The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants…Even at Christmas Time

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    • Dark,

      Same here. Symbolic gifts: my wife was complaining that two years after sanding the dining room floor, I has still not installed the shoe- molding. So, last Christmas she awoke to new colonial base piled in the dining room. It did not get installed until later in January.

    • For some weird reason, my AR isn’t shooting up schools. Why is that, asshole? It’s sitting right behind me as I type this. But it’s not a Daniel Defense. Maybe that’s the reason. But it does everything a Daniel Defense AR does. Maybe you can help me understand what my LWRCI is doing wrong, just sitting here not murdering anyone, because you are obviously the smartest person in the room and can link to Texas Tribune stories written by monkeys at typewriters.

    • The identity of the manufacturer of the gun is only of interest to some asshole plaintiff’s attorney who wants to sue on a manufactured claim concerning the manufacturer’s “evil marketing,” despite an absence of evidence that marketing had anything at all to do with the purchase of a particular rifle. Add to that the fact that those who leave some sort of manifesto are not motivated by wanting to be some kind of super soldier going to war, but instead by hate and mental illness.

    • MINOR49er, So frickin’ what? An AR-15 is just a semi automatic rifle. I have a hunch the police were fearful because they were over matched. All they had was their 9mm’s.

      The fact is that the police at Uvalde did nothing is a show of cowardice. I am sure that the local Uvalde PD had an AR or it’s equivalent in their arsenal.

      • “The fact is that the police at Uvalde did nothing is a show of cowardice. ”
        Walter is correct. Had there only been a few policemen on scene may have been understandable but there was a multitude present at Uvalde and none held back.

    • The article details the cowardice of the police in this case and over hypes an AR15.

      Was that your point?

    • Liar’s upset that we’re discussing Christmas. Atheists don’t believe in celebrating Christian holidays. So of course Liar has to leave his steaming pile among the lighthearted comments and humorous cartoon of a harmless topic.

      Can you imagine a living a childhood bereft of celebrating the joy of Christmas and the wondrous story of the holiday? Now you know why he’s the Liar that he is.

      • I thought December 25 was a celebrated by Pagans.
        Somthing about buying a Toyota, maybe it was a Saturn?

        • Opossum is correct, the winter solstice has been celebrated for thousands of years before the early Christians claimed the holiday to falsely celebrate Jesus’s birth.

          So yes, their central holiday is built upon an outright lie, like much of their doctrine.

          But personally, I enjoy the Christmas holiday, I also enjoy Easter which is yet another pagan holiday co-opted by the Christian’s. You know, I’ve searched the Bible extensively and I can’t find anything about any Easter bunnies so why do the Christians celebrate Peter Cottontail?

        • MINOR49er, So if Jesus was not born what would you call it? Seems that it happens to be a historical fact.

          I’ll bet you celebrate Solstice rather than Christmas. What do you celebrate Easter for? The lack of something more interesting to do? Or to just conform?

      • “Liar’s upset that we’re discussing Christmas“

        Actually I am amused that you would celebrate the birth of your Savior with a retail purchase, it seems you’re actually celebrating the commercialization of Christmas.

        I think would be more appropriate for Christians to celebrate Christmas the way Jesus celebrated Christmas.

        • “Actually I am amused that you would celebrate the birth of your Savior with a retail purchase …”

          And I am amused at your blatant stupidity, because I didn’t say anything about buying stuff. Specifically I mentioned “celebrating the joy of Christmas and the wondrous story of the holiday.” Reading comprehension — it’s what you should ask for on Christmas.

          “I think would be more appropriate for Christians to celebrate Christmas the way Jesus celebrated Christmas.”

          Why would a Christian take an atheist’s suggestions on his own religion? That’s akin to asking a virgin for suggestions on sexual techniques in bed.

    • MajorLiar,

      So, I guess you’re a COMPLETE ignoranus, huh?? It fits.

      You’re far too stupid to understand, but DD makes excellent (if overpriced) firearms. How they are used is not, except in your addled excuse for a brain, the fault of the manufacturer. But, again, you’re too stupid to understand that.

      It would probably shock your tiny little mind into a stroke to know that I’ve built several ARs, from scratch, myself. Senile Joe can try to “ban” ARs and 80% lowers, and . . . good luck with that.

      You really need to get that Leftist/fascist broomstick out of your @$$, and live in the real world. Or not, since you may be incapable of living in the real world. There will ALWAYS be crazy people (hence the continuing presence of your idiot self, and dacian the demented, on this forum), and there will always be criminals. Only idiots such as yourself blame that on “the gun industry” or “manufacturers”.

      You remain too stupid to insult.

  1. If I’m going to ask Santa for something I’m sure -as-shit not waisting that wish on an AR.

  2. If I could, I’d ask for some .357. I cannot believe how much it is selling for, and how little there is! Being in California where I cannot order on line and if it isn’t in the store I can’t buy any only makes the problem worse.

    • maybe you should take a little “Christmas Vacation” to stores across the state border of you can…I know a guy who does that once a year.

  3. I want an F150 4×4.

    And for the ACLU to finally start doing what it supposedly was founded to do.

    But just to avoid misunderstandings, most anything of value, including cash, will do. $5 minimum, no refunds or returns.

  4. It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other what specific item is being requested.

    If I walked up on two grown men like this I’d be more likely to turn around and walk the other way. These are not people I want to know.

    This is a depiction of the kind of absurd ridiculousness that has everything so twisted and mangled up across the board these last few years. It’s the loss of IQ points within the human population (or loss of masculinity).

    All I can do here is laugh. Perhaps that’s what the point was.

  5. How in the hell did I miss this one?

    A Nov. 11, 2023 Houston PD firefight with some *intense* body-cam footage. An officer taking hits, and being dragged out of the field of fire, and a perp who knew he was dying trying to get in one last reload :

    • I can’t wait for the Doughnut Operator’s breakdown of the action…

      • Welcome to the gunfight! It’s always a shit show. Never goes as planned. Did you see Mr. Murphy standing in the background? He loves a gunfight.

        • “Welcome to the gunfight! It’s always a shit show. Never goes as planned.”

          I think I shall make a concerted effort to not *ever* get in one… 🙁

      • Is there anyway you can ask a police officer not to use your car as a shield?
        Hide behind your own damn car, mines not insured for bullet holes.

  6. no, not asking for another firearm. But, would ask for either ammo, or at least brass cases for a couple of the more obscure calibers I have in inventory. 50-120 sharps, 700 nitro express, 50 Boys anti tank rounds. 8mm Mauser, 30-40 Kraig, and some 12 gauge buck shells would be nice.

    • Awhile back I could not find 7.62×25. It is getting difficult again.
      Do not buy gunms that do not have bullets.
      And if you can find bullets buy a lifetime supply.

  7. Don’t send gifts. Make a donation to FPC, SAF, GOA and other no-compromise 2A groups who are NOT Negotiating Rights Away or supporting John Cornyn and Redflag laws. Keep those printers churning out the lawsuits. Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money! Ho ho ho!

    • What are these “other no-compromise 2A groups” besides the ones you named?

      I already know the one (the oldest and largest civil-rights organization in the US) that doesn’t make your “approved” list. Might as well share all the others and “let’s get ready to rumble!”

      • Most of the rest are not national groups and are instead local activism -or at least mostly local in focus. I’m Florida-based so there is Florida Carry and Florida Gun Rights for example. Other groups I support are more narrowly-focused such as JPFO: Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership & the Pink Pistols.

        As for the NRA which supports “enforcing the unconstitutional laws on the books” and has helped write some of the worst gun laws already on the books such as the NFA & GCA and greenlit Trump’s Bumpstock Ban, I’d sooner give money and support to Giffords or Mom’s want Action since they are basically working on the same side.

        • I’m all for moms wanting action.
          I also believe there should be more gay males.
          Mailman, milkman, I am the Egg Man.

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