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BD the butcher sends us his S&W M&P 2.0 Outside the Waistband set up for today’s EDC.  Thanks to Everyday Carry.

I’m deeply envious of the orderly and neatness of his layout and photography.  It is truly awe-inspiring.

BD likes his M&P in .40 S&W flavor.  Specifically, he notes that he carries Federal HST 165gr. – a fine choice.  He carries in a Talon Retention Delta OWB rig.  Add in a spare mag in an Alpha Concealment mag pouch and a Streamlight Pro-Tac light.

He’s another Spyderco fan, carrying a Paramilitary 2 folder.

I wonder if the Recycled Firefighter Wallet pegs him as a hose dragger.


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    • But it’s a 40 Smith and Wesson thus he will die on the streets as he has one less round!

      • Back during the great ammo drought I could almost always find .40 S&W. I thought long and hard about buying a .40 pistol for just that reason. But then I decided I didn’t want another caliber to have to stock up for and a different set of accessories to worry about.

        • jwm, I resisted the .40 caliber wave back in the 90’s until the caliber was firmly established. That said, every well rounded handgun battery should have a .40 caliber. As for as accessories, if you have a Glock 17, buy a Glock 22. Just an example. Accessories will interchange. Being able to buy ammunition in an ammunition shortage is a no brainer.

        • I have several handguns in both .40 S&W and 9mm and have been shooting them for a long time, for both target plinking and professional defensive classes.

          I eventually chose to standardize to the 9mm. The .40 is certainly good and won’t be going away, but the improved modern loads in 9mm don’t make it worth my while to keep the .40s, so I’m consuming my remaining ammo for training and will be finding new homes for them once done. The ammo costs 50% more for the same bang, and you lose a round in the mag’s capacity.

  1. Well I could get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a bull’s ass, but I’d rather take the butcher’s word on it.

  2. ‘Field notes’ are the perfect size for wrapping up 6” sausages…..but you already knew that.

  3. “Hose dragger”….we prefer the term “nozzle nuts” or “dragon slayer”.

    PS: Talon Retention Systems gear is good stuff. The guy who owns and operates the business is very receptive to custom modifications to accommodate your particular firearm / light / optic / laser / etc combination.

    • This guy gets it.

      Only downside to the local talon is trying to get 1.5″ loops for anything is like pulling teeth.

  4. When I worked at IBP I put a .38 deringer in my lunch box, wasn’t supposed too, would have gotten fired if I’d got caught. But hey, I’m a little possum and need all the help I can get. Now about that .38 derringer, she was a beaut, fake ivory handles, a 56 lb trigger pull, after about 100 rounds it loosened up and would unlock with stout loads and if you could hit a barn at 25 yards the bulluts were sideways. Yeah man, that’s what I’m talking about, a quality product at a discount price., , , , , , I figured a butcher would just pack around a meat cleaver, after all Superman didn’t fear bulluts but he always ducked a meat cleaver. Plus meat cleaver’s are scary, somebody pulls a gunm on you it’s just kinda “Oh ho hum another gunm” , but when someone Yanks out a meat cleaver you think”Oh shhheeeeoot,,, a meat cleaver, thats fckn scary.” BTW if it keeps on raining my gunms are going to drown. I’ve already lost an AstroVan,( now submarine) a camper( now non floating houseboat) and $800 worth of Ham radio equipment. Note to self: When the river rolls over the levees it’s to late to go back and get stuff.

    • “…after all Superman didn’t fear bulluts but he always ducked a meat cleaver.”

      What would TTAG be without Possum?

      Bummer about your radio gear. Hopefully it wasn’t any good, classic HF ‘toys’…

        • Meh, modern solid-state linears are not as classy, but, they work just as well as the old-school tubies.

          Sorry about the loss of quality gear…radio or otherwise.

          In other news, everyday Montanans are now able to carry automatic and OTF knives instead of the prior restrictions of having to be active duty LEO, active duty Military or EMS responder.

  5. Paramilitary just got sent in to Spyderco. I broke the tip and want to test their system. I was hoping to get it recoated since it’s a black blade and it’s pretty beat up, but they can’t do it. Currently testing my new Benchmade 535 in OD. I tested one at the local Murdoch’s, but it was blue, so no go for me – Amazon it was. New to Benchmade and changing the color scheme from all black to a mix with some OD Green for my favorite gear from RFF I never shared before. It’s a traditional yellow fire hose with mulitcam, and very durable.

    As for the .40, my usual, it was the first round I’ve EDC’d with a Glock 22, then I got the 43, next is a .380 micro carry. I always carried 9mm in the military, and wanted something a bit bigger for personal use after I got done being a bureaucrat. I started OWB EDC in Virginia where open carry was legal and new to the system, was my easiest option, so I went full size with something I could get comfortable and proficient in easily. Then California came along due to family who lived there passing away. I ended up staying for a year to clean up and such, and since it was impossible to get a conceal carry being an average Joe in the Socialists Republic of California, I opted that being tried by 12 is better than being carried by 6 and packed a G43. Now I’ve found a home in Montana and the S&W is my medium for conceal (legally – because this state is not overran by Nazi’s yet) and OWB which I also conceal with the rig you see in these pics. Being a new carry purchased just as as it started getting cold, it’s the only rig I have but in my next EDC, since it’s warming up, I will show the IWB rig I have on the way from JM after I get some use with it. I try to keep the amount of ammo I need to a minimum, because it’s all I can afford, and it’s rounds I am familiar with.

    That’s my EDC history. Not something most people share and I never have either, but it’s nice to get a background on the pic you are looking at and the evolution of it. I’m no expert in anything, but I try to keep it simple and some things I just can’t part with, like a spare mag and notebook. I use one of those all the time, and hope I never need the other….

    The butcher thing was a joke BTW… I don’t share my profession on the EDC website – but I am able to carry what I share all day, everyday, and as one commentator left here, the title was b/c I was watching Tommy Boy at the time of upload and couldn’t think of something to fill that spot. According to the EDC site, I have also been a Mall Santa and a dysfunctional vet. One of those is true…

    Yea… It’s the Mall Santa…

    • Well even though your not a butcher by preference and profession. I bet you could still pack around a meat cleaver, being in Montana and what not..

    • B.D., thanks for providing a little background. Are those grip tape strips around your flash light, and if so how are they working out for you? I might experiment with that. BTW, great loadout, especially the gun, I am envious.

      • They are, over time they space out a bit but I added it to keep it secure in my pocket on my microstream and just carried it over on the protac as well. Works great on the microstream because the pocket clip hits it and the tape hits inside the pocket giving some antislip.

  6. Hose dragger ? The men work on Trucks and don’t touch hose , Engines are for small stature men and all the women . When I retired after close to 30 years, the Fire Chief wanted to fill my spot with a woman ,” said she’d be the first LT on a Truck .”

    The men revolted , she’s on an Engine now .

    Don’t know anyone with those wallets .

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