Will Gun Laws Change Following the Mandalay Bay Shooting?

The blood hasn’t even been washed off the streets of Las Vegas yet and, as expected, control activists are already calling for radical new limitations on civilian firearm ownership. Hillary Clinton has been tweeting this morning stating that America needs to “stand up” to the NRA, and countless others are following suit. While the outcry […]

Vegas Murderer Sued Cosmopolitan Hotel in 2012

As RF mentioned, Steven Paddock, who murdered at least fifty people and wounded over 400 in Las Vegas last night was involved in a legal kerfuffle with the Cosmopolitan Hotel in 2012. It appears that Paddock filed a “premises liability” complaint against Cosmopolitan in 2012, according to Court Records from Clark County, Nevada. The complaint […]

Twitter Reacts to Las Vegas Massacre

As has become the custom, the first place for initial reactions and the hottest of takes to breaking news is Twitter. And since almost everyone has the capability — right in their hot little hand — of broadcasting their deepest thoughts to the world, the aftermath of a horror like the Mandalay Bay massacre brings […]

Latest: Mandalay Bay Shooter Committed Suicide

According to Twitter reports from local journalists, Steven Paddock’s location was discovered when the smoke alarm in his room went off as he opened fire from the 32nd floor on a concert below, killing at least 50 and wounding over 400 people. Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo stated that the shooter killed himself as police […]