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“Police said the man walked into the [Nazareth Restaurant and Deli], had a conversation with an employee and then left,” reports. “He returned about a half hour later. That’s when police said he approached a man and a woman who were sitting just inside the door at a booth and started the attack . . .

“He came to each table and just started hitting them,” [witness Karen Bass] told WBNS. “There were tables and chairs overturned, there was a man on the floor bleeding, there was blood on the floor.”

“I fell like five times. My legs felt like jelly. I just thought he was going to come behind me and slash me up,” she said, describing her frantic escape . . .

Police said employees and patrons tried to get the man to stop.

“Some of the patrons there started throwing chairs at him just trying to get him out of there,” Weiner said.

Success. The suspect left, without ballistic perforation. Police caught up with the homicidal maniac and finished the job.

Did I say maniac? I meant to say terrorist. Despite the media’s abject unwillingness to call a terrorist a terrorist until they see “Death to the infidels!” on his or her social media page, all signs point in that direction.

[CBS News homeland security correspondent Jeff] Pegues reports the suspected attacker has a Somali background, and officials believe he may have traveled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in 2012. Pegues reports that law enforcement is concerned that this incident has the hallmarks of the type of so-called “lone wolf” terrorist attack that they have been working to stop.

The aspiring killer didn’t murder anyone. But he managed to mutilate four patrons and traumatized many more.

I’m not sure how how well police can stop these “lone wolf” attacks. Probably not well at all. Meanwhile and in any case, don’t let these victims be you. Carry on.

[h/t Pascal]

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    • That, sad to say is just a ‘me-too’ attitude at this point.

      Until terrorist types are forced to live in hiding on the dark side of the moon due to +1, to +++1 push-back on their POS nature and selves, this will be a constant game of catch-up football.

    • He was a Somali named Mohammed Barry (really). He got into an argument an hour before with the store owner when he found out the owner was an Israeli Christian. He went home to retreive the machete, and like a radicalized African, returned to start hacking and chopping. Period. The FBI is investigating terrorism/hate crime by another mooselimb

      • Racial profiling? Sarcasm

        They think the American People are stupid.

        Just waiting for any witnesses who may have heard “Allahu akbar”.

      • Stop spreading hatred and lies about Somali community here in Columbus. The guy who did this was actually From west Africa .you need make research on different angles before you paint your dirty brush on Somalis.

        • It’s really a shame none of the patrons were legally carrying a concealed firearm.
          The Muslim Immigrant bastard could shave been shot immediately!
          Did any of the Lame stream media outlets check to see if Barry had legally purchased his machete from a licensed machete dealer and did Barry complete the mandatory background check for the machete purchase?

  1. I know that area well and have driven by that deli many times. Very sad. There is a pretty dense Somali community nearby, fwiw.

    • Those darn Mormon extremists. If it’s not them it’s the Lutherans or the Catholics. For certain.

    • I live in Columbus and I can assure you this town is being transformed into a multicultural cesspit. The sheer numbers of somali immigrants living here is egregious. They’ve already rioted over available housing and plotted a bombing at the Northland mall. Both of these stories were covered up.

      It used to be a nice white community ( like many others) but now its not uncommon to hear gunshots every other night and to be mean mugged every time you leave your house.

      I’ll be moving to a town with a white population of over 90% when I have the opportunity. Unfortunately, there aren’t many places with these demographics but we’ll make it happen.

    • He’s a Somali. They are like 80lbs soaking wet and carrying 2 bricks. They have the arm strength of a 4 year old. They don’t call them “skinnies” for nothing

      • Truth, lol.

        When I was in AIT (63B – light wheel mechanic), there was a Somali in my platoon. He was at least 7ft tall and weighed maybe 140 max. The guy was really polite and soft-spoken, borderline pacifistic too. He requested to be stationed someplace warm, and the Army, with it’s infinite wisdom & jest, sent him to Alaska.

      • I’ve seen people killed by Somalis with Machetes. It doesn’t take Hulk Hogan.

        But the Machete is a slashing weapon that does great amounts of ‘fixable’ damage. Unless you manage to put it through someone’s skull (tough) or the person bleeds out before getting medical attention, it’s not hard to survive a brief attack.

  2. But for “one good guy with a gun” . . . Every time one of these attacks happens it drives home the fallacy of gun-control ideology’s vision of a disarmed citizenry.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this was OH, not CA. There’s simply no excuse for a business full of people to be defenseless.

    • The “excuse” is only 10% or so of eligible people get a CHP, and of those only about 10% carry regularly.

      • I pointed this out on yesterday’s GFZ thread. There aren’t enough people who actually carry to provide either protection or deterrence. Chances are you are the only one on the premisses who is carrying. Perhaps one of the conditions for having a permit is that you actually carry it.

      • It would be infinitely safer to simply avoid majority-minority areas.

        Is it mostly black? Stay away.
        Too many indignant, half retarded Somalis? GTFO ASAP!
        Are you in brown town? Vamos Amigo.

        Until we can have an honest debate on the failures of multiculturalism it will only continue to get worse.

        • If I was rolling the dice, I would avoid slum areas regardless of race. Not that this type of thing never happens in nicer areas, but it is all in the odds.

    • Does not matter if it is the police or armed citizen, you have the same math problem.

      There are not enough good guys to be everywhere when they may be needed.

    • At my first “professional” job out of college there was a guy that had transferred into our office in the south who started his career in New Jersey. He had been in a restaurant in NJ where a mob hit occurred. He would go hungry before sitting down to lunch facing anywhere but the front door.

  4. These sudden, close range machete attacks are hard to defend against, but limited to an assault on one or two people at a time. If CCW permits were available in all States for personal defense, and/or open carry allowed universally, someone in the immediate area could stop the attack. But THAT would make actual “common sense”.

    Hope the victims recover, but those types of wounds can bring a lot of maiming and long-term disability not to forget disfigurement and mental anguish.

  5. The attacker is a Muslim named Mohamed Barry. The owners of the restaurant are Israeli Christians. Do the math. Apparently, the politicians and cops can’t even add 1+1. But we can.

  6. Ohio is a fairly gun friendly state, yet this happened…because too few people actually DO carry. I’m sure there were people in that restaurant with permits…who left the iron at home. (No, I haven’t forgotten glocks, name brand or imitation; even “combat Tupperware” contains iron in the slide.)

    Had I or most of my friends been there, the story would have ended quite differently.

    • This didn’t occur because an armed good guy was absent.

      This occurred because of our suicidal tendency to import third world savages while harboring the unrealistic expectation that they are capable of living up to our standards.

      Its that simple.

      • It’s the denial that many muslims (not all) are violent and do intend to kill Americans and westerners in general. They (not all) also want to take over every country on the planet and turn it into a mosque, basically (sharia law).

  7. The patrons were awesome, though. They engaged by throwing chairs,etc. Excellent move and enough to get the attacker to leave.

    Just because you’re not carrying a weapon does not mean there is not a weapon available.

  8. Karl Denninger at Market Ticker had this story earlier this morning with this added detail:

    “A man walked into a restaurant called Nazareth and asked if the owners were Jewish or Christian.
    He then left.
    He returned a short time later with a machete and attacked the people inside, hacking up a number of them.The cops caught up with him a few miles away and in the confrontation that followed they shot him. He’s dead.
    Notice what I’m not reporting here — The assailant’s name or his ethnicity.
    Guess why not? Because the authorities have not released it, although they certainly know who it was.
    Ditto for the media which hasn’t even reported on this, absent a highly-censored version I found on the Columbus Fox affiliate”

    “Diversity is our Strength” – “Just Doing the Jobs that Americans are Unwilling to Do.”

    • Yep. Its not the first time our media has covered up the savage acts of the Somalis here in Columbus.

      We’re sick of it. We know. I see these indignant Somalis on a daily basis and they are the most toxic group of savages I’ve ever encountered. Just the simple act of driving in these parts becomes an act of survival.

      If you’re ever in Columbus and you see a Toyota with no headlights on, after dark, parked in the middle of an intersection it will be a Somali 98% of the time.

      Matter of fact, if you see any non 4×4 toyota, act accordingly.

  9. I call shenanigans. Fabrication. Fiction. Fabulism. We know this isn’t possible.

    1 – Ohio has laws against using deadly weapons for deadly purposes, so this guy couldn’t have done that. We all know laws stop completely, whatever they outlaw.

    2 – Violence was done without a gun. We all know violence happens only with guns, thus called “gun violence.” So didn’t happen. Couldn’t happen.

    3 – People fought back. We all know, untrained, un-uniformed sheeple citizens will inevitably freeze & freak under any kind of pressure. Shenanigans. Didn’t happen.

    4 – Immediate, terminal perforation is the only kind of defense that matters. Distracting, disrupting, injuring, interrupting are all useless and pointless. Attackers are all & always relentless, focused destruction machines, which absolutely will not stop. (The Terminator was a lightweight in the relentlessness department.)

    5 – Why weren’t the chair-throwers charged? With a hate crime?

    Look, this paper & reporter need to knock this off. People might get the idea that they can do something about their own situation, take some responsibility, and start looking out for themselves. From there it’s a short trip to thinking of themselves as what’s important, and state action as help. We can’t have that.

  10. Are we really sure the attacker wasn’t a white, registered republican, Christian NRA member with a rebel flag and a “Nobama” bumper sticker on his pick-up truck? Because the media says that would really be awesome if so.

  11. Of course the attacker was a upstanding customer who was just upset over the lack of an Aloha Snackbar not being available on the premises.

  12. I was born in and lived in and near Columbus for many years moved away in 1988. Many people there now refer to sections of the city as “Little Mogadishu”. Cleveland Avenue, I’m told. If so, damn…that was a rough area back in the 70’s.

  13. As I said before socialist and libertarians both agree, America should not have borders. People who ever and wherever their are should be able to come to America as they please. (Beating my dead horse again).

    So many of the inside the beltway “know it all” crowd are asking why is Trump so popular?
    Some people are just beyond explaining this answer. Trump supporters believe murders and rapist and suicide bombers should not be allowed into the United States. Other people disagree. Austin Pertersen the libertarian candidate for president said on the John stossel program he is for open borders.
    Personally I like Cruz.
    And yes I CCW with a pocket gun and a OTF blade.

    The best defense program on the outdoor network had a restaurant attack simulated and what to do about it last year. Check it out.

    • “People who ever and wherever their are should be able to come to America as they please.”

      Because, the alternative is not just that they don’t come to America. But rather a Government powerful enough to prevent even pretty darned determined ones from doing so. And a government that powerful, is infinitely more detrimental to freedom, than even an entire Somalia’s worth of machete wielding hackmasters.

      I mean, seriously, have any Somali dude ever done you a single lick of harm? Unless you are in the 0.01%, the answer is no. yet, unless you are also in the 0.01%, you spend a major part of every year as little more than plantation labor for the government. Just so they can preen around and pretend they are somehow useful for something.

      In case you haven’t noticed, Libertarians, like Ron Paul, also have the hardest time justifying government banning private ownership of even nukes. And are way too intelligent to fall for the idiocy that “we need” a government powerful enough to enforce “integration” / ban “discrimination”. So it’s not like Libertarians wants to leave you defenseless against Scary Somalis with machetes, nor want to force you to frequent establishments where they are even allowed in the door.

      If you wish, take your mrap to KKKQ for some ribs, and you’ll be plenty safer in your belongings than you’ll ever be under some mealymouthed RINO, scaring you with non existing hobgoblins, in order to both rob you, and have you cheer like a bucktoothed stooge, for them to rob your neighbor as well.

      • The government has done well long before September 11 in keeping out criminals. I don’t expect a utopia as you do in have border security. But thank you for your honesty in supporting letting murders and rapist into america. I assume you also support suicide bombers coming to the US without border security interference?

  14. The Nazareth restaurant is a posted “gun-free zone”. News footage on CNN clearly shows a “gunbuster” decal on the front door.

    I won’t say “I told you so”, but I told you so.

    • UPDATE: members of ARFCOM have been to the location this morning and verified that the restaurant is NOT POSTED against CCW.

      It’s possible that what I and other saw was a close-up shot of the entrance of one of several nearby business where customers fled to seek safety. One of them was a Tim Hortons which I understand has a “no ccw” policy.

  15. If I lived anywhere near Columbus OH and there was an open carry march down Cleveland Avenue I’d be there in a heartbeat.

    Of course, I wouldn’t be slinging an AR or AK as Columbus has some sort of “assault weapons” ban do they not?

  16. Good for the people for fighting back. Gun or no gun, don’t stand for this crap. Though if he’d chosen a gun or bomb instead of an edged weapon this would have ended much differently. Scary.

  17. The restaurant owner has a “No Guns Allowed” policy whichis posted on the entry door & it prohibits licensed CCW holders from having a firearm inside the establishment. Therefore since its his rule…. HE should be SUED by every victim in the deli that evening. HE (the owner) should be required to provide for his customers safety which he did not! VOTE FOR HILLARY!!!

  18. The restaurant owner has a “No Guns Allowed” policy which is posted on the entry door & it prohibits licensed CCW holders from having a firearm inside the establishment. Therefore since its his rule…. HE should be SUED by every victim in the deli that evening. HE (the owner) should be required to provide for his customers safety which he did not! VOTE FOR HILLARY!!!

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