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I hate zombies. Not zombies themselves, obviously. I hate the idea of zombies. Not hate as in “I want to kill zombies” or “zombies must die.” At a certain point in one’s evolution from childhood to taxpayer, hating on a fictional concept is a bit retarded. But if gun owners feel the need to fixate on a make-believe boogieman to exercise the “Will it die?” part of their brain, what’s wrong with imaginary biker gangs? Mexican drug thugs? Communists? Smurf collectors? Aliens? Something, anything that A) moves faster than a Thorazined octogenarian and B) has even the tiniest chance of posing an actual risk. That said, you can’t blame the taste-challenged firearms folks at TALO for jumping on the pre-Halloween undead bandwagon. This little gem (price TBA) will come with ZOM serial number prefixes and Hornaday .380 “Zombie” ammo. Shot placement people. Shot placement.

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  1. RF: i’m pretty sure most people use the term Zombie as a euphemism.

    BTW your comment limiter is freaking out. I havent posted a comment in a couple hours and it says i’m posting too frequently.

    • Dude, I LOVE your blog! Throw a link into a comment any time, every time. But this story came from one of our gun store insiders.

      • In all seriousness, I think you are 180 degrees off in your evaluation of this… what better way to laugh at the whole Zombie thing than to label a mouse gun as a “zombie slayer”? I think its a rather genius bit of sarcasm.

        Oh, and then there is the fact that they are gonna sell pretty well, so God bless capitalism!

  2. This LCPZ offering calls for a willing suspension of disbelief. Pulleeeze. We were watching “Resident Evil: Afterlife” the other night. We learned that the setup to deal with the undead is a pair of S&W 460’s in hip holsters along with a pair of 12-guage double-barrel shotguns in over-the-back holsters. The shotguns somehow get loaded from a sack of loose quarters. They didn’t show how quarters fit in a 12-guage, but take my word for it, they did. Quarters are VERY effective against both the undead and various high-speed mutants. This last point sparked some debate in the Glanton household, which I won easily, having recently visited the Box of Truth.

    There was a .380 in the movie, but this SIG P230 was used by an ineffectual henchman to threaten beautiful girls. Never on zombies.

    TALO is out of touch with reality. I am not.

    • Now, I came in late to the movie last week but I thought the quarters were a nod to the video game genre. Kill a creature and collect gold coins or something of that nature. Did they actually serve a purpose in the movie?

      • That was sort of how I saw that bit of the movie, since zombie heads would explode in a shower of coins. Always sort of wondered what the zombies were doing walking around with 5k worth of gold bullion.

        • Always sort of wondered what the zombies were doing walking around with 5k worth of gold bullion.

          The zombies had a great investment advisor. What, you were expecting stock certificates?

  3. I agree that zombies are a euphemism. Talking about zombies is used when what you really mean is “having to kill other humans, possibly in a mob” but it is not politically,legally, morally, or otherwise appropriate to do so.

  4. what’s wrong with imaginary biker gangs? Mexican drug thugs? Communists? Smurf collectors? Aliens?

    How about “imaginary common sense gun control laws?”

  5. What’s wrong with imaginary biker gangs? Well, well how about the fact that I like bikers?

    Zombies make a good bad guy because they’re an excellent proxy for hippies. They smell bad, their speech is incomprehensible, and they stagger around in groups. Of course, the idea of hippies posing a threat is ridiculous, so we use zombies.

  6. Seems to me folks are just having a bit of fun with the whole zombie thing, nothing serious. Look at the ever increasing number of movies and television shows featuring zombies. There’s a huge zombie fanbase. Spikes and Arizona Armory both make AR-15 lowers that have the safety marked “Safe” and “Zombie”. Hornady has always been very shrewd at reading the market and they certainly see a market in zombie fans. There are thousands of folks that buy into the whole “end of the world” shtick and as I see it there’s just slightly more chance of TEOTWAWKI as there is a zombie invasion.

  7. 1: I’m not surprised Mr. Farago has precisely zero sense of humor about this.

    2: Nor am I surprised that an image of Max Brooks’ execrable ZSG is used in said post.

  8. Any difference between the “Z” an a reg LCP ?
    Price is not great now for 380acp an I rarely find the ammo I want an need. Haven’t been to a range an shot my 380’s in a while. Looking I hope to pick out a 9mm luger pistol in the very near future, and it may never happen of course. But, I wish the wife would be interested in a new gun as a Christmas gift for me.

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