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Open Carry demonstrations continue to draw criticism, both from people who abhor firearms and people who don’t want people to abhor firearms. This time ’round the debate’s in the great state of Indiana. “Discussions online [at] indicate some gun owners plan to openly carry rifles and handguns around Monument Circle on the day after Thanksgiving,” reports. “According to a flier that will be handed out by participants, the purpose of the walk is to, ‘educate our fellow Hoosiers about our rights to lawfully keep and bear arms.'” The “Black Friday” event fits the usual non-strident, loosely organized template for open carry demos. But it’s still got some (ostensibly?) pro-gun folks twitchy . . .

City-County Councilor Ed Coleman said he is a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights but has concerns about the walk.

“I urge this group to reconsider their actions,” he said via e-mail. “I don’t think it will have the desired effect that they are looking for.”

Mike Hilton, of Pop Guns, called the plan asinine.

“It’s kind of cowboy action. It’s little children playing,” he said. “The general population are intimidated by firearms, so why cause a problem?”

Why indeed.

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  1. “The general population are intimidated by firearms, so why cause a problem?”

    "General population?" Could he have used a more condescending phrase? Perhaps "the masses" or "the great unwashed?"

    The "problem," if there is one, is with the so-called "general population," not with the Second Amendment. The "general population" used to be intimidated by women having the right to vote, black children in "white" schools, and a lot of other hoodoo. They got over it. My advice to Coleman and Hilton: grow a pair. Actually, two pair. That would be one pair each.

  2. Perhaps you could cite some evidence that shows the "general population" is intimidated by firearms.

    Or perhaps we could continue to not exercise our rights because others' fears.

    Of course, it makes me wonder what I should do. I'm 6'2" and 225 pounds, I've been told my physical presence is intimidating. Should I chop off my legs? Not go out in public?

    I think Mr. Hilton has it backwards, we hide things from little children so they don't get frightened but expect adults to be civil about people exercising their rights.

  3. Bob I'm right there with you. I am 6'5" and somewhere North of 300 pounds, plus a shaved head and full red(dish/grey, dammit!) beard. The manager of the place the wife and I used to regularly eat Sunday brunch comment to her "Some people find your husband intimidating carrying a gun like that (openly in a shoulder holster)." To which the light of my life replied "Some people find him intimidating even when they *don't* know he's carrying a gun!"

    Second: I *want* that T-shirt!

    Third, let's try a little thought experiment. Let's replace the word "firearms" with the words "colored people". Now say that it's okay to exclude blacks from some public space because "The general population are intimidated by colored people, so why cause a problem?" and see what happens.

  4. I guess some pro-gunners (or so they say they call themselves), are absolutely terrified to
    openly exercise their Rights.
    Dollars-to-Doughnuts, these are the same imbeciles who voted for Obama and the 'RINO'S'
    in the last election.

  5. A right that t cannot be exercised is no right at all.

    Every single argument against "open carry" is precisely one of the false arguments against concealed carry and even against simply owning a firearm in the home.

    And just as illogical and lacking in any evidence or supporting facts.

  6. I understand people can be intolerant, easily upset, and pussified. At the sight of a firearm some people go into panic mode. Is that really an example of a healthy, sound mind?

    Is it ok to be as easily upset at the sight of two homosexuals show affection for each other in public?

  7. Unless you are in uniform, that gun you're carrying should be concealed. Imagine if everyone with a large cock walked around with the damn thing swinging right/left, right/left, walking down the boulevard. The goofs that like to stumble around with an exposed sidearm have twerp complex "issues". Everyone of them deserves a beat down with anal rape, pistol or revolver shoved into the dark hole when finished.

    States that prohibit concealed carry, like Ca., need to immediately reconcile their gun law with our 2A.

    • In other words it is educating without having to say a thing. And yes, I have had several “moments of unusual interest” with local LEOs, one of whom went so far as to tell me that if they got an armed robbery call to the gem show I was attending, I’d be the first person they shot. Interesting use of force guidelines the Bloomington MN PD has. I am willing to endanger myself and put up with LEO harrassment in order to *show* non-gunnies that there are it’s not just thugs and gang-bangers who carry, there are regular, everyday folks out there who carry guns and *don’t* shoot up workplaces, schoolyards, grocery stores or malls.

      As for my penis, it is adequate for my needs and my fingers and tongue are adequate for my wife’s needs, so its size is really immaterial.

    • What uniform? I know cops are good, but how about armored car guards? Courthouse security (which in some localities is handled by rent-a-cops)? How about some guy wearing a t-shirt that says SECURITY in big letters front and back?

      Second, at 6'5" I hardly have a 'twerp' complex. What I *do* have is an understanding that tactically, open carrying is foolish, but strategically . . . the argument that I made when I first got my permit and started (on occasion) carrying openly was that the next time the Brady Bunch started spouting off about camo-clad, beer-swilling, sister-marrying, NRA gun nuts (BTW, I am not now and never plan to be a member of the NRA: they are too wishy-washy for my taste) the soccer mom in Woodbury MN can say to herself "No, he was an overweight, middle-aged man who held the door for the pregnant girl and got the package of the top shelf for the old woman."

    • Mr. Grim, our Civil Rights are not predicated on keeping them hidden from public view. Your post is vile, malignent and bigoted.

      You, sir, should not own any weapons.

    • You talk about limiting HOW one carries, then states that CA "need to immediately reconcile their gun law with our 2A. ", yet, the 2A says noting about what or how to carry… very confusing…

      For the record, the reason so many states had or have laws that allow Open Carry w/o a permit is because it was considered, at one time, dishonorable, to carry one's weapon concealed, and only criminals did so.. You, however, have been watching so much MSNBC that you have bought into the lie that gun owners are bad scary people, even though statistics prove otherwise..

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