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You value your knives and want to make sure you’ve always got a clean, sharp edge whenever and wherever you go. That’s why the new Lansky C-Clip Combo sharpener is a must-have item for your keychain or EDC pack.

The C-Clip Combo includes three top quality Lansky tools to help get your blade sharp and keep it that way quickly and easily, whether you’re a beginner or an old pro.

The Lansky C-Clip sharpener uses two ceramic rods to restore a razor-sharp edge to just about any blade. But it does more than that. You can also use the C-Clip to sharpen fishhooks, darts, arrowheads, tools, needles, surgical-type tools, and more.

The “Mini” Knife Sharpener, with two smaller ceramic rods, is compact enough to be carried on its keychain, on a belt hook, or even in your pocket pocket. That means it’s easy to keep this sharpener with you all the time and make sure your blade is razor sharp when you need it most.

And don’t forget the third part of the C-Clip Combo. Lanky includes a handy eraser block to keep your ceramic rods clean and sharpening your edges at peak efficiency.

Best of all, the entire C-Clip Combo is priced at only $18.99. That means you’ll never have to struggle with a dull knife blade again. Check out the Lansky C-Clip Combo sharpening system here and make sure your edges are razor sharp, no matter where you’re headed.


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  1. I always wondered why they stopped making colorado beaver teeth, they’re one of the best sharpeners I’ve used. I hope these catch on.

  2. Sponsored content that allows comments? They must be very confident.

    These do look useful and super nifty. Putting it on my list of helpful little things to buy.

  3. I want one. I will purchase one.

    But not for my womenfolk to use, because they will not.

    I have purchased multiple knife sharpening systems for the kitchen. Yet, all the knives, save one, are as sharp as hammers. Using them is more like bludgeoning or breaking food; it is certainly not cutting. Except for my knife. That one gets sharpened every day. I hide it so the womenfolk won’t turn it into a baseball bat. But they find it. Why do you have to smash the knife blade into the glass cutting board? It is very sharp, you don’t need so much force.

    So, I am going to invest in one of those electric knife sharpening machines; the model with three slots: sharp, sharper, and “Quick, I need tourniquet!”.

    The woman have rejected every form of manual sharpener. Maybe those tools are too much work. Maybe they are too much like tools. Maybe the womenfolk do not experience that visceral, satisfying sensation when dragging a metal blade across stone. Don’t know. They won’t tell me.

    I once sharpened my lawnmower blade manually, with a stone. That was fun!

    But one of those electric miracle sharpeners will be easy to use and fast. Maybe the womenfolk will use it. Or, maybe they won’t.

    Maybe they enjoy pounding carrots and celery into bite-sized chunks. Everybody needs a way to work out their frustrations.

    We’ll see.

    • LOL! I’m sure one exists somewhere, but I’ve never met a woman who was willing to sharpen a knife.

      You gotta go back to the old-fashioned wood cutting board, man. Even a sucky plastic one would be better than glass. Have mercy on those poor knives.

      • Ing,

        Yes! I love a good hardwood cutting board!! But they have been banned from our house. Apparently, even after washing, they harbor tiny, microbial nasties. Wooden cutting boards are, in fact, the chief reason the human race failed to thrive prior to the invention of glass cutting boards.

        My Mom had wooden cutting boards….and six children. We all lived. We must have been the exception.

        Anyway, keep your powder dry and your knives “Ouch” sharp.

        • Yeah, as a kid (loooooong ago) , we used to eat raw hamburger and bread dough…. I’m sure there are federal laws against it now. All eight of us kids have now made it to at least 60, ma’s 93 this year and still living at home.

      • Ing, You said what I have been thinking for a long time! Additionally, glass boards can be dangerous if your hand slips.. plastic boards are good and easy to wash, wood is better, and when a wood board wears out I can make another…
        My wife has never sharpened a knife in all the years Ive known her.. we have an agreement, she doesnt handle sharpening chores, I don’t do dishes!

    • It’s been my experience, take it for what its worth, that if the cutting/chopping gets louder when you walk into the kitchen just back out the way you came in.

      Yes, I sharpen all the knives and wash them carefully. Sometimes I wonder if I should really be doing that all things considered.

      • Manse,

        LOL!! Sage wisdom!

        That’s why I focus on one kitchen knife; too much effort, otherwise. My carry knives, however, are acutely sharp and happy.

    • +1 guys! My wife ruined knives daily. I finally bought her special purpose plastic cutting boards: fruit, veggies, meat, and a maple one for breads. Ditched the glass ones. Bought a Chef’s Choice 130, oh my! I have natural stones, Lansky stones, Lansky diamonds, and a couple steels, and now they come out only for nostalgic purposes.

      The daughter now, she appreciates a fine edge and is careful with her knives.

      • Chef’s Choice is the cat’s ass… 🙂

      • Hawkeye,

        Much appreciated. Seems like you and Geoff………….agree on Chef’s Choice. That is, then, what I will purchase for the kitchen. Even if the womenfolk don’t use it, I will be able to save more knives from a dull, blunt, edgeless existence.

    • “So, I am going to invest in one of those electric knife sharpening machines; the model with three slots: sharp, sharper, and “Quick, I need tourniquet!”.”

      I bought one with some of my leg-crush injury money, the “Chef’s Choice”, the 3-slot sharpener, with diamond discs.

      *Highly* recommended, indeed!

      • Geoff…………….,

        I respect your judgement, so, Chef’s Choice it will be. Thank you for the tip!

    • LifeSavor, that was hilarious!
      The women in my house (wife, extended family, and in-laws) are the same way about knives.
      They’ve even used the tip of a knife to open cans (when we have a perfectly good can opener) or poke holes in cans, so we end up with knives missing their tips (the tip of a knife blade probably broke off inside a can of juice we drank out of).

      I also like your description, “electric knife sharpening machines; the model with three slots: sharp, sharper, and “Quick, I need tourniquet!”. I collect swords, and once I ordered a sword pre-sharpened. It came packed in grease, so when I took it out of the box, I decided to wipe off the grease with a paper towel, not realizing that when they said it was “sharp” they meant the “Quick, I need tourniquet!” sharpness. I almost severed my finger, so I had to have my son drive me to the Emergency Room. The worst part about that was the embarrassment when about six different nurses and doctors asked me what happened, and I kept having to repeat, “Oh, the usual story — I’m sure you see this every day. I was just cleaning my sword…”

      I sold the sword that bit me, and will never again buy a sword pre-sharpened, because I just use them for decoration — my house hasn’t been invaded by Persians or boarded by pirates with cutlasses in centuries!

      • Derringer Dave: A sword without an edge is like a woman without a… Oh, never mind… that said a sword, unlike a knife, generally doesnt want a fine edge that will turn and quickly dull… IME most actual period pieces seem to have unsharpened edges- Japanese blades generally excepted…

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