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After responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle yesterday, Dickson County, Tennessee sheriff’s deputy Daniel Baker was later found shot to death in his cruiser. The suspect in the murder, Steven Wiggins, was identified using video found at the scene. Wiggins who’s no strange to law enforcement, has been the subject of a manhunt since yesterday.

An alleged accomplice, Erika Castro-Miles was arrested and charged with first degree murder.


Wiggins, a felon with a violent criminal history spanning back more than a decade, was wanted on multiple warrants at the time of the shooting.

Authorities haven’t announced a possible motive in the killing, but said Wiggins was quickly identified using surveillance footage.

The day before, on Tuesday, Kingston Springs Police Department officers charged him with aggravated assault and theft stemming from a domestic incident involving Castro-Miles that took place at a motel in the 100 block of Luyben Hills Road.

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  1. Now if we could just get the cops to put the same amount of effort into finding a murderer of an ordinary citizen, we just might have something here…

    • Ya obviously don’t have a clue. Any, murder, and I mean any murder, is a top concern for any department I know of. Of course, I only have 1st hand experience in the west. Sure, the murder of a LEO is of great concern to any LEO anywhere in the country and of course gets huge media attention everywhere. But to imply law enforcement doesn’t care about the murder of the average citizen, to put it mildly is just stupid. Now that’s the average citizen. Maybe not so much for gang bangers killing gang bangers. But you have to look at how the media and the obummer administration went after pro active LEO’s who tried to to their jobs. They were crucified. Now a days, I don’t blame cops for not being pro active. The pay is the same if they just go from radio call to radio call or if they are out there pounding the pavement to locate and arrest the bad guys or try and prevent crime. The difference is one way is much more dangerous than the other. I think it would be a great idea if those of you who think this way contact your police/sheriffs dept and request to go on a ride along with the patrol officers. Might cause you to open your eyes, that is if you really want to see it.

  2. Ugly as hell the both of them. Inside and out , save taxpayers some $$ video footage doesn’t lie. Find the nearest tree and a good sturdy rope. Why we house , feed , cloth , and care for these sick individuals is beyond my comprehension. These mental cases are a large part of fueling the left’s fire , so to speak. They need to be made examples of. Not taken care of for the rest of their lives. It costs like $100.000 per year to house one inmate. Catch them in the act , give them a bullet. Imho

    • You said tree and rope and then you said bullet. Now you too are proposing to spend more than is necessary on them. It seems that there are no pure advocates of fiscal discipline;-)

    • Richard Revoir,

      “Why we house , feed , cloth , and care for these sick individuals is beyond my comprehension. These mental cases are a large part of fueling the left’s fire , so to speak.”

      You answered your own dilemma. The left wants people like that on the loose because it justifies more law enforcement resources and more infringements on our rights.

  3. Why is it that these ‘felons with violent criminal histories spanning back more than a decade’ are always on the loose and inevitably end up murdering someone? I would expect this in Chicago (revolving door justice!) but am a little more surprised that it happened in Tennessee. I guess there are ‘do-gooder’ judges everywhere.

  4. I work in law enforcement in Dickson, TN and know many of the players involved here. I can tell you that the problem here is that too many defendants/offenders are given probation (per state sentencing guidelines) when they should be serving their sentence in a jail or prison, especially the repeat, violent offenders such as Wiggins. Court dockets are enormous and legal/law offices – meaning the DA’s office, PD’s office, probation office, etc. – are woefully understaffed to the point that on court day, everyone is just trying to get through the docket. I’m not trying to defend this, just explain it. I believe the blame ultimately falls on Gov. Bill Haslam who has cut every department’s funding to the extreme. TN frequently runs a budget surplus which he likes to then use to fund his pet projects such as 2 years of free college for everyone.

  5. Repeat offenders should not be let out of jail first of all.

    Next the free college sounds good to me that way you will not have people turning to crime when it comes time to look for a job

    Education is a problem solver in so many ways.

    So the statement concerning the free college should be a up lifting quote.

    These suspects can not be save their lives are over with.

    But if we can save one kid from turning to such a action by sending them to college for 2 years then we have made this country a little bit safer for others.


  6. I have never understood why we put these career criminals in prison and take care of them for life.Look at Charles Mansion he killed those people in 1969 and he eventually died a natural death just last year I believe . Willie Nelson and Toby Keith had a song out a few years ago that had an answer to this problem” Whiskey for my men and beer for my horses”

    • Manson never actually killed anyone (that the police know of), but instead plotted the attacks that his followers carried out. So his conviction was conspiracy and aiding and abetting.

      • but according to law to aid and abet a capital crime even if you did not do it personally you are just as guilty as the ones who did. His original sentence if I remember right was the death penalty,but in liberal CA they changed it to life .In an interview he stated if he ever got out he would do it again ,so why did we feed and house this rabid animal so long? I would like to see an estimate of how much it cost for him to be in prison.Such a waste of our tax dollars. In Nashville we had a prisoner on death row for almost 30yrs. and he finally died of natural causes I ask you is that paying for your crime?That animal that killed that deputy should get a fair trail and give him 30 days to make peace with his maker and then sit him down in the chair.and be done with him! People who are against the death penalty need to wake up .There was a hunt for a guy who killed a North Carolina state trooper he was cornered in what is called the gorge on I40 shootout began he only gave up when he ran out of ammo.A few weeks later I asked a NC trooper why he was taken alive he said to many witnessess

  7. Skip the rope, bullets are only $.20 to .30 a piece. (I have a feelin’ there’s a gonna be a shootout that ends this one.)
    It looks to me that his (abused) girl friend has an IQ well south of 100, and a drug/alcohol problem that goes with it.

  8. Typical that the suspect is a repeat felon who the Liberal courts released because he paid his debt to society and was rehabilitated. My advice, if you see this guy and can make a 100% positive identification call it in and don’t let him out of your sight until the active LEOs show up to deal with him. And if he poses a threat to anyone before they show up, act accordingly.

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