How are the members of a firing squad chosen for an execution, like the one that’s coming up in Utah?

It’s a question posited by one Lex Marsh of Englewood, Colorado, re: the forthcoming execution of Ronnie Lee Gardener [not shown] for two homicide convictions. The answer comes to us via The Associated Press, who’ve taken to communicating directly with their readers. I know: what’s the world coming to? Members of the five-person execution team in […]

Daily Express: Ronnie Lee Gardner’s Firing Squad Reveals Americans as Barbaric

British intellectuals view Americans as uneducated, naive, stupid, racist, intolerant, insular, easily manipulated, arrogant and violent. On a good day. If you thought Barack Obama’s election would have softened the Oxbridge elite’s opinion of their American cousins, guess again. “It is the first execution by firing squad in the United States for 14 years but the […]