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All gun owners should have a tactical knife, if only cutting those plastic price tags off of kids toys. NOW how much would you pay? And where would you pay it? I’m not a fan of the Home Shopping Network or any of it’s brethren. It’s, to me, way too much like what you’d get if you televised a carny’s pitch at the state fair. Fun to watch for about five minutes, but don’t buy anything, for God’s sake. The other night, I discovered what would happen if HSN had some sort of incestuous relationship with a bunch of Good Ol’ Boys. Their love child/demon spawn would look a lot like the Cutlery Corner show on the C&T channel on my Dish Network system. (Channel 225, if you must know.) Following in the well-established mold (in every sense of the word) of HSN and it’s ilk, the Cutlery Corner show offers ridiculous quantities of knives and ridiculously low prices.

Now, I happen to believe that a lot of tactical knives are waaaaay over-priced. I realize that quality steel costs money. So does engineering, design and manufacturing. I also realize that a LOT of knives are designed here, but made, ahem, abroad. As in China. So the idea that a folding tactical might run close to $100 seems a wee bit excessive, if you know what I mean.

On the other hand, getting a dozen tactical knives for $39.95 strikes me as TBGTBT (too bloody good to be true). If you visit Cutlery Corner’s website, you’ll see some recognizable names among their vendors. Case. Kershaw. Bøker. But you’ll also see a whole buncha brands you’ve probably never heard of. And I’ve noted that the fleet pricing for deals that would outfit the Hatfields AND the McCoys are usually sporting brands that are a bit on the obscure side.

Nevertheless, watching this Bubba Shopping Network is, well, kind of a trip. In a visiting foreign cultures kind of way. I particularly like the homespun announcer, who’s constantly offering deals and then Cutting The Price Even Further! with a weird mix of breathless enthusiasm and cornpone charm.

So if you’re in the market for some late-night weirdness, and your taste runs to weapons of less-than-mass destruction, tune in.

And ya’ll come back now, hear?

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  1. In my humble opinion, and through years of heavy use, Short of true custom knives I collect-Spyderco and Cold Steel are the toughest-in that order. I even spent a day cutting steel banding off shipping pallets with a Spyderco rescue model once-in a bind.


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