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Kendra Jones

Sportsman’s Alliance Press release [via]

A 19-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader is the latest female hunter to be attacked by animal rights groups after she posted photos of her successful African safari on Facebook. Kendall Jones, from Cleburne, Texas has been hunting with her father since she was a child, including being on a safari when just six years old. Her latest hunt however has brought her a wave of Facebook attacks, including death threats . . .

Those included “Come to South Africa and try to hunt our endangered animals, you will be shot on sight and believe me, there will be celebrations.” “I hope you get eaten by a lion, you cow,” and “How about we have a real hunger games? I vote we hunt this horrible woman down first.”

Anti-hunters have also created “the official Kendall Jones Hate Page” on Facebook. (Editor: Please find and report this page to FB officials if you have a Facebook account)

But even these attacks have not deterred her thoughts on hunting.

In an interview with a Houston television station, she said she always gives the meat to local villagers, but does not want to give up her hobby. In fact, she is pursuing a reality television series about her passion. She stated that all of her kills were the result of fair chase.

Jones is the latest female hunter targeted for her passion, but certainly not the first.

Charisa Argys, a Colorado native, legally harvested a mountain lion and posted the photo online with her father. An animal rights activist from Germany led a campaign to spread it to dozens of Facebook pages and Internet sites belonging to international anti-hunting organizations. The floodgates opened with specific threats targeting her physical appearance, her life and her family.

“I have never been called so many horrible, hateful names in my life,” said Argys. “They went so far as to post my full name, address and directions to my house. It was awful.”

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance has been working to help sportsmen fight cyber harassment from animal rights extremists by building support for them from the hunting community.

”It is never okay to harass and even assault someone simply because they choose to live their life differently.” said Nick Pinizzotto, USSA president and CEO. “Unfortunately anti-hunters clearly lack this basic value and have decided to use their keyboards to attack law-biding hunters.”

Whereas Jones and Argys are not hunting celebrities, some of the recent attacks have targeted high profile hunters as well.

Jana Waller, host of Skull Bound TV on Sportsman Channel, was recently barraged by activists after also posting photos online. She is undaunted by the criticism.

“It’s a shame that people who know nothing about hunting and conservation feel the need to spew insults and threats regarding a topic they obviously are uneducated about,” said Waller. “Without hunters’ dollars spent in Africa, there would be catastrophic effects on the vast majority of their animal populations.”

“Trying to explain that hunters are true animal lovers is like trying to explain algebra to a two-year old. They’re just not going to get it,” she added.

Another high profile hunter, Melissa Bachman, outdoor TV host and producer, came under attack after posting a photo of a male African lion she legally harvested while on a safari. Anti-hunters quickly took to social media to attack Bachman, labeling her as an “animal murderer.” Other posts included “I hope you die alone – losers.”, “I wish to have some money and kill you all myself” and “If I have the opportunity I will put a rifle inside Melissa’s mouth and I will shoot.”

“Each and every hunter needs to band together and support one another in our rights as hunters” said Bachman. “What the antis fail to comprehend is that if it weren’t for sportsmen and women, populations of game and non-game species plus the lands they inhabit would be in dire straits today, period.”

Anti-hunters wrath hasn’t been focused just on individuals. Organizations such as USSA and Dallas Safari Club have received threats and media outlets such as have as well.

“We have received death threats towards us and other people we have posted on our site,” said Kevin Paulson, owner of “The antis are especially venomous toward women and those who are hunting big game such as cats in Africa and the U.S. “

As the cyber threats to female hunters and others continue to escalate, so to have the efforts to protect these innocent victims.

“As an organization with the sole mission to protect hunting, fishing and trapping, we see it as our responsibility to step up and lead the effort to put an end to cyber harassment of sportsmen,” added Pinizzotto. “We are currently working with a number of conservation partners and key individuals to do just that.”

About the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance: Founded in 1978, the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) provides direct lobbying and grassroots coalition building to support, protect and advance the rights of hunters, trappers, anglers and scientific wildlife management professionals. USSA is the only organization exclusively devoted to combating the attacks made on America’s sportsman traditions by anti-hunting and animal rights extremists. USSA is a national organization which recently announced the opening of a Western U.S. office in Sacramento. USSA is a 501(c)4 organization.



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    • Communism is about economy.. not about hunting.

      Won’t get into politics but please don’t misuse words like that. That’s how words like “epic” and “literally” got diminished.

      PS: I reported the FB page citing hate as a reason.

        • I just reported five separate pages. Search her name plus “hunt”, then “hate”. Some have only a handful of followers, but these are depraved individuals.

        • UPDATE: I got a mail from Facebook saying that the page doesn’t violate their “standards”. This is preposterous, they are saying it is okay to make hate pages.

        • Yep, apparently pages that actively advocate the brutal murder of an innocent young woman are just fine with Facebook. Disgusting.

      • Socialism is a economic term. Communism is far more.

        Have you read Marx, Engels, the Communist manifesto? I have. It is not about economy, but about society as a whole. A Marxist, at least, e.g. has distinct views on government, individuals, rights with the goal being the abolishment of government by the collective.

        • You get my point, miswrote a bit. My point is that it becomes stupid to use terms with real and important meanings as slurs against people you don’t like.

      • lolinski: send a copy of your correspondence to Breitbart, Blaze, Reason; hell, maybe even Fox news. Get it out to the media that will actually call these creatures out. Maybe they can put some heat on facebook, force them to rearespond. Worth a shot.

      • Under a Communist regime, only the elites get to hunt; all the guns have been taken away from the commoners and serfs.

      • When you have an ideology that requires the people under to conform to it or be sent to be “re-educated” or “eliminated” than it goes beyond just economics. Same as Fascism. Economics is just the means to the ends.

    • I dunno; I think these threats would be “Shannon Approved.” After all, Eddie Vedder’s veiled tough-guy talk/threats were “musice to a mother’s ears.”

    • You are quite right.
      These legal hunts are done to cull herds, or prides. They also use these hunts to remove injured or nuisance animals.
      In other words this would be done anyways by park rangers to manage the delicate balance of the parks in which these animals live.
      In this case the government is using it as a tourist revenue stream. The money gained by these hunts are used in conservation and research efforts.
      Kendall Jones also talks about green hunts. In those hunts the animal is darted and blood is drawn, weight taken. Other vital information recorded and the animal is tagged in the line of scientific research. The animal then walks away.
      The horrendous posts we are seeing are from people who clearly are miss informed, or choose to not care. I am not a trophy hunter however I support those who are. When done legally, this helps the them manage the animals and maintain the balance that is needed.

    • Totally right. No South African game preserve is going to hunt out his entire herd in a year. The herds are well managed. The animals being shot are not breeding aged males or females, they’re animals that are near death. The $40,000 trophy fee it cost to hunt a Rhino goes right back into the breeding and anti poaching programs that provide the animals to the preserves. I’m not a fan of trophy hunting, but the animals taken on these hunts provide for the survival of the species as well and none of the animal going to waste – so I’m okay with the way they do business in South Africa.

    • Indeed ironic, but nevertheless, very true.

      Dont expect anti-hunters to pony up their checkbooks. Those broke ass fvcking losers (to include celebrities).

  1. Okay, I get it now. Kill a lion and you’re a disgrace to the human race. Kill a human baby and you’re a feminist, empowering women.

    • Liberalism/ progressives is a death cult that worships the earth and her animals; but sees humans as a “virus” a “disease” that needs to be eradicated; and abortion is the sacrament, the sacrifice to this religion of “cleansing” of the human race from the earth.

      • Yes, the climate change scientists most certainly have a gleam in their eye when discussing any human die off due to the hypothetical sins committed against mother earth.

    • I support abortion (no seriously, i do) and I can actually see Ralph’s point…

      It is inconsistent to decry the sport killing of animals when you support removing zygotes from a woman (and i dont consider a zygote living, although many do, including religions. Im not getting into a debate about it but i can see the other point of view).

      it is also terribly inconsistent to bitch about hunters while you are a fatbody eating cheesburgers and buying meat at stores.

      Perhaps the most disturbing thing is that threatening her and hunters is popular and viewed as okay. It just proves that supposedly enlightened other siders (outside the realm of outdoorsmen, sportsmen, and shooters) are just as nasty and violent.

      Facebook’s handling of this is utter bullshit. Fuck that POS Zuckerberg and his staff of 3 IQ computer monkeys in their pump and dump madoff scheme.

  2. Read a sci-fi novel once, one of those future dystopia things. One of the groups in the story was a bunch of cannibals. Turns out they were the heirs of the “animal rights” and “environmentalist” movements of our day; they had gotten to the point that they had decided that no plant or animal should be harvested in order to sustain human life, so they were left to eating people. After reading some of the comments (“I will put a rifle in Melissa’s mouth and shoot it”), I guess maybe that day isn’t so far in the future.

    • the “ganicks”, in Robert Adams’ Horseclans series. He gave the enviro-whackos a serious satirical skewering in those novels (although they weren’t generally written as satire). Sadly, he died early, with noone designated to control his copyrights, and his work died with him.

  3. Hunting privately owned animals that are endangered will give an monetary incentive to help the species survive and thrive. It’s the free market doing what governmental prohibitions can never do.

  4. I’m glad most of these commenter’s probably ly don’t own guns. Their actions show how hateful and violent they are. Another reason to tool up.

    • The telling quote from the guy who wants to ban lion meat: “I’ve always thought of the lion to be the king of the jungle,” Arroyo tells The Salt. “I never knew that people were consuming lion meat. I don’t know who would want to do that.”

      • hmm, who would eat a Lion? I would imagine hungry people without other means of sustenance.

  5. I’m not a hunter, and probably will never hunt. Nor am I an anti-hunter. But I despise the venomous attacks by these anti-hunters against women who are hunters. The women love to hunt. More power to them. Keep on truckin’ as we used to say back in the day.

  6. Fortunately for Melissa, the kinds of people who make death threats on anonymous internet sites tend to be ill-looking flabby ornamented conceited self-complacent ignorant shallow mean-spirited cowardly young shites.

    (*Thanks to Patrick O’Brian for the wonderful insults in the Aubrey/Maturin series.)

    • I feel like that’s a reference I didn’t get, but I liked it just the same.

      Also, that girl took that lion with a bow & arrow, which means she got at least 3x closer to it than I would feel comfortable doing if I had a gun. Maybe she (or someone in her party) had a gun as backup, but she was the one with a glorified pointy stick. Good on her.

  7. Folks, it’s not enough to simply vent out spleens here. If you’re on FB, you need to like her page and report the hate page for its violation of community standards. I’m pretty sure the treats there are against the TOS.

    This story was carried in the UK Daily Mail, and from experience that is a pretty hate filled group of commenters. They’ll even get bent out of shape if there’s a picture of a lion taking a gazelle. How horrible of the lion!

    • I’ve been doing that on Facebook. Plus trying to educate some of my personal friends about these hunts. The good thing is that there were several people I know from my childhood who were outraged by this situation, but not a single threatening word was said by them. They just posted their displeasure and we had a nice civil debate about hunting. Unfortunately, most of the garbage posting threats to this poor girl are nothing like my friends.

      • I had to educate my gf about this issue.

        She read about it on Reddit and thought she knew what she was talking about. I had to explain why she shouldn’t be mad at this girl killing “endangered species” and that she should probably use a little critical thinking instead of just taking articles on Reddit at face value.

        Sad to say, I think my gf is a more honest representation of the Average American (AA) than anyone posting here. Thing is, she isn’t very political, doesn’t really know a lot beyond the stuff she watches for entertainment, and as a result she has nothing to use as a sounding board when she sees stories like this.

        This is why it is so important for us not to demonize the other side on issues like this. There is a good chance that a lot of them aren’t maliciously anti-logic, but merely ignorant.

    • Reported the hate page about an hour or so ago, just received this:

      “Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the Page you reported for containing credible threat of violence and found it doesn’t violate our Community Standards.
      Note: If you have an issue with something on the page, be sure to report the content (ex: a photo), not the entire page. That way, your report will be more accurately reviewed.”

      • Same here, but I am not surprised. Facebook plays politics and this is a progressive issue. They may delete select posts, but the hate page will remain. In a way, Facebook caters to these things for page hits and advertising and Facebook is hypocrite themselves. I really did not believe they would take any action I was not disappointed.

        • In short, stay off of Facebook!

          Did you have a successful hunt? Congratulations! Take lots of pictures and share them with those who share a love of hunting. And only those.

          Lots of nutbags out there cruising Facebook looking to flame someone they don’t like. And it’s political, as noted. This gal was a little too trusting, IMO.

          Never joined Facebook myself & I don’t respond to Facebook `pokes’, `friending’, ‘likes’, etc. My personal life is nobody’s business & if someone wants to communicate, they can email or pick up the phone.

          Anyway, I wish this young lady `good hunting’ & maybe be a little more discreet from now on.

      • Same I reported picture with a threat and they did nothing. If the page was attacking liberals I bet it would be a different story. Imagine if it were a hate bloomberg page? The media would be all over it to get it off the internet.

  8. Aside from the animal rights activists going nuts, how much of this is the fact that an attractive female is empowered via firearms?

    This destroys the liberal narrative in so many ways. Some little cute cheerleader is taking down alpha predators using a GUN! There is some symbolism the anti-gunners need to quash ASAP.

  9. It never ceases to anaze me that these lunatics never stop to think that they are levying death threats against someone who is armed and ready to defend themselves.

    • Two things — First, emotions make you turn off your brain.

      Second, it is all about Righteous Indignation — retribution, retributive justice; anger and contempt combined with a feeling that it is one’s right to feel that way; anger without guilt. Righteous indignation is typically a reactive emotion of anger over perceived mistreatment, insult, or malice. It is akin to what is called the sense of injustice

      When all you are doing is reacting to emotions, then you do not bother to see the facts and that this young women did nothing wrong.

      THIS, is no different then the reaction of the anti-gun crowd or over the top reaction, misinformation and mischaracterization after the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby decision.

    • I don’t do Facebook, perhaps one of you could post on one of these hate pages and point out the absurdity of their threats.

  10. Having gone to SCI dinners and conventions, I’ve been able to meet a lot of these folks.
    Corey Knowlton got it bad when he was the winning bidder on a rhino tag last year.
    Tim Herald recently had all his personal info posted on one of those hate sites. He fired back an re-posted it!

    These are really nice people. They are just passionate about hunting, promoting the sport, and some are making a living doing it.
    Wish I could!

    • Turns out that the rhino Knowlton bought the tag for was an old dominant male that was no longer capable of inseminating the females, but was big enough and strong enough to keep the younger males from doing so either. His death allowed the herd to multiply, and he would have been shot even if no tag had been sold.

  11. I know nothing of hunting lions but… she shot that thing with a bow?

    Holy crap! She can be my bodyguard!

  12. Matt in FL and Alsaskan Patriot, if she was 8-10 years older…. And I’m
    Not sure where that line ame from but there were a lot floating around the internet yesterday

  13. How ever did people bitch and moan about people they don’t agree with or stuff that doesn’t matter before facebook?

    It’s like everyone on there is cultivating their own personal “brand” for themselves and complaining about the other brands.

  14. Well PETA kills 90 percent of the animals dropped off at their shelter. I personally think that that’s pretty ironic. How aboot them apples eh?

  15. This is the problem with posting things on Facebook. Even if the NSA ignores you, wacko liberals don’t.

    I rarely post, and if I stir the pot, I don’t go back. One shot, one kill.

  16. Now imagine the outcry if pro-gun commentators posted such comments about an anti-gun/gun-control campaigner, including address

  17. Seems incredibly stupid to threaten a woman who bow hunts 750 lb predators (like lions or bears). That is some real freakin guts right there. Anyone can be a ninja on Facebook. I doubt any of these leftist trolls could even put on enough sunscreen to make it out of the basement, let alone make the trip to look her in the eye. She’ll hear the asthma a mile away before they get close enough to wag their loaded finger at her.

  18. You’re a little late to the game on this one. Already lost some friends over this one three days ago. Lol

  19. But what about the lion? He’s in lion heaven having to tell his buddies that he got shot with a pink arrow! Oh, the indignity! 😉

  20. Burn her at the stake?

    Somebody like Jonathan Swift or Bill Burroughs would have written a satire where the peace loving activists rip her apart with their bare hands in the public square and eat big raw chunks of her while chanting ‘SAVE THE ANIMALS’ and ‘END VIOLENCE’ as the blood runs down their chins.

    Society is ugly, all you have to do is hold up the mirror.

  21. I forgot- can someone remind me why it’s illegal to shoot animal rights activists? I mean other than making new bullets, reloading and violating local noise ordnances in towns and cities?

  22. I wonder if it has dawned on these folks that making death threats against a girl that hunts LIONS is not the best plan. I am thinking if she can successfully hunt down African big game a couple of hippies that smell like weed and barley aren’t gonna be a big issue.

  23. If it’s legal in the country where you hunt and you have the money to pay for it who am I to criticize. I deplore anyone who tries to impost their value system on others or me. When in Rome . . . .

  24. Damn, that chick has got some salt to match her good looks to stare down that Lion with a bow. Phew.

    Reminds me of this video. 5 dudes with rifles know the charge is coming….

  25. Big game hunters seem to have a mental illness. The pictures they post are sickening. Killing a beautiful lion for fun and posing like that. Pretty much she is killing for fun. What was the purpose of it? She’s almost on par with a serial killer, not quite as bad though. close though.

    • I’ll bite. Very often the animals that are taken are old and infirm, and if left to their own devices, they’d die shortly of natural causes. But this ain’t the “natural causes” that you or I hope to die from, peacefully in our sleep, in our own beds. It’s a long, drawn-out affair of starvation, usually, because the old and infirm simply cannot chase down the prey they need to survive. That’s in the case of predators.

      In the case of large herbivores like rhinos, the ones taken are often the old bull males, who are unable to breed effectively, but still have the brute force to keep the other males in subjugation and keep them from breeding with the fertile females. That puts a hurting on the survival of the herd. Eliminating the non-viable top dog lets the younger, fertile males battle for the top spot and then make more baby rhinos.

    • Not even close, it ain’t the same effing ballpark, it ain’t the same league, it ain’t even the same effing sport.

    • Umm, Ken, even if you are a vegetarian; you are eating a living being. That plant is shown through scientific tests as reacting in fear at being pulled out of the ground and being eaten. The book “The secret life of plants” talks about this.

      The higher animals all eat other living beings to survive; as you do, as we all do. So just accept that you are a “serial killer” of other living beings to live and prosper. It is the great cycle of life. So you can either embrace the great mystery and accept that this is the way life has been organized; or be in life long agony in denial and rejection of this basic truth.

      Your choice; but as for me; I’ll look forward to the next juicy steak I eat; whether I kill it or someone else kills it for me.

      Oh, and the meat of the trophy animals is given to the local population, so no part of the animal goes to waste.

    • That girl at her tender age has done more to conserve wildlife and help Africans feed their families than you will ever do in your entire life, I would wager.

      So have I.

      It’s a shame that so many pretend “environmentalists” know nothing about the subject.

      • Yup.

        A lot of environmentalists seem to have gotten all of their knowledge about ecosystems from Disney movies.

    • I don’t hunt, myself, but I have more friends an family that do than I can count, and I’ve cookers plenty of game. I don’t know of any hunter who does NOT love it. Even the ones I know that hunt be causer they need the food enjoy the stalk and the kill.

      Homo Sapiens is as much hunter as gatherer. As much predator as farmer. Nothing wrong with it, it’s how we are wired. The kills aren’t wasted, the population is healthy, so why NOT enjoy our predator side?

    • The mental illness you speak of is called life… She is outdoors experiencing it, but hey, don’t let her life ruin your internet soap boxing and righteous indignation.

  26. I don’t understand how these animal rights tools can’t see that it’s a choice between regulated hunting that provides food and revenue for the locals and not having any means of stopping poachers.

    Being against Kendall Jones is being pro poaching.

  27. These animal rights nut job’s,tree hungers and global warming fruit cups are all the same. They all hate people that shoot guns.
    They’re all bark and no bite!
    Carry on

  28. I hunt casually (mostly turkey), so I don’t know a ton about big game hunting, but it’s very impressive what this young lady has accomplished. More power to her. Of course, the ‘animal rights’ activists show their true colors again, in that they don’t so much love animals as despise fellow humans. If they took the time to do a smidgen of research, they would quickly find that legal hunts like this contribute more to the conservation and protection of exotic species than they or peta could ever even dream of.

  29. She killed a big a## lion with a bow?!? Wow! She’s way too cute to get death threats. Not a fan of trophy hunting but hey I’m officially a fan of Kendall Jones. Why do ( presumably ) unarmed a##holes threaten people with guns? Oh yeah +10000000 Ralph.

  30. I had a “FB” argument with a HS classmate of mine and her friends, but what makes it funny, my old classmate is a cheerleader, and she was saying “That she should be practicing her back flips and buying makeup at Sephora” To which I responded, A)you don’t know if she buys makeup at Sephora, or the fact that my friend is causing the “War on women” because she is telling her that she needs to be more “girlie”. To this day I haven’t heard a reply.

    • Your friend is extremely sexist. I was raised back in the day to hunt, ride, drive trucks, fish and play team sports. I pity girls who are pigeonholed by modern urban society.

  31. 1.) She is pretty
    2.) Her parents are LOADED
    3.) She can kill a lion with a bow (and pink arrows)

    She’s a damned unicorn

  32. What happened to the rainbow alliance of gun rights? I don’t see homosexuals coming out to support her right to be different. It should be no surprise that an alliance with homosexuals will be one sided, their side. When you need them, they will not be behind you.

    • In all fairness, they can’t fight every battle. They have problems of their own that they need to deal with.

      If gays were completely mainstreamed and nobody gave a rat’s hat about what they do in private, then I would expect that some would be vocally on this girl’s side, and some would be vocally against her. Gays are not monolithic. Neither are straights.

  33. “How about we have a real hunger games? I vote we hunt this horrible woman down first.”

    Are you kidding me?! Kendall Jones will be the last woman standing you keyboard activists.

  34. She should tell the whiney ass little B!#$%^S to F%$#off and die. The dumb asses shouldn’t be picking on a big game hunter because she the wrong person to pick on.

  35. There is no real controversy here. Hunting is sanctioned and supported by the state, even in Africa.

    The only real problem I see is that some of her pictures are rather tacky and the bleeding heart/anthropomorphist types can’t stand it. That is their problem, they have no power and none of them will do anything.

    Honestly though, I don’t know if I believe she killed that lion with that bow. She just looks like some rich kid who has decided to take up big game hunting. Who cares? Most of these “hunts” were likely set up for her just to take these photos to promote her “reality” show.

    • Perhaps. There have been generations of older white guys doing the same thing, but if a young girl does it it’s cause for global jihad. Strange.

  36. I would love to give my home address to these asshats who make death threats and see if they have the spine to show up. I seriously any of these blowhards would dare get within 10 miles.

    • i perused the status updates on that page for all of 3 minutes and found at least one that stating the author was going to sleep and would dream of killing hunters, and another encouraging hunters to “put a gun to their head and blow their brains out”. facebook is either a) not actually investigating hate speech reports, or b) perfectly fine with its users advocating murder and suicide. which do yall think is the case?

  37. Because a million angry death threats on Facebook is going to resurrect a lion… Maybe the European anti hunters are exhibiting a new disorder? Impotently fantasizing about harming women who seem capable? Maybe this isn’t new; the Germans probably have a fancy word for it already.

  38. I’d reckon that, if any of these bleeding-heart doofuses had the nerve to even approach her home, she’d wind up adding yet another apex predator to her kill list. At least, I hope so.

  39. I reported the page and also got a denied request message.
    I couldn’t find a facebook contact phone number but once I do they are getting a complaint for not deleting pages with “HATE PAGE” in the damn name. Seriously.

  40. Harassing her was obviously uncalled for, but shooting lions is fucking dumb. People should be allowed to tell her that all day long but as always, idiots get too excited on the internet and take it to an idiotic level. Everyone involved should be embarrassed.

  41. When going on a safari to Africa, it might be a good idea to just post photos of “less cute/less anthropomorphic” animals; because with all the cartoony propaganda et all., a lion is for them the definition of cuteness and “animal righteousness”. So cute and cuddly. Maybe post a jackal with half the fur missing or something like that.

  42. Nothing inflames liberals like an attractive girl hunting big game. I bet she goes to church and even says prayers before meals. Oh the horror.

  43. I saw a news story about this on FOX this morning. They had a guy on that did a decent job of defending hunting and some of her hunting photos. He mentioned that her trophy rhino photo was a rhino shot with a tranquilizer (to treat it after it was mauled by a lion) and the “endangered cheetah” was actually an non endangered leopard. Facebook was mentioned, but they only talked about how her photos disappeared not about how hate pages are apparently allowed when it’s anti hunting hate pages.

    I’m not holding my breath waiting on the other news networks doing a story like this though.

  44. Hello, i’m not from the US so sorry for my bad English.

    I know nothing about hunting and if that help or not the preservation of wildlife. But i don’t think the lion in the photo look old or dying of disease… so killing it for fun or to show that she strong and capable of killing at will is somehow disturbing. Like if you see chinese or korean eating dog, you will say “that crazy, disturbing,stupid…”, then killing a lion for nothing is kind of the same here.

    And when i’m enjoying coming here reading about gun and firearm, sometime i see so much hate ! You say that those haters babbling all b****ith, that the girl is more than capable than them, keyboard warrior… Don’t you are doing the exacte same thing than those so called haters ?

    Just my 2 cents.

  45. I have no comment about the hunting or the guns rights issues. As long as she’s an ethical hunter, and a responsible gun owner, there’s nothing to be said about what she does except “you go, girl.” But where she lost me is when I read that she is trying to pitch her own reality show out of this. You want fame? Well, this also comes with it. If she wasn’t a pretty cheerleader none of us would be reading about this. Plenty of ordinary women who are gun enthusiasts and accomplished hunters go unnoticed everyday – but the second one comes along that looks like a Barbie doll, we all want her to be the new poster-girl for the gun community.

  46. I find this type of big game hunting disgusting but if it’s legal and not poaching there is nothing wrong with it although all personal opinions are freely allowed. The only reason these few women in recent times that have posed with and intentionally publicized their kills is for attention and if they were not “good looking” this wouldn’t be news. Most us gun folks even criticize our own when some of us threaten anti-gun people so I cannot condone the threats against her but just the same I understand the anger. I support hunting for food and to control population of certain animals when needed, I got a free permit in WI one year when bagging extra deer was allowed to get control over excessive population. After these threats the girl then claimed she was promoting conservation and helping with population control, none of the species she posed with have population issues therefore she created a lie to support her actions and behavior. Why? I find this fib almost worse than her actions of killing such creatures in a place she has no business being in. This type of hunting is done by the very few, it takes much time and money to even get there let alone big game hunt safely. So to me this is nothing more than a rich girl who’s daddy got her into big game hunting in Africa and god knows where else just because it makes them feel good, or more important and superior than the animals they kill and other hunters who will never get the chance to hunt such magnificent creatures.
    I call bad on everyone! Her, her father, the threats against her and those here supporting her. A real man, a real sportsman whether male or female, doesn’t kill for pleasure or fame,they kill for necessity or the greater good. A thrill is no reason to kill and this behavior should be looked down on in our society. I support gun rights 100% I do not support the thrill killing of any animal.

  47. I just thought it’s kind of tacky to show off posing next to what is the monetary equivalent of a brand-new 6-figures luxury/sport car on “social media”.

    And then trying to get a “reality show” out of it.

    As far as the actual hunting, total non-issue really. Just a little sad to me that African wildlife is in such a perilous state outside of managed zones.

  48. there is nothing “innocent” about this young woman. she chooses to live her life differently by taking the lives of others. she should not have to deal with death threats, but it would please me to no end if she were to take a stray claw to the jugular.
    she is a world apart from those who kill to support themselves. she is a perversion of the word hunter.

    • Uh, yes she is innocent. And unless and until you can actually point to one single solitary instance where she “took the live of others”, you can stop your own caterwauling because you’re a liar. What would please me to no end is for people like you to get hung up by the FBI for making death threats against people performing charity and necessary conservation work. You are a world apart from even being Human, let alone being the encyclopedic definition of the perversion of the word “hunter”.

      You’re no better than the perverts attacking this young woman, and you’re clearly a sexist piece of shit to boot. You have no excuse, no integrity as a man, and no room to talk whatsoever.


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