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Because nothing solves a problem more quickly or efficiently than erecting a federal bureaucracy around it. Bonus: It’s a great way to funnel federal taxpayer dollars to “gun safety” orgs, researchers, “violence interruptors” and other civilian disarmament industrial complex grifters, too!

The office and its director would be responsible for coordinating a government-wide response to a worsening crisis. It would employ public health strategies, support and evaluate prevention programs, collect much-needed data, and hold other agencies accountable — with the ultimate goal of reducing shootings.

Creating such an office would be relatively easy. It could be accomplished by executive order, without congressional approval, and the idea is not a new one. Presidents — including Biden — have for decades created offices or other specialized units to tackle complex challenges. It’s become a common way for presidents to enact their will, with some clear advantages — as well as mixed results.

Establishing an office to tackle gun violence would mean that the federal government’s disparate groups and staffers devoted to the issue would be forced to collaborate, instead of tackling facets of it in isolation. 

— Chip Brownlee in Advocates Say Biden Is Ignoring a Major Gun Violence Prevention Opportunity

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    • You’d be terrible at needlessly expanding the government while pretending like you’re interested in solving societal problems. I take it you aren’t in politics?

    • Nah they’re pretty busy harassing violent terrorist parents, when they aren’t spying on a sitting President.

    • Now that some time has past and the media swept the violent perp under the rug who used a vehicle to mow down people attending a parade in Wisconsin it’s now safe to call for a federal bureaucracy to corner so called, “Gun Violence.” Obviously the focus must be on the gun while all other objects criminals misuse must be out of sight and out of mind. After all the more in the dark politically inept and history illiterate useful idiots are the easier it is to sell Gun Control.

      Make no mistake about it sneaky Gun Control zealots “use” those who criminally misuse firearms to achieve “Gun Control.” Gun Control zealots will not call it “People Violence” because doing that defeats their purpose.

      The way to stop Gun Control and its rot is to properly define Gun Control as an agenda rooted in racism and genocide. Failure to do so means your “gun” remains under the microscope being scrutinized by the kind of busy bodies you do not want in your home much less anywhere around your kids.

      1) The Second Amendment is one thing.

      2) The criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats, knives, vehicles, etc. is another thing.

      3) History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is a racist and nazi based Thing.

  1. You click on the link and the first thing you see is a pop up from the Trace saying Help Our Journalists investigate gun violence. Yeah that’ll be money well spent. Screw that I need more ammo.

      • The Trace is an American non profit journalism outlet devoted to gun related news. Founded with seed money in 2015 from Everytown for Gun Safety. Yeah not biased at all! Please tell me they don’t make money by clicking on the link!

      • $59 B? The next time a gullible defenseless person is found bound, gagged and murdered in their home after evidence proves they bought into misleading Gun Control based “advertisements and advice” that convinced them they were “safer in their home” without owning a firearm perhaps a $70,000,000.00 + lawsuit dent can be put in that $59 B?

        • Ban all dacian the stupids, dacian. Ban all dacian the stupids.

          You are too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, Don’t you claim to own firearms? Now you say ban them? Which is it, DUNDERHEAD. Which lie are you telling now?

          You will have hell to pay trying to ban guns in this country. We have this thing called the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.

        • dacian the DUNDERHEAD Gee, it sounds just like you. Maybe your alter ego is trying to set your record straight. Speaking of idiots, you are the lead idiot here.

  2. “Without Congressional approval..”

    We don’t have a king or ruler in this country. What is it with these people who desire that? Maybe an ‘Ministry of Obnoxious Karen’s should be created along with a no-fly, no-drive, no being out in public list.

      • A monarchy (today) is a trait of a government founded on and employing a diluted form of feudal tyranny presented as a version of democracy.

    • I don’t like linking to “the trace” is if it’s op-eds are actually news articles.

      It’s funny this headline says “a ministry”, pretty sure that’s just British/colonial thing, like Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Silly Walks, etc, but the actual article just says creating an office or department. Same thing, but different wording, not sure where the Ministry snuck in there.

      Ministry sounds weird like it’s some church related function at first take but then you have ad…ministration, so same deal. Either way, all a bunch of words to say extra bureaucracy. Maybe a gun violence czar? Czarina? That’s weird too.

  3. More lives can be saved and actual progress in criminal reform, reduction in violent crime and drug trade if only the government created a Ministry of Gang Violence.

  4. So basically, they want another “czar”. We already have a drug czar, a cyber-security czar, and an Asian Carp czar (true story!), what’s one more unelected bureaucrat among friends?


  5. Yup, they have their puppet in the oval, they believe this is THEIR time! Gotta prove em wrong, when it’s gone it’s gone!!

    • Happy President’s Daze! We have a candidate for the worst presidon’t EVER. Gunz ain’t violent. Humans are. Orwellian BS…

  6. Too many goobermint letter agencies have arrest power and firearms. Nazi Germany did the same thing, look how well that turned out for German citizens and pretty much the rest of the world. And all it took was a tin plated tyrant who never achieved anything except corporal in the Germany army, which far surpasses Brandon’s achievements.

  7. As the article pointed out, this idea is mainly for “non-profits” to grift off of the government. Dem cities are riddled with these organizations, whose only purpose is to enrich the executives. They do nothing to solve the problem they were ostensibly founded to solve. If this office is created, expect even more false narratives to emerge to capture the attention of the government propaganda corps, i.e. the media.

  8. America would receive far more practical value from instituting Monty Python’s ‘Ministry of Silly Walks’. But, for the fascist Left, ANY expansion of government is automatically a good thing. “Unintended consequences” don’t exist, “second-order effects” aren’t a thing, “perverse incentives” don’t exist, and “the ends justify the means”. Besides, IF it turns out so badly (like the Xiao Bai-Din “presidency”) that even the lying Left can’t spin it, the always have their fallback excuse – “But we had GOOD INTENTIONS!!” And what was it the road to Hell was paved with??

    • Lol. Lamp, it’s time for you to find come up with some new material. Your current stuff just isn’t impactful. Perhaps one of the imaginary partners at your pretend law firm can help you out 🖕🤡.

      • Nameless, brainless troll, buggered any minors, lately????

        Or are you too occupied with your daily circle jerk with dacian the stupid and MinorIQ????

        You are too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$.

        • Ugh. See what I mean? Please get some new material. More importantly, get a life 🤣🤡.

    • Lamp,
      And even if it turns out so badly…
      It still will never go away.
      Just another tax slush fund for eternity.

  9. The gubmint isn’t the least bit interested in solving any kind of violence as violence suits there needs. It’s the same as phony systemic racism, as long as the race baiters can claim some form of racism and blow it out of proportion they will. If they were to say racism is solved they have lost their cash cow and would have to find honest work. Violence serves its purpose by allowing the many tics to claim they have the answer and that the honest law obeying gun owner is the problem. Hence, we should restrict their right to own firearms and raise money on bloody shirt dancing.

  10. A ministry of gunm violence .
    I kinda like the sound of that.
    I dont want to do nothing to hard, sit around in the office, make paper airplanes and annoy the other staff. I hope they have peanuts, I like peanuts, ,, and coffee.
    Oh back on track, quit staring out the window.
    Okay you BATFE guys, The Ministry says go do something, I dont care what it is, shoot some dogs or flash bang a baby, but just do something. Maybe go check out David Chipmans cans of tuna fish stash. Wheres them FBI boys? They need to get busy too, I cant have them guys standing around doing nothing. I swear if a lighting bolt struck I lose half my help.
    Ministry of Gunm Violence ,yeah .

  11. Don’t worry. Everything’s going to be okay. The Democrats, and the drug legalization crowd are handing out “free” crack pipes. So just sit back and relax.

    • Crack pipes purchased from China through one of Hunters connections no doubt. With 10% for the “Big Guy”.

  12. If they create such a “ministry,” he should call it by it’s real name.
    Instead of “Ministry of Gun Violence,” it should be called by its correct name,
    “Ministry of Infringing Constitutional Rights.”

  13. A “ministry”? What are we eurowussies? A “Ministry” my ass

    And WTF is “Chip”? Some Frat boy from waka waka waka house?

  14. I guess that the Lefties have not learned yet that a gun is incapable of violence. People kill people, not guns.

    It might be a better idea to put the bad guys in in jail where they belong.

  15. It won’t be a ministry, here in the states we’re more partial to councils or better yet commissions. However, while the president has the authority to create such a club, unless they plan on holding a bake sale they need a vote of Congress for funding.

  16. There is no such thing as “gun violence”. No gun ever perpetrated violence.
    There’s only *criminal violence* ,which is perpetrated by violent *human* criminals

  17. Coordinating various Federal, State and Local governmental agencies studying crime is only just plain common sense. Of course the radical Far Right which would like to eradicate all gun laws is now in a panic that the new stats will further prove that big changes in the way America sells guns need to be implemented to stop people who should not have guns from getting them.

    Of course none of the new info with be anything that is not already known in other civilized countries that have many decades ago passed gun control laws that work. It is just that with new American data the Far Right Right will have their usual lies and propaganda pulled out from under their feet for all to see how ludicrous it really always was.

      • Republican to do list.

        Keep the people poor.

        Keep the people stupid

        Keep the people sick

        Keep the woman as sex slaves.

        • Alright everyone, I need to apologize…. I wasn’t there when my it/thing Dacian was born. I heard after my it was born the doctor slapped its mother so hard she dropped it on its head. Explains alot I guess.
          It now lives in a windowless basement subsiding on cheetos and redbull. It only goes outside twice a day to do its business since it cannot be potty trained. Not very socialbe either. It believes it is right all the time and no one else’s opinion matters. I understand that is cause by its mother dropping it repeatedly.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD
          This is the Leftist-Socialist agenda.
          Keep the people poor. This way you can keep them voting for you and your sorry welfare programs than keep them enslaved.

          Keep the people stupid This way you can keep them voting for your dumb arse Lefties. That’s why you want to dumb-down education. If they can’t read, write and do math, you can keep them as your lap dogs.

          Keep the people sick. This way you Lefties can say look how we’re taking care of you with free medical care rationed to keep you sick.

          Keep the woman as sex slaves. How about that. William Jefferson Clinton and Jeffery Epstein.

      • dacian the DUNDERHEAD We are sick and tired of Leftist-Socialists such as yourself. I guess you don’t want to take us up on that plane ticket to a country of your choice other than the USA of course. Putin would put your sorry ass in Lubyanka in a heart beat.

    • dacian the stupid,

      If it’s common sense, child, you are s*** out of luck, because you have none of that. You’ve become an increasingly strident, increasingly unhinged, ignorant, uneducated, propaganda mill. Go find a more receptive audience for your fits of public insanity. NO ONE CARES what you think, dacian the stupid.

      You are too stupid to insult. Go visit the cable.

    • dacian the DUNDERHEAD First of all, the Feds couldn’t find a fart in a telephone booth with a fart detector. Study? What the hell is their to study? The response to crime should be succinct and simple. Jail all criminals after trial by a jury of 12 just and true. Stop codling criminals and make them work while they are in prison.

      Do away with is so called ‘bail reform.” If a criminal is a danger to society at large jail him with high bail until he is tried in a court of law.

  18. Ministry – Read Orwell’s “1984” to see how that Ministry idea works out for everyone.

    Orwell was either a prophet or had access to Well’s Time Machine…

    • Old Guy,

      Don’t give them any suggestions, they can come up with enough deranged idiocy on their own.

      • @LOD

        I’m not giving them any suggestions or credit for original thinking…they already appear to be using Mao’s Lil Red Book, Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, Mein Kampf, Orwell’s “1984” and the Hunger Games as the Blueprints for their Future Utopia.

  19. Here’s a novel concept. Put those who commit violent crimes in prison. And put those who commit murder in a coffin. Along with rapists and child molesters.
    It never has been the hardware that commits the crime. Nor are the overwhelming majority of those who own firearms ever going to be a problem for anyone but criminals and would be tyrants.
    European gun laws were written to protect the government, nobility and royalty from potential revolutionaries and assassins. Not to reduce crime or protect the subjects from criminals. Murder and other crimes of violence have been illegal for many years. Even in those so called civilized countries Dacian brags about. Funny how the same crimes we see here happen in those places as well. If you discount the violence committed by the inner city gangs, the US is a very safe place. According to the FBI’s crime stats, 52% of the violent crime is committed by 13% of the population. Has been at that level for a couple decades. Might want to do something with that part of the society before you try to punish people who’s only offense is owning a type of firearm you don’t like.


      • That’s a good idea the cops of Ottawa got going on, arrest the truck drivers and haul them off to jail for not driving their trucks.
        I ain’t real smart but I think it’s kinda hard to drive a truck in jail?
        All that over a vaccine mandate.
        And what good does the vaccine do? Oh that’s right you MIGHT not get as sick if you didn’t have it.
        And an umbrella might keep you from getting wet in a hurricane

        • Our Knights in shining polyester are just ‘doing their job’, as they said in Europe not so long ago. And nobody ever accused the idiot manchild of being a deep thinker. Just a spoiled little queerbec rich kid who will do anything to get his way, cause he knows all the other kids hate him.

        • And now we find that the ever more (recently) burgeoning trust fund one of his daddies left him with may hold 40% stock of one of these pharma outfits directly involved in producing the death jab. Yet another big surprise. I mean, who’da thunk?

  20. Here’s a novel idea. Charge all felons captured with a firearm under the federal rules which are an 8 year bottom or 10 year bottom depending on the circumstances of the crime. They tried it in a Virginia city with a high gun crime rate and within a couple of years, crimes committed with a gun dropped dramatically. The bad guys used other means of persuasion but opted not to carry guns because a must serve 8 years or must serve 10 years, served in Stellicom WA when your homies are in Virginia is 8 long years.

    Even though it is expensive to keep folks in U.S. prisons, if we paid Mexico to incarcerate their nationals that we have in our prisons, it would save a bundle. It would solve Mexico’s foreign currency problems (until the dollar no longer is the index for world currency which may be next week if Biden’s budget for the DoD is passed) and we would have a lot fewer overcrowded prisons.

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