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Click here for more info on the X-REP shotgun. Sadly, it’s LEO (Law Enforcement Only).

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  1. How did the Taser get a bad rep from this? In the story it sounded like Moat shot himself. Not really sure why you would use a Taser against someone with a gun to their head, seems like there would be a good chance of a involuntary discharge. Did I missing something in that video?

    • I didn’t say they deserve a bad rep. Just that the Brits are blaming the weapon for not preventing Moat’s suicide. Silly, but there you go.

      • I didnt say, that you said they deserve anything. The title of the article though is that they get a bad rep, and it doesnt exactly seem like that from the video. If anything it sounded like the video was criticizing the polices tactics and training.

        • I didn’t really get from this clip, that the news agency was trying to blame the taser shot gun for Moats shooting himself, or anything in the prejorative.

          The brits tend to be ALLOT less sensationalistic then the US media though, so perhaps I missed something.


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