Back (Again) From Ithaca: Featherlight 20 Gauge

If you’ve never racked the slide on a classic Ithaca Model 37 shotgun, you’ve missed one of the smoothest and most innovative pump-action shotguns ever made. Long a favorite of left-handed shooters, John M. Browning’s design feeds and ejects through the bottom of the receiver.

Ithaca’s Model 37 Rises Like a Phoenix From the Ashes

Ithaca! Ithaca! Hmm…doesn’t have quite the same ring (or connotation) as Attica! Attica! did in Dog Day Afternoon, but we may soon b.  hearing chants of Ithaca! Ithaca! from shotgun aficionados across the country because Ithaca (the gun manufacturer) has risen from the ashes to once again produce the Model 37 Defense, the storied shotgun of […]