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Despite the legendary plea “Don’t TASE Me Bro,” law enforcement officials have been doing just that for some time. TASER International reports that it’s sold approximately 590k electronic control devices (ECDs) to more than 16,730 law enforcement and military agencies in 107 countries. More than 7,189 law enforcement agencies equip all their patrol officers with TASER ECDs (notify your supplier if an electrocution lasts more than five seconds). Approximately 244k civilians own a TASER ECD for their BG needs. Surprisingly, the number of “Voluntary Applications” is almost as large as the units’ “Field Use.” As Samuel Goldwyn once said, include me out.

Field Use/Suspect Applications:           1,514,681 ± 2%
Training/Voluntary Applications:        1,351,891 ± 7%
Total:                                                                 2.86 million+ (as of 12/31/11)

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  1. So each TASER has only been used about 3 1/2 times on average including training uses. I would have thought a much higher number. Interesting reading.

  2. Tasers are a great ‘less lethal’ option to have. I would describe the electrocution process (also known as total neuromuscular incapacitation), as a giant invisible hand reaching inside your central nervous system and shaking the bejesus out of it.

    That ought to keep the comments rolling.

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