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Taurus 617 SS2 Revolver EDC Concealed Carry Snubby

There are those who prefer to pack a light, single stack polymer gun and there are those who are much more comfortable packing something made of steel that packs more of a ballistic punch. And while the .357 Taurus Model 617 SS2 is pocketable, D Rainey Hoopes Jr prefers the more comfortable OWB option in a Tagua OWB rig. Hard to argue with that. 

Everyday Carry EDC CCW Concealed Carry Pocket Dump

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    • Another sign of maturity is when you prefer comfort and utility to style.

    • Lol, no kidding, I hope the majority of these everyday carry posters never accidentally fall in a pool or any body of water with their clothes in….they’ll sink like a rock.

  1. 357 out of a 2″ barrel ain’t all that…this thing weighs 28oz. unloaded. Better a small 9mm with +p or +p+ ammo. Oh and Taurus went to a mere 1 year gaurantee. No more Bull for me…

    • I shoot .357 from a 3 inch model 686. The weight makes it easier than my snubby in .38 special. I don’t think I’d get near full power from .357 from the snubby. I’d prefer .44 special in a snubby over .357.

      For carry I use a .38 plus p. Plenty of power in a very concealable package.

      • Have you ever tried Golden Sabers out of your snubbie? Like you I always carried +P because full power .357 is just too much. I saw a ballistics test and the Golden Sabers clocked at about 1100 fps out of a 2″ barrel, so I tried them. They aren’t bad at all as far as recoil and muzzle flash go. I never saw them marketed for short barrels but they should be. I would describe it as a “.38 +P+” if that makes sense.

  2. Taurus will never get another penny from me… still waiting on my replacement gun a mere PT740 for my PT24/7 Tactical OSS .45Auto with 3 magazines…sent it in back in early October they don’t know when they will ship a POS PT740 since they are not in stock at the present time. Taurus and their lack of customer service will be their downfall ; there are too many quality choices…

  3. Doesn’t Taurus Pistols explode, or their barrels fly off…Originally, I liked the 627-7 Tracker, looked cool and well made…Until I saw barrels flying off the REVOLVERs on YouTube!?!? Is it a real problem with the Taurus Pistols?

  4. here we go again, more bullshit people claim they carry. i’m not even clicking these stupid posts anymore.

  5. Had that same Taurus for a couple of years. Fired fine in single action, but only set off 3 or 4 out of 7 in double action. Unless I’m the victim of a stagecoach robbery, I’m going to be using double action in self defense. The gun went back to Taurus twice to get fixed but they couldn’t accomplish that.

    Never again will I spend any money on Taurus.

  6. It’s funny three of the items shown to be carried have visible holsters in the picture?
    multitool, light and pistol. I hope all you keyboard tacticool ninjas observe the rest of your surroundings better. There’s even a laynard for the keyring.


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