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“The Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBT advocacy group, is veering from its normal set of priorities and on Friday announced that it would begin pushing for tighter controls on guns,” reports. “‘Forty-nine members of our community were murdered on Sunday morning because of a toxic combination of two things: a deranged, unstable individual who had been conditioned to hate LGBTQ people, and easy access to military-style guns,’ Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin (above) said. ‘It is imperative that we address both issues in order to mitigate safety risk to our community.'”

Really? Omar Mateen was a regular patron of The Pulse nightclub. A man who used gay dating services. A man who took his co-workers to a gay bar after work. That doesn’t sound like a man conditioned to hate gay people. OK, sure, there may have been some vast, irreconcilable internal conflict between his sexual orientation and his adoption of Islamic extremism, but I’ve yet to encounter any evidence that Mr. Mateen opened fire at The Pulse nightclub because it was a gay bar.

More likely, he chose that venue because he knew it was as soft target. Because he knew Pulse patrons were disarmed. Frisked, in fact. Now if even a fifth of those 100+ gay party-goers had been armed in their own defense, the outcome would have been very, very different. A piercing glimpse into the obvious, but one which the Human Rights Campaign misses by a mile.

“As a society, we must hold accountable lawmakers, religious leaders and other public officials who put a target on the backs of LGBTQ people through hateful rhetoric and legislation, because they are complicit in the violence fueled by their words and actions,” Griffin said. “The safety of the LGBTQ community depends on our ability to end both the hatred toward our community and the epidemic of gun violence that has spiraled out of control.”

Epidemic spiraling out-of-control? A quick look at the FBI’s 2014 crime stats indicates no such thing:

– In 2014, an estimated 1,165,383 violent crimes occurred nationwide, a decrease of 0.2 percent from the 2013 estimate.

– When considering 5- and 10-year trends, the 2014 estimated violent crime total was 6.9 percent below the 2010 level and 16.2 percent below the 2005 level. (See Table 1/1A)

– There were an estimated 365.5 violent crimes per 100,000 inhabitants in 2014, a rate that declined 1.0 percent when compared with the 2013 estimated violent crime rate.

Anyway, I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. The LGBT community has every reason to arm up, more than some, and every reason not to rely on gun control measures to increase their safety, just like everyone else.

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    • Boom.

      Interesting video showing people carrying a wounded guy TO the Pulse from elsewhere else (!), putting him down, and laughing as he shakes it off.

      Maybe both HRCs are not merely reacting to the incident.

  1. Anyone surprised? Admitting yer full of shite takes some testicular fortitude…

    • It was a business decision. They took a survey of their members and counted a lot of dicks and dykes, but not a single testicle.

  2. Let me get this straight. They demand rights that are nowhere to be found in the Constitution, but then demand that we be deprived of an unalienable right that is actually in the document. Now isn’t that rich? A ‘human rights’ group that doesn’t recognize the most basic of human rights – the right to self-defense. I’d say unbelievable, but these days that expression nothing surprises me.

    • These folks just aren’t very smart at all. Look at the AIDS epidemic — since 1984, everyone on the planet has known exactly how AIDS is spread so that disease should be extinct. Instead, millions of gays and dopeheads continue to spread and self-inflicted themselves with it.
      Doesn’t make a bit of sense.

      • The whole human race doesn’t make much sense. It’s a strange pack of creatures we belong to.

    • Best observation of the day Greg. We’re living in an Orwellian World.

      I’m trying to process 100 gay men & women in a night club without the means to defend themselves. Sparta held off army with 300 with spears and shields…rumor has it, back in the day warriors the man love working between battles.

      • The Spartans had help at Thermopylae to the tune of several thousand other free greeks during most the battle The city of Thebes had a whole hoplite company of “lovers” that defeated the Spartans at some point after the peloponnesian war. Werid werid people them anicent greeks .

  3. With respect to the killer, I think it had something to do with his religious conditioning to hate homosexuality mixing with his own damaged psyche to produce deadly levels of guilt over his own homosexuality, and he went to a homosexual gathering to wash himself in the blood of perverts and infidels before his final meeting with Allah and his Blessed Prophet The Child Molester.

  4. I think that the Pink Pistols is the only LGBTQWHOLEBUNCHOFLETTERS group that isn’t completely insane.

      • Kept waiting for “All the pan-sexuals say ‘Hey-O!'” Lol –I couldn’t even tell what half that list was even supposed to be; use better labels and descriptors, people!

  5. Restrict immigration from Islamic countries that have a culture of hatred, as well as a death sentence towards those that are gay? No?

    Outlaw GFZ’s that disarm the law abiding, making them a free fire zone for the homicidally minded? No?

    Encourage people to arm themselves against being victims of human predators? No?

    No, focus on the one thing that will have absolutely no effect against those that already ignore the law against committing murder, and will make the law abiding more vulnerable to the depredations of homicidal psychopaths.

    Typical that the liberal progressive will deny the only steps that could actually stop a mad man with a gun, because it would actually empower an individual, making them less dependant on the state.

    • Typical that the liberal progressive will deny the only steps that could actually stop a mad man with a gun, because it would actually empower an individual, making them less dependant on the state.

      Same with most chosen classes. Take the BLM clowns for example. They wholeheartedly support the party that has done nothing but expand the ghetto class since Johnson.

    • What is the definition of insanity? Trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results? (e.g. trying gun control over and over and expecting it to ever actually stop killers)

  6. Unfortunate but not too unexpected. Big part of the gay community has been attached at the hip to Democrats/Left wing politics since basically the beginning of LGBT rights.

    Here’s hoping more gays start realizing that folks like the Pink Pistols/NRA and Conservatives are their best friends these days, and that the left wing isn’t doing them any favors. Their lives quite literally depend on it.

  7. Just out of curiosity, I’d be interested to know how many of those 49 self-identified as part of the LGBT community, since he’s claiming all of them. I know he’s off by one, because I know, second-hand, someone who was killed who would identify as straight. Being in a predominately gay bar doesn’t mean you’re gay.

    • Back in Detroit during the early/mid-90’s, the gay bar I used to frequent always had the newest & best house, trance, and darkwave music in town, and I didn’t have to risk going to sketchy underground raves in really grimy/dangerous parts of town.
      While it’s true that I did get hit on occasionally & offered drinks, everyone knew me as a straight regular, and I never felt uncomfortable about it. And I definitely wasn’t the only one.
      Plus for the most part, being an obnoxious flamer was looked down on there, those types instead went to the drag clubs where being a flamer was acceptable & encouraged.

      • Well back in the day(quite awhile ago now) I was married to a female singer who was practically worshiped by gay men. Also with the girlfriend before her. And my present honey of 29years likewise(former actress,model and dancer). (WHAT it all mean I have no clue-all 3 were/are strong and beautiful had muscles and were built like godesses).And while I didn’t go to actual gay club I accompanied my women(and I got hit on too-I was pretty cute then) LOL. This was all in Chicago and environs BEFORE the AIDS outbreak. So not everyone killed/shot was gay-I think one was a band member just working. However-I avoid crowds and stupid people now…

    • The LGBT community also includes those who are “allied”, meaning they are friends and loved ones of homosexuals and are welcoming of the lifestyle, even if not homosexual themselves. If someone’s dancing, drinking or otherwise partying the night away at a gay club on Saturday night, I’d conclude they’re at least allied with the community.

      Now, whether they share the typical liberal politics and anti-gun fear & loathing as this HRC group isn’t certain, but it’s probably a safe bet, too.

  8. What they’re really saying is that the religion of hate is more important than gay lives. Hopefully every gay person with a brain withdraws funding for them and publicly denounces them.

  9. “As a society, we must hold accountable lawmakers, religious leaders and other public officials who put a target on the backs of LGBTQ people through hateful rhetoric and legislation, because they are complicit in the violence fueled by their words and actions,”

    So here we have some twerp secure in the knowledge that even in the most backwoods town in the U.S. he can give his little speech and be perfectly safe, lecturing us. You know what try giving your little speech in places like Tehran, Riyadh, or Islamabad and see what happens, then tell us how here in the U.S. your sooo targeted and oppressed.

  10. When a person recognizes that ALL these shootings take place in gun free zones, ie churches, schools, some place in California where we know everyone is neutered, and now a gay bar, god, what next? I’m having trouble picking out a softer target than a gay bar. Maybe a Mothers Demand Action seminar with what’s her ugly Shannon being the Grand Poobah would be an even softer target. You know none of those ignorant hens or any one of their whipped husbands carries a weapon, so it would be a safe bet that a deranged whack-job could exploit their miswired distorted agenda at such a venue totally unopposed. Carry your weapon!

    • Nah, the Moms are bankrolled by Bloomberg. He provides private security for their events. Big, burly goons that you can sometimes catch in the film or photos of the event.

    • DGOTD; “hypocritical Shannon Watts one-shots terrorist at 25yds before he can take the safety off, using her illegally concealed handgun whilst in a gun free zone” and it would still be spun in favor of gun control.

  11. Culture is the culprit here. Take care of me vs. I’ll take care of myself (thank you very much and now get the hell out of my way).

    It is such a simple thing, really. The instant someone accepts responsibility for their own safety, they will have one of three paths: never leave home again, spend the rest of their life in terror, or tool up.

    I really don’t care what choice people make once they accept responsibility for their own safety – totally up to them. Personally, I tooled up. And up, and up, and up, at least according to my wife.

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it here again: I have no idea whether I am now “safe”. Safer, yes, but anything can happen and sometimes good people lose the fight. But I just want a chance to change the outcome, even if I fail.

    And besides, guns are cool.

  12. “America’s Largest LGBT Group Goes All-In For Gun Control”

    So the Women’s Tennis Association is against us too? Damn.

  13. Fools
    Another political decision based on what?? Feelings……….
    I pray you don’t get what your asking of fellow members to happen yet again.
    I for one am not holding my breath.

  14. This makes as much sense as Budweiser sponsoring an AA event, or the Jews asking the Nazis over for Passover supper.

  15. just another “advocacy group” validating and perpetuating its own existence through victim agency supported by the state which coincidentally imports the problems so they can “fix” it.

    anything contrary to that would be putting themselves out of a job. If it told its members to take care of themselves through current legal protections and protected rights, they wouldn’t have a purpose and might have to go get a real job, contributing to society in a meaningful way.

  16. As a resident of California could this group, the tv pundits, the politicians, and all the rest please explain to me the meaning behind this simple phrase, “easy access to military style assault weapons” actually means, please?

    Cause let me tell you, firearms are neither easy to access, unless you want to rent one from a range, nor are military style, i.e. fully automatic/select fire capable weapons available anywhere that I know of, nor do “assault weapons” exist outside of police stations, unless you go through the trouble of modifying your semi-automatic rifle to accept minimally 25,000 $ metal parts made before 1986, go through the BATFE rigamarole of taxes, stamps, id’s, ear tags, serial number tattoos, eye scanning, fingerprinting, I digress into silliness obviously but, why does this phrase still get trotted out on the news stations every 10 minutes since Orlando?

    This case shows that we really do live in 2 Americas, one in which the ability of the state is limited by the rights of the people, and the sad sorry carcass of the American Dream in which our rights get stripped bit by bit everyday.

    I am sick to my stomach at the majority of my fellow citizens who are screaming at capitol hill to, “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY GUNS”, when they don’t care that once that occurs, there is no turning back from a government that has check points and id checks every where you go. It won’t happen this year but we edge closer and closer to that cliff.

    • Roman citizens allowed their Republic to decend into an Empire. All empires crumble. History. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  17. It’s like they have a death wish. The laws they want would have saved no one, and would just make it harder for law abiding people who are targets, such as gays and lesbians, to defend themselves.

    It’s a failure of moral reasoning. People like this can’t distinguish between immoral and moral violence. The murderer in Orlando was committing unspeakably immoral acts. Someone who used violence to stop him would not only be not immoral, but in fact be performing a highly moral and praise worthy act. Those who cannot see this distinction are morally developmentally disabled.

  18. Safety is a .45 cocked and locked and a six pack of magazines. Sexual orientation doesnt matter to Colt

  19. Yeah, those Christian Cake Bakers are really shooting up the Homos.
    The Muzzies are PC though.
    Have fun.

  20. And the Clintons will embrace this cause as they did before. Because if you are a law abiding male heterosexual who owns a gun, and did not have two thousand affairs while your ostensible wife did whatever she did, you have no rights. None at all. Except the right to be taxed into poverty to support all the special snowflakes and their wondrous causes.

  21. Not sure if I agree that the Pulse club was not targeted specifically because it was a Gay club. It is not an uncommon thing to see someone who is actually gay, but whose upbringing and/or belief system causes cognitive dissonance and he/she refuses to accept the reality of the situation. This sort of person is unable to reconcile their natural attractions with what they think should be normal.

    It is also not unusual to find out that people who express extreme severe hatred toward the gay community are actually gay themselves and hate themselves and other gay people for the situation in which they find themselves. It seems fairly clear that the Pulse shooter may be in this category. He was gay but refused to accept it. As a result, he lashed out against other gay people and the best way he felt to do this was to target a gay bar where he knew there would be a lot of gay people to shoot.

    I still have not heard a reasonable explanation as to how, if indeed all people entering the bar were frisked, that he managed to walk in with a rifle and no one noticed until it was too late.

    • I have not heard a detailed account of what happened, but did see some reports that the attack started outside the door where he engaged the armed sheriff immediately, then moved inside.

      It is also possible that at this hour – where the club is nearing closing time, most people are exiting and they get lax with frisking people going in. You would have a lot of people going both directions through the door and a good deal of confusion.

      Either of these do sound possible.

      • “You would have a lot of people going both directions…”

        I apologize in advance but, in my head I read this sentence as, “You have a lot of people going both ways.” I laughed and felt a little guilty doing it.

  22. If someone doesn’t want to be armed fine, it’s their right. But do not try to take away my right to self-defense in anyway I can. If they want to wear pink targets on their shirt that is their business I won’t and I will not be a victim.

  23. The homosexual socialist is the enemy of liberty.
    The homosexual communist is the enemy of individual freedom.
    Homosexuals are responsible for the disarming of San Francisco. The gay leadership has always been anti liberty. Homosexuals and their straight allies love to use big government to force themselves on to free people.
    Harvey Milk was the last gay leader who was pro gun.
    Law maker Tom Ammiano a proud gay white man, wrote the law that makes citizens of California wait up to 10 days longer to buy a gun. Thousands cheer him a gay pride parades.
    I wonder how many women have been raped while they waited to get a gun?

    People voted for Obama because it made them feel good. And they vote for a homosexual because it made them feel good.
    I have never voted for an open homosexual. Call me a bigot? That is ok. It is what people do to hide their anti liberty views from the voters.
    The only open homosexual who was pro gun, pro liberty was Justin Raimondo. He ran against Nancy Pelosi and lost.
    Apparently homosexuals want more free stuff from the government and less personal responsibility.
    Keep voting for people who ” want to put things into their bodies”, as the libertarians say.
    We will see how long before they ask for your papers, ” your papers please”.
    And then ask for your guns.

  24. So a group that hates to be labeled or told to behave in a certain way is fine labeling another group and characterizing them a certain way and is calling for a change in their behavior based on someone else’s behavior which the other group isn’t guilty of in any shape or form.

    Got it.

  25. So if Aaron Zelman of JPFO could talk about “Gas Chamber Jews” (ones who wanted to be disarmedm in spite of how many assholes out there are antisemitic), what is this phenomenon of gays/lesbians who wish to be disarmed, in spite of assholes who think they’re better dead?

    Oh, nevermind. This is actually an easy question. Remember, Hitler gassed homosexuals too. So call ’em “Gas Chamber Homosexuals.”

  26. “The safety of the LGBTQ community depends on our ability to end both the hatred toward our community and the epidemic of gun violence that has spiraled out of control.”

    Spiraled out of control? You mean been reduced by half over the last 20 years? Odd definition there.

    And you have two choices for the safety of the LGBTQ community. Multiple guards armed with militarily viable weapons at these events, or don’t forceably disarm your attendees. I can guarantee that nothing else will make a shred of difference.

  27. “. . . safety . . . depends on our ability to end both the hatred toward our community and the epidemic of gun violence . . .” Good luck on either count. No one has much ability to end hatred nor to control guns. It’s a fantasy the sane do not succumb to.
    I have faith in Darwin’s principle of the survival of the fittest. In the end, those who are more fit to figure out what the problem is and what solutions would likely work will survive. Those less fit will be culled from the herd. A tragic fact; I wish it were not so. Yet, Father-Nature is not often kind or gentle; He is the way he is. And, I think he expects us to figure it out. The Lord helps those who help themselves.

  28. Does ANYBODY doubt that if Hillary Clinton commanded him to endorse anti-sodomy laws, he’d do it in a heartbeat?

    Blacks informed on escaping slaves.

    Jews helped round up other Jews for “deportation”.

    Why is it at all surprising that some gays would advocate the disarming of gays in order to render them pathetic, helpless victims?

  29. I guess that answers the whole “when they came for the gays and lesbians…” moral dillemma, doesnt it?

  30. The normal folks surrendered on all the wacko objectives the sodomy lobby dreamed up, so they need a new cause. If not their leadership would have to go find an actual job (not funded by the taxpayer).

  31. I didn’t read beyond the headline. Human Rights Campaign? Really? They assume the right to speak for an entire species? One definition of a species is a self perpetuating genetically homogenous collection of critters. The only way these people are self perpetuating is via propaganda and perversion. That does not make them a species, and does not make them MY species. They do not speak for me. So I can safely ignore anything they have to say. So there.

  32. This can be boiled down to: “You know what would protect gays? Making it safer to kill them.”

    But hey, when seconds count, the Orlando PD is only THREE HOURS AWAY.

  33. As one half of a lesbian couple, who both own multiple guns, we will be writing the HRC to tell them to stop saying they speak for the entire LGBT community. I know a lot of queer gun owners who do not support increased gun control. In fact, many of us hold the organizations that endorse or support gun control directly responsible for 49 deaths in Orlando. Their push for cultural and legislated disarmament made victims out of would-be heroes in the Pulse nightclub.

  34. Bobby dear,
    You haven’t seen any evidence that Mateen target Pulse because it was LGBT? Let me enlighten you. Even before it was reported that he pledged to ISIL the dreaded leftist NPR reported that Mateen’s father said his hated gay people. In Miami he saw two men kissing and went into a rage. Numerous coworkers testify he regularly spewed hate to gays, blacks and Jews. Customers and staff remember him as a regular, but you were a regular (these were many accounts from many people) and you posted your profile on gay dating sites and posted so many selfies; done you think he has some homosexual feelings/inclinations. There are many more examples. Mix that with radical Islam and you have Of course he wanted to cause terror for ISI, but I’m certain that the pain behind the conflict between homosexuality and radical Islam just boiled over.

  35. Ohole is going to fix the LGBT problem by installing a muslim shat-ria problem. Then that shat-ria problem will attempt to fix the America problem. Armed conservatives will ensure that that “fix” is limited to liberals and liberal sympathizers (not “steering” just averting the overflowing of the river banks in some specific areas). Then armed Conservatives will destroy the shat-ria ishambic invaders and achieve a calming respite wherein they will wait for the next rearing of the next ugly head of this stupid problem.

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