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Senators Cornyn, Feinstein (courtesy

“A key Republican and Democrat in the Senate are attempting to find a bipartisan compromise on gun control legislation that would make it harder for people on the federal terror watch list to purchase firearms or explosives,” reports. “Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., are seeking a legislative middle ground between Cornyn’s bill, which would impose a three-day delay for those on the list, and Feinstein’s bill, which would ban people on the terror watch list from buying guns.”

As many readers have pointed out, the FBI already has a “three day delay” provision for Americans seeking to purchase a firearm from a Federal Firearms Licensee (a.k.a., gun dealer). Check this from

“Delayed” response, if the NICS search finds a record that requires more research to determine whether the prospective transferee is disqualified from possessing a firearm by federal or state law. A “Delayed” response to the FFL indicates that the firearm transfer should not proceed pending receipt of a follow-up “Proceed” response from the NICS or the expiration of three business days (exclusive of the day on which the query is made), whichever occurs first.

The existing three-day delay was already a compromise with gun control advocates, who wanted — and still want — there to be no deadline after which a sale may proceed. (A goal now known as “closing the Charlestown loophole.”)

Feinstein’s legislation would place an outright ban on firearm purchases for those who appear on a federal terror watch list that includes those who are not permitted to fly.

Cornyn’s legislation would place a 72-hour delay on gun purchases for people on the terror watch list, and it would require federal officials to prove in court that the person should not be allowed to buy guns.

Careful there! Would Senator Cornyn’s eventual compromise bill requite Uncle Sam to make their case during that 72 hours? Equally, remember that the information held by the government that [supposedly] determines whether or not any given American is a suspected (not necessarily actual) terrorist is secret. What are the odds that a person denied a firearm sale because of this information will get to see it? Nil.

There’s only one reason Senator Cornyn is negotiating with a Democratic Senator who’s sworn to complete civilian disarmament: to lower the investigative standard for a NICS denial — currently restricted to felony criminal conviction, involuntary commitment to a mental institution or drug use — and open a larger window for the sales delay.

In other words, the Texas Senator is working with his California compatriot to make it easier for the government to stop — as in permanently prevent — a firearm sale to an American, based on a secret enemies list devoid of due process. With the NRA’s blessing. With friends like this, who need enemies?

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    • No man escapes when freedom fails,
      the best men rot in filthy jails,
      and those who cried “Appease, appease,”
      are hanged by those they sought to please.

    • Big John Cornyn is a progressive fascist who “becomes” conservative only when he’s running for election. He’s been running this scam for his entire political career.

    • So much for the fourteenth admendment and due process!
      Keep chipping away, it’ll be 1945 Germany soon.

  1. …would make it harder for people on the federal terror watch list to purchase firearms or explosives

    So no more gas in the tank or propane cookouts if you’re on a secret list I guess.

  2. Any politician who supports the stripping of a Constitutional right without due process should be immediately removed from office and charged with treason. That would happen in America. Too bad this isn’t.

    The American left are the true terrorists. Islamists can only dream of the destruction and terror wrought upon innocent Americans that the left perpetrates.

    • Silver made a motion: “Any politician who supports the stripping of a Constitutional right without due process should be immediately removed from office and charged with treason.”

      I second the motion.

      All in favor?

      All opposed?

      • Well, that is what should have been happening all along, were we a nation of men. Sadly, fearful disgruntled bluster and a few hearty ‘molon labes’ ain’t gonna cut the mustard, although better late to the awakening than not arriving at all, I suppose.

        Fact is, most purported ‘conservatives’ and ‘people of the gun’ utterly refuse and/or willfully fail to use the Constitution and the Principles of Liberty as a yardstick to measure candidates for office, let alone the insidious collectivist-gerbils once they get into power.

        One need do no more than examine the rhetoric and support given to the current false puppet-potus savior candidate, Donaldo ‘The Statist’ Trumpista.

        You can transpose him with the long list of past ‘lesser turds’ offered up by the republican-wing of the Globalist-Collectivist Party wherein the ‘faithful’ ‘people of the gun’ (lol) fell right in line with the controlling cabal’s plan and their staged clown-circus to keep ‘the other turd’ from winning, thus ignoring any fealty or adherence to the Constitution and Founding Principles (as if most actually have any) that should have been used as an unbendable yardstick to measure, and to summarily reject, candidates who fail to measure up. Period.

        Look in the mirror, ‘people of the gun’ (lol), YOU are directly just as complicit as the open and declared domestic enemies in planting and nurturing the crop that is about to be harvested.

        Personally, I have near zero faith that the majority of the ‘people of the gun’ wil not knuckle under and submit when, not if, the govt legislates or the courts rule that guns are either banned or so severely restricted as to nullify Amendment II and the ‘recognized’ rkba.

        Anyway, I am all for assessing who are the Oathbreakers and subsequently treating them accordingly. Always have been.

    • I further propose that any person holding federal elective office who votes in favor of any legislation that is passed and later found to be unconstitutional should be immediately removed from that office and for the remainder of their lifetime be barred from holding federal elective office or being in the employ of any person holding federal elective office.

      • And pension and retirement benefits ended.

        But this is all moot, the state will never willingly apply restrictions to their own power to themselves.

  3. If a person on the terrorist watch list is enough of a threat they shouldn’t be able to buy guns, why are they still on the street? Arrest them and charge them or you’re admitting they aren’t really that big of a threat after all.

      • Keywords , Omar . This is America the land of the free and home of the brave and the abode of addicts of consumerism , where reasonably intelligent people sit back and allow crooks , thieves , predators of all forms , haters of freedom and deceivers of every type , to attain positions of power over us in the halls of politics , even though we were warned explicitly by the wise men and women of all colors and faiths , who were the founders of our nation .
        Keywords here are Terrorist ” WATCH ” List .
        This list will include anyone who disagrees with the people who pen the bill . If you disagree with the almighty God which is ‘ Government ‘ , you will be WATCHED and LISTED and if they have their way , the progressive demoniacs in DC , will deprive you of your right to ‘ bear arms ‘ .

        • “…we were warned explicitly by the wise men and women of all colors and faiths, who were the founders of our nation…”

          There were damned few women directly involved and absolutely ZERO Mohammedans, wise or not, involved in the founding of our country or writing its founding documents.

        • Actually Cliff , you don’t know that . You are most likely right about the Moooslems , but there were two black men . There were representatives of faiths apart from Christian , even though Christians did dominate the chambers , and behind every good man is a better woman . There were also land owning women that were quite influential in the founding years of this country and women were in large part responsible for making light , so our founders could see to pen their thought in the dark of night .
          I guess I should have used the adjective ‘ most ‘ in place of all .
          Thanks for the clarification .

  4. How “common ground” talks could ever be held with Feinstein at the table is beyond me. Why not include al-Baghdadi in talks for a solution to the Syrian Civil War?

    • “Common ground” talks with Feinstein are like ‘compromises’ with my wife’s sister. A ‘compromise’ is doing it her way.

      I think Mr. Montoya had something to say about this:

      • Yep, it’s like “compromise” is a magic word to trick rubes into thinking they’re in a win-win scenario. To them compromise goes like this: there is one candy bar and two of us. I want candy and you want candy, how can we accomplish this? I’ll tell you what, let’s compromise (ooo that sounds fair)- I’ll eat this whole candy bar myself, and next week we’ll meet up and you can bring me an additional candy bar that I will eat myself.

        That is how the “common ground” gun control measures will go, especially with Feinstein representing one side. They’ll get >10 round mags abolished, then next week they’ll get “assault weapons” and so on and so forth.

  5. To quote a famous Spaniard; “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    Time for some good old fashioned Irish democracy. I pity the poor souls in the coastal gulags.

    • Have you or any member of your family been diagnosed with ADHD , OCD , PTSD , been seen by a therapist for stress or distress , take meds to help you cope , sleep or concentrate ?
      Do you take steroid medication or any of the new biologics , ever been arrested for domestic violence whether you were guilty or not ?
      Have you been deemed unable to take care of your own finances or are you under power of attorney or do you live with someone who falls under these categories?
      Do you blog on web sites like TTAG , The Blaze , Drudge , or anywhere else where your comments could be construed to be anti-government ?
      Do you express doubts about certain ‘ FACTS ‘ i.e. ( Global Warning ).?
      Do you doubt that Washington DC has your interest in mind at all times and only wish to protect you and your family ?
      Don’t be surprised to find your name on their list .
      Don’t be surprised when representatives of YOUR government send you a letter asking you POLITELY to turn in any firearm in your possession .
      Don’t be surprised , BE PREPARED .
      8″ PVC drain pipe makes great concealment places for many long guns and can be integrated inconspicuously into your existing plumbing , use seal bags and silica desiccants and regular Vaseline and seal the PVC with low pressure sewer line adhesives .
      Then tell a few of your biggest mouthed friends how you sold those guns for a nice profit , you know , brag some , people remember bragging .
      Then ask God to forgive you for lying .

  6. Anyone pointing out the fact that the real musloid terrorists are just laughing happily and with glee at the disarming of the people they so want to attack and kill?

    No one out there in progressive-land sees this?

    ‘Terror Loophole’

    Good grief, this is what Twitter has done to our fellow citizens. They cannot read anything that is as much as a sentence long.

    • Yep, terminal ADD. If it is longer than a text, it is too long to read for most folks nowadays.

    • “No one out there in progressive-land sees this?”

      No they do not. Progressives are still convinced that the Almighty Government Police will be there lickety-split to save them if a terrorist ever strikes. Never mind the fact that terrorists have gone into multiple government/military buildings/complexes multiple times and operated unopposed for 10+ minutes killing dozens of people. Never mind the fact that two terrorists operated unopposed in San Bernardino and killed as many people as they wanted and left on their own terms when there were good and ready. Never mind the fact that one terrorist operated unopposed in Orlando for THREE HOURS and managed to kill 49 people.

      • No the progressives don’t see it. However if and when we get a Republican president backed by a Republican Congress, then the progressives will start to come out and say “You know, the gov’t shouldn’t have a secret list that’s easy to get on and hard to get off, especially if all you do is disagree with them.” It’s all about who is in charge. When it is their guy, this sort of bull crap is OK, when it is a Republican, then it is not. At least conservatives (and probably way far left folks, like anarchists) stay philosophically consistent and think secret lists are bad regardless of who is in office.

  7. “Feinstein’s legislation would place an outright ban on firearm purchases for those who appear on a federal terror watch list that includes those who are not permitted to fly.”

    If you concede that the very government the Second Amendment was intended to protect you from has the authority to create, maintain and enforce a list of persons who, in the opinion of that government, may not exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, how will you keep your name off of that list? – Cliff H

    It bears repeating.

    By the way, there already is a compromise available – Article V of The Constitutional of the United States of America. Any other measures they attempt to impose are in violation of the Constitution.

    • Lookit (from the link): “Democrats reject the GOP bill because it forces the government to show probable cause”

      They are unhinged. They aren’t even trying to hide it.

      Constitution? We don’t need no stinking constitution.

      • Part of that is normal Democrat BS…they want to scream about problems, they don’t want solutions. However, I am surprised that they are not going for the “compromise.” Even if required to show probable cause, it’s not as if the Federal Gov. will obey the law anyway, or be held accountable for their lawlessness when they do something illegal.

  8. Anyone who is willing to compromise or ever work with Fienslime cannot be trusted.

    Dont give them ANY rope, they only know one knot and its the noose.

  9. Sen. Joe Manchin (-erian candidate) wants “terror suspects” on the no gun buy list for five years and if they have good behavior during that time, then they will come off – see: Watch how many Christians, conservatives, outspoken gun owners, and outspoken patriots will wind up on this list! The head of DHS said yesterday that “right wingers” are as dangerous as radical Islamist terrorists! All of your political posts on social media and emails are stored FOREVER and will be used against you (you made your own dossier). This means that if you go on the list, the government will confiscate ALL of your firearms AND if you get caught with. .22 during that time, its hard prison time for you and a permanent gun ban. No due process! This is exactly how/what NAZI Germany and all communist countries did in the 20th century to all of their political enemies minus the internet (steaming letters open and paid village spies was their internet). Don’t forget that many innocent Americans have been placed on the “no fly list” and their own attorneys can’t get the reasons they wound up on the list as that information is “secret.” Thousands have been on the list for many years and can’t get off – NO DUE PROCESS and Sen. Manchin sees a problem with Constitutional due process. Secret indictments, secret courts, secret star chambers, secret tribunals = no more U.S.A.! God help us!

    • We’ve been sliding down that slope since at least 1934. They’re just throwing more grease on it now.

      • I’ll one up you here .
        They have already greased the slide all that is necessary , now they are burying the razor blades in along the coarse .
        Next step is making us go down it .

  10. Look at how stupid all of you anti-Trump people look now. You flap your gums and rattle your keyboards against Trump saying “He’s gonna make a deal with the Dems and we’ll lose our 2A rights” but look at this: a Republican from Texas no less is compromising with DiFi, who never knew a federal agent that shot innocent women through doors that she didn’t like.

    This is why Trump is the nominee: because the Republican party has no damn spine, yet the establishment stay in power because morons like the readers and authors of this site can’t think beyond what they see and they’ve never seen Trump dual wielding two AR pistols so they think he’s really Michael Bloomberg with a bad haircut and they vote for the turncoats that infest DC.

    • Trump could cave on this. I don’t think he’s a Bloomberg plant, but he’ll do whatever he thinks is best for him to get elected. If he thinks backing a ban on modern rifles will help him get more votes than he would lose, he’ll do it.

    • You realize there are a lot of Trump supporters here don’t you?

      So, what was your point again?

      • There is a great deal of difference between being “anyone but Hillary->” and being a “Trump Supporter”.

        I do not and never have supported Trump, but he is the only alternative we have been offered (third party candidate CANNOT get elected – they can only siphon votes away from someone who might). I don’t like him and I don’t trust him, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that he must be better than Hillary. For that reason only he will get my vote.

        • Yea, I was thinking of this when I wrote that also. However when it comes down to it in the end even though we accept Trump as the anti-Hillary we will be supporting Trump by voting.

          It’s a fine line but your point is completely valid.

        • I agree completely. Trump is a grade ‘A’ D-bag both personally and politically. However, the alternative is pure, unadulterated evil, so I will vote for him.

          So I am voting based on ‘principle’ just as much as someone wasting their vote on a 3rd party. That principle is Hillary and the democrat party are THE greatest threat to me and the American way of life. Not ISIS, North Korea, Russia, etc. If the Secular-Progressives aren’t stopped then we’re going to be literally fighting over the scraps.

    • Trump told the NRA he was caving on this yesterday.
      The NRA told him “don’t worry, we’ll back you up on this, just like we did for Brady Bill supporters in 1993”.

      • I have never said Trump was perfect, but, what are the other options?

        I am hoping Trump is playing politics here – which is a fair bet as this is something he is well known for.

        Plus just saying ‘Trump sides with NRA’ is an oversimplification.

        But I am not disputing that this is a shit sandwich all around.

    • Cruz was the true outsider and defender of the constitution , he was just too dagburn Christian for a lot of folks and maybe a little to Cuban , and of coarse , born in Canada .
      I hope Trump won’t cave like my gut says he will .
      I was gut sure Cruz wouldn’t .
      We all better prepare for the worst now , I think the proverbial SWHTF soon .
      If anyone believes that the latest generation of Americans , those twenty and younger , will have the 2nd amendment protections when they are in their thirties , I would beg to differ .

      • I did like Cruz for a lot of reasons. The the TPP vote happened.

        Anyway, that ship has sailed, so… we have to play the hand that’s been dealt you know.

        • I have caught more grief from my friends over this issue than anything I can recall , and probably will here also , but I will not touch the icon for Trump .
          I have voted every election since 1980 and will sit this one out . I am fortunate I live in WV where a convicted pedophile has a better chance of getting votes than Hillary , so no matter what my fellow West Virginians may think or say about my choice to not vote , here in WV , it’s not like I’m voting for Hillary by not voting .
          I wouldn’t vote for Trump if I lived in Michigan , Ohio , Florida , California or NY , or anywhere , I think our choices are now down to Hitler , the Neo nationalist who is actually a socialist , so is a national socialist and Stalin , who is a full fledged Marxist in Progressive pantsuits .
          I cannot and will not vote for either .
          In my opinion , the next generation of Americans will lose , or even worse , relinquish their constitutional rights no matter what us old folks want and never know the better .
          There is such a small pool of common sense left at this point , the founders fears have been substantiated and America is doomed to face the consequences of her greed and illusion . The concepts of sacrifice and duty are not only lost in the history books but the truths of our honor and virtue are being rewritten and erased for all time .
          I find no hope in Trump , only illusion and complete and utter despair .
          Don’t get me wrong , I am not down , I am aware and prepared for the inevitable reset .
          As was heard in the rear of flight 93 on 9/11 . Let’s roll .
          Bring it on , God speed .
          Does anyone think the Trumpet can really find a fix for a 20 to 90 trillion dollar fiasco ?
          Reset is coming and what we really needed behind the wheel was a Godly man of strong conviction and moral fortitude , not a pompass , ego driven , know it all who believes he has never done anything worth asking Gods forgiveness for . for he is haughty and has no humility , he boast of his riches and accomplishments and revs up the crowds with empty words and in one hour will he be brought down and all those who adorn him also .
          I have hope that my instincts are wrong but I prepare for being right and I await the root of Jesse believing that the trumpets are sounding and deaf ears are all about .

        • Mark S. – I don’t really disagree with you on these things, unfortunately you are basically right from first sentence to last.

          But here’s my question; Trump is largely an unknown. For all we know he is an honest conservative. Or even failing that, just plain smart and truly wants what’s best for the country and its people. The public Trump is a facade, it’s really an act. What lies behind it we do not know unless we know the man.

          I understand principle, and that’s fine, it’s your decision. But given the choices presented to us, what do you have to lose by throwing support to a man that says he wants to preserve our rights and constitution, and wants to defeat HRC? It’s Trump or HRC, a not-Trump is a vote for HRC, indirectly.

          I respect your decision, and sympathize. I however would look at it differently.

  11. Nah… This is DOA. The fact that they are trying to “compromise” with Feinstein is indicative…

    Now they can say… “We wanted to put terror suspects under stricter scrutiny but the DNC wouldn’t compromise.”

    • Feinstein’s idea of compromise is: “You give me everything I want and I won’t call you a right-wing racist homophobe on the Sunday morning talk shows.”

      • Precisely. If you don’t want to make a deal but still appear reasonable, sit down with the person from the other side least likely to budge.

      • She’s happy to prick your finger with her pitch fork so you can sign in blood on the dotted line.

    • I don’t know man, maybe. However, assuming this means you have to attribute strategy, a will to win, and smarts to the Republican party. I’m not sure I can take that leap.

      But hey, I hope you are right.

  12. So, does TX have a recall on US Senators?

    Cornyn’s email box, twitter, phone messages, etc, should be FULL this morning.

    The question being asked could well be stated as: “Mr. Cornyn, do you represent your constituents, or Progressive Gun Control? You can’t have both.”

  13. A quote from someone else:

    I see now it’s not division, but subtraction
    You peddle your pieces
    To a man called compromise
    For a place in the greater scheme
    Until the only thing left standing
    Is the place where you once stood

  14. These people are both mentally deficient and malicious. The Orlando guy WAS NOT ON THE NO-FLY LIST. Overton Window bullshit.

    • Exactly!

      They always propose legislation that wouldn’t have even worked to prevent the last incident.

    • Jim Jones gets the Captain Obvious award and two stars for the day! (No snark, sarcasm, nor vitriol implied.)

      I wonder why politicians and mainstream media blowhards fail to address the obvious?

      • “I wonder why politicians and mainstream media blowhards fail to address the obvious?”

        Do you really wonder, or was that rhetorical?

        Because, I think the answer is pretty obvious. They don’t WANT to address anything at all. That would put them out of a job, in their minds at least.

        • Definitely rhetorical JR_in_NC … apologies for not making that obvious. That is the down side of text-only communication.

        • No worries. I get caught in the a lot here, too. I post a ‘rhetorical’ in a way that looks like I seriously don’t understand something and the ‘tone’ of the post gets lost.

          Let’s consider my reply then icing for anyone that reads the page and has not figured this out yet. It’s obvious to a lot of us here; maybe it will reach at least one more.

  15. Compromise with Feinstein???? Republicans are going to need to take their time and comb through the text of that legislation.

    If I was a senator, I’d have just told her to f@ck off on whatever America destroying legislation they had lined up next.

    • “…need to take their time and comb through the text of that legislation.”

      “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” – Nancy Pelosi (Regarding the “Affordable Care Act/Obamacare”)

  16. There is no compromise possible with Senator Frankenstein. She is a monster who wishes to enslave us all!

    I notice there is no mention of forcing the government to admit to a citizen that he has been placed on a secret enemies list. It is clear to me that gun owners are the new Jews and as far as our government is concerned. If the Republicans allow an “assault weapon ban” to pass I will encourage my friends to boycott the elections because there will be no one worthy of an honest man’s vote.

  17. WTF! We are still focused on gun control and not the 4 hour response time from law enforcement. In four hours the shooter could have amassed 49 victims from a bolt action 22!

  18. Groutboy says “Slippery slope is arriving…”

    Slippery slope has been with us for awhile, Now we’re just picking up speed.

  19. You politikritters want “gun control compromise?” Fine, *you first*:
    ALL your bodyguards and any kind of security that surrounds you must give up their guns. You as well must give up your guns (if you have any) and that also includes your family and relatives. Then have the NSA, secret service, police, SWAT, CIA, FBI, etc. give up their guns.

    Simple, right? Once you get this done and we can see you’re no longer a bunch of hypocrites, then we can have a conversation about the rest of us giving up our guns.

  20. From the position where I have evolved to after long and careful assessment of the big picture and the globalist-collectivist’s planned mechanisms and tactics that are now coming to fruition…I say:

    No give, no compromise, no enabling, no cooperation no obedience. Fuck you. I will not comply.

    That is all.

  21. Pass this and Obama will put everyone on the terror watchlist. The real terrorists will be either be given a “priority” or moved to a different list.

  22. The “No Fly List” should be examined:
    98% of those proposed for the list are placed on it.
    If you are placed on it, nobody tells you.
    There is no due process.
    Once you find that you’re on the list, there’s no presumption of innoucence. You have to prove why you should be taken off.

    Senator Kennedy had problems with the list. An alias “T Kenedy” was on the list. Multiple times the senator was refused boarding and only due to his position was able to get on. Even with the power of his office, it was several weeks before the issue was resolved. Imagine what would happen to an average citizen?

  23. The US government should not have any secrets from the American people. If immigrants, including their children and grand children, are the problem then deport them and leave traditional Americans alone.

  24. They’re using their usual mis-definition of “Compromise” where they get more gun control and we get nothing but further infringement of our rights.

    I agree to nothing, NOTHING, until they give US something. Repealing the nonsensical NFA, GCA and LEOPA are a good start.

  25. “Cornyn’s legislation would place a 72-hour delay on gun purchases for people on the terror watch list, and it would require federal officials to prove in court that the person should not be allowed to buy guns.”

    Uh huh, uh huh….sooo…….will kangaroos be provided, or will this be a BYOK affair?

    • BYOK, and the hoops wil be shuffled, haphazardly, from time to time.
      For the children ™

  26. I called the NRA-ILA info line. The NRA phone guy didn’t have any details on the proposal or a bill number as to what the proposal actually says. Then, when I was asking what happens if the investigation takes a couple of years to clear a person from the terrorists watch list, is the person still not able to buy firearms? The NRA guy tries to blow smoke and say the bill has a three day time limit, when he had just said he doesn’t have the details of what the bill actually says. When I point this out, he gets all flustered, and hangs up on me.

    I think the NRA is gonna sell us out to the government, again.

    The NRA, just another gun control orginization.

  27. So, does this mean that they will give up their guns (feinstein is known to have at least one) and they no longer accept armed protection? (of course not. they’re the “royalty” with special privileges not allowed for mere peasants!)

  28. Always feel like I need to count my fingers, after I shake someone’s hand on something like this.

  29. The Prez and the Fed gov’t have a lot of power to protect us, but lately they have only exercised that power against us.

    Cornyn is a pod-person. Feinstein is Sith.

  30. A compromise maybe a good republican political move in this election year since this is a toxic issue on voters minds.

  31. It’s not “compromise.” Compromise is a B.S. term used. Real compromise means both sides lose something in exchange for something else. With this, the only side that loses is the gun rights side. The “compromise” of the Democrats is that they simply do not get all that they want.

    • Kyle (in Upstate New York has it right. Cornyn is an embarrassment. I did not vote fore him.

  32. Here’s the ONLY acceptable compromise:
    You disarm you protective staff and those of your families and children, take ALL of the “gun free zone” signs from my kids schools and put them in plain sight at YOUR kids schools, on your vehicles, around YOUR homes and offices!

  33. Owner of this website needs to put “add comments” section at TOP of comments.
    How many people who may have good comments don’t have time nor inclination to work their way thru 100 plus comments to find where the can add their own!

  34. There are several things we need to protect our freedoms from corrupt politicians. The first is term limits. The second is to make being a citizen of the United States cost people something. I am not speaking of money either. I am a firm believer that young people should have to earn their citizenship rather than it be granted by birth within our boarders. At the very least, people should have to serve their nation in the military. I don’t want our professional military affected by this, so I propose 2-4 years service in the National Guard, Corps of Engineers, teaching, etc. But most important of all there needs to be a re-institution of personal honor and to back the up we need to legalize dueling.

    Everybody should be held accountable for their actions and words, POTUS, Speaker, Senator and Congressman as well as civilian. If you act to deceive the public or betray our nation, you should be able to be challenged to defend yourself by personal combat.

    If personal honor, integrity, service to obtain citizenship and term limits existed things would change and be greatly different!

    For example, when a President stands before the people of the United States and says you will be able to keep your personal doctor and it turns out to be a lie, any citizen should be able to call their ass out. When a Speaker of the House says such nonsense as. “We have to pass the bill before we can know what is in the bill.” That was just straight out failure to represent the best interests of our nation by purposefully and willfully misleading the people. They should be held accountable and when it turns out to be a lie, any citizen should be able to call them out and challenge them to a duel. Failure to defend yourself personally should be construed as a serious breach of public trust not to mention personal shame.

    If dueling was allowed to exist like this, it would be rough for a while and we would loose a lot of people but those left would be the people we want to live around. In today’s world people act and say whatever they wish without worry of being held accountable.

    I know what your thinking…. You can’t possibly agree with a man challenging a woman to a duel? I would agree because the sexes are different and their must be some idea of equality between opponents. My response would be simple, a woman has a father, brother or husband that can and should be held accountable. Problem solved!

    This would resolve a great deal of other issues like illegal drugs or even legal drug issues like drunk driving!

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