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“Rocker Ted Nugent is scheduled for a court hearing in Alaska on Tuesday, when he is expected to plead guilty to transporting a black bear he illegally killed,” the AP reports. “The conservative activist and gun rights advocate signed a plea agreement with federal prosecutors that was filed Friday in U.S. District Court. Nugent was set to participate by telephone in Tuesday’s U.S. District Court proceeding in the southeast Alaska town of Ketchikan, his attorney said.” Wait. Ted gets to phone it in? As this is the second time the Motor City Madman has plead-out to charges of illegal hunting I guess it’s become pretty mundane. Both cases involved stunts—I mean hunts videotaped for his Spirit of the Wild TV show on the Outdoor Channel. This time . . .

Nugent illegally shot and killed the bear in May 2009 on Sukkwan Island in southeast Alaska days after he wounded a bear in a bow hunt, which counted toward a state seasonal limit of one bear for that location. The agreement says Nugent knowingly possessed and transported the bear in misdemeanor violation of the Lacey Act.

The Nuge’s lawyer says his client didn’t know the law, but that’s no excuse, but that’s his excuse, so whaddayagonnado? “It’s kind of embarrassing for him because he practices ethical hunting and advocated ethical hunting and gets caught up in a crazy law that none of us have heard about,” Ross said, sounding about as conciliatory as Hamas.

To atone for his is-this-really-a-crime-who-knew-not-me, Nugent will pay a $10,000 fine and “serve” a two-year probation, “including a special condition that he not hunt or fish in Alaska or Forest Service properties for one year.”

Ted also agreed to air a public service announcement on how not to kill a bear in Alaska on his show “every second week for one year.” Why every second week? Because the authorities couldn’t get Nugent’s lawyers to agree to ban green M&Ms from his backstage dressing room. Or something like that.

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    • I don’t blame TN for not wanting to sacrifice his life being killed or maimed in a foreign hell-hole like Vietnam which was not attacking America. I don’t blame any American for refusing to go there and kill people. The political loss of Vietnam was only a perceived threat to American imperialist interests.

  1. I wouldn’t hunt a bear unless it attacked me or I was going to eat it.
    That said he messed up. The show messed up for not following the rules. I guess when you have money you can plea your way out of things.

  2. If that’s true…he’s truly proven to be a dirtbag (forgetting all other potential offenses against him).

  3. Well, I guess the truth finally comes out. I use to think he was cool guy because he was pro-gun and pro-hunting. He would stand up against the liberal establishment and speak his mind. But after I saw him on Sons of Guns made me re-think my opinion. Maybe I didn’t really want to see how he really was because he was so pro-gun and anti-liberals. But after watching him a little closer I see that he fits right in to that Sons of Guns stupid gun owner /hunter mentality that the liberals say we are.

  4. It used to be that people were ashamed to be stupid. These days it will get you a TV show, and maybe elected to Congress.

  5. If Ted wants to keep any credibility as a 2A spokesman, he needs to act more responsibly and pay attention to the law. At this rate, CNN will caption him as ‘Ted Nugent: Musician/NRA Spokesman/Poacher’ whenever he speaks. We can’t afford that.

  6. What a jackass. Isn’t recovering every animal you hunt part of ethical hunting? C’mon, Ted.

  7. I can’t imagine why suddenly Ted Nugent is having problems. Surely Obama wouldn’t be using his power to execute a personal vendetta, that would be an abuse of executive power.

    • Really, he is a professed draft dodger, incited others to do his dirty work against democrats and Obama (and an Owl), and now it’s Obama’s fault!

  8. Nugent = D-bag. Still though it’s hard to get upset with or not feel for the guy for falling victim to a moronic law that counts wounding an animal toward your seasonal limit. I mean seriously if he would have known (hell if I were in the same situation and had known about this law) I’d have just jabbed a second arrow into the freshly killed bear’s ass and said how I did the “ethical” thing devoting two days to tracking down this animal and ending the misery that I had initially caused it. Also I would never hunt with a bow because that’s retarded at this point and it requires work which I, an inherently lazy person when it comes to recreational activities, have no desire to do.

  9. Ted’s OK in my book, ….to an extent. I pretty much get where he’s coming from and where he’s at. After a certain point though, and he does cross that point often. his schtick does get tiresome. If he and/or his crew don’t know the game laws, he shouldn’t be hunting. He screwed up big time, he should pay the full freight, just like the rest of us mere mortals. In all but the most dire of survival circumstances, an honorable hunter owes his quarry a swift, merciful one shot kill.

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