abortion would be listened to from somebody who says this…
    “I don’t like aborshin cause only God says if babby should be born or not. If a man doesn’t want to get a woman pragnant he should wear a condom when he puts his thing in her butt”?
    Because, honestly, there are far less mistakes in those two sentences than are in most anti-gunner statements.

    As Baldwin said, it’s hard to argue with people who refuse to work on facts, refuse to learn enough about the topic to have a basic conversation about the topic, and keep screeching about feelings.

  5. Why would a Libitard listen to let alone tell the truth??
    The lie works just fine for the ignorant.

  6. I’m sorry…. But this ISN’T about ignorance…. And this is why we rarely ever GAIN ground in our fight to save the 2A…
    People…… Listen and listen WELL….
    The longer it takes you to realize what is REALLY happening in our government, the more ground you’ll lose in the fight to save the 2A…

    • I agree it is not ignorance. I disagree that it is racism.

      They are communists who are dedicated to overthrowing the Constitutional Republic and creating their socialist utopia. They plan to disarm all Americans because an armed citizen can resist their efforts. Our freedoms are being chipped away bit by bit, day by day. They know exactly what they are doing and how to do it, and they are winning.

      Be Prepared !

  7. I keep saying this over and over again, gun control has absolutely nothing to do with public safety. As the gov’t keeps on increasing taxes and tariffs on things they are bringing closer and closer to socialism which is slavery by any other name. In order to complete that agenda they’ve got to disarm the public completely, one bullshit legislation at a time.

  8. Lol…
    I find it astounding the parallel that exists with computer technology in general. Few people know much beyond the Facebook like button. Fundamentally, inspite of a generation being raised on the Internet, we still have that constant flashing 12:00 that never gets attention. Plenty of people fear it too. The only real difference is the level of direct lethality.

    Oh how little man itself has changed

    It has been said that we are nearer the dark ages than we care to admit.

  9. It is neither stupidity, nor ignorance, they simply want a nation of subjects instead of citizens.
    They delude themselves into thinking that they will be at the top of the heap.

    • Certainly part of it.

      The same thing is found with the elite kingdoms of computers/technology/the web, the high ranks of seniority within most company employees, Politics, higher education, and many other places.

      This particular aspect of humanity isn’t just about guns. It’s about everything.

    • I absolutely agree, 💯%. The visible are the wealthy, top 1%, who are delusional about the fact that they are targeted as well. They think THEY will keep their guns, their homes, their limos & airplanes, because they are special and different, and the rules don’t apply to them. They don’t have the required billions, not nearly. Keep your guns, protect your family from a govt that wants to take your Freedom and our Constitutional Republic down. Carry on!!

  10. “The Ignorance Displayed by Gun Control Advocates About Firearms and ‘Gun Violence’ is Astounding”

    But, quite effective.

    Which is all that counts.

  11. There is no “ignorance” among social democrats. We know exactly what we are doing. We are systematically taking down the gun industry and the white racist/supremacists of this country piece by piece. We will tax you all on your items of aggression and violence until you are dead broke. We will pass numerous laws preventing you from buying these items and using them to threaten POC and the indigenous peoples. Already Colt and Walmart are falling into line with our demands. Others will follow very soon. Our control of the internet allows us to build a tremendous following for candidates like Kamala Harris and the young and aggressive AOC. Socialism will be the law in 2021 and you Hillbillies and Jethro’s will be made a clear example of it. Without political power (Trump will be impeached by December of this year) you all will have no place to run. Without your guns you can control nothing. We have the power now and we will turn the tables on you. Make the most of what we offer you and you will suffer less than you deserve.

    • Is bleach and ammonia on this list of aggression and violence items? How about hammers? Scythes? Machetes? Screwdrivers? Fertilizer? Rocks? The jawbones of asses?

    • Meanwhile, the number of CHL’s go up and the number of firearms purchases increase. Not to mention the ironic large numbers of people showing up to Trump rallies while relatively few goto any democrat appearances.

      The left certainly has a loud voice. That just doesn’t always mean much.

    • “Make the most of what we offer you and you will suffer less than you deserve.”

      It’s a tempting offer, Grand Moff Tarkin, but I’m gonna have to give that one a hard NO.

    • My other name is Bubba (aka Billy Bob). And I got guns and ‘gators. Me and my kin be glad to introduce ya’ll to both.

    • Vlad,

      Crack is a hell of a drug, innit?? Put down the crack pipe, get out of your mother’s basement, and get a job.

      Donald Trump will NOT be impeached (SanFran Nan isn’t half that stupid – and she’s pretty stupid), but if the House impeaches, the Senate will not convict. And you aren’t passing ANY of the gun control or gun taxes you are babbling about. But you do you, soiboi.

  12. Your are calling group stupid. We the gun toting badasses are the stupid ones. Been that way for years and years. How else can you explain allowing the government to set up a bureau against the Constitution that in no way is authorized in any part of the document. (ATF) Also allow states to pass and circuit courts uphold so many laws and regulations directly against our rights as specified in the Bill of Rights. Now that’s stupid on a stick.

    • “How else can you explain allowing the government to set up a bureau against the Constitution that in no way is authorized in any part of the document.”

      The entire DOJ is not a direct charge/permission/delegation found in the constitution, or amendments. Yet, DOJ exists, established by congress via federal law. Maybe we should start there.

      • I would argue that there is no Constitutional support for federal criminal statutes, period. Why did we allow that? At least the crapweasels went to the trouble of getting the Amendment passed authorizing direct income tax (the worst Amendment, ever, even worse than Prohibition, and that one was DIRT stupid).

        • “At least the crapweasels went to the trouble of getting the Amendment passed…”

          You do realize that was a fraud, right?

  13. It runs the spectrum from willful ignorance to frank lies to push an agenda. For many, there is no opening their eyes. There is no educating them. There is no changing their opinions that are based upon lies, half-truths, and clear propaganda. Not until they are up against the wall being shot by their tyrannical government will the useful idiots ever get it; if even then.

    The only cure for tyranny is force. It has always been this way.

    • “The only cure for tyranny is force. It has always been this way.”

      Well, that’s just plain ol’ not nice. Thinking like that will just make people feel unsafe.

    • Put another way…

      “the people can not be all, & always, well informed. the part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. if they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. we have had 13. states independant 11. years. there has been one rebellion. that comes to one rebellion in a century & a half for each state. what country before ever existed a century & half without a rebellion? & what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? let them take arms. the remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them. what signify a few lives lost in a century or two? the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure.” — Thomas Jefferson


  14. Between media and movies most non gun people seem to think all firearms are full auto and that cars blow up with one shot etc.

    At my local range new shooters doing our introduction to shooting course are surprised and sometimes disappointed how tame the .22’s we start with are. I’ve found taking new people to the range is nearly always an effective education. Nothing will change the mind of rabid anti gunners (most don’t seem to have enough mind to be able to use). Have had antis refuse free range day to learn facts.

    In an ideal world gun safety would be a school subject or sport everywhere.

    • “ In an ideal world gun safety would be a school subject or sport everywhere.”

      This would solve a great many problems. From kids playing with a firearm they found in the closet to abject fear as an adult.

      If an answer is needed. This is it. But this can’t happen with such a liberal stranglehold on education.

  15. I’ll never forget the imbecile in usenet who told me that it was easy to smuggle a Glock onto an airplane by “disguising the slide as a padlock and the barrel as a fountain pen”.

    Of course too, there was the idiot who said that “500 round AK47 magazines should be banned”.

    Oh yeah, let’s not forget the window licker who said that “his grandfather carried a 10 gauge fully automatic shot gun… during WWI”.

  16. “These legislators and advocates, like most of us, genuinely want to create safer communities and protect innocent people from violence.”

    No, they don’t. They want to use state violence to impose their will on everyone because they’re either 1) personally afraid of any sort of conflict (including self-defense) because they have zero personal capacity in that regard, or 2) they just want to feel powerful by imposing their will on everyone else. Or both.

    Politicians in particular just want to use the issue to gain followers for their political campaigns which lead directly to personal profit at the public trough. Everyone else just wants to “virtue signal” in order to feel superior to everyone else.

    Don’t give these people any credit whatsoever – they don’t deserve it.

    • That about sums it up. It isn’t about guns. It’s about CONTROL, usually of hated or despised minorities.

      I’ve found an astonishing degree of:
      * racism
      * anti-semitism
      * misogyny
      * homophobia
      in advocates of racially invidious gun controls. One of them even said to me about the Holocaust that he “wasn’t so sure it was such a BAD thing”.

  17. No idiot Politician is going to determine how I protect myself and my family, They seem to all have paid security to care for theirs

    • “There are no verifiable DGU studies, certainly none by the CDC.”

      The CDC did finally admit they had a study that did not debunk studies by others regarding the number of DGUs. Verifiable? What is your standard? There is a lot of information available from “official sources” (meaning not anecdotal) regarding DGUs. Is all of it bogus?

      BTW, there is absolutely no way to verify whether any gun control laws have prevented any crime. Not only is the data not verifiable, it cannot be captured because it is all anecdotal (what someone says). Yet, gun sales rise every year, meaning more guns in the hands of private citizens, while the deaths and injuries from use/misuse of firearms is on an opposite trajectory.

      So, gun owners cannot “prove” DGUs happen, and people who are afraid of guns cannot prove more guns means more crime. Standoff. So stop it, already.

    • Show your work. There IS a CDC study, as almost everyone on this thread has referenced, and it sure a hell of a lot more methodologically sound than the trash put out by Bloomberg and Mothers Against Everything (or whatever they are calling themselves, these days), but you continue in your ignorance.

      “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life!” Words you should consider living by.

  18. https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2018/crime-in-the-u.s.-2018/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-11.xls

    If we had honest good American media outlets this stat would be posted nonstop to wake up the public there is no gun violence problem… if such a thing could exist.

    When u could buy a machine gun in the sears catalog & have it mailed to ur home COD crime was not a issue!

    Every antigun move & gun law gets more people killed..yet people have a brain blockage when it comes to guns saving lives when police bring guns when u call them to stop a attack the same way 30 million concealed carry sheep dogs do quite often b4 it makes the news..which does not fit the narrative of the media!

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