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After two high profile mass shootings in a week, the BidenHarris White House is under intense pressure from their backers in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex as well as their cheerleaders in the media to do something…anything…to further impinge on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. Not wanting to let the current “crisis” pass without taking full advantage of the waning news cycle, the administration is now floating ideas for executive actions with their allies in the press and on Capitol Hill.

The gun control industry has been mightily frustrated so far by the realities of the legislative process. Despite Democrats’ thin margin of control in the House, all Speaker Nancy Pelosi needed to ram through two background check-related “reform” bills — a ban on private gun sales and a “fix” of the non-existent so-called Charleston loophole — was a simple majority of her compliant foot soldiers.

But despite the fervent wishes of Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, there’s no prospect of getting rid of the Senate filibuster any time soon. Not given the expressed opposition of both Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin.

That’s thrown cold water all over the far left’s most dearly held legislative dreams since any legislation — including background checks, an “assault weapons” ban, or “high capacity” magazine limits — would need to attract at least 10 Republican votes to clear the Senate and wind up on a confused President’s desk where someone will put a pen in his hand and promise him a bowl of pudding and a nice nap if he’ll sign it.

As a result, following Atlanta and Boulder, the powers that be in the White House — whoever that is — have been whispering to their pliant stenographers at the New York Times that they’re thinking about three potential executive actions.

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, said that legislation was necessary to make permanent changes. But she also suggested that the executive actions under consideration could be a realistic starting place.

“There’s lots of leverage you can take, obviously, as president and vice president,” she said.

For now, administration officials have been reaching out to Democrats in the Senate to consult with them about three executive actions. One would classify as firearms so-called ghost guns — kits that allow a gun to be assembled from pieces. Another would fund community violence intervention programs, and the third would strengthen the background checks system, according to congressional aides familiar with the conversations.

Aware that any executive actions on guns will face legal challenges, the White House Counsel’s Office has also been vetting those actions to make sure they can withstand judicial review, officials said.

Ordering the ATF to do to 80% firearm kits what they did to bump stocks has been a goal of the gun control industry ever since California’s dearly departed Kevin de Leon raised a couple of scary-looking firearms in front of a group of reporters back in 2014 and coined the term “ghost gun.”

Funding “community violence intervention programs” probably wouldn’t affect gun sales or gun owners in any significant way. That’s merely a sop to groups the Democrats see as their key urban constituencies. Biden would be able to announce that he’s fully in support of throwing still more taxpayer dollars at failed “violence interruptor” programs and the like and then allow the media to pretend he’s actually accomplished something.

As for “strengthening” the background check system, exactly what that would entail isn’t clear. Do Biden’s handlers think they can unilaterally ban private gun sales as H.R. 8 would do? Or extend the three-day limit the FBI has to complete a background check to 10 days as H.R. 1446 would do?

Surely the administration isn’t deluded enough to think that any of these proposed actions would have prevented either the Atlanta or the Boulder shootings. Are they?

Would community violence intervention programs have kept a pathetic incel from taking his sexual frustrations out on three massage parlors he frequented? Would a “ghost gun” ban or extending the FBI’s background check window have prevented a violent, possibly mentally ill Syrian immigrant from shooting up a grocery store?

No. No, they wouldn’t. Literally no one thinks so.

But that’s not the point of any of this. The White House is busy making political calculations, surveying the landscape to see how much political and media cover support they can expect if they make some or all of these moves with the stroke of an executive pen.

They know full well that banning the sale of 80% gun kits and parts or unilaterally tinkering with the current laws surrounding background checks would draw immediate court challenges, but that’s another problem for another day. In the mean time, the mysterious powers that be in the Executive Branch would be able to draft a speech, load it into the TelePrompter and prop up President Bidenharris before the cameras long enough to read it and announce that, finally, they’ve done something about “gun violence” in the U.S.

That would immediately be followed by a raft of supportive commentary, earnest nodding, and praise on cable news networks and in the pages of the state newspapers around the country. Kris Brown, John Feinblatt, Peter Ambler and Shannon Watts would also immediately publish supportive tweets and issue victorious press releases announcing that after four years of failure, we now have a Commander in Chief who’s willing to act.

The Bidenharris administration could then move on to other crises while the press and Senator Schumer continue to work on Joe Manchin to try to end his incredibly annoying intransigence.

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  1. “A bowl of pudding and a nap.” ,,, after that I was laughing to hard to finish the article.
    Poor old grandpa

    • No 80 percent guns?

      Hello, 75 percent guns…

      • On that note, is 80% codified in federal law, or is that ATF policy? If it was decided administratively, I suppose there’s an argument that it can be changed administratively.

  2. The Trump Doctrine allows for banning anything at anytime. If a piece of plastic can be declared a machine gun then an AR 15 can be put into the NFA. I hope he tries it, enough with the slow boil.

    • Another detouring “doctrine” clown…If POTUS DJT did not act following the Vegas tragedy Congress Would Have. That means POTUS DJT fell on the sword otherwise bozo you would not be seeing Binary Triggers, etc. advertised on this forum.. Instead of you regurgitating what you’ve heard from some like minded useful idiot take your Trump Doctrine BS over to Allen Gottlieb and have him explain it to you.

      Today Center X is biden/harris. Try to stay on target or stfu.

      • With no “national tragedy” in the news DJT expanded Obama’s importation ban to include VEPRs. That mattered. Also he didn’t countermand a single EO from prior administrations. He was too busy to pick up a pen to strike down any previous EO’s.

        I voted for DJT twice but he didn’t do jack sheet for gun owners besides “not being as bad as Hildebeast”.

        • Your votes don’t matter when every bit of your crybaby snot amounts to the kind of BS that keeps voters away and helped usher in biden/harris.

          Sitting there like a spoiled brat complaining with more income, guns and ammo available at your fingertips under POTUS DJT shows just how ungrateful people with their heads up their politically inept behinds can be.

        • “I voted for DJT twice but he didn’t do jack sheet for gun owners besides “not being as bad as Hildebeast”. ”

          Wow- considering the types of candidates we’re constantly faced with? This “problem” is due to the fact that a majority of gun owners and Americans who claim to love liberty are too lazy or “pure” to get involved with party politics at the most basic, local level. Voting for someone who is “not as bad” will always be the norm until The People change their own habits.

          To my point, I advocate all gun owners get off their butts, out of their houses and become involved in either the Republican or democrat party at the county level as a member of the county central committee. (Forget about some 3rd party Nirvana, where a winner can often be named by gathering only 34% of the entire vote.) Participation takes about an hour or two per month and puts the person in a position to form the path of said party.

          Seriously- we’re in the position doesky2 describes only because good people have abrogated their rights and responsibilities to others. After that- there’s no use bitching about the choices someone else has laid out for you- you let them do it by not being involved in the process of choosing them.

          Looking at the big picture and not just firearms, Trump was light-years ahead of anyone who’s sat in the Oval Office. For the economy alone for starters; to end the constant waging of “little wars”; for energy independence from those other producers who want us dead; for being able to speak in words and terms even a moron can understand; on and on.

          When people end up focussed entirely on one issue, they might soon end up having some guns in their possession, yet no ammo; no place to shoot; no way to communicate with others who believe likewise and in the end, having to live the remainder of their lives literally in a bunker and not being able to afford anything else, either. That is basically the Progressive Plan if you are not one of the enlightened.

        • get involved with party politics at the most basic, local level

          What office are YOU running for? Good luck… I nominated myself for “vermin” exterminator… Hope my services are not needed but it’s not looking good..

        • The vast majority of gun laws and regs are not the President’s problem, but the Congress’s.
          While the Republican Congress was busy signing off on the Steele Doctrine and staying in pro-forma session for four years to keep President Trump from appointing his own picks for cabinet slots and bureau heads, what exactly did they do for gun owners?
          And what did you do to pressure them to fall in line?

      • “That means POTUS DJT fell on the sword”

        No, he threw a half a million citizens on the sword.

      • So the argument is Trump turned a half million citizens into felons for their own good.

        Astonishing, we held the line after Sandy Hook but with Rs controlling the House,Senate, and Executive, we had to sacrifice some freedom to protect our freedom.

        • mike little veeeee…You and your like minded spoiled brat crybabies are to Freedom what a drunk farting gasbag is to fine dining.

          All the proof I need to back that up is in the first 4 words of This Topic.

        • “No you did…dumbazz.”

          How exactly?

          I voted for him twice, I advocated for voting for him twice even with him betraying his supporters.

        • How many citizens have been prosecuted for bump stocks? To my knowledge, zero. What percentage of bump stocks were turned in or destroyed? To my knowledge, very close to zero. Shutting up assholes by allowing something which can clearly not be prosecuted or otherwise enforced, looks like an all-around win to me. When it’s time for shooting, please do not let it be over something as stupid as bump stocks.

        • “How many citizens have been prosecuted for bump stocks? To my knowledge, zero.”

          That’s a poor standard Larry. The government doesn’t have to prosecute many because they have intimidated all owners into some form of compliance.

          No one is going to risk getting tagged with that felony.

      • Jeez Debbie take a step back. I loved President Trump but what he did with the bump stock ban was pure BS. Ban it now and worry about the law suits later? No! Bump stocks are not automatic weapons and I will veto any bill introduced that says it is! Pretty simple.
        “If POTUS DJT did not act following the Vegas tragedy Congress Would Have.” That is your reasoning? VETO! And although I agree with your message, you might not want to talk crap about anyone “regurgitating” anything.

        • Hope you noticed that courts have already begun knocking down the clearly unconstitutional ban, did you really wish all the screeching to continue? I am looking forward to the RETURN of all confiscated bump stocks (mostly from retailers, since individuals neglected to turn them in), and repayment of costs, preferably from ATF funds.

      • I don’t know, if gun control isn’t going through Congress now, I doubt it would have then. And as others have said, he could have vetoed it. Really unlikely it would have been overridden. I don’t know what Trump was thinking, but I think he generally said what was on his mind. Absent evidence to the contrary, I tend to believe that Trump really thought it was a good idea, along with so-called red flag laws.

  3. “… the mysterious powers that be in the Executive Branch …”

    In case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet, that’s Obama. He’s pulling the strings in this administration. Joe is senile, and Ho is a scatter-brained opportunist.

    • They instill fear within the emotion driven mob, and that’s all that matters. Democrats know their constituents are easy to manipulate. Logic doesn’t matter. According to the Libs, the scientific method is both sexist and racist.

      • This. Most people don’t care about the vast majority of murders, because most are criminals shooting other criminals. Apart from some collateral damage, if you aren’t out involved in crime, you don’t assume that risk. You can further reduce the risk by avoiding crime-heavy areas, if you are fortunate enough to have that option. In short, that risk is controllable to a large extent. Mass shootings are more random, unpredictable. I think that makes them far more scary to most people, even if there are dozens of things statistically more likely to take them out on a given day.

    • Feelings. Nothing more than feelings.
      For the same reason masks will never go away.
      Mandates may end but the true believers will wear them until the day they die while constantly fearing the ever-present mutation and shaming those who do not believe as they.
      It’s a new cargo cult. A coast to coast Jonestown. And expect those faithful to engage in violent and vandalism acts against those who aren’t in the cult. We’ve got decades more of this insanity to look forward to.

    • Reminds me of Ralph Nader and his “carnage on the highways” claim when highway death rates were declining. This is an old, old, threadbare game that’s played on a largely ignorant or uninterested-until-the-bad-thing-happens public. It’s all about symbolism.

  4. Can you call someone an incel if they are paying for sex? Most of the incels I have encountered steadfastly refused to do that, even as a therapeutic intervention. If these massage parlors were providing sex for money then sexual frustration was the problem. The problem would be either psych issues about sex in general or insufficient funds.

    • Shh… Can’t let people know that the coomers will rise up! Once they find the time between meat tenderizing sessions :^ )

    • I thought the same thing. If he’s paying for it, he’s not celibate, involuntary or otherwise.

      What’s said on this site so often? Words mean things.

      • dafook does “incel” mean? You can use the internet, but you can’t type something as simple as “INCEL” into a search bar? Here let me get that for you…

        Incel: a member of an online community of young men who consider themselves unable to attract women sexually,


    This one almost got out of hand. Would’ve been too obvious and confirmed the False Flag Mantra.

    BTW, to the other bloggers and writers, the 1993 Brady Bill mandates background checks for “Transfers”, not just sales alone from an FFL Dealer. I fully expect an EO to the 1993 Brady Bill from this Communist China Sock-Puppett Regime to come down the pike on the whole “Universal Background Check” notion.

    • I don’t need Manchin or anyone else. My guns are mine and will never be taken away before my death.

      • David, that is a stingy thing to say. I care that all Americans, even those born 100 years from now, are able to have firearms for protection, gathering food, fun and profit. I want to be able to hand my firearms to my heirs so they can use them,(or have them for protection) as they see fit.

    • Better pray Manchin holds out.

      Beijing Biden is making a move on Manchin…. Seems the Harris administration is offering his wife a big time $163,000.00 a year job as co-chair of the (Appalachian Regional Commission) responsible for encouraging economic development in the region… I’m sure she is highly qualified for the job and that it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the Senators stance AGAINST removing the filibuster rules… Guess we’ll see just how PRINCIPLED Joe Manchin really is… Some pretty clever assholes running that administration and it is NOT JoeMalla…

  6. The Dems & Anti Americans are really trying to destroy what’s left of the Constitution & Bill Of Rights,,,,
    I sure hope all the gunners out there stick together when the shit hits the fan,
    It will be interesting & intense & ugly, but in order for America to STAY America it’s going to have to happen as long as we got Socialist’s & commies in charge things have to change or real America will just be a memory.

    • Like many real and fictional megalomaniacs, they get too focused on the HOW of their plans and don’t look at the WHY.

  7. We need one…Haaahaa… honorable… haaaaahaaaaaha… guilt ridden… HAAAAaaaa haahaaaahaa… Democrat… BWAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAAHAAAAAhaaahaaaahahaaa… to switch parties… Sorry bout that…

  8. There is a down side with implementing a federal ban or law that is clearly unconstitutional.
    Right now we have a patch work of laws. As such gun haters have made ground at the state level.
    Many cities and counties even have 2A heaven laws.
    If the administration were to move forward and this goes to SCOTUS, this could be challenged from a 10th amendment issue, outside of common use etc.
    Now will SCOTUS have the balls to take such a case? At some point you can keep kicking the can down the road. If they rule in favor of the freedom, it could signal a loss at the states like California, New York etc.
    I won’t hold my breath though.

  9. Too many Gun Owners get tunnel vision every time such tragedies occur and they join hands with the media to single out Guns. When 10 people or more are killed by an automobile driven by a madman, drunk driver, etc. the focus is never on, “automobiles.” That would be preposterous. People still get in their cars and off they go.

    A motor vehicle is not a Constitutional Right. Firearms Are. Forgetting that and allowing Gun Control Zealots to zero in on a Right is a good way to say buh-bye to that Right…All because fools allowed sneaky Gun Control Zealots to drive off with it.

    No matter the circumstances Your Gun Rights are never for sale, trade or rent. What some person did wrong with a firearm, bat, ice pick, car, brick, etc. has zip, nada, nothing to do with you.
    To allow sick, demented Gun Control Zealots to tie you in with such tragedies is to allow them to carrying on a very sick agenda that is rooted in racism and genocide. As tragic as what happened in CO is it is absolutely nothing when compared to the Racism and Genocidal Horrors associated directly or indirectly with Gun Control.

    What chance would you and yours had if you were within sight of the perp in CO? Absolutely none if you were unarmed. Actually the perp could have done more damage with a knife, car, gasoline, etc. Keep that in mind when the focus is really on the gun that you own.

    • “No matter the circumstances Your Gun Rights are never for sale, trade or rent.”

      Tell that to the half million citizens I mean felons who owned bumpstocks…

      This Debbie post needs to check notes with other Debbie posts.

      • After Mandalay Bay, bump stocks were pretty much indefensible.

        Think yourself lucky that was the only gun rights casualty. Because the perp, long may his name be associated with excrement, tried to get as many guns banned as possible by having so many on site from different makers. He was a Democrat committing a massacre to further gun control.

        • No way to know if it was indefensible, nobody at the top tried.
          I’ll thank no one for taking only some of my liberty.

  10. Biden Executive Order….. ” I’d like peas and hot dogs for, um, that thing, um that I do after nappy, – what’s that, Jill?…. oh, oh yeah, make sure you cut up the wieners….. “

    • …. oh, and Cammi said I don’t likey filibusters anymore, so don’t put any of that on it – that thing whatever we were doing

    • His press conference “cheat sheets” are getting known. They even include the names and pictures of favored journalists.

      • Everyone just blew past his BEST answer of the whole 70 minutes… “With regard to the filibuster, I believe we should go back to a position as the filibuster existed when I came to the United States Senate one hundred and twenty (that’s 1-2-0) years ago” Just before his feeble mind failed him… Yes Creepy Uncle Joe claimed to have become a US Senator in 1901 about 35 years before he was born… Stay on script Joe…

  11. Both murderers purchased firearms shortly before their evil deeds. They outright passed their background checks — no missing crimes or conditions that were unreported, no expired window to investigate further. If these 2 bills had been law, it wouldn’t have made one iota of difference.

  12. I guess while they’re at it they might want to do a “triple double super secret” ban on explosive devices, since bad guys are not complying with the regular ban… What is it with criminals ignoring laws… There should be a law against that…

    What started out as a routine death investigation in Chicago’s North Side suburb of Streeterville turned into a potentially explosive situation Wednesday evening when the bomb squad was called for “a potentially volatile substance” in a condo. Apparently the unit was packed full of some unusually unstable explosives. According to police, “one of the dangerous chemicals they found inside a unit in this building was identified as lead azide, a potentially explosive material.” That’s putting it mildly. Officially, they aren’t saying much, but off the record, “multiple explosive devices were found.

  13. Does anyone get the feeling that some of the Democrats are suffering the “oh shit oh shit oh shit….don’t forget Doug Jones from Alabama?…Oh SHit”

  14. Six dead and hundreds injured as Tornados ravage Georgia… Can we expect an Executive Order from JoeMalla banning Tornados?

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