Non-Lethal Rounds Get a Sexy Spokesman

“I am whatever I wish to be,” Onision proclaims in his YouTube profile. Does he wish to be right? The stat trotted-out here—that more people are killed by people they know than unfamiliar burglars (fingering irresponsible legal gun ownership as the number one cause of firearm fatalities)—has been de-bunked many times, many ways. For example, […]

Real Reason for Marines’ Underpowered Rounds Revealed

According to The Marine Times, the head of Joint Forces Command was trying to get his troops a better rifle with more powerful bullets well before the Corps deployed in Afghanistan. Pre-theater, General James Mattis’ lobbied for a 6.8mm round. Yes, well, the Marines recently “settled” for partial deployment of 5.56mm Special Operations Science and […]