Brad Kozak is Trigger Happy

If you’re a regular TTAG reader, you might have noticed my post yesterday regarding using sex to sell guns. It’s come to my attention that the combination of hot women and hot guns is not limited to selling firearms. Nope. It’s apparently also used to sell subscriptions to magazines. The fine folks over a […]

Sex. Now that I have your attention…

I dunno. Where manufacturers already have (some) products that would ostensibly appeal to women (guns with reduced recoil, smaller grips, easier disassembly for cleaning) their marketing is…well.. kind of Neanderthal. Hey, baby…look at this one. It’s a girls gun…you can tell because it’s PINK. Um…not so much. Most women I know are far more concerned with features like weight, recoil, and stopping power ratios, far more than what color the bloody thing is. You know. Just like men are.