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The Lone Star State does not make it difficult for law-abiding citizens to carry a handgun—as long as the permit holder passes background checks and training requirements. But neither the state’s concealed carry permit holders nor it’s legal handgun owners can carry a handgun in plain view in public. And so the so-called open carry movement has targeted Texas for a bit of full-on legislative campaignin’. “It’s shocking that Texas, with its history of rugged individualism that the state symbolizes, doesn’t allow open carry,” said John Pierce, a co-founder of and spokesman for told “If the Legislature doesn’t approve an open-carry bill when it convenes in January, ‘then we’ll see them in 2013,’ Pierce said, referring to that session of the Legislature.” So how does Republican poster boy Governor Rick Perry come down on this one? Right down the middle, of course . . .

“The governor believes our concealed-carry law works for Texas and that a person ought to be able to carry their weapon with them anywhere in the state if they are licensed and have gone through the training,” Perry’s spokeswoman Allison Castle said. “He would be open to looking at any proposals lawmakers bring to the table regarding open carry. I suppose we’ve got what you could call a Texas open carry since you can hang your rifle in the window of your pickup truck.”

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  1. I don't know what the hell Perry is talking about. As a lifelong Texan (and current resident), I haven't seen a rifle in the back window of a truck in 20 years. Yeah, we all did it way back when. Today you're not only risking the loss of the firearm, but the added indignity of having to replace the window also.

    The big issue I see, for concealed vs. open carry, is the climate. For the better part of the year it's difficult to wear enough clothing to actually conceal any type of real sidearm. The law on concealed is worded such that the gun actually has to be concealed. Tough to do in cut-offs and a tee-shirt.

  2. Also, what's the reason for the rifle cartridge in the belt? To keep count of how many pistol cartridges are left?

    • To 67dodgeman ,

      Not a rifle cartridge, one of his pidtol bulets is falling through the loop.

      • Actually the bullet that is extended is a .45 long range typically of that colt 1917 that he is carring. The gun has a ring that allow that gun to shot the .45 auto round that is on his belt

  3. I see not much difference between open and concealed carry, so what is the delay. almost all the other states are allowing it why not in Texas? I would think the gun-control enthusiast would like a way to see those who actually have guns around them… lol.

    Another summer is over, so we can pack on the clothes but next year has yet another one and the problem of how to properly conceal a firearm without sweating to death would begin again.

  4. I see not much difference between open and concealed carry, so what is the delay. almost all the other states are allowing it why not in Texas? I would think the gun-control enthusiast would like a way to see those who actually have guns around them… lol.

    Another summer is over, so we can pack on the clothes but next year has yet another one and the problem of how to properly conceal a firearm without sweating to death would begin again.

    I agree

  5. a few things. Perry is a washington tool so we WILL NOT get open carry unless we get some constitutionalists into state Leg.

    As for carrying concealed in summer, I roll with my gun on me non stop year 'round. I wear tshirt with pants or shorts and do it fine. A few ways to do it. I have a small LCP .380 I carry with me under my shirt. I carry it on my belt with a holster that I got from my local gun shop that holds my gun up high.

    My other weapon is a full size Stoeger Cougar. It's a 4inch barrel I believe and a .40 cal. I am looking for a high holster that will conceal it just as well. For now though when I carry with it I carry with a "smart carry" holster. It's like a fanny pack that goes inside the front of your pants. You cants see it but it looks like your "packin heat" so the ladies are like HEEEYYY!! ;). It does get sweaty though so I dont use the smart carry much but its there. I have really started liking my .380 set up cuz it does the job and my gun is hidden but well within reach.

  6. I was born and raised in tx and I also drive an 18 wheeler. When I go to open carry states I really enjoy the freedom of not having to conceal I also don't like the idea of being slowed down by my colthes hanging on my gun should a time come that I need my gun quick, have you guys tried to compair the time it takes to pull your form conceal as to open ……try it , it will piss you off . that extra time just mite get you killed.
    As far as people that live in open carry states that don't carry ALL YOU ARE DOING IS HELPING THE GUN CONTORL ADVOCATES BY NOT CARRYING. these are no longer the times of the right to choose if you want to carry or not . these or the times of conviction. are you for the constitution or for anti constitution(like the obama,clintio,pelosi gun control programs) you must choose a side, As an American it is now your duty to carry open and maybe other state like Texas will come back to embrase our gun rights. LETS BE AMERICANS NOT AMERICAN'TS…the end.

  7. Carrying is a right, YM, not a duty … but I kind of agree with you to a certain extent. It's hard for someone to advocate carrying if he or she doesn't actually carry. We really do have to walk the walk if we want to talk the talk. As for non-advocates who just want to protect themselves and their families, I'm fine with them carrying selectively or just keeping their shootin' irons at home in a safe. Isn't it all about freedom?

  8. With issues confronting our freedoms it is about exercising our freedoms should we have been standing firm and execised our freedoms , then Texas wouldn't be one of six states that NO LONGER HAS THE FREEDOM OF OPEN CARRY by not open carrying we have lost that freedom and it is all U.S. AMERICANS DUTY to get that FREEDOM and RIGHT back and to preserve it for ourselves and future U.S..AMERICANS. if the village idiot lost the only shovel then it is his duty to the village to get it back before the crap gets out of control. We lost it therefore it is our duty to get it back …..again……the end…….

  9. If you all want open carry, you need to speak with with the same message.

    Open carry is the goal of the Lone Star Citizens Defense League. You can find out about LSCDL at our website.

    We’ll do it right, without derailing other gun legislation or endangering existing gun rights. Please consider joining and help with the effort to restore our constitutional rights.

  10. I am all for the Open Carry if you will notice all the states that have the Open Carry crime is Rapidly Declining and in a lot of states the Crime rate is lower than Texas. Does anyone else agree with me on this

  11. I believe in unlicensed, unrestricted open-carry.  The guy in the photo is john Wayne.  The .45-70 rifle cartridge was placed in his cartridge belt to show homage to the U.S. Cavalry.

  12. the long bullet is a 45/70 rifle cartridge. when John Wayne started doing movies in the 20s. there were still a lot of old cowboys around. they told him they carried the rifle bullet in the middle of their belt so they would know when they were half out of rounds. Mr Wayne thought it would add authenticity so he did it from then on

  13. Open carry for anyone legally qualified to own a gun is a good idea. As noted above, it can really be hard in the Texas summer, to wear the sort of clothing which properly conceals a handgun big enough to be really useful. The Police I know say that’s .40 cal or above. The US Military seems to agree. I personally prefer a .45 (1911) but I haven’t figured out any way to actually conceal the thing with reasonable comfort, so I carry a compact .40 and even that’s hard to hide when the wind blows.

    Pass the law, legalize open carry and identify those who aren’t qualified on their drivers license/ state ID card. There’s a broken line near the top of that card, half red, half blue. Those who have disqualified themselves in some manner get a solid red line on their license/ID. Everyone else stays the same. No great expense involved there and any peace officer would know at a glance when he/she is dealing with a disqualified person…

  14. Like I said before, you want open carry, do something about it. Join and help us to restore your constitutional rights. Membership is less than the price of a box of shells and every penny goes toward furthering the rights of Texans. We’ll need help lobbying for this bill.

  15. I’ve been a licensed concealed carry Texan since the law was introduced and it has never been an issue with me. Yes, it’s inconvienent in the summer time but not impossible if you carry the right weapon and that doesn’t mean your brand new Wilson Combat or Kimber 1911 which I suspect is at least part of the argument for open carry. At most gun shows there are (2) types of buyers: first time big gun buyers and those who are buying their second compact gun after realizing they can’t conceal that .45 cal. canon they bought the first time. Personally, concealed carry is all you need in Texas unless your ego simpy won’t allow you to cover up that $3K smokewagon and Galco holster you just have to show off. For those of you out there, you know who I’m talking about….

    • well i dont know about you sir, but id like to actually stop the person im shooting not just have them go “OW!” when hit by some midget 9 mil, give me that .45 i bet they wont be getting back up, dont you agree?

  16. Ive carried my 1911 concealed for almost 2 decades now. Then again i wear jeans year round only time i wear shorts is to go swiming and col. colt goes under the seat of my pickup. A histroy lesson here. The yankee carpet baggers made it illegle to open carry here in the lonestar state just after the war of northern aggression. They did it as a punishment for our part in the war. Open carry is still legal outside citys or towns but you better have your stuff wired together if a LEO stops you. Watch youseleves in big citys like Ft Worth most of there leos dont know the laws and dont care if you have a chl or a not

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